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Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco California on the 24th of February 1955, as an infant he placed for adoption and was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs. Clara Jobs was an accountant and Paul Jobs a Coast Guard Veteran. As a young child Paul would play with Steve in the garage, constructing and playing with electronics. It began to be Steves hobby and he would construct and re construct electronics. Steve was an innovative and intelligent student however; he was a prankster and did not enjoy formal schooling. In Homestead High School in Cupertino Steve attended his first electronics lesson; he was very passionate about electronics. Later he attended lectures after school at Hewett-Packard Company and was then employed by them. There, he met Steve Wozniak and got the opportunity who was later the co-founder of apple. In 1976 when Steve was only 21, Wozniak and Steve began on their creation of apple, they started in Steves family garage. However, to fund their electronic venture Steve sold his Volkswagen Bus and Wozniak sold his precious scientific calculator. Now apple is among one of the richest companies in the world with more than 60,000 employees in 365 retail stores. http://www.buzzle.com/articles/steve-jobs-childhood.html

Born: Steven Paul Jobs February 24th 1955 San Francisco Died: October 5th 2011

(aged 56)
Cause of death: Pancreatic cancer Member of: Apple Inc. Walt Disney Company Ambition: to redefine technology and the use of it.

Sir James Dyson was born on the 2nd of May 1947 in Norfolk, England and is a British inventor; best known for the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner. Dyson was one of 3 children and attended boarding school called Greshams school until 1965. When he was only 9 years old James Dysons father died from throat and lung cancer. It was a very difficult time for him and his family however Dyson says that I was on my own, I felt a need to prove myselfI am certainly quite driven. Dyson was also very good at long distance running and he says it was not because of his physical capability but his will and determination to win. Dysons first ever boss, Jeremy Fry put him in charge of a highspeed landing craft and at this stage he had never designed or sold anything. This is where Dyson learnt that making mistakes is the key to success and by making mistakes you learn extremely quickly. During the late 1970s was when Dyson first came up with the idea of using cyclonic separation to create a vacuum cleaner. It took Dyson 5,127 prototypes before he was satisfied with the final model which in the end made him a millionaire. After many models and five years Dyson attempted to launch his first vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, no distributor in the UK would launch his product. Therefore, Dyson went to Japan where he launched his first G-force priced at 2,000! He later won the International Design Fair Prize in Japan in 1991. He failed to sell his invention to manufacturers but decided to create his own business which now outsells all the other major UK brands. After being rejected multiple times Dyson was considering doing a sensible job but thought he would regret it for the rest of his life. 2005 was the year Dyson had the idea to create the Dyson Ball which was like a wheel-barrow and added a ball to the vacuum, making it more maneuverable. Now all the major brands have followed his cyclonic vacuum and he has changed the way people think about inventions creatively. http://pagehanify.com/7criteria/coaching/james-dyson-biography-of-an-entrepreneur/