Activity Report Form

International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation

65 years: 1949 - 2014

Activity Report Form

Region: Country: Event Coordinator: Email: Portfolio: Name of activity: Date(s):

(AfRO, EMRO, EuRO, PARO, APRO) Member Organization:

Aims of this activity (approx. 150 words):

Part A: Planning
Who is involved in planning of this activity? (Include number of helpers, students, pharmacists, professors, advisors, etc.; Who will participate in this activity?)

Partner Organizations, Stakeholders (all parties involved), Supporters

Target Audience society,..)

(People the campaign is aiming for. E.g. students, patients,

Plan of procedure of the event (include a plan and implementation timeline, advertisement, general budget, logistics and materials or resources required). Refer to the planning methods described in guidelines (page 3-5). Please give as much detail as possible.

Part B: Report
Organization of event (please provide a timeline and list of resources according to the real outcome of the event)

Implementation (describe the course of the event)

Results/Outcomes of the event (number of people/patients affected by the event, other outcomes in numbers, include number of processed feedbacks if any)

Evaluation of the event (what problems did you challenge and how did you solve them, what would you do differently to improve the event, what worked well, what feedback/comments did you receive from your target audience on the event, etc.)

What should be avoided, or carefully prevented (sum up, what should be avoided and what should the focus be aimed to)

Final remarks (your thoughts and any other information)

Report´s Annex
Please attach: - Logo of the event or your association. - Leaflets, posters and other materials used (attach a photo or print version) + description. - Photos taken during the event (of students, organizers, target audience) + description.

Quality Learning Experience

Outcomes-Focused Learning/Objectives

Evidence-based, Fair and Objective

Relevant to Practice

Transfer to Practice

Learner Feedback

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