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March 26, 2014

Egypts Government Structure


Vol. 1 Issue 1

The Egyptian government has been established since the third and fourth dynasties. However, throughout history the Egyptian political system has greatly changed. It went from being run by a pharaoh, to solely religion based, to slowly creating the countrys first Constitution in 1923. In 2011 the Egyptian Revolution took place; this revolution symbolized the freedom that the Egyptian civilians are gaining. The citizens overthrew the President in 2013, and they demanded that the Constitution be revised.

The President of Egypt

This photograph of Adly Mansour, Egypts current President, was taken during a televised speech where he marks the anniversary of the 1952 coup.

As of July 2013 Adly Mansour holds the position of Egypts 6th President. The president is elected through either the votes of 20 members of the House of Representatives or with the endorsement of 25,000 citizens from 15 governorates. Once elected, a president is able to serve four consecutive years twice if reelected. The presidents main responsibilities are: to name the prime minister, anoints deans of majors and faculties, enlist and oust people in the private sector

The 3 Branches of Government

Egypts government is divided into three branches: the executive, legislative, and judicial. The executive branch: The executive branch consists of the supreme executive and administrative organ of the state which makes up the Council of Ministers. The Council of Ministers is the highest executive position within the Egyptian Republic. Here we have a photograph of Egypts national flag. Red symbolizes the time before the revolution, white is for the bloodless revolution, and black stands for the end of Egypts oppression.

The legislative branch: The legislative branch is made up of the Egyptian Parliament. The Parliament, which consists of the Peoples Assembly, has 444 elected members and 10 members who are appointed by the President. The legislative branch is also made up of the Advisory Council. Of the Advisory Councils 140 members, 70 are nominated by the President. The judicial branch: The judicial branch is based upon the English common law, Islamic law, and the Napoleonic code system. Within the judicial system there are four categories of courts of justice: the Supreme Constitutional Court, the Court of Cessation, the Seven Courts of Appeal, and the Summary Tribunals.

All of the facts and information on Egypts Governmental System was found on http://www.123independenceday.com/egypt/political -system.html

Egypts Party in Power

Egyptian government is based on a multi-party system. In Egypt there INSERT PULL QUOTE HERE. is are more than 17 active political parties. The local government headed by a governor that is appointed by the President. Within Egypt DELETE BOX IF NOT IN USE. there are 26 Governorates.