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The Survey

Ficha de vocabulario - Survey Participation

Survey Participation

additional comments
Traduccin: ms comentarios Contexto: Do you have any additional comments on the product? Comentarios: The verb form of additional is to add.

Traduccin: pertinente Contexto: Please answer each question where applicable. Comentarios: To apply is the verb form of applicable. f somethin! is non applicable" it is often written as N/A.

Traduccin: apropiado Contexto: Provide additional information where appropriate.

to circle
Traduccin:rodear Contexto: Circle each answer that applies to you.

to cross out
Traduccin: tachar Contexto: Please cross out each item that does not apply to you.

to fill in
Traduccin: rellenar Contexto: The questionnaire will ta#e approximately twenty minutes tofill in. Comentarios: To fill in is to fill out in $.%. &n!lish.

Traduccin: mejora Contexto: f you can thin# of any improvements that could be made"please specify. Comentarios: The verb form of improvement is to improve.


Traduccin: cuestionario Contexto: Please fill in this questionnaire to help us with our survey.

Traduccin: sugerencia Contexto: f you have any comments or suggestions" do not hesitate to include them in the form.

Traduccin: encuesta Contexto: 'e are conductin! a survey on our new online service and we are as#in! customers to fill in a short questionnaire.

to specify
Traduccin: especificar Contexto: Don(t for!et to specify a return address for your freepromotional pac#.

to tick
Traduccin: marcar Contexto: Tick the appropriate boxes. Comentarios: To tick is to check in $.%. &n!lish.

to underline
Traduccin: subrayar Contexto: nderline answers where appropriate.

!rdenar la frase - "#o$" % adjective or adverb


&sociar imgenes y palabras - Surveys ' questionnaires

underline circle cross out tick

Pregunta de comprensi(n - Shopping

How many times a week do you visit your local supermarket? Every second Monday. Every Tuesday and Thursday. In the evenings. Twice a week.

)edacci(n de documentos - Satisfaction *uestionnaire

Customer %atisfaction )uestionnaire *ill in the questionnaire by circlin! the answers where applicable.

#o$ often do you visit the shop+

Twice a wee#. +nce a wee#. +nce a month. , few times a year. ,hat type of clothes do you purchase+ &venin!wear. %portswear. *ootwear. -one of the above. #o$ $ould you rate the service you receive in the store+ &xcellent. .ood. *air. Poor. #o$ do you feel about the overall quality of our products+ -o you have any other comments or suggestions+

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