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Part I: What Single Women HATE ... Do NOT Do It! Part II: What Women Are REALLY Attracted To in a Man+ Conversation Tips Part III: How to Approach Women and Icebreakers Part IV: What Women Are REALLY Attracted To in a Man Part V: What to Do if Youre Not Her Type Part VI: How to Create Chemistry and Sexual Tension






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Part I
What Single Women HATE ... Do NOT Do It!
Hey there! Welcome to the rst edition of the How to Be Irresistible to Women 6-Part MiniCourse. Youre about to learn: Part 1: What single women HATE ... Do NOT do it! Part 2. What women are REALLY attracted to in a man Part 3. How to approach women, icebreakers and conversation tips Part 4. How to x shyness and fear of women - Can regular guys attract hot women? Part 5. What to do if youre not her type Part 6. How to create chemistry and sexual tension Before getting started, I have to let you know that all the information in the world cannot help you if you dont take action. You need to do more than just read this stuff. You need to think about how it relates to you and then start integrating what you learn into your every day life. If you can do that, you will not only become a much more attractive man to women, youll also become an overall more charismatic, condent and well-rounded person. Sound exciting? Lets begin. Were going to start with What Single Women HATE. The reason why were starting with this topic is that at least 95% of men strike out with women in the rst 3 minutes of talking to her. They dont even realize it, but they have made mistake after mistake and that leads to a total lack of attraction from the women they have met. Do NOT do these things. 4
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Many of them will sound familiar to you, but it is time that you learned not to do them.

Mistake #1: Do NOT buy a girl drinks unless you already have a rapport with her!
Why not? Well, there are a number of reasons. Most nice girls nd it embarrassing when someone they have not even talked to walks up to them and offers to pay for a drink. They are also cautious and may even think things like, Are there drugs in there? Why are they doing this? What do they want? And those girls that do say, Yes, please, without even asking, Are you sure? usually will never become attracted to you, because you have just positioned yourself as another free drinks guy. So when do you buy a girl drinks? After all, lots of girls say that it is a nice and gentlemanly thing to do, not to mention it can be attractive if done right. If you are going to buy a girl drinks, do it after you have developed a rapport with her rst. Offer it to her in a way that seems like you were going to the bar anyway to get a drink and just wanted to see if she wants one, too, (i.e., to prolong the enjoyable conversation). *** BTW I teach you how to develop irresistible rapport with her in my How to be Irresistible to Women Premium Course http://www.000relationships.com/towomen *** If possible, get her to come to the bar with you. If she does this, you can take this as an indicator of interest (IOI) and, by leading her there, you are actively demonstrating leadership skills something she will be subconsciously attracted to. So, to summarize, when you buy a girl drinks straightaway, you are instantly telling a girl that you feel you need to spend money in order to buy her attention. That instantly reduces your chances of her becoming attracted to you.

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What you need to do is learn more creative ways of starting conversations. Youll learn some here in this 6-Part MiniCourse, and a lot more in my Premium and Mastery courses.

Mistake #2: Dont give too many compliments too soon.

Many guys, when they meet a hot girl, make the mistake of giving them too many compliments too soon. Hot girls get compliments all the time. And you know what? When you give them too many compliments, they think, Thanks, thats great, they get a quick self-esteem boost, and they lose interest in you. Even girls that dont receive compliments all the time feel awkward when you give them more than one compliment, and they dont know how to naturally accept them. It can also make them feel self-conscious, leading them to think, What else is he checking out about me? All in all, giving too many compliments lets them know straightaway that you see them as a prize worth pursuing. By doing this too obviously, too early, you are actively demonstrating that you are not a challenge, and this will make her less attracted to you. If you are going to give a girl a compliment, make it mean something. Make it be the only one for the night. And if she is super hot, she is used to getting compliments about her looks. Why not be different? Comment about something subtle that you notice about her, like how you enjoyed talking to her and how she seems really fun. Try to look beyond her looks, and youll be the one who is qualifying her, not the other way around.

Mistake #3: Being too predictable in your conversation.

Some predictability in conversation is ne, as eventually you will have to nd out her name, what she does, what her likes and dislikes are, and so forth. But You dont want THE ENTIRE conversation to be too predictable. And you DO want to tell stories in your conversations whenever you can. What is too predictable?

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Well, attractive women get approach A LOT in their lives, whether it be in a bar or just meeting through friends. And what they are very used to is a conversation that goes something like this: Hi, how are you? Im John, whats your name? Cool, pleased to meet you. So, what do you do for a living? Oh really? Thats interesting, you must nd that very fullling (or whatever) What do I do? Im an accountant (or whatever). Sound familiar? The worst part about these types of conversations is that you tend to run out of things to say pretty quickly. Not to mention that you have actively demonstrated that you are very, very similar to every other guy that has approached them. Youre not demonstrating much uniqueness here and you are not setting things up for a fun conversation. *** Now I cant give you an entire course on how to talk to women right here in the next few paragraphs, but it is all covered in my How to Be Irresistible to Women Premium and even further in my How to Be Irresistible to Women Advanced courses. *** What I can tell you is that you can actively demonstrate that you are not exactly the same as every other guy by simply not opening up your conversation with, Hi, how are you? Start your conversation with something like the classic opener, Hey, my friends and I were just talking, and we want a female opinion on something and away you go, STRAIGHT into conversation, BEFORE you ask for personal details such as her name, what she does, and so forth. Women LOVE to give their opinions, and this gets a real conversation going where they can get passionate about the topic. Plus, this gives you a legitimate (in their eyes) reason to approach them. What could you ask for a female opinion on? Do white shirts look great in clubs? My friend thinks they are a little plain. I think they stand out more because not that many people actually wear them outside of business and thats with a tie!

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Is buying a dog for a girl a good present? My friend has been going out with his girlfriend for 6 months, and hes thinking of buying her a dog. Should a rst date always be short, like less than 30 minutes? Some of us think that they should be coffee or something with an easy out if it doesnt go well, but others think it should be something more fun, like going to a theme park, but that can take a few hours. What do you think?

As you can see, there are a lot of different opinion openers that you can use and think of. I just thought those up off the top of my head. By doing this, you are actively demonstrating youre not a Hi, how are you?-kind-of-guy. You are actively demonstrating that you are so comfortable with yourself and with people that you can ask go up to someone and ask a question and feel you have the right to. Remember, YOU need to be the one to guide the conversation. You can always change the conversation in an instant by casually saying, Anyway, and following up with a question, like how she knows so much about fashion or pets or whatever. I prefer not to ask her name, because if she volunteers her name and asks for your name, that is an indicator of interest (IOI). In other words, it gives you a little indication she likes you. Get enough IOIs, and you can be condent that you are on the right track. When you do ask a follow-up question, DONT follow up her response with a whole bunch more questions. Too many questions = Boring! What you need to do is follow up her answer with a story that relates to what she just told you. For example: You: Anyway, so what kind of music do you like? Her: Hmmm I like boy bands like Westlife, also a bit of hip hop. How about you? 8
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You: Really? Boy bands arent my favorite. I know all the girls love them in fact, my little sister used to be really into New Kids on the Block when I was younger. Her and her friends used to make up their own dance moves to them. I guess thats what put me off them, all that step by step and all that. But, personally, I enjoy classic 80s and 90s music. They remind me of some pretty good times when I was growing up, not to mention they go great with plenty of beer, ha-ha. What happens when you tell a story is that she often will follow up with her own story, and, if she doesnt, you can tell another to ll a pause in conversation, such as You: Oh! That reminds me, talking about beer, I once went to this bar where there were over 180 different beers on tap; it was like a world record. So are you a beer drinker or a wino? Now that youve seen a good way to handle a conversation, let me show you how most guys mess it up. Most Guys: What kind of music do you like? Her: Hmmm I like boy bands like Westlife, also a bit of hip hop. How about you? Most Guys: Cool, those bands are good. I also like 80s and 90s music, mostly. So, what else do you do for fun? Talk about boring! Only a really patient girl will stay in this question and answer kind of conversation much longer. Most Guys arent fun and interesting to talk to. Most Guys arent interesting and unique. There is a LOT more to learn about conversation skills, but if you can try to include some storytelling in your conversations, you will be twice as interesting to talk to. If you want to learn more from me about how to talk to women, get my How to be irresistible to Women Premium series http://www.000relationships.com/premium. OK, now just to recap what weve covered so far: three things that single women HATE and not to do are:

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#1. Do NOT buy a girl drinks unless you already have a rapport with her! #2. Do NOT give too many compliments too soon. #3. Do NOT be too predictable in your conversation. There are other things that single women HATE, these include lack of style, seeking her approval too much, giving up all your power to her, specic body language faults, and a whole lot more, including the thing that single women HATE THE MOST. Find out all of the above, and a whole lot more in my How to Be Irresistible to Women PREMIUM course. And if you want the ULTIMATE how to seduce women package, get my How to Be Irresistible to Women MASTERY Series, which includes information presented by 12 of the worlds leading seduction and dating experts. Now lets nd out what women are REALLY attracted to in a man.

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Part II
What Women Are REALLY Attracted To in a Man + Conversation Tips
Now its time for you to discover what women are REALLY attracted to in a man and Ill share with you some conversation tips Attraction for women feels like a powerful drug. Once shes under its inuence, it is very hard for her to resist it. Ever seen women with jerks? Attraction, thats why. Now Im not going to teach you to be a jerk. Yes, there are aspects that jerks have that make them attractive, but why be a jerk when you can be a better person AND have more women attracted to you? So you know attraction is a very powerful thing with women. If shes attracted, you can do a lot wrong and shell still want you. But why does she feel attraction and, more importantly, how can you get her to feel that inner gut attraction for YOU? Im going to show you ve characteristics that if you possess these and actively demonstrate them in your personality, tone and body language youll be well on your way to being totally irresistible to women. The rst thing you must have is: 1. A Strong Identity. Do you know who you are? What you want in life? And, more importantly, do you actively chase after your dreams and do everything you can to make them happen? Women love men who are passionate. You dont have to be passionate about anything in particular, just passionate about SOMETHING. And make sure that is an important part of your life more important than pursuing women. 11
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The second thing that attracts women is: 2. A man who can stimulate her emotions. Notice how women get hooked on gossip magazines, tv soaps, tabloids and so forth? There is a big reason for that. These dramas take them on an emotional journey. They get to read and watch stories that make them feel happy, sad, excited, angry and much more. Women LOVE to feel emotions and switch between them. This is a very big topic and needs a lot further explanation, but Ill give you a quick insight as to how you can achieve this (it is exceptionally well covered in How to be Irresistible to Women: The Mastery Series by some well-known seduction gurus). There are four ways you communicate to women that stimulate her emotions: 1. Voice tonality 2. Body language 3. Touch 4. Language (what you say) I cover them in detail in my Premium and Mastery courses. But just to touch on one of the above, language, or what you say Remember, if you can stimulate at least ve of her emotions (happy, sad, excited, humor, etc.) within your rst hour or so of talking to her, then she wont be able to get enough of you! How can you make her feel these things? Tell stories!

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Bring up a funny story, such as how last weekend you accidentally locked yourself out of the house with your shoelace tied in the door and felt so embarrassed because your housemate came home just as you were searching for your keys (embarrassment and humor). If youre talking about your job or career, tell her about how excited you are about what you are doing, or want to do, and let her feel what you feel (excitement). Tell her about your friend who got punched by a police ofcer last weekend and put in jail when he was simply trying to break up a ght (angry). If you are talking about music, tell her how you feel when you listen to your favorite band. Ask her how she feels when she listens to her favorite band. Hint: It is hard for her to tell you how she feels without actually feeling it inside. I hope this gives you some idea of how to make her feel emotions. It should also show you how to become a better conversationalist. Remember, a LOT more is covered on this in my Premium and Mastery courses. Now, on to characteristic number three, you must: 3. Demonstrate leadership. This can be demonstrated through stories, but it is even better when you demonstrate it through your actions. Here are some examples: Lead her physically. For example, if, after you gain rapport, you lead her onto the dance oor, or to another area of the bar, or perhaps up to the bar to buy a drink. Wherever it may be, physically leading a woman demonstrates leadership. Lead her conversationally. Change topics when you want to. Been talking for long enough about music? Lead the conversation into another topic. Dont wait for her to do it. If she isnt asking you questions, just tell another story. Lead. Lead other people. For example, if you make the decisions when your friends are there (though not in a bossy way), this demonstrates leadership.

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Most important Self Validation. Know that you dont need her or anyone elses approval. When you make a decision, stand by it. Again, dont do it in a bossy way; just dont always ask for approval. You shouldnt need your decisions to be validated by others; your own self-validation should be enough.

This leads on to the next characteristic you must have to be irresistible to women: 4. Be a challenge. When you become a challenge, you gain the attention of a womans thoughts and feelings. Women are NOT attracted to pushovers! They are attracted to men who are a challenge a prize to be sought after. When you learn to master the Give a little, then lean back tactic, you will create in the womans mind an I want more thought process. The fastest way to become uninteresting and boring is to keep giving her lots and lots of attention too early in your courtship and give her everything she wants without her having to earn it. When you get a woman to miss you, you create a powerful effect. ATTRACTION. Men that are unpredictable do something that is almost MAGIC... when a man understands how to make a woman feel ATTRACTION, then he doesnt do things that are PREDICTABLE, and women will tend to think about him ALL THE TIME. Now on to the fth essential element of being irresistible to women: 5. Have good social awareness. A womans reputation means everything to her. So it is very important that she is with someone who enhances her reputation. If you get along well with her peers and can demonstrate that you get along well with your own friends and that you have a lot of friends then this is a great way of demonstrating your social skills.

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Another way is by dealing with her small tests and token resistance that she may throw at you in a manner that lets her know that it is NO BIG DEAL to you. Women have natural built-in strategies to screen men out and see if you are who you seem to be. For instance, if she says, I have a boyfriend, just say, Thats nice, and carry on with what you were saying unfazed. Over half the time, she doesnt actually have one. There is A LOT for me to teach you in the art of social skills, social awareness and how to deal with womens little tests, and that is all covered in detail in both my Premium and Mastery courses. So heres a recap: what are women REALLY attracted to in a man? 1. Someone who has a strong identity. 2. A man who can stimulate her emotions. 3. Someone who can demonstrate leadership. 4. Men who are a challenge. 5. Men who have good social awareness. Now go out and put these techniques into practice!Next well look at some specic ways to approach women and icebreakers.

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Part III
How to Approach Women and Icebreakers
First of all, you have to be aware that nervousness before approaching women will always be there. Everyone feels it, even the most condent of men. The way to reduce it is by approaching straightaway when you see someone you want to approach. One of the worlds top pickup artists, Joseph Matthews, calls this the Three Second Rule. Wait any longer than 3 seconds, and you are causing yourself unnecessary torment. Its like the difference between getting a shot with a quick prick of a needle and slowing it down and taking time twisting it in there. Why not make the prick fast and then get the pain over with? The next thing you should know is that the rst approach that you make on any given day or night will be the hardest. If you are in a bar, coffee shop, mall, or wherever, and you want to meet women, the rst approach will be the hardest, so you need to think of that as a throwaway that you need to get out of the way as quick as possible. Simply go up to a woman, say, Hey I want a female opinion on something, get the opinion, and then walk away. Easy as that. You should also try to enjoy the nervousness. Dont think of it as anxiety and fear. Think of it as an adrenaline rush. Seriously. Make one approach at the start of the evening (if you are in a bar), and you will get a natural adrenaline rush that will help you for the rest of the night. This is a good thing, and it helps you much better than alcohol or any other anxiety-inhibiting substance. Joseph Matthews, one of the worlds greatest pickup artists, shows you in detail how to overcome fear of the approach and what to say to women to spark great conversations in my How to Be Irresistible to Women Mastery Series. This leads us on to 16
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Icebreakers Most men start conversations by saying, Hi, how are you? Im So-and-So. Whats your name? Hows your night going? and so forth. As weve already discussed in Part 1 of this Mini-Course, the problem with that is: 1. Shes heard that conversation thousands of times before = predictable = boring = no attraction. 2. You are trying to establish rapport with her before actually getting her to be attracted to you. Think of rapport as a way of getting her to extend her current level of attraction for you. If she doesnt feel any attraction, then by spending a few minutes getting rapport, you are getting a few minutes of zero attraction. On the other hand, if you get some attraction going rst and then spend a few minutes gaining rapport with her, then what you have is a few minutes of her talking to you while she is feeling attracted to you. This is much better. So how can you build attraction before rapport? There are a number of things, including vocal tonality, body language and what you say. These are covered in absolute detail in my two programs: How to Be Irresistible to Women Premium and How to Be Irresistible to Women Mastery. What well cover here, though, are some icebreakers that work ten times better than, Hi, how are you. Remember: The goal isnt for her to be attracted to you right there and then. It is for you to establish contact while demonstrating that you are unique not another, Hi, how are you? kind of guy. One of the best icebreakers you can use is a simple opinion opener. 17
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You: Hey there, my friends and I were just discussing something, and we want a female opinion. Her: Sure. [If she pauses too long, just carry on without waiting for a reply.] You: They think pink shirts on guys look gay. I think the right shirt can make a man stand out more Or You: Who is more likely to be late for a rst date, men or women? Or You: My friend just bought a new cat and cant think of what to name it. And so forth You get the idea. It is quite easy to make up these kinds of opinion openers. It can actually be something you were discussing, or it could be one of these canned conversation starters. Another thing you should be aware of is that you dont have to approach the girl that you are interested in. You can approach another member of the group, such as a male or female, and proceed to engage the whole group. Only after youve gained the comfort of the entire group will you start talking to her. You can also get your friends to come over after youve started a conversation, of course and talk to her friends. Also, make sure you dont lean in too close. Lean back and speak up. Make her have to lean in towards you. That way, her friends will think that she is interested in you and wont try to take her away. *** Now I cant give you an entire course on how to approach women right here in the next few paragraphs, but it is all covered in How to Be Irresistible to Women Premium and even further in my How to Be Irresistible to Women Mastery multimedia courses. ***

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Whatever you are asking her opinion on, it doesnt matter. Remember, what you were doing was engaging her attention while demonstrating that you arent another predictable, Hi, how are you, hows your night going? guy. Dont keep talking about your initial topic for too long. That was just a way of starting a conversation. Now it is time to let her know that you arent another guy thats going to hover around her. Simply say: Ive got to go back to my friends in a minute, but and carry on the conversation. It doesnt matter if you are going to talk for more than a minute. It just removes the question in her head: Is this guy going to hover around all night? One of the worlds greatest pickup artists (a mystery guest featured in my Mastery course) calls this a false time constraint, and it is a very important aspect of approaching and starting conversations with women. I cover in detail how to talk to women and have great conversations with them in my Premium and Mastery courses, as well as a lot more on how to approach women and start conversations. I hope that you enjoyed and learned a lot from this lesson on how to approach women and icebreakers. Next were going to look at how to x shyness and fear of women.

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Part IV
What Women Are REALLY Attracted To in a Man
Now its time for you to discover how to x shyness and fear of women, and also nd out whether regular guys can attract hot women. Well start with the latter can regular guys attract hot women? Well, if you look at it from an evolutionary standpoint: Men can mate with and bear children with as many women as he wants. He is more likely to produce offspring that survive and multiply if his partner has good genes.Visual looks are a great way of telling this, and hence men tend to place a higher value on looks than women do. Women, on the other hand, have to be careful about who they mate with. If they choose a man who runs around sleeping with other women, then he is less likely to stick around and help raise the children. Hence, she has to look beyond just looks: she has to look deeply into the character of the man.

As you can see, from a purely biological viewpoint, it makes more sense that women would place higher importance on personality and character over looks. Now, from an empirical viewpoint, we can plainly see every day a lot of average looking men attracting the gorgeous women. I know one of my friends, in particular, who is hugely overweight, but he has the most gorgeous girlfriend. And even his last girlfriend was hot, too! He is condent, charismatic and passionate about what he does in life, and that is what attractive women are attracted to in him. So my answer is YES - regular guys CAN attract hot women IF they can demonstrate qualities such as condence, passion, charisma and leadership. You need to become a man who is in complete control of your life and the situations that you nd yourselves in WITHOUT the need for approval. 20
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*** Want to know more about how to attract utterly gorgeous women? I teach you all about this in detail in my How to Be Irresistible to Women Premium and Mastery programs. I strongly recommend you check those out *** Now its time to look at How to x shyness and fear of women. One of the rst things you need to realize is that that fear you feel when trying to approach a woman for the rst time, or when asking for her phone number, and so forth Its not actually fear. You: What? It feels like fear! Well, you could call it fear, but when you change your attitude to that feeling and see it as an adrenaline rush, as excitement, a sudden rush of primal juices running through you, youll nd it a lot more tolerable and perhaps even enjoyable! You see, this rush you get, no matter how debilitating it might seem, can actually be harnessed to HELP YOU so long as you push through it. If you dont feel that rush, that excitement, that nervousness and adrenaline, then you may not experience that enormous high that you get from successfully approaching a hot babe, even if you only talk to her for a couple of minutes and walk away. This energy boost can set you up for the rest of your day or night. Another thing that is extremely important for you to do and this will help reduce your nerves is: Stop trying to impress women and DO NOT seek her approval! Do you get nervous around women because you run out of things to say? Do you feel shy because you feel like you need to impress her with your amazing conversation skills, your good looks, style, and so forth? Do you feel better when she says something that indicates that she likes you?

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If this is the case, then your mind frame is set up so that you cant help but be shy and nervous around women. Youre nervous because the entire success of the interaction is based on what SHE says and what SHE thinks of you. You just cant live life thinking that way. You have to be a leader, make decisions and be validated by your own self. What YOU think of YOU is the MOST important thing. You are the best judge of how awesome you are. You should be trying to impress YOURSELF, not her. And I dont mean that you should not respect her opinion and what she says. All I mean is that you should listen to what she says objectively, as though it is the opinion of one of your peers, not like she is a celebrity or someone who you suddenly have to be a pansy around. Women are not as different from you as you might think. Even the hottest ones! They have their own insecurities and fears that are quite often a LOT bigger than yours. Sure, hotties know that they can attract men, but THEY get super nervous about what to do when they actually like a guy. Youll start to notice when you get to know more women that they are the ones who have more fears and insecurities. Your fears and insecurities are mainly going to surface during the early phases of courtship. Hers go on for much longer. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that women feel shy and nervous also not so that you can exploit them, but so that you are aware that they feel it, too. Its all part of this wonderful world of attraction and dating. One of the best ways of reducing your shyness and anxiety is to become a fantastic conversationalist. I gave you some tips on that in the rst newsletter.

How to Become Super-Condent

Its all very well to say that you need to be condent around women, but how do you actually do it if you dont feel that way?

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Look at it this way: lets say that you wanted to race the fastest cars. Do you think you could become an excellent driver just by learning all you could about driving and thinking about it all the time? No. All the knowledge in the world isnt going to make you a fast driver: only experience can do that. Youve got to get out there and practicing irting with women that you dont really care about. Build up your condence by knowing that you can hold a conversation with a woman who wouldnt ordinarily be your type. Go out on dates with women youre not particularly attracted to. This will give you an training ground where you can practice your techniques without the fear of being rejected by someone you actually like. Do this especially if theres a particular woman youre really interested in. Being perceived as attractive by other women will build your status in her eyes. Women always want what other women have. Plus, getting attention from other women will make you less needy for her attention. By working your way up from approaching average girls to approaching women who intimidate you, youre going to build condence based on more than some vague belief in yourself. Your condence is going to be based on knowledge that youve already experienced success with women. If youre still afraid of crashing and burning with beautiful women, theres only one way to get over that fear for good. Go out intending to fail. Wear the dorkiest clothes in your closet (pants pulled high at the waist, mismatched socks, pocket protector, you know what I mean) and go out to the hippest bar to approach women. Give each approach your best effort and watch what happens. By the end of the night, youre going to gure out that rejection wont kill you. In fact, the more you get rejected, the more immune to it youre going to be. Think about it this way: if you want to build muscle, you know youre going to have to experience pain. The more pain, the more gain. Pretty soon you start looking forward to the pain, because you know that its a sign youre really putting in the effort. If youre not getting rejected, youre not taking enough risks, and youre not putting in enough effort. A guy can sit in the corner of the bar and watch women all night and leave without being rejected a single time. But hopefully youre the guy whos going up to different groups of women and opening conversations and facing the risk of rejection without fear. Once you gure that out, you can see why being condent and outgoing will help you more with attracting women than just good looks. 23
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If you want to master the attitude that will get you more women, then I strongly recommend that you go get yourself my How to Be Irresistible to Women Mastery program. It not only features myself, but other well-known seduction experts contributed their theories, lifechanging tips, and stories so that you can get better with women. Myself, Joseph Matthews, Carlos Xuma and Zan in particular give piles of information in this course about how to talk to women. Im also very excited to tell you that Dr. Alex Benzer, a certied clinical hypnotherapist and NLP master practitioner, has contributed some breakthrough information to my Mastery program. Youll learn from him how to come to terms with the issues and anxieties that affect you so that you can adopt a new, more focused system of thinking. Dr. Alex teaches you how to use this new mindset to become wildly successful with women. Now that you know that you can have the condence to get the hottest women whether or not you are shy or just a regular guy, next well look at what to do if youre not her type.

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Part V
What to Do if Youre Not Her Type
The rst thing you should know is that women are almost always willing to let their preferences slide. Women are not as logical in their thinking as men and dont usually specically know what they want. They might think they know but Ive seen over and over again that they dont. I want to start by telling you a true story A female friend of mine, Jessica, used to tell me that she was only attracted to blond-haired, blueeyed guys. Then she met Lee, a half-Chinese guy, who blew her away from the moment she met him. I asked her, But what about the only blondes thing? Who cares? she said, with a huge grin on her face. Lee is cool, and cocky, and condent, and great. Why would I even think about his hair color? Jessica, like many women, had some idea of what she found attractive in guys, but she was willing and open to let those preferences slide when she found someone with the perfect personality for her. Jessica found that what she thought she liked and what she actually liked were two different things. Some women may think that they have to have a guy with a certain trait. They may only date jocks, or guys with black hair, or guys with a certain height. But attraction doesnt work that way.

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The lesson of the story is this. DONT LET A WOMENS PREFERENCES AFFECT YOU IN ANY WAY. Bald? Too short? Freckles? Not rich enough? It doesnt matter! Women love to be surprised, and falling for the guy that they never thought they would is a great one! You know that you are an attractive, desirable guy with a lot to offer the woman you want. So what if she never thought about dating a plumber? So what if shes used to blond guys? What you have to offer her is something DIFFERENT, something adventurous, something against her usual predictable type. Thats a selling point not a downer! But youve got to have the condence to erase from your mind any doubting thoughts. Forget any preconceived image of the guys she usually dates. You can give her what she hasnt had from any of those other guys because youre not like them. Now youve got to make her aware of what shes missing. If you play music and she always dates guys who plays sports, drop hints about the cool things that you and your buddies do. Invite her to come along to a jam session. Intrigue her about this aspect of life that she hasnt experienced. If you come from a different background, talk about the cool traditions you have in your culture. Get her excited about this whole other world that shes never known. Whatever you do, DONT CHANGE YOURSELF and DONT WAIT FOR HER APPROVAL. Never think for one second that youre not good enough for her because she only dates rich guys. Men who require validation are UNATTRACTIVE to women. A woman will notice if a guy changes himself to t what he imagines her type to be. So DONT DO IT. Youll only embarrass yourself, and youll often nd that shell keep ignoring you anyway. Remember: if a guy is right, a girl will throw her preconceived notion of her type straight out the window. That guy could be you! You just have to have the CONFIDENCE to ignore the type and the PERSONALITY to be who you are and let her in on the great stuff shes been missing all this time.

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What to Do If Youre Much Older/Younger

A lot of guys psych themselves out by thinking that a woman whos a lot younger (or older) than them wouldnt be interested. Instead of showing up as themselves, they let the age difference make a difference in how they act. They make comments like, I saw this great band the other night - but you wouldnt know who they are, cause youre too young, or, I just cant stay out all night like I used to, or, This was before your time, but.... Dont draw any attention to the age difference. If it doesnt matter to you, it wont matter to her. But the minute you become self-conscious about it, shell pick up on your feelings and start to think that it isnt right to enjoy being with you. The worst thing you can do, on the other hand, is to act like youre her age. Youre not, so dont go changing how you dress or picking up words she uses. Instead, draw attention to the cool aspects of your life that she may not have access to because of her age. If youre a lot older than she is, youve probably had life experiences that she can only dream of. The places youve lived, the accomplishments youve achieved, and the wisdom youve learned can be highly attractive to a woman and give you higher social status in her eyes. Being stuck in an earlier decade isnt attractive, so make sure that you stay physically t, keep up on current trends in fashion and the media, and hang out with a wide range of people. Youll want to be able to mix easily with her social group. Remember that a woman will think of you what you think of yourself. So if you feel like youre getting old and out of touch, shes going to think youre an old guy without much to interest her. If, on the other hand, youre in a really good place in your life and feel great with what youve achieved, shes going to pick up on that. And for those of you who think Donald Trump has it all, just remember: he did it in spite of his comb-over, not because of it.

What to Do If Youre Better with Computers than Women

You should already know that male brains are wired differently than female brains. Men have a larger area of their brain dedicated to spatial reasoning, which is why there is still such an imbalance in the proportion of men to women in elds like engineering and computer programming.

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If youre better with computers than with women, it just means one thing: youre a guy. Female brains, on the other hand, have a unique advantage: theyre much better at utilizing the left and right spheres simultaneously, which means women tend to excel in multitasking, language, and making intuitive judgments. So if youre trying to improve your skills with women by focusing on just one aspect of your identity - like communication skills or improving your appearance - then you may nd that your success rate with women isnt improving at all. Why? Because of an important quality called congruence. A woman will look at your appearance, your actions, your words, and what she knows about you from other sources to create a picture of you in her head. If any of these elements arent congruent, then shes going to hold back. For example, if you dress like a rock star but talk about your stamp collection, shes going to wonder whether youre cool or just a geek. If you talk about hanging out with celebrities, but her friend has just told her that youre at the bar every night trying to pick up women, shes going to wonder if youre a liar. Earning a womans trust is an essential part of gaining rapport with her, so its essential that you present a congruent identity. Develop a plan to address all areas of your identity - appearance, actions (including body language), words, and social identity (e.g., what other people say about you) - simultaneously. For example, your plan might include going to the gym, learning the Alexander Technique, making new friends, and learning some jokes to tell in a conversation. Another extremely important secret becoming irresistible to women is to become a master of creating chemistry and sexual tension. Well talk all about that next, so keep reading!

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Part VI
How to Create Chemistry and Sexual Tension
Chemistry, sexual tension, what does that mean to you? Is it exciting? Many guys dont even think about it, let alone know how to create it. That can lead to you being far less attractive to a woman that if you are one of those guys who gets it. I want you to imagine for a moment how it feels if you have an incredibly hot babe that likes you; you like her, and youve been out on a few dates. Imagine that you werent sure at any point that youve got her. And nally, after an amazing date, the two of you sleep together. Pretty satisfying, right? Now compare that to meeting an incredibly hot babe, and the rst time you try to make a move, shes happy to sleep with you, and you do. If youre like most guys, youd be happy with either situation. But, as you can see, the rst of the two is more exciting. Thats you as a man. Eighty percent of your initial attraction instinct is based on looks and twenty percent on personality. So either of the above seem like good outcomes, even if the rst scenario is more satisfying. But how does a woman feel? Imagine if she were to meet a guy and hit it off with him. Then imagine that he has a pretty busy schedule, because he leads quite an exciting life, so she only gets to see him a couple of times a week. Imagine she knows he is attracted to her, but hes such a good catch he denitely has other options and hasnt decided yet 100% whether or not he wants more from her. 29
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Imagine that a few weeks later he nally gives into his urges and, in a moment of passion, they sleep together. THAT for a woman is an example of sexual tension. And THAT for a woman is the equivalent of what a guy feels when he meets a super hot babe. You see, for her, 80% of her attraction is based on personality and 20% on looks the complete opposite to you. If she were to meet a guy who responds instantly to all her advances, whos available at any time, whos only too keen to sleep with her, then attraction is lost. That is her equivalent of what a guy feels when he meets an average- or below average-looking girl. It is GREAT NEWS for men out there that a womans attraction instinct is 80% based on personality, because that means that virtually every man out there has a chance to attract and seduce the most beautiful of women. In fact, it has been proven that when it comes to looks, women pay more attention to grooming and hygiene than they do to other aspects of a mans looks. So weve established that for a woman to create sexual tension, she has to be hot. But what is it that a man needs to have? This comes back to what we talked about in Part 2 of this 6-Part Mini-Course. What are women REALLY attracted to in a man? 1. Someone who has a strong identity. An example of how having a strong identity creates sexual tension is when you call her and see if she wants to come out on a date with you. You say that youve got something going on Thursday and Friday, but what about Saturday? Youre got so much exciting stuff going on in your own life that you need to t her in. 2. A man who can stimulate her emotions. An example of sexual tension is when you lean in for a kiss, pause for a second, so she wonders if you are actually going to kiss her, and then you kiss her. Another example is when you touch her in nonsexual places, such as putting your hand on her back or holding her hand. That helps build chemistry between the two of you.

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3. Someone who can demonstrate leadership. You can create sexual tension through demonstrating leadership, such as when you take her by the hand and lead her places rather than constantly asking her what she wants to do and asking if shes okay. You can ask her opinion, but dont do this constantly. Make decisions, be a man, give her the gift of feeling surprised. 4. Men who are a challenge. Dont be too keen to get her to sleep with you or get her to be your girlfriend. Let her work for it, too. By being the opposite of needy, by being unavailable on some days, by having something else that you are passionate about, and by teasing her sometimes in funny ways and being unpredictable THAT contributes to her feeling sexual tension for YOU. 5. Men who have good social awareness. If you can make her friends laugh and feel comfortable around you, that will also lead to her being more attracted to you. If you have a good social circle that she enjoys the company of, that also is of great benet to you especially if there are other women in that circle.

The Importance of Momentum

Getting a woman to become attracted to you and eventually sleep with you is a process that occurs in denite stages. You approach a woman, you start a conversation, you start to develop an emotional connection or rapport, you make a decision about whether or not youre interested in this person, and then you escalate the physical side of the attraction. Your interaction with a woman should always be moving in a direction. Your rst goal is to establish a conversation, your second goal is to establish the feeling of a connection, and so forth. Making sexual advances before shes become attracted to you will just cause her to think youre a creep. If youve made it past the approach and are enjoying a casual conversation with a woman, then introduce nonsexual touching so that she gets used to the idea of being in physical contact with you without thinking its sexual. Put an arm around her shoulder, take her hand and lead her to another table, or touch her arm to make a point. Dont act like its a big deal, because its not.

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If she stiffens up when you touch her or becomes uncomfortable, then simply go back to developing an emotional connection with her by using the conversation tips I talked about in Day 2. You want to have some indication that shes feeling physically comfortable with you before you move along further. Barbara and Allen Pease have a great metaphor: they say that men are like gas burners while women are like electric ovens. It takes a while for a woman to warm up to the idea of getting intimate with you. Thats why you want to make sure shes comfortable with nonsexual touching before you move to the next level. Playing games that involve touch can be a great way to break down those physical boundaries. For example, put your hands over her eyes and ask her to guess what color shirt your friend is wearing to see to see if she was paying attention. This will serve the dual purpose of making her qualify herself to you and allowing her to enjoy the experience of you being metaphorically in control of her. If shes comfortable initiating physical contact with you, such as pulling you over to the dance oor, punching you playfully, or grabbing your arm, then youre ready to move to the next level. Women can get as frustrated as men when a guy theyre interested in wont make the next move. If thoughts of rejection appear in your head at this stage, then either she hasnt given you enough IOIs or youre not in control of your game. A lot of guys who are masters with women now used to nd themselves stuck at this very stage. They could get a woman attracted to them but couldnt close. Your next goal is to get her away from her friends and in a place where you two can be alone together, even if thats just at a different table or going outside for a smoke. Remember that most women wont feel comfortable making out with you in full view of her friends and everyone else. If youve done your groundwork (e.g., developed a connection), then shell willingly go with you. You want to make sure that her friends like you and are okay with her going with you, because if they dont, theyll make it hard for you and keep coming over to check up on her.

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Obviously, theres more to this, but you get this idea. You have to be willing to keep moving things to the next level and recalibrate at every point. If she pulls back, then you pull back. If she acts like shes not interested, then you focus on chatting to her friends and ignore her. If she wants to go back to her friends, then you let her go and wander back to talk to your friends. A lot of this is really going to come down to your own internal control over your insecurities and your belief system. The good news is that I delve deeply into this and how to get yourself a truly powerful inner belief system in my How to Be Irresistible to Women Premium course. Youll discover how to change your own belief system so that you cant help but become more condent and charismatic. And, whats more, in my advanced series, How to Be Irresistible to Women Mastery, Dr Alex Benzer, a certied clinical hypnotherapist and NLP master, shows you how to come to terms with the issues and anxieties that affect you so that you can adopt a newer, more condent and focused system of thinking. Dr Alex teaches you how to use this new mindset to become wildly successful with women. I strongly recommend that you go through BOTH of the above two courses. They are jampacked with virtually EVERYTHING you could possibly need to know about women and dating. Imagine what it would be like having that area of your life sorted. Imagine how it would change you as a person, knowing that you could meet and attract utterly gorgeous women. Well, imagine no more! Go get my How to Be Irresistible to Women Premium course RIGHT NOW. It is chockfull of more information about how to meet, attract, seduce and keep interested, utterly gorgeous women that youve ever seen before in a seduction package! You can nd out all the details here: http://www.000relationships.com/towomen

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And when youre ready to take your success with women to the next level, I strongly recommend that you get my How to Be Irresistible to Women Mastery course. It contains more than ten hours of online audio, video and written material. In order to produce it, I assembled a team of 12 of the worlds most renowned seduction, dating and relationships experts, and got them to spill their guts to help me create what is the worlds most comprehensive guide to being irresistible to women. To nd out the details, visit: http://www.000relationships.com/mastery Im glad you could come with me on this 6-Part Mini-Course on How to Be Irresistible to Women. Hopefully youre nding opportunities to apply what you have learned! This stuff wont do you any good if it just stays inside your head: youve got to go out and apply it by approaching and meeting the kind of women you really want. Thanks again for joining me, and all the best to your future amazing success with women!

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