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Governo do Cear EEM Menezes Pimentel Ensino Mdio\High School Srie\Grade:3ano Turma\Group:Charlis Darwin Nome do aluno: Marvem Ferreira/Adamilton Sousa

Dossi de atividade avaliativas de ingls do primeiro bimestre\Colletion ofenglishactivitesofthefirstte rm

Pacoti-Cear\Maro de 2014(March 2014)

Este dossi de atividades est sendo apresentado ao professor Rildo Reis como requisito parcial para a obteno da nota do primeiro bimestre na disciplina de Lingua Inglesa no 3 ano/ Thisdossieractivitiesbeingpresentedto ProfessorRildoKings aspartialrequirementfor obtaining anote fromthefirsttwomonthsin the discipline ofEnglishLanguagein3 years

Sumario/Index Introduo/Itroduction: Activity1:writea personaltext. Activity2:analyzethe history book. Activity3:transcriptionanalysis of afable. Consideranes finais:

Referncias: Introduo: 1Pargrafo:Apresentar o trabalho:Este trabalho o resultado do meus estudos. 2Pargrafo:Objetivo:Esse trabalho tem como principal objetivo para a obteno da nota do primeiro bimestre. 3Pargrafo:Metodologia:As atividades presentes nesse trabalho realizados atravs da dedicao do professor. Activity1 (1 point): Escreva um texto pessoal com suas informaes em ingls: Hello my name is Marvem Ferreira Rodrigues .estudo the college Menezes Pimentel'm 18 like to play soccer like a lot of rock n roll hiphop rap is standing saw really like watching movies have a friend my email is Marvem_sousa@hotmail. with Hello my name is Adamilton Sousa. Estudo the college MenezesPimente l'm 18 like to play soccer like a lot of rock n roll hip hop rap is standing saw really like watching movies have a friend.

Activity2:analise algum livro de historia infantil PATINHO FEIO Characters and characterstics: Dona paw Lord ugly duckling siblings birds duck swam. Exposition: mum farm near lake. Climax: was thatit wasvery uglyducklingnobody likesbecause oftheir appearance. Setting:onenestfarmlakeand her family. Conflict: theuglyduckling wasnobodyliked himbecause of hisuglinessorthe birdsesseitaramhim in hisfamily.Resolution: theuglyduckling wasafter a certaindaybecamea swan.

Activity3:Transcreva para essa atividade a nalise de uma fbula. O esquema deve ser respondido em ingls.

Maincharacters: The Lion and the Mouse

Beinning: Some mice were playing and climbed the leg of a lion that was asleep. Event: The mouse was playing jumping leg of the lion.

Event: lion puts his paw on the mouse tail and opens his mouth to eat lo.E said to be nice and loose.

Event: The mouse heard the lion roaring and will try to drop lo.Comea to gnaw the rope and release the lion is very grateful with what the mouse did.

Moral:What little things can solve big problems.

Consideraesfinais: Well Ithinkthe teachersentwellperformingthis workthatwill greatly enhanceour learningin ournotesaswillthe discipline ofEnglishhopetocontinuityrather