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An Introduction to the Contradictions Bet een Medica! Science and I""uni#ation Po!ic$
A!an Phi!!i%s& Director Citi#ens 'or Hea!thcare (reedo" Last )e*ision: Ma$ +,,-

INT)OD.CTION /hen "$ son as set to 0e1in his routine *accination series at a1e + "onths& I didn2t 3no there ere an$ ris3s associated ith i""uni#ations4 But the c!inic5s '!$er contained a contradiction: "$ chi!d2s chances o' a serious ad*erse reaction to the DPT *accine ere one in -67,& hi!e his chances o' d$in1 'ro" %ertussis ere one in se*era! "i!!ion4 /hen I %ointed this out to the %h$sician& he an1ri!$ disa1reed& and stor"ed out o' the roo" "u"0!in1& 8I 1uess I shou!d read that 9'!$er: so"eti"e444; Soon therea'ter I !earned o' a chi!d ho had 0een %er"anent!$ disa0!ed 0$ a *accine& so I decided to in*esti1ate 'or "$se!'4 M$ 'indin1s ha*e so a!ar"ed "e that I 'ee! co"%e!!ed to share the"< hence& this re%ort4 Hea!th authorities credit *accines 'or disease dec!ines& and assure us o' their sa'et$ and e''ecti*eness4 Yet these assu"%tions are direct!$ contradicted 0$ 1o*ern"ent statistics& %u0!ished "edica! studies& (ood and Dru1 Ad"inistration =(DA> and Centers 'or Disease Contro! =CDC> re%orts& and the o%inions o' credi0!e research scientists 'ro" around the or!d4 In 'act& in'ectious diseases dec!ined steadi!$ 'or decades %rior to "ass i""uni#ations& doctors in the .4S4 re%ort thousands o' serious *accine reactions each $ear inc!udin1 hundreds o' deaths and %er"anent disa0i!ities&

'u!!$ *accinated %o%u!ations ha*e e?%erienced e%ide"ics& and researchers attri0ute do#ens o' chronic i""uno!o1ica! and neuro!o1ica! diseases that ha*e risen dra"atica!!$ in recent decades to "ass i""uni#ation ca"%ai1ns4 Decades o' studies %u0!ished in the or!d2s !eadin1 "edica! @ourna!s ha*e docu"ented *accine 'ai!ure and serious ad*erse *accine e*ents& inc!udin1 death4 Do#ens o' 0oo3s ritten 0$ doctors& researchers& and inde%endent in*esti1ators re*ea! serious '!a s in i""uni#ation theor$ and %ractice4 Yet& incredi0!$& "ost %ediatricians and %arents are una are o' these 'indin1s4 This has 0e1un to chan1e in recent $ears& ho e*er& as a 1ro in1 nu"0er o' %arents and hea!thcare %ro*iders around the or!d are 0eco"in1 a are o' the %ro0!e"s and Auestionin1 "ass "andator$ i""uni#ation4 There is a growing international movement away from mass mandatory immunization. This re%ort introduces so"e o' the in'or"ation that %ro*ides the 0asis 'or the "o*e"ent4 M$ %oint is not to te!! an$one hether or not to *accinate& 0ut rather& ith the ut"ost ur1enc$& to %oint out so"e *er$ 1ood reasons h$ e*er$one shou!d e?a"ine the 'acts 0e'ore decidin1 hether or not to su0"it to the %rocedure4 As a ne %arent& I as shoc3ed to disco*er the a0sence o' a

!e1a! "andate or %ro'essiona! ethic reAuirin1 %ediatricians to 0e 'u!!$ in'or"ed o' the ris3s o' *accination& !et a!one to in'or" %arents that their chi!dren ris3 death or %er"anent disa0i!it$ u%on 0ein1 *accinated4 I as eAua!!$ dis"a$ed to see 'irstBhand the %re*a!ence o' %h$sicians ho are& i' ith the 0est o' intentions& a%%!$in1 %ractices 0ased on inco"%!eteCand in so"e cases& outri1ht "isCin'or"ation4 This re%ort is on!$ a 0rie' introduction< $our o n 'urther in*esti1ation is arranted and stron1!$ reco""ended4 You "a$ disco*er that this is the on!$ a$ to 1et an o0@ecti*e *ie & as the contro*ers$ is a hi1h!$ e"otiona! one4 A ord o' caution: Man$ ha*e 'ound %ediatricians un i!!in1 or una0!e to discuss this su0@ect ca!"!$ ith an o%en "ind4 Perha%s this is 0ecause the$ ha*e sta3ed their %ersona! identities and %ro'essiona! re%utations on the %resu"ed sa'et$ and e''ecti*eness o' *accines& and 0ecause the$ are reAuired 0$ their %ro'ession to %ro"ote *accination4 But in an$ e*ent& anecdota! re%orts su11est that "ost doctors ha*e 1reat di''icu!t$ ac3no !ed1in1 e*idence o' %ro0!e"s ith *accines4 The 'irst %ediatrician I atte"%ted to share "$ 'indin1s ith $e!!ed an1ri!$ at "e hen I ca!"!$ 0rou1ht u% the su0@ect4 The "isconce%tions ha*e *er$ dee% roots4 VACCINATION MYTH D-: 8Vaccines are sa'e444; 444or are the$E

The (edera! 1o*ern"ent VAE)S =Vaccine Ad*erse E*ents )e%ortin1 S$ste"> as esta0!ished 0$ Con1ress under the Nationa! Chi!dhood Vaccine In@ur$ Co"%ensation Act o' -FGH4 It recei*es a0out --&,,, re%orts o' serious ad*erse reactions to *accinations annua!!$& hich inc!ude as "an$ as one to t o hundred deaths& and se*era! ti"es that nu"0er o' %er"anent disa0i!ities4 VAE)S o''icia!s re%ort that -7I o' ad*erse e*ents are 8serious; =e"er1enc$ roo" tri%& hos%ita!i#ation& !i'eB threatenin1 e%isode& %er"anent disa0i!it$& death>4 Inde%endent ana!$sis o' VAE)S re%orts has re*ea!ed that u% to 7,I o' re%orted ad*erse e*ents 'or the He%atitis B *accine are 8serious4;+ /hi!e these 'i1ures are a!ar"in1& the$ are on!$ the ti% o' the ice0er14 The (DA esti"ates that as 'e as -I o' serious ad*erse reactions to *accines are re%orted&J&K and the CDC ad"its that on!$ a0out -,I o' such e*ents are re%orted47 In 'act& Con1ress has heard testi"on$ that "edica! students are to!d not to re%ort sus%ected ad*erse e*ents4H The Nationa! Vaccine In'or"ation Center =NVIC& a 1rassroots or1ani#ation 'ounded 0$ %arents o' *accineBin@ured and 3i!!ed chi!dren> has conducted its o n in*esti1ations46 It re%orted: 8In Ne Yor3& on!$ one out o' K, doctor5s o''ices con'ir"ed that the$ re%ort a death or in@ur$ 'o!!o in1 *accination4; In other ords& F647I o' *accine re!ated deaths and disa0i!ities 1o unre%orted there4 I"%!ications a0out "edica! ethics aside ='edera! !a directs doctors to re%ort serious ad*erse e*entsG>& these 'indin1s su11est that *accine deaths and serious in@uries actua!!$ occurrin1 "a$ 0e 'ro" -, to -,, ti"es 1reater than the nu"0er re%orted4

/ith %ertussis =o'ten re'erred to as 8 hoo%in1 cou1h;>& the nu"0er o' *accineBre!ated deaths d ar's the nu"0er o' disease deaths& hich ha*e 0een a0out -, annua!!$ 'or "an$ $ears accordin1 to the CDC& and on!$ G in -FFJ& one o' the !ast %ea3Bincidence $ears =%ertussis runs in JBK $ear c$c!es< no none 3no s h$& 0ut *accination rates ha*e no such c$c!es>4 /hen $ou 'actor in underBre%ortin1& the *accine "a$ 0e -,, ti"es "ore dead!$ than the disease4 So"e ar1ue that this is a necessar$ cost to %re*ent the return o' a disease that ou!d 0e "ore dead!$ than the *accine4 But hen $ou consider the 'act that the *ast "a@orit$ o' disease dec!ine this centur$ %receded the ides%read use o' *accinations =%ertussis "orta!it$ dec!ined 6FI %rior to *accines>& and the 'act that rates o' disease dec!ines re"ained *irtua!!$ unchan1ed 'o!!o in1 the introduction o' "ass i""uni#ation& %resent da$ *accine casua!ties cannot reasona0!$ 0e e?%!ained a a$ as a necessar$ sacri'ice 'or the 0ene'it o' a diseaseB'ree societ$4 .n'ortunate!$& the *accineB re!atedBdeaths stor$ doesn2t end here4 Studies internationa!!$ ha*e sho n *accination to 0e a cause o' SIDSF&-, =SIDS& Sudden In'ant Death S$ndro"e& is a 8catchBa!!; dia1nosis 1i*en hen the s%eci'ic cause o' death is un3no n< esti"ates ran1e 'ro" 7&,,, to -,&,,, cases each $ear in the .S>4 One stud$ 'ound the %ea3 incidence o' SIDS occurred at the a1es o' + and K "onths in the .4S4& %recise!$ hen the 'irst t o routine i""uni#ations are 1i*en&-- hi!e another 'ound a c!ear %attern o' corre!ation e?tendin1 three ee3s a'ter i""uni#ation4 Another stud$ 'ound that J&,,, chi!dren die ithin K da$s o'

*accination each $ear in the .4S4 =a"a#in1!$& the authors re%orted no SIDSL*accine re!ationshi%>& hi!e $et another researcher2s studies !ed to the conc!usion that at !east ha!' o' SIDS cases are caused 0$ *accines4-+ Initia! studies su11estin1 a causa! re!ationshi% 0et een SIDS and *accines ere Auic3!$ 'o!!o ed 0$ *accineB "anu'acturerBs%onsored studies conc!udin1 that there is no re!ationshi% 0et een SIDS and *accines< one such stud$ c!ai"ed that there as a s!i1ht!$ !o er incidence o' SIDS in *accinees4 Ho e*er& "an$ o' these studies ere ca!!ed into Auestion 0$ $et another stud$ that 'ound 8con'oundin1; had erroneous!$ s3e ed the resu!ts o' these studies in 'a*or o' the *accine4 -J At 0est& there is con'!ictin1 e*idence4 But shou!dn5t e err on the side o' cautionE Shou!dn5t an$ credi0!e corre!ation 0et een *accines and in'ant deaths 0e @ust cause 'or "eticu!ous& ides%read "onitorin1 o' the *accination status o' a!! SIDS casesE Hea!th authorities ha*e chosen to err on the side o' denia! rather than caution4 In the "id -F6,5s Ma%an raised their *accination a1e 'ro" t o "onths to t o $ears< their incidence o' SIDS dro%%ed dra"atica!!$<-K the$ ent 'ro" an in'ant "orta!it$ ran3in1 o' -6 to 'irst in the or!d =i4e4& Ma%an had the !o est in'ant death rate hen in'ants ere not 0ein1 i""uni#ed>4 En1!and2s *accination rate te"%orari!$ dro%%ed to a0out J,I at a0out the sa"e ti"e 'o!!o in1 "edia re%orts o' *accineB re!ated 0rain da"a1e4 In'ant "orta!it$ dro%%ed su0stantia!!$ 'or a0out + $ears& then rose a1ain in c!ose corre!ation to risin1 i""uni#ation rates in the !ate -F6,2s4 Des%ite these e?%eriences& the

"edica! co""unit$ "aintains a %osture o' denia!4 Coroners don2t chec3 the *accination status o' SIDS *icti"s& and unsus%ectin1 'a"i!ies continue to %a$ the %rice& una are o' the dan1ers and denied the ri1ht to "a3e an in'or"ed choice4 (DA and CDC ad"issions a0out the !ac3 o' ad*erse e*ent re%ortin1 su11ests that the tota! nu"0er o' ad*erse reactions actua!!$ occurrin1 each $ear "a$ actua!!$ 'a!! ithin a ran1e o' -,,&,,, to a "i!!ion = ith 8serious; e*ents 0ein1 a%%ro?i"ate!$ +,I o' these>4 This concern is underscored 0$ a stud$ re*ea!in1 that - in -67 chi!dren ho co"%!eted the 'u!! DPT series su''ered 8se*ere reactions&;-7 and a Dr45s re%ort 'or attorne$s statin1 that one in J,, DPT i""uni#ations resu!ted in sei#ures4-H En1!and actua!!$ sa a dro% in %ertussis deaths hen *accination rates dro%%ed to J,I in the "id 6,5s4 S edish e%ide"io!o1ist B4 Tro!!'ors2 stud$ o' %ertussis *accine e''icac$ and to?icit$ around the or!d 'ound that 8%ertussisB associated "orta!it$ is current!$ *er$ !o in industria!ised countries and no di''erence can 0e discerned hen countries ith hi1h& !o & and #ero i""unisation rates ere co"%ared4; He a!so 'ound that En1!and& /a!es& and /est Ger"an$ had "ore %ertussis 'ata!ities in -F6, hen the i""uni#ation rate as hi1h than durin1 the !ast ha!' o' -FG,& hen rates had 'a!!en4-6 Vaccinations cost us "ore than @ust the !i*es and hea!th o' our chi!dren4 The .4S4 (edera! Go*ern"ent5s Nationa! Vaccine In@ur$ Co"%ensation Pro1ra" =NVICP> has %aid out o*er N-4+ 0i!!ion since -FGG to the 'a"i!ies o' chi!dren

in@ured and 3i!!ed 0$ *accines&-G ith "one$ that co"es 'ro" a ta? on *accines that *accine reci%ients %a$4 Mean hi!e& %har"aceutica! co"%anies ha*e a ca%ti*e "ar3et< *accines are !e1a!!$ "andated in a!! 7, .4S4 states =thou1h !e1a!!$ a*oida0!e in "ost< see M$th DF>& $et these sa"e co"%anies are 8i""une; 'ro" accounta0i!it$ 'or the conseAuences o' their %roducts4 (urther"ore& the$ ha*e 0een a!!o ed to use 81a1 orders; as a !e*era1e too! in *accine da"a1e !e1a! sett!e"ents to %re*ent disc!osure o' in'or"ation to the %u0!ic a0out *accination dan1ers4 Such arran1e"ents are c!ear!$ unethica!< the$ 'orce an unin'or"ed A"erican %u0!ic to %a$ 'or *accine "anu'acturer5s !ia0i!ities& hi!e ensurin1 that this sa"e %u0!ic i!! re"ain i1norant o' the dan1ers o' their %roducts4 This arran1e"ent a!so di"inishes an$ incenti*e that "anu'acturers "i1ht ha*e to %roduce sa'er *accines4 It is i"%ortant to note that insurance co"%anies& ho do the 0est !ia0i!it$ studies& re'use to co*er *accine reactions4 Each industr$2s res%ecti*e %ro'it "oti*es ha*e 1enerated these contradictor$ %ositions4 VACCINATION T).TH D-: 8Vaccination causes si1ni'icant death and disa0i!it$ at an astoundin1 %ersona! and 'inancia! cost to unin'or"ed 'a"i!ies and societ$4; VACCINATION MYTH D+: 8Vaccines are *er$ e''ecti*e444; 444or are the$E

The "edica! !iterature has a sur%risin1 nu"0er o' studies docu"entin1 *accine 'ai!ure4 Meas!es& "u"%s& s"a!! %o?& %ertussis& %o!io and Hi0 out0rea3s ha*e a!! occurred in *accinated %o%u!ations4-F&+,&+-&++&+J In -FGF the CDC re%orted: 8A"on1 schoo!B a1ed chi!dren& 9"eas!es: out0rea3s ha*e occurred in schoo!s ith *accination !e*e!s o' 1reater than FG %ercent4+K 9The$: ha*e occurred in a!! %arts o' the countr$& inc!udin1 areas that had not re%orted "eas!es 'or $ears4;+7 The CDC e*en re%orted a "eas!es out0rea3 in a docu"ented -,,I *accinated %o%u!ation4+H A stud$ e?a"inin1 this %heno"enon conc!uded& 8The a%%arent %arado? is that as "eas!es i""uni#ation rates rise to hi1h !e*e!s in a %o%u!ation& "eas!es 0eco"es a disease o' i""uni#ed %ersons4;+6 A "ore recent stud$ 'ound that "eas!es *accination 8%roduces i""une su%%ression hich contri0utes to an increased susce%ti0i!it$ to other in'ections4;+G These studies su11est that the 1oa! o' co"%!ete 8i""uni#ation; "a$ actua!!$ 0e counterB%roducti*e& a notion underscored 0$ instances in hich e%ide"ics 'o!!o ed co"%!ete i""uni#ation o' entire countries4 Ma%an e?%erienced $ear!$ increases in s"a!! %o? 'o!!o in1 the introduction o' co"%u!sor$ *accines in -G6+4 B$ -GF+& there ere +F&F6F deaths& and a!! had 0een *accinated4+F In the ear!$ -F,,2s& the Phi!i%%ines e?%erienced their orst s"a!!%o? e%ide"ic e*er a'ter G "i!!ion %eo%!e recei*ed +K47 "i!!ion *accine doses =achie*in1 a *accination rate o' F7I>< the death rate Auadru%!ed as a resu!t4 J, Be'ore En1!and2s 'irst co"%u!sor$ *accination !a in -G7J& the !ar1est t oB $ear s"a!!%o? death rate as a0out +&,,,< in -G6,B6-& En1!and and /a!es had o*er +J&,,, s"a!!%o? deaths4J- In

-FGF& the countr$ o' O"an e?%erienced a ides%read %o!io out0rea3 si? "onths a'ter achie*in1 co"%!ete *accination4J+ In the .4S4 in -FGH& F,I o' -J,, %ertussis cases in Oansas ere JJ 8adeAuate!$ *accinated4; 6+I o' %ertussis cases in the -FFJ Chica1o out0rea3 ere 'u!!$ u% to date ith their *accinations4JK VACCINATION T).TH D+: 8E*idence su11ests that *accination is an unre!ia0!e "eans o' %re*entin1 disease4; VACCINATION MYTH DJ: 8Vaccines are the reason 'or !o rates in the .4S4 toda$444; 444or are the$E Accordin1 to the British Association 'or the Ad*ance"ent o' Science& chi!dhood diseases decreased F,I 0et eePL%Qn -G7, and -FK,& %ara!!e!in1 i"%ro*ed sanitation and h$1ienic %ractices& e!! 0e'ore "andator$ *accination %ro1ra"s4 The Medica! Sentine! recent!$ re%orted& 8'ro" -F-- to -FJ7& the 'our !eadin1 causes o' chi!dhood deaths 'ro" in'ectious diseases in the .4S4 ere di%htheria& %ertussis& scar!et 'e*er& and "eas!es4 Ho e*er& 0$ -FK7 the co"0ined death rates 'ro" these causes had dec!ined 0$ F7 %ercent& 0e'ore the i"%!e"entation o' "ass i""uni#ation %ro1ra"s4;J7 Thus& at 0est& *accinations can 0e e?a"ined on!$ 'or their re!ationshi% to the s"a!!& re"ainin1 %ortion o' disease dec!ines that occurred a'ter their introduction4 Yet e*en this ro!e is Auestiona0!e& as %reB*accine rates o' disease

disease "orta!it$ dec!ine re"ained *irtua!!$ the sa"e a'ter *accines ere introduced4 (urther"ore& Euro%ean countries that re'used i""uni#ation 'or s"a!! %o? and %o!io sa the e%ide"ics end a!on1 ith those countries that "andated it< *accines ere c!ear!$ not the so!e deter"inin1 'actor4 In 'act& 0oth s"a!! %o? and %o!io i""uni#ation ca"%ai1ns ere 'o!!o ed 0$ si1ni'icant disease incidence increases4 A'ter s"a!!%o? *accination as 0ein1 "andated& s"a!!%o? re"ained a %re*a!ent disease ith so"e su0stantia! increases& hi!e other in'ectious diseases si"u!taneous!$ continued their dec!ines in the a0sence o' *accines4 In En1!and and /a!es& s"a!!%o? disease and *accination rates e*entua!!$ dec!ined si"u!taneous!$ o*er a %eriod o' se*era! decades 0et een the -G6,2s and the 0e1innin1 o' /or!d /ar II4JH It is thus i"%ossi0!e to sa$ hether or not *accinations contri0uted to the continuin1 dec!ines in disease death rates& or i' the dec!ines continued una0ated si"%!$ due to the sa"e 'orces hich !i3e!$ 0rou1ht a0out the initia! dec!inesCi"%ro*e"ents in sanitation& h$1iene and diet< 0etter housin1& trans%ortation and in'rastructure< 0etter 'ood %reser*ation techniAues and techno!o1$< and %ossi0!$ natura! disease c$c!es4 .nderscorin1 this conc!usion as a recent /or!d Hea!th Or1ani#ation re%ort hich 'ound that the disease and "orta!it$ rates in third or!d countries ha*e no direct corre!ation ith i""uni#ation %rocedures or "edica! treat"ent& 0ut are c!ose!$ re!ated to the standard o' h$1iene and diet4J6 Credit 1i*en to *accinations 'or our current disease incidence has si"%!$ 0een 1ross!$ e?a11erated& i' not outri1ht "is%!aced4

Vaccine ad*ocates %oint to incidence rather than "orta!it$ statistics as e*idence o' *accine e''ecti*eness4 Ho e*er& statisticians te!! us that "orta!it$ statistics are a 0etter "easure o' disease than incidence 'i1ures& 'or the si"%!e reason that the Aua!it$ o' re%ortin1 and record 3ee%in1 is "uch hi1her on 'ata!ities4JG (or instance& a sur*e$ in Ne Yor3 Cit$ re*ea!ed that on!$ J4+I o' %ediatricians ere actua!!$ re%ortin1 "eas!es cases to the hea!th de%art"ent4 In -F6K& the CDC deter"ined that there ere JH cases o' "eas!es in Geor1ia& hi!e the Geor1ia State Sur*ei!!ance S$ste" re%orted HH, cases4JF In -FG+& Mar$!and state hea!th o''icia!s 0!a"ed a %ertussis e%ide"ic on a te!e*ision %ro1ra"& 8D4P4T4CVaccine )ou!ette&; hich arned o' the dan1ers o' DPT& 0ut hen 'or"er to% *iro!o1ist 'or the .4S4 Di*ision o' Bio!o1ica! Standards& Dr4 M4 Anthon$ Morris& ana!$#ed the K- cases& he con'ir"ed on!$ 7& and a!! had 0een *accinated4K, Such instances as these de"onstrate the 'a!!ac$ o' incidence 'i1ures& $et *accine ad*ocates tend to re!$ on the" indiscri"inate!PL%Q$4 VACCINATION T).TH DJ 8It is unc!ear hat i"%act& i' an$& that *accines had on -Fth and +,th centur$ in'ectious disease dec!ines4; VACCINATION MYTH DK: 8Vaccination is 0ased on sound i""uni#ation theor$ and %ractice444; 444or is itE ThePL%Q c!inica! e*idence 'or *accines is their a0i!it$ to sti"u!ate

anti0od$ %roduction in the reci%ient4 /hat is not c!ear& ho e*er& is hether or not anti0od$ %roduction constitutes i""unit$4 (or e?a"%!e& a1a""a 1!o0u!inBane"ic chi!dren are inca%a0!e o' %roducin1 anti0odies& $et the$ reco*er 'ro" in'ectious diseases a!"ost as Auic3!$ as other chi!dren4K- (urther"ore& a stud$ %u0!ished 0$ the British Medica! Counci! in -F7, durin1 a di%htheria e%ide"ic conc!uded that there as no re!ationshi% 0et een anti0od$ count and disease incidence< researchers 'ound resistant %eo%!e ith e?tre"e!$ !o anti0od$ counts and sic3 %eo%!e ith hi1h counts4K+ Natura! i""uni#ation is a co"%!e? interacti*e %rocess in*o!*in1 "an$ 0odi!$ or1ans and s$ste"s< it cannot 0e re%!icated "ere!$ 0$ the arti'icia! sti"u!ation o' anti0odies4 )esearch a!so indicates that *accination co""its i""une ce!!s to the s%eci'ic anti1ens in a *accine& renderin1 the" inca%a0!e o' reactin1 to other in'ections4 I""uno!o1ica! reser*es "a$ thus actua!!$ 0e reduced& causin1 a 1enera!!$ !o ered resistance4 KJ Another co"%onent o' i""uni#ation theor$ is 8herd i""unit$&; the notion that hen enou1h %eo%!e in a co""unit$ are i""uni#ed& a!! are %rotected4 As M$th D+ sho ed& there are "an$ docu"ented instances sho in1 @ust the o%%ositeC'u!!$ *accinated %o%u!ations ha*e e?%erienced e%ide"ics4 /ith "eas!es& this actua!!$ see"s to 0e the direct resu!t o' hi1h *accination rates4KK In Minnesota& a state e%ide"io!o1ist conc!uded that the Hi0 *accine increases the ris3 o' i!!ness hen a stud$ re*ea!ed that *accinated chi!dren ere 'i*e ti"es "ore !i3e!$ to contract "enin1itis than un*accinated chi!dren4K7

Sur%risin1!$& *accination has ne*er actua!!$ 0een c!inica!!$ %ro*en to 0e e''ecti*e in %re*entin1 disease& 'or the si"%!e reason that no researcher has direct!$ e?%osed test su0@ects to diseases =nor "a$ the$ ethica!!$ do so>4 The "edica! co""unit$2s 1o!d standard& the dou0!e 0!ind& %!ace0oBcontro!!ed stud$& has not 0een used to co"%are *accinated and un*accinated %eo%!e& and so the %ractice re"ains scienti'ica!!$ un%ro*en4 (urther"ore& it is i"%ortant to reco1ni#e that not e*er$one e?%osed to a disease de*e!o%s s$"%to"s =indeed& on!$ a tin$ %ercenta1e o' a %o%u!ation need de*e!o% s$"%to"s 'or an e%ide"ic to 0e dec!ared>4 Thus& i' a *accinated indi*idua! is e?%osed to a disease and doesn2t 1et sic3& it is i"%ossi0!e to 3no hether the *accine or3ed& 0ecause there is no a$ to 3no i' that %erson ou!d ha*e de*e!o%ed s$"%to"s i' he or she had not 0een *accinated4 It is a!so orth notin1 that out0rea3s in recent $ears ha*e recorded "ore disease cases in *accinated chi!dren than in un*accinated chi!dren4 Yet another sur%risin1 as%ect o' i""uni#ation %ractice is the 8one si#e 'its a!!; as%ect4 An GB%ound +B"onthBo!d 0a0$ recei*es the sa"e dosa1e as a K, %ound 'i*e $ear o!d4 In'ants ith i""ature& unde*e!o%ed i""une s$ste"s "a$ recei*e 'i*e or "ore ti"es the dosa1e& re!ati*e to 0od$ ei1ht& as o!der chi!dren4 (urther"ore& the nu"0er o' 8units; ithin doses has 0een 'ound in rando" testin1 to ran1e 'ro" R to J ti"es hat the !a0e! indicates< "anu'acturin1 Aua!it$ contro!s a%%ear to to!erate a rather !ar1e "ar1in o' error4 8Hot Lots;C*accine !ots associated ith dis%ro%ortionate!$ hi1h death and disa0i!it$ ratesCha*e 0een re%eated!$ identi'ied 0$ the NVIC& 0ut the (DA

consistent!$ re'uses to inter*ene to %re*ent 'urther unnecessar$ in@ur$ and deaths4 In 'act& indi*idua! *accine !ots ha*e ne*er 0een reca!!ed due to their 1reater incidence o' ad*erse reactions4 Ho e*er& the rota*irus *accine as ta3en o'' the "ar3et a 'e "onths a'ter 0ein1 introduced hen it caused 0o e! o0structions in "an$ reci%ients4 Incredi0!$& the (DA and CDC 3ne a0out this %ro0!e" %rior to !icensin1 the *accine& 0ut 0oth or1ani#ations sti!! 1a*e their unani"ous a%%ro*a!4KH (ina!!$& *accines are ad"inistered ith the assu"%tion that a!! reci%ientsCre1ard!ess o' race& cu!ture& diet& 1enetic "a3eu%& 1eo1ra%hic !ocation& or an$ other characteristicC i!! res%ond the sa"e4 This as %erha%s ne*er "ore dra"atica!!$ dis%ro*ed than in Austra!ia5s Northern Territor$ a 'e $ears a1o& here ste%%edBu% i""uni#ation ca"%ai1ns in nati*e a0ori1ines resu!ted in an incredi0!e 7,I in'ant "orta!it$ rate4K6 One "ust onder a0out the !i*es o' the sur*i*ors& too< i' ha!' died& sure!$ the other ha!' did not esca%e una''ected4 A!"ost as trou0!in1 as a recent stud$ in the Ne En1!and Mourna! o' Medicine re%ortin1 that a su0stantia! nu"0er o' )o"anian chi!dren ere contractin1 %o!io 'ro" the *accine4 )esearchers 'ound a corre!ation ith in@ections o' anti0iotics4 A sin1!e in@ection ithin one "onth o' *accination raised the ris3 o' %o!io ei1ht ti"es& t o to nine in@ections raised the ris3 +6B'o!d& and -, or "ore in@ections raised the ris3 -G+ ti"es4KG /hat other 'actors not accounted 'or in *accination theor$ i!! sur'ace une?%ected!$ to re*ea! un'oreseen or

%re*ious!$ o*er!oo3ed conseAuencesE /e cannot 0e1in to 'u!!$ co"%rehend the sco%e and de1ree o' the dan1er unti! %u0!ic hea!th o''icia!s 0e1in !oo3in1 and re%ortin1 in earnest4 In the "eanti"e& entire countries2 %o%u!ations are un ittin1 1a"0!ers in a 1a"e that "an$ "i1ht *er$ e!! choose not to %!a$ i' the$ ere 1i*en a!! the ru!es in ad*ance4 VACCINATION T).TH DK: 8Man$ o' the assu"%tions u%on hich i""uni#ation theor$ and %ractice are un%ro*en or ha*e 0een %ro*en 'a!se in their a%%!ication4; VACCINATION MYTH D7: 8Chi!dhood diseases dan1erous444; 444or are the$& rea!!$E Most chi!dhood in'ectious diseases ha*e 'e serious conseAuences in toda$5s "odern or!d4 E*en conser*ati*e CDC statistics 'or %ertussis durin1 -FF+BFK indicate a FF4GI reco*er$ rate4 In 'act& hen hundreds o' %ertussis cases occurred in Ohio and Chica1o in the 'a!! -FFJ out0rea3& an in'ectious disease e?%ert 'ro" Cincinnati Chi!dren5s Hos%ita! said& 8The disease as *er$ "i!d& no one died& and no one ent to the intensi*e care unit4; The *ast "a@orit$ o' the ti"e& chi!dhood in'ectious diseases are 0eni1n and se!'B!i"itin14 The$ usua!!$ i"%art !i'e!on1 i""unit$& hereas *accineB induced i""unit$ is on!$ te"%orar$4 In 'act& the te"%orar$ nature o' *accine i""unit$ can create a "ore dan1erous situation in a chi!d2s 'uture4 (or e?a"%!e& the ne chic3en %o? *accine are e?tre"e!$

has an e''ecti*eness esti"ated at H B -, $ears4 I' e''ecti*e& it i!! %ost%one the chi!d5s *u!nera0i!it$ unti! adu!thood& hen death 'ro" the disease& hi!e sti!! rare& is +, ti"es "ore !i3e!$ than in chi!dhood4 8Meas!es %arties; used to 0e co""on in Britain< i' a chi!d 1ot "eas!es& other %arents in the nei1h0orhood ou!d rush their 3ids o*er to %!a$ ith the in'ected chi!d& to de!i0erate!$ contract the disease and de*e!o% natura! !i'eti"e i""unit$4 This a*oids the ris3 o' in'ection in adu!thood that co"es ith arti'icia! i""unit$& hen the disease is "ore dan1erous& and %ro*ides the 0ene'its o' an i""une s$ste" stren1thened 0$ the natura! disease %rocess4 A0out ha!' o' "eas!es cases in the !ate -FG,5s resur1ence ere in ado!escents and adu!ts& "ost o' ho" ere *accinated as chi!dren&KF and the reco""ended 0ooster shots "a$ %ro*ide %rotection 'or !ess than si? "onths47, So"e hea!thcare %ro'essiona!s are concerned that the *irus 'ro" the chic3en %o? *accine "a$ 8reacti*ate !ater in !i'e in the 'or" o' her%es #oster =shin1!es> or other i""une s$ste" disorders4;7- Dr4 A4 La*in o' the De%t4 o' Pediatrics& St4 Lu3e5s Medica! Center in C!e*e!and& Ohio& stron1!$ o%%osed !icensin1 the ne *accine& 8unti! e actua!!$ 3no 444the ris3s in*o!*ed in in@ectin1 "utated DNA 9the *accine her%es *irus: into the host 1eno"e 9chi!dren:4;7+ The truth is& no one 3no s& 0ut the *accine is no !icensed& reco""ended 0$ hea!th authorities& and Auic3!$ 0eco"in1 "andated throu1hout the countr$4 Not on!$ are "ost in'ectious diseases rare!$ dan1erous& the$ can actua!!$ %!a$ a *ita! ro!e in the

de*e!o%in1 a stron1& hea!th$ i""une s$ste"4 Persons ho ha*e not had "eas!es ha*e a hi1her incidence o' certain s3in diseases& de1enerati*e diseases o' 0one and carti!a1e& and certain tu"ors& hi!e a0sence o' "u"%s has 0een !in3ed to hi1her ris3s o' o*arian cancer4 Anthro%oso%hica! "edica! doctors reco""end on!$ the tetanus and %o!io *accines< the$ 0e!ie*e contractin1 other chi!dhood in'ectious diseases is 0ene'icia! in that it "atures and stren1thens the i""une s$ste"4 VACCINATION T).TH D7: 8Dan1ers o' chi!dhood diseases are 1reat!$ e?a11erated in order to scare %arents into co"%!iance ith a Auestiona0!e 0ut hi1h!$ %ro'ita0!e %rocedure4; VACCINATION MYTH DH: 8Po!io as one o' the c!ear!$ 1reat *accination success stories444; 444or as itE Si? Ne En1!and states re%orted increases in %o!io one $ear a'ter the Sa!3 *accine as introduced& ran1in1 'ro" "ore than dou0!in1 in Ver"ont to Massachusetts2 astoundin1 increase o' HK+I< other states re%orted increases as e!!4 The incidence in /isconsin increased 0$ a 'actor o' 'i*e4 Idaho and .tah actua!!$ ha!ted *accination due to the increased incidence and death rate4 In -F7F& 6647I o' Massachusetts2 %ara!$tic cases had recei*ed J doses o' IPV =in@ected %o!io *accine>4 Durin1 -FH+ .4S4 Con1ressiona! hearin1s& Dr4 Bernard Green0er1& head o' the De%t4 o' Biostatistics 'or the .ni*ersit$ o' North

Caro!ina Schoo! o' Pu0!ic Hea!th& testi'ied that not on!$ did the cases o' %o!io increase su0stantia!!$ a'ter "andator$ *accinationsCa 7,I increase 'ro" -F76 to -F7G& and an G,I increase 'ro" -F7G to -F7FC0ut that the statistics ere de!i0erate!$ "ani%u!ated 0$ the Pu0!ic Hea!th Ser*ice to 1i*e the o%%osite i"%ression47J It is i"%ortant to understand that the %o!io *accine as not uni*ersa!!$ acce%ted& at !east initia!!$4 Des%ite this& %o!io dec!ined 0oth in Euro%ean countries that re'used "ass *accination as e!! as in those that e"%!o$ed it4 Accordin1 to Austra!ian researcherBauthor Dr4 Viera Schei0ner& F,I o' %o!io cases ere e!i"inated 'ro" statistics 0$ hea!th authorities2 rede'inition o' the disease hen the *accine as introduced& hi!e in rea!it$ the Sa!3 *accine as continuin1 to cause %ara!$tic %o!io in se*era! countries a"idst an a0sence o' e%ide"ics caused 0$ the i!d *irus4 (or e?a"%!e& cases o' *ira! and ase%tic "enin1itis& hich ha*e s$"%to"s si"i!ar to %o!io& ere routine!$ dia1nosed and recorded as %o!io 0e'ore the *accine& 0ut ere distin1uished and re"o*ed 'ro" %o!io statistics a'ter the *accine4 A!so& the nu"0er o' cases needed to dec!are an e%ide"ic as raised 'ro" +, to J7& and the reAuire"ent 'or inc!usion in %ara!$sis statistics as chan1ed 'ro" s$"%to"s that !asted 'or +K hours to s$"%to"s !astin1 H, da$s ="an$ %o!io *icti"s2 %ara!$ses ere te"%orar$>4 It is no onder that %o!io decreased radica!!$ a'ter *accinesCat !east on %a%er4 In -FG7& the CDC re%orted that G6I o' the cases o' %o!io in the .4S4 0et een -F6J and -FGJ ere caused 0$ the *accine& and !ater dec!ared that a!! 0ut a 'e i"%orted cases since ere caused 0$ the

*accineCand "ost o' the i"%orted cases occurred in 'u!!$ *accinated indi*idua!s4 Monas Sa!3& in*entor o' the IPV& testi'ied 0e'ore a Senate su0co""ittee that near!$ a!! %o!io out0rea3s since -FHere caused 0$ the ora! %o!io *accine4 At a or3sho% on %o!io *accines s%onsored 0$ the Institute o' Medicine and the Centers 'or Disease Contro! and Pre*ention& Dr4 Sa"ue! Oat# o' Du3e .ni*ersit$ cited the esti"ated GB-, annua! .4S4 cases o' *accineBassociated %ara!$tic %o!io =VAPP> in %eo%!e ho ha*e ta3en the ora! %o!io *accine& and the 9then 'our $ear: a0sence o' i!d %o!io 'ro" the estern he"is%here4 Messica Scheer o' the Nationa! )eha0i!itation Hos%ita! )esearch Center in /ashin1ton& D4C4& %ointed out that "ost %arents are una are that %o!io *accination in this countr$ entai!s 8a s"a!! nu"0er o' hu"an sacri'ices each $ear4; Co"%oundin1 this contradiction are !o ad*erse e*ent re%ortin1 and the NVIC2s e?%eriences ith con'ir"in1 and correctin1 "isdia1noses o' *accine reactions& hich su11est that the actua! nu"0er o' VAPP 8sacri'ices; "a$ 0e -, to -,, ti"es hi1her than that cited 0$ the CDC4 Nota0!$& the !i*e %o!io*irus is no !on1er in ides%read use4 To 0e sure& %o!io as it as 3no n in the 'irst ha!' o' the +,th centur$ does not e?ist toda$4 Ho e*er& dec!ines 'o!!o in1 %o!io %ea3s in the !ate -FK,2s and ear!$ -F7,2s had 0een under a$ 'or a %eriod o' $ears 0$ the ti"e the *accine as introduced4 VACCINATION T).TH DH: 8The %o!io *accine te"%orari!$ re*ersed disease dec!ines that ere under a$ 0e'ore the *accine as introduced< this


'act as de!i0erate!$ co*ered u% 0$ hea!th authorities4 In Euro%e& %o!io dec!ined in countries that 0oth e"0raced and re@ected the *accine4; VACCINATION MYTH D6: 8M$ chi!d had no reaction to the *accines& so there is nothin1 to orr$ a0out444; 444or is thereE The docu"ented !on1 ter" ad*erse e''ects o' *accines inc!ude chronic i""uno!o1ica! and neuro!o1ica! disorders such as autis"& h$%eracti*it$& attention de'icit disorders& d$s!e?ia& a!!er1ies& cancer& and other conditions& "an$ o' hich 0are!$ e?isted 0e'ore "ass *accination %ro1ra"s4 Vaccine in1redients inc!ude 3no n to?icants and carcino1ens such as thi"erso! =a "ercur$ deri*ati*e>& a!u"inu" %hos%hate& 'or"a!deh$de ='or hich the Poisons In'or"ation Centre in Austra!ia c!ai"s there is no acce%ta0!e sa'e a"ount that can 0e in@ected into a !i*in1 hu"an 0od$>& and %heno?$ethano! =co""on!$ 3no n as anti'ree#e>4 So"e o' these in1redients are 1astrointestina! to?icants& !i*er to?icants& res%irator$ to?icants& neuroto?icants& cardio*ascu!ar and 0!ood to?icants& re%roducti*e to?icants& and de*e!o%"enta! to?icants& to na"e a 'e o' the 3no n dan1ers4 Che"ica! ran3in1 s$ste"s rate "an$ *accine in1redients a"on1 the "ost ha#ardous su0stances& and the$ are hea*i!$ re1u!ated4 E*en "icrosco%ic doses o' so"e o' these in1redients are 3no n to 0e a0!e to cause serious in@ur$4 In addition& so"e *accine "ediu"s used in the %roduction o' *accines contain hu"an di%!oid ce!!s ori1inatin1 'ro"

hu"an a0orted 'eta! tissue& a 'act that "i1ht a''ect "an$ %eo%!e2s *accination choicesCi' the$ on!$ 3ne this as the case4 Medica! historian& researcher and author Harris Cou!ter& Ph4D4 e?%!ained that his e?tensi*e research re*ea!ed chi!dhood i""uni#ation to 0e 8causin1 a !o B1rade ence%ha!itis in in'ants on a "uch ider sca!e than %u0!ic hea!th authorities ere i!!in1 to ad"it& a0out -7B+,I o' a!! chi!dren4; He %oints out that the seAue!ae 9conditions 3no n to resu!t 'ro" a disease: o' ence%ha!itis 9in'!a""ation o' the 0rain& a docu"ented ad*erse e''ect o' *accination:: autis"& !earnin1 disa0i!ities& "ini"a! and notBsoB"ini"a! 0rain da"a1e& sei#ures& e%i!e%s$& s!ee%in1 and eatin1 disorders& se?ua! disorders& asth"a& cri0 death& dia0etes& o0esit$& and i"%u!si*e *io!ence are %recise!$ the disorders hich a''!ict conte"%orar$ societ$4 Man$ o' these conditions ere 'or"er!$ re!ati*e!$ rare& 0ut the$ ha*e 0eco"e "ore co""on as chi!dhood *accination %ro1ra"s ha*e e?%anded4 Cou!ter a!so %oints out that %ertussis to?oid is used to induce ence%ha!itis in !a0 ani"a!s4 The %ertussis *accine2s a0i!it$ to cause 0rain da"a1e is thus not on!$ 3no n& 0ut re!ied u%on 0$ c!inica! researchers stud$in1 0rain disorders4 A Ger"an stud$ 'ound corre!ations 0et een *accinations and ++ neuro!o1ica! conditions inc!udin1 attention de'icit and e%i!e%s$4 Another di!e""a is that *ira! e!e"ents in *accines "a$ %ersist and "utate in the hu"an 0od$ 'or $ears& ith un3no n conseAuences4 Mi!!ions o' chi!dren are %arta3in1 in an enor"ous& crude e?%eri"ent& and no sincere& or1ani#ed


e''ort is 0ein1 "ade to trac3 the ne1ati*e side e''ects or to deter"ine the !on1B ter" conseAuences4 Since !on1Bter" studies on the ad*erse e''ects o' *accines are *irtua!!$ nonBe?istent& their ides%read use in the a0sence o' in'or"ed consent and adeAuate sa'et$ testin1 constitutes "edica! e?%eri"entation4 As the A"erican Association o' Ph$sicians and Sur1eons and the Nationa! Vaccine In'or"ation Center ha*e %ointed out& this is a *io!ation o' the 'irst %rinci%!e o' the Nure"0er1 Code& 8the center%iece o' "odern 0ioethics4;7K&77 Bart C!assen& MD& PhD& 'ounder o' C!assen I""unothera%ies and de*e!o%er o' *accine techno!o1ies& conducted e%ide"io!o1ica! studies around the or!d and 'ound *accines to 0e the cause o' 6FI o' insu!in t$%e I dia0etes in chi!dren under -,4 The increase ris3 ran1ed 'ro" FI ith the di%htheria *accine to 7,I ith the He%atitis B *accine4 Accordin1 to C!assen& CDC data con'ir"s his 'indin1s4 Ho e*er& the i"%!ications o' C!assen2s 'indin1s 1o e!! 0e$ond dia0etes& as his co""ent in a -FFF issue o' the British Medica! Mourna! %oints out: 8The incidence o' "an$ other chronic i""uno!o1ica! diseases& inc!udin1 asth"a& a!!er1ies& and i""une "ediated cancers& has risen ra%id!$ and "a$ a!so 0e !in3ed to i""unisation4;7H The dia0etes 'indin1s "a$ 0e on!$ the ti% o' the ice0er14 )ecent studies in the .4S4 and En1!and su11est that *accines cause autis"476&7G&7F Mercur$ %oisonin1 and autis" ha*e near!$ identica! s$"%to"s& H, and a sin1!e da$2s *accination re1i"en "a$ in@ect K- ti"es the !e*e! o' "ercur$ 3no n to cause har"4H- Ca!i'ornia2s

autis" rate has "ushroo"ed -,,,I o*er the %ast +, $ears& ith dra"atic increases 'o!!o in1 the introduction o' the MM) *accine in the ear!$ -FG,2s4 En1!and had dra"atic autis" increases 0e1innin1 in the -FF,2s& 'o!!o in1 the introduction o' the MM) *accine there4 So"e in'ants recei*e -,, ti"es the EPA2s "a?i"u" a!!o a0!e a"ount o' "ercur$ throu1h *accines4 In Manuar$& +,,,& the Mourna! o' Ad*erse Dru1 )eactions re%orted that the MM) *accine as not adeAuate!$ tested and shou!d not ha*e 0een !icensed4 (urther rein'orcin1 the sus%ected *accineBautis" connection is the 'act that "an$ %h$sicians usin1 a s$ste"atic "ercur$B deto?i'ication re1i"en ith autistic %atients ha*e seen dra"atic i"%ro*e"ents in the hea!th and 0eha*ior o' their %atients4H+ Toda$& one out o' e*er$ -7, chi!dren are a''ected 0$ autis"& accordin1 to the Nationa! Vaccine In'or"ation Center4 In the ear!$ -FK,2s& %rior to the introduction o' "ost *accines in current use& it as considered a rare condition that 'e doctors ou!d e*er encounter in their %ractice4 VACCINATION T).TH D6: 8The !on1 ter" ad*erse e''ects o' *accinations ha*e 0een i1nored in s%ite o' co"%e!!in1 corre!ations ith "an$ serious chronic conditions4 Doctors can2t other ise e?%!ain the dra"atic rise in "an$ o' these diseases4; VACCINATION MYTH DG: 8Vaccines are the on!$ %re*ention o%tion a*ai!a0!e444; 444or are the$E disease


Most %arents 'ee! co"%e!!ed to ta3e so"e diseaseB%re*entin1 action 'or their chi!dren4 /hi!e there is no -,,I 1uarantee an$ here& there are *ia0!e a!ternati*es4 Historica!!$& ho"eo%ath$ has %ro*en "an$ ti"es to 0e "ore e''ecti*e than a!!o%athic "edicine in the treat"ent and %re*ention o' disease4 In a .4S4 cho!era out0rea3 in -GKF& a!!o%athic "edicine sa a KGBH,I death rate& hi!e ho"eo%athic hos%ita!s had a docu"ented death rate o' on!$ JI4HJ )ou1h!$ si"i!ar statistics sti!! ho!d true 'or cho!era toda$4HK )ecent e%ide"io!o1ica! studies sho ho"eo%athic re"edies as eAua!in1 or sur%assin1 standard *accinations in %re*entin1 disease4 There are re%orts in hich %o%u!ations that ere treated ho"eo%athica!!$ a'ter e?%osure had a -,,I success rateCnone o' the treated cau1ht the disease4H7 There are ho"eo%athic 3its a*ai!a0!e 'or disease %re*ention4HH Ho"eo%athic re"edies can a!so 0e ta3en on!$ durin1 ti"es o' increased ris3 =out0rea3s& tra*e!in1& etc4>& and ha*e %ro*en hi1h!$ e''ecti*e in such instances4 And since these re"edies ha*e no to?ic co"%onents& the$ ha*e *irtua!!$ no side e''ects4 In addition& ho"eo%ath$ has 0een e''ecti*e in re*ersin1 so"e o' the disa0i!it$ caused 0$ *accine reactions& not to "ention "an$ other chronic conditions ith hich a!!o%athic "edicine has had !itt!e success4 VACCINATION T).TH DG: 8Docu"ented sa'e and e''ecti*e a!ternati*es to *accination ha*e 0een a*ai!a0!e 'or decades4 Ho e*er& the$ ha*e 0een s$ste"atica!!$ attac3ed and su%%ressed 0$ the "edica! esta0!ish"ent4;

VACCINATION MYTH DF: 8Vaccinations are !e1a!!$ "andated and una*oida0!e444; 444or are the$E In the .4S4& *accine !a s *ar$ 'ro" state to state4 /hi!e e*er$ state !e1a!!$ reAuires *accines& e*er$ state a!so has one or "ore !e1a! e?e"%tions 'ro" *accines4 Schoo! and hea!th o''icia!s i!! se!do" *o!unteer e?e"%tion in'or"ation& and are so"eti"es "isin'or"ed a0out !e1a! e?e"%tions& so it is i"%ortant to chec3 the !a s in $our state to 'ind out e?act!$ hat the reAuire"ents are4 Each state o''ers one or "ore o' the 'o!!o in1 three 3inds o' e?e"%tions: -> Medica! E?e"%tion: A!! 7, states in the .4S4 a!!o 'or a "edica! e?e"%tion4 Ho e*er& 'e %ediatricians chec3 'or indications o' increased ris3 0e'ore ad"inisterin1 *accines& so it is ad*isa0!e 'or %arents to research this "atter 'or the"se!*es i' the$ ha*e reason to 0e!ie*e that their chi!d "a$ 0e %redis%osed to *accine reactions4 E%i!e%s$& se*ere a!!er1ies& and a %re*ious ad*erse reaction in a chi!d or si0!in1 are 0ut a 'e o' the "an$ conditions in chi!d or 'a"i!$ histor$ hich "a$ increase the chances o' an ad*erse reaction& and thus "a$ Aua!i'$ 'or a "edica! e?e"%tion 'ro" one or "ore reAuired *accines4 In 1enera!& thou1h& "edica! e?e"%tions are di''icu!t to 1et& "a$ 0e a*ai!a0!e on!$ to those ho ha*e a!read$ had a serious *accine reaction or ho ha*e a 'a"i!$ histor$ o' serious *accine reactions& "a$ 0e 1ranted on!$ 'or the s%eci'ic *accine 0e!ie*ed to ha*e caused a %re*ious reaction& and "a$ 0e *a!id on!$ as !on1


as the condition 1i*in1 rise to the e?e"%tion %ersists =i4e4& "a$ 0e te"%orar$>4 +> )e!i1ious E?e"%tion: KG states a!!o 'or a re!i1ious e?e"%tion =a!! 0ut MS and /V>4 A state2s !a s "a$ state that "e"0ershi% in an esta0!ished re!i1ious or1ani#ation is reAuired4 Ho e*er& this reAuire"ent has 0een he!d unconstitutiona! in Ne Yor3 'edera! courts< %ersona! re!i1ious 0e!ie's are su''icient 'or a re!i1ious e?e"%tion& re1ard!ess o' hich re!i1ious or1ani#ation $ou 0e!on1 to& or hether or not $ou 0e!on1 to an or1ani#ed re!i1ion at a!!4H6&HG&HF&6, In one case& the %!ainti''s ere a arded "one$ da"a1es hen the court 'ound that the state had *io!ated their ci*i! ri1hts 0$ den$in1 the" a re!i1ious e?e"%tion4 J> Phi!oso%hica! or Persona! E?e"%tion: A%%ro?i"ate!$ -6 states a!!o %arents to re'use *accination 'or %ersona! or %hi!oso%hica! reasons4 It is orth notin1 that e?e"%ted chi!dren "a$ 0e 0anned 'ro" attendin1 schoo!s durin1 !oca! out0rea3s4 But a!! schoo!s& %u0!ic or %ri*ate& "ust co"%!$ ith state *accination !a s and honor !e1a! e?e"%tions4 The 0est source 'or a co%$ o' $our state5s *accination !a s is state hea!th o''icia!s4 A %hone ca!! to the state De%art"ent o' E%ide"io!o1$ or I""uni#ation =the s%eci'ic na"e *aries 'ro" state to state> "a$ 0e a!! that it ta3es to 1et a co%$ "ai!ed to $ou4 Or& 'or a s"a!! 'ee& the NVIC and Ne At!antean Press i!! se!! $ou a co%$ o' $our state2s i""uni#ation !a s =see contact in'or"ation at the end o' this artic!e>4 Statutes can 0e searched on the

internet ='or e?a"%!e& see 4'ind!a 4co">& 0ut these sources "a$ not re'!ect *er$ recent chan1es in the !a & i' there ha*e 0een an$4 La !i0raries and !a $ers are& o' course& a 1ood source as e!!4 VACCINATION T).TH DF: 8Le1a! e?e"%tions 'ro" *accinations are a*ai!a0!e 'or "an$C0ut not a!!C.4S4 citi#ens4; VACCINATION MYTH D-,: 8Pu0!ic hea!th o''icia!s a! a$s %!ace the %u0!ic2s hea!th a0o*e a!! other concerns444; 444or do the$E Vaccination histor$ is ridd!ed ith docu"ented instances o' deceit %ortra$in1 *accines as "i1ht$ disease conAuerors& hen in 'act *accines ha*e had !itt!e or no discerna0!e i"%act onC or ha*e e*en de!a$ed or re*ersedC%reB e?istin1 disease dec!ines4 The .nited Oin1do"5s De%art"ent o' Hea!th ad"itted that *accination status deter"ined the dia1nosis o' su0seAuent diseases: Those 'ound in *accinated %atients recei*ed a!ternate dia1noses< hos%ita! records and death certi'icates ere 'a!si'ied4 Toda$& "an$ doctors sti!! re'use to dia1nose diseases in *accinated chi!dren& and so the 8M$th; a0out *accine success %ersists4 Con'!icts o' interest are the nor" in the *accine industr$4 Me"0ers and Chairs o' the (DA and CDC *accine ad*isor$ co""ittees o n stoc3 in dru1 co"%anies that "a3e *accines< indi*idua!s on 0oth ad*isor$ co""ittees


o n %atents 'or *accines under consideration or a''ected 0$ the decisions these co""ittees "a3e4 The CDC 1rants con'!ictBo'Binterest ai*ers to e*er$ "e"0er o' their ad*isor$ co""ittee a $ear at a ti"e& a!!o in1 'u!! %artici%ation in the discussions !eadin1 u% to a *ote 0$ e*er$ "e"0er hether or not the$ ha*e a 'inancia! sta3e in the decision46Concerns o*er *accine ad*erse e''ects and con'!icts o' interest !ed the A"erican Societ$ o' Ph$sicians and Sur1eons to issue a )eso!ution to Con1ress ca!!in1 'or a 8"oratoriu" on *accine "andates and 'or %h$sicians to insist u%on tru!$ in'or"ed consent 'or the use o' *accines4; A%%ro*ed 0$ unani"ous *ote at the AAPS Octo0er +,,, annua! "eetin1& the reso!ution "ade re'erences to the 8increasin1 nu"0ers o' "andator$ chi!dhood *accines& to hich chi!dren areS su0@ected ithout Sin'or"ation a0out %otentia! ad*erse side e''ects;< the 'act that 8sa'et$ testin1 o' "an$ *accines is !i"ited and the data are una*ai!a0!e 'or inde%endent scrutin$& so that "ass *accination is eAui*a!ent to hu"an e?%eri"entation and su0@ect to the Nure"0er1 Code& hich reAuires *o!untar$ in'or"ed consent;< and the 'act that 8the %rocess o' a%%ro*in1 and Treco""endin12 *accines is tainted ith con'!icts o' interest4;6+ In an Octo0er -FFF state"ent to Con1ress& Bart C!assen& M4D4& M4B4A4& 'ounder and CEO o' C!assen I""unothera%ies and de*e!o%er o' *accine techno!o1ies& stated& 8It is c!earSthat the 1o*ern"ent5s i""uni#ation %o!iciesS are dri*en 0$ %o!itics and not 0$ science4 I can 1i*e nu"erous e?a"%!es here e"%!o$ees o'

the .S Pu0!ic Hea!th Ser*iceSa%%ear to 0e 'urtherin1 their careers 0$ actin1 as %ro%a1anda o''icers to su%%ort %o!itica! a1endas4 In one caseSe"%!o$ees o' a 'orei1n 1o*ern"ent& ho ere 'unded and or3in1 c!ose!$ ith the .S Pu0!ic Hea!th Ser*ice& su0"itted 'a!se data to a "a@or "edica! @ourna!4 The true data indicated the *accine as dan1erous ho e*er the 'a!se data that as su0"itted indicated there as no ris34 An e"%!o$ee o' the NIH ho "ana1es !ar1e *accine 1rants @oint!$ %u0!ished a "is!eadin1 !etter a0out the su0@ect ith one o' these 'orei1n ci*i! ser*ants4 As $ou are a are it is i!!e1a! to 'a!si'$ data 'ro" research 'unded 0$ the .S 1o*ern"ent4; Dr4 C!assen reco""ended that Con1ress hire a s%ecia! %rosecutor 8to deter"ine i' %u0!ic hea!th o''icia!s are 'o!!o in1 the !a s enacted to ensure *accines are sa'e; and to deter"ine 8i' %u0!ic hea!th o''icia!s a!on1 ith "anu'acturers are "is!eadin1 the %u0!ic a0out the sa'et$ o' these %roducts4;6J In (rance& -7&,,, (rench citi#ens ha*e sued their 1o*ern"ent o*er ad*erse He%atitis B *accine reactions46K (or"er %u0!ic hea!th o''icia!s there are ser*in1 %rison sentences 'o!!o in1 'indin1s that the$ did not 'o!!o the !a to ensure the sa'et$ o' the *accine& and schoo!Ba1e He% B *accination has 0een discontinued4 .4S4 "i!itar$ %ersonne! "a$ 0e e*en orse o'': 8S'our !etters 'ro" the (DALPu0!ic Hea!th Ser*iceS c!ear!$ re*ea! that the anthra? *accine as a%%ro*ed 'or "ar3etin1 ithout the "anu'acturer %er'or"in1 a sin1!e contro!!ed c!inica! tria!4;67 C!inica! tria!s are& o' course& a0so!ute!$ critica! to deter"inin1 the sa'et$ and e''ecti*eness o' an$ %har"aceutica! %roduct4 Mi!itar$ %ersonne! ha*e 0een& and continue to 0e&


un ittin1 su0@ects e?%eri"ents4



VACCINATION T).TH D-,: 8Man$ o' the %u0!ic hea!th o''icia!s ho deter"ine *accine %o!ic$ %ro'it su0stantia!!$ 'ro" their %o!ic$ decisions4; SOME CLOSING )EMA)OS In the Dece"0er -FFK Medica! Post& Canadian author o' the 0estBse!!er Medical Mafia& Gu$!aine Lanctot& M4D4& stated& 8The "edica! authorities 3ee% !$in14 Vaccination has 0een a disaster on the i""une s$ste"4 It actua!!$ causes a !ot o' i!!nesses4 /e are actua!!$ chan1in1 our 1enetic code throu1h *accination444-,, $ears 'ro" no e i!! 3no that the 0i11est cri"e a1ainst hu"anit$ as *accines4; A'ter critica!!$ ana!$#in1 !itera!!$ ten2s o' thousands o' %a1es o' the *accine "edica! !iterature& Dr4 Viera Schei0ner conc!uded that 8there is no e*idence hatsoe*er o' the a0i!it$ o' *accines to %re*ent an$ diseases4 To the contrar$& there is a 1reat ea!th o' e*idence that the$ cause serious side e''ects4;6H Dr4 C!assen has stated& 8M$ data %ro*es that the studies used to su%%ort i""uni#ation are so '!a ed that it is i"%ossi0!e to sa$ i' i""uni#ation %ro*ides a net 0ene'it to an$one or to societ$ in 1enera!4 This Auestion can on!$ 0e deter"ined 0$ %ro%er studies that ha*e ne*er 0een %er'or"ed4 The '!a o' %re*ious studies is that there as no !on1Bter" 'o!!o u% and chronic to?icit$ as not !oo3ed at4 The A"erican Societ$ o' Micro0io!o1$ has %ro"oted "$ research444and thus ac3no !ed1es the need 'or %ro%er studies4;66 These "a$ 0e radica!

%ositions& 0ut the$ are not un'ounded4 The continued denia! and su%%ression o' the e*idence a1ainst *accines on!$ %er%etuates the 8M$ths; o' their 8success; and& "ore i"%ortant!$& their ne1ati*e conseAuences on our chi!dren and societ$4 A11ressi*e and co"%rehensi*e scienti'ic in*esti1ation into ad*erse *accine e*ents is c!ear!$ arranted& $et i""uni#ation %ro1ra"s continue to e?%and in the a0sence o' such research4 Manu'acturer %ro'its are enor"ous& hi!e accounta0i!it$ 'or the ne1ati*e e''ects is cons%icuous!$ a0sent4 This is es%ecia!!$ sad 1i*en the readi!$ a*ai!a0!e sa'e and e''ecti*e a!ternati*es4 The %ositions asserted a0o*e are not co"in1 'ro" a hand'u! o' 'rin1e !unatics< entire %ro'essiona! or1ani#ations are s%ea3in1 out4 Criticis"s o' *accines are 0ein1 sounded 0$ an increasin1 nu"0er o' credi0!e and re%uta0!e scientists& researchers& in*esti1ators& and se!'Beducated %arents 'ro" around the or!d4 Instead& it is %u0!ic hea!th o''icia!s and dieBhard *accine ad*ocates ="an$ o' ho" ha*e a 'inancia! sta3e in the outco"e o' the de0ate> ho are 0e1innin1 to !ose credi0i!it$ 0$ re'usin1 to ac3no !ed1e the 1ro in1 0od$ o' e*idence and to address the *er$ rea!& serious& docu"ented %ro0!e"s4 Mean hi!e& the race is on4 There are o*er +,, ne *accines 0ein1 de*e!o%ed 'or e*er$thin1 'ro" 0irth contro! to cocaine addition46G So"e -,, o' these are a!read$ in c!inica! tria!s4 )esearchers are or3in1 on *accine de!i*er$ throu1h nasa! s%ra$s& "osAuitoes =$es& "osAuitoes>& and the 'ruits o' 8trans1enic; %!ants in hich *accine *iruses are 1ro n4 /ith e*er$ adu!t and chi!d on the %!anet a %otentia!


reci%ient o' *accines ad"inistered %eriodica!!$ throu1hout their !i*es& and e*er$ hea!thcare s$ste" and 1o*ern"ent a %otentia! 0u$er& it is !itt!e onder that count!ess "i!!ions o' do!!ars are s%ent nurturin1 the 1ro in1 "u!tiB0i!!ion do!!ar *accine industr$4 /ithout %u0!ic outcr$& e i!! see "ore and "ore ne *accines reAuired o' us a!!4 And hi!e %ro'its are readi!$ ca!cu!a0!e& the rea! hu"an costs are i1nored or su%%ressed4 /hate*er $our %ersona! *accination decision& "a3e it an in'or"ed one< $ou ha*e that ri1ht and res%onsi0i!it$4 It is a di''icu!t issue& 0ut there is "ore than enou1h at sta3e to @usti'$ hate*er ti"e and ener1$ it ta3es4

P4O4 Bo? +,K& Bur!in1ton& IA 7+H,-4 J-FB67+B,,JF& GGGB7-JB666,& 'a? +,GB JH-BGGGF& e"ai!: %atter%u0U$ahoo4 co"& or use a standard Internet search en1ine to 'ind an$ o' the "an$ se!!ers on!ine4 This 1uide has it a!!& %ro and con& and is reasona0!$ %riced4 ABO.T THE A.THO) A!an Phi!!i%s is an attorne$ in Cha%e! Hi!!& NC& and a coB'ounder and director o' Citi#ens 'or Hea!thcare (reedo" =CH(>& a non%ro'it cor%oration dedicated to raisin1 *accine a areness and ad*ocatin1 in'or"ed choice4 A!an has a 0ac31round in technica! ritin1& ritin1 assess"ent& chi!dren2s e!e"entar$ education& 'ree!ance ritin1 and in*esti1ati*e research on a!ternati*e hea!th issues& and is 3no n internationa!!$ 'or %ro'essiona! "usic %er'or"ance and %roduction4 INT)OD.CTO)Y VACCINE P)ESENTATIONS

(O) MO)E IN(O)MATION: -4 Nationa! Vaccine In'or"ation Center& 7-+ Ma%!e A*enue /est D+,H& Vienna& VA ++-G,4 6,JBFJGBDPTJ< G,,BF,FB SHOT =6KHG>4 E"ai!: in'oUF,Fshot4co" /e0site: htt%:LL 4F,Fshot4co" Vaccine In'or"ation V A areness =VIA>& Oarin Schu"acher& M4D4& Director4 6F+ Pine*ie Dri*e San Mose& CA F7--64 K,GBJF6BK-F+ =*oice "ai!L%a1Ber> K,GB77KBF,7J =%honeL'a?>4 E"ai!: *iaUaccess-4net4 (or in'or"ation on a!! sides o' the issue& 1o to VIA2s /e0site: htt%:LL 4access-4netL*ia Vaccine Po!ic$ Institute& +7- )id1e a$ Dr4& Da$ton& OH K7K7F& Or$stine Se*er$n& )4Ph4& Ph4D4& %hL'a?: 7-JBKJ7B K67,4 Wuarter!$ Ne s!etter4 In'or"ation 'ro" a hi1h!$ credentia!ed& hi1h!$ in'or"ed e?%ert on *accines4 Ne At!antean Press P4O4 Bo? FHJG Santa (e& NM G67,K 7,7BFGJB-G7H4 Boo3s& ta%es& *ideos& rite 'or cata!o14 Diane )o#ario& Immunization Resource Guide& Kth Edition& Patter Pu0!ications&


Citi#ens 'or Hea!thcare (reedo" Director A!an Phi!!i%s& EsA4& conducts introductor$ !ectures on the *accine contro*ers$4 Presentations are desi1ned to co"%!e"ent and su%%!e"ent the in'or"ation in this artic!e4 To s%onsor a %resentation in $our ho"e& o''ice& !oca! !i0rar$& or other suita0!e !ocation& rite to CH( Lectures& P4O4 Bo? JK6J& Cha%e! Hi!!& NC +67-7BJK6J& or e"ai! !a %a%aUnc4rr4co"4 )ELATED A)TICLES: A!an has researched and ritten on se*era! *accine !e1a! issues& inc!udin1 *accine e?e"%tions = ith a 'ocus on re!i1ious e?e"%tion 'edera! case !a >& the Nationa! Vaccine In@ur$ Co"%ensation Pro1ra"& and the sha3enB0a0$B s$ndro"eL*accine in@ur$ connection: the docu"ented instances in hich %arents and careta3ers are con*icted o' chi!d a0use& 0ut !ater the da"a1e is sho n to ha*e 0een caused 0$ a *accine in@ur$4



.NSOLICITED P.BLISHINGS: -4 %arenteacher "a1a#ine& su""er +,,,4 +4 C!audia2s A0undant Li'e Hea!th (ood Mar3et& ,FL-FFF X ,+L+,,,4



J4 Epidemics, Opposing iewpoints& Greenha*en Press& -FFF4 K4 0irth issues& 'a!! -FFF4 Canadian "a1a#ine o' the Association 'or Sa'e A!ternati*es in Chi!d0irth =ASAC>4 74 The Ho"eBGro n (a"i!$& s%rin1& 'a!!& inter -FFGBFF4 Christian ho"eBschoo!in1 "a1a#ine4 H4 The Immune Manual& Li'e and Hea!th )esearch Grou%& CA& -FF64 64 Hindustan Ti"es and other Indian ne s%a%ers< t o Indian ho"eo%athic @ourna!s& -FF6 =accordin1 to Sai San@ee*ini (oundation& Ne De!hi& India>4 G4 NEY.S Ma1a#ine& Octo0erBNo*e"0er -FF64 Mu!tinationa! "a1a#ine4 F4 /i!d'ire& s%rin1 -FFH4 .S Nati*e A"erican "a1a#ine4 -,4 Nu"erous 1rassBroots or1ani#ations2 ne s!etters around the or!d4 .nso!icited Distri0utors: -4 Sai San@ee*ini (oundation& Ne De!hi& India4 +4 Hea!thAction Net or3& .O4 J4 Vaccine In'or"ation Net or3& Ne Zea!and4 K4 Pro"etheus =%u0!isher>& .O4 74 Medica! Missionar$ Press& NC& .SA4 H4 Asian Paci'ic Ho"eo%athic Association& Hon1 Oon14 )eAuest 'or c!assroo" use 0$: -4 She''ie!d Ho"eo%athic Co!!e1e& .O4 +4 A neuro!o1ist in Ita!$4 J4 A "edica! schoo! %ro'essor in NC4 Internet Postin1s: There are "an$< so!icitations are on1oin14



Vaccine Ad*erse E*ents )e%ortin1 S$ste" =VAE)S>< Nationa! Technica! In'or"ation Ser*ice& S%rin1'ie!d& VA ++-H-& 6,JBKG6BKH7,& 6,JBKG6BKH,,< see also NVIC& infra note 6< and the VAE)S e0site at htt%:LL 4'da41o*Lc0erL*aersL*aers4ht"4 + State"ent o' the Nationa! Vaccine In'or"ation Center =NVIC>& Hearin1 o' the House Su0co""ittee on Cri"ina! Mustice& Dru1 Po!ic$ and Hu"an )esources& [Co"%ensatin1 Vaccine In@uries: Are )e'or"s NeededE[ Se%te"0er +G& -FFF4 J Less than -I& accordin1 to Bar0ara (isher& citin1 'or"er (DA Co""issioner Da*id Oess!er& -FFJ& MAMA& in the State"ent o' the NVIC& supra note +4 K Less than -,I& accordin1 to OM Se*er$n& )4Ph4& Ph4D4 in the Da$ton Dai!$ Ne s& Ma$ +G& -FFJ4 =Vaccine Po!ic$ Institute& +7- )id1e a$ Dr4& Da$ton& OH K7K7F> 7 A"erican Association o' Ph$sicians and Sur1eons& (act Sheet on Mandator$ Vaccines at htt%:LL 4aa%son!ine4or1L4 H Mane Orient& M4D4& Director o' the A"erican Association o' Ph$sicians and Sur1eons& 8Mandatin1 Vaccines: Go*ern"ent Practicin1 Medicine /ithout a LicenseE; -FFF4 6 Nationa! Vaccine In'or"ation Center =NVIC>& 7-+ Ma%!e A*e4 /4 D+,H& Vienna& VA ++-G,& 6,JBFJGB,JK+< [In*esti1ati*e )e%ort on the Vaccine Ad*erse E*ent )e%ortin1 S$ste"4[ G K+ .4S4C4S4 \ J,,aaB+7=0>=->=A>&=B>4 F Oar!sson L4 Schei0ner V4 Association 0et een nonBs%eci'ic stress s$ndro"e& DPT in@ections and cot death4 Pa%er %resented to the +nd i""uni#ation con'erence& Can0erra& Austra!ia& Ma$ +6B+F& -FF+4 See a!so Viera Schie0ner& Ph4D4& accination! "## $ears of Orthodo% Research &hows that accines Represent a Medical 'ssault on the Immune &ystem 'or discussion and re'erences4 -, /4C4 Torch& [Di%theriaB%ertussisBtetanus =DPT> i""uni#ation: A %otentia! cause o' the sudden in'ant death s$ndro"e =SIDS>&[ =A"er4 Acade"$ o' Neuro!o1$& JKth Annua! Meetin1& A%r +7 B Ma$ -& -FG+>& Neuro!o1$ J+=K>& %t4 +4 -Id4 -+ Viera Schie0ner& Ph4D4& accination! "## $ears of Orthodo% Research &hows that accines Represent a Medical 'ssault on the Immune &ystem, -FFJ4 -J Con'oundin1 in studies o' ad*erse reactions to *accines 9see co""ents:4 (ine PE& Chen )T& )EVIE/ A)TICLE: JG )E(S4 Co""ent in:

A" M E%ide"io! -FFK Man -7<-JF=+>:++FBJ,4 Di*ision o' I""uni#ation& Centers 'or Disease Contro!& At!anta& GA J,JJJ4 -K &ee Viera Schei0ner& supra note -+4 -7 Nature and )ates o' Ad*erse )eactions Associated ith DTP and DT I""uni#ations in In'ants and Chi!dren =Pediatrics& No*4 -FG-& Vo!4 HG& No4 7> -H DPT )e%ort& The (resno Bee& Co""unit$ )e!ations& -H+H E4 Street& (resno& CA FJ6GH& Dece"0er 7& -FGK4 -6 Tro!!'ors B& )a0o& E4 -FG-4 /hoo%in1 cou1h in adu!ts4 British Medica! Mourna! =Se%te"0er -+>& HFHBF64 -G Nationa! Vaccine In@ur$ Co"%ensation Pro1ra" =NVICP> htt%:LL0h%r4hrsa41o*L*ic%L4 -F Meas!es *accine 'ai!ures: !ac3 o' sustained "eas!es s%eci'ic i""uno1!o0u!in G res%onses in re*accinated ado!escents and $oun1 adu!ts4 De%art"ent o' Pediatrics& Geor1eto n .ni*ersit$ Medica! Center& /ashin1ton& DC +,,,64 Pediatric In'ectious Disease Mourna!4 -J=->:JKBG& -FFK Man4 +, Meas!es out0rea3 in J- schoo!s: ris3 'actors 'or *accine 'ai!ure and e*a!uation o' a se!ecti*e re*accination strate1$4 De%art"ent o' Pre*enti*e Medicine and Biostatistics& .ni*ersit$ o' Toronto& Ont4 Canadian Medica! Association Mourna!4 -7,=6>:-,FJBG& -FFK A%r -4 +Hae"o%hi!us 0 disease a'ter *accination ith Hae"o%hi!us 0 %o!$saccharide or con@u1ate *accine4 Institution Di*ision o' Bacteria! Products& Center 'or Bio!o1ics E*a!uation and )esearch& (ood and Dru1 Ad"inistration& Bethesda& Md +,GF+4 A"erican Mourna! o' Diseases o' Chi!dren4 -K7=-+>:-J6FBG+& -FFDec4 ++ Sustained trans"ission o' "u"%s in a hi1h!$ *accinated %o%u!ation: assess"ent o' %ri"ar$ *accine 'ai!ure and anin1 *accineBinduced i""unit$4 Di*ision o' (ie!d E%ide"io!o1$& Centers 'or Disease Contro! and Pre*ention& At!anta& Geor1ia4 Mourna! o' In'ectious Diseases4 -HF=->:66BG+& -FFK Man4 -4 +J Secondar$ "eas!es *accine 'ai!ure in hea!thcare or3ers e?%osed to in'ected %atients4 De%art"ent o' Pediatrics& Chi!dren5s Hos%ita! o' Phi!ade!%hia& PA -F-,K4 In'ection Contro! V Hos%ita! E%ide"io!o1$4 -K=+>:G-BH& -FFJ (e04 +K MM/) =Mor0idit$ and Morta!it$ /ee3!$ )e%ort> JG =GBF>& -+L+FLGF4 +7 MM/) [Meas!es4[ -FGF< JG:J+FBJJ,4 +H MM/)4 JJ=+K>&HL++LGK4 +6 (ai!ure to reach the 1oa! o' "eas!es e!i"ination4 A%%arent %arado? o' "eas!es



in'ections in i""uni#ed %ersons4 )e*ie artic!e: 7, )E(S4 De%t4 o' Interna! Medicine& Ma$o Vaccine )esearch Grou%& Ma$o C!inic and (oundation& )ochester& MN4 Archi*es o' Interna! Medicine4 -7K=-H>:-G-7B+,& -FFK Au1 ++4 +G C!inica! I""uno!o1$ and I""uno%atho!o1$& Ma$ -FFH< 6F=+>: -HJB-6,4 +F Tre*or Gunn& Mass Immunization, ' (oint in )uestion& at -7 =citin1 E4D4 Hu"e& (asteur E%posed*The +alse +oundations of Modern Medicine& Boo3rea!& Austra!ia& -FGF4> J, Ph$sician /i!!ia" Ho ard Ha$5s address o' Mune +7& -FJ6< %rinted in the Con1ressiona! )ecord4 JE!eanor McBean& The (oisoned ,eedle& Hea!th )esearch& -F7H4 J+ Out0rea3 o' %ara!$tic %o!io"$e!itis in O"an< e*idence 'or ides%read trans"ission a"on1 'u!!$ *accinated chi!dren4 Lancet *o! JJG: Se%t +-& -FF-< 6-7B6+,4 JJ Nei! Mi!!er& accines! 're They Really &afe and Effective- (i'th Printin1& -FFK& at JJ4 JK Chica1o De%t4 o' Hea!th4 J7 Haro!d Buttra"& M4D4& 8Vaccine Scene +,,,& )e*ie and .%date&; Medica! Sentine!& Vo!47 No4 +& MarchLA%ri! +,,,4 JH Nei! Mi!!er& supra note JJ at K7 9NVIC Ne s& A%ri! F+ at -+:4 J6 S4 Curtis& ' .and/oo0 of .omeopathic 'lternatives to Immunization4 JG Darre!! Hu''& .ow to 1ie 2ith &tatistics& /4/4 Norton V Co4& Inc4& -F7K at GK4 JF Wuoted 'ro" the internet& credited to Oeith B!oc3& M4D4& a 'a"i!$ %h$sician 'ro" E*anston& I!!inois& ho has s%ent $ears co!!ectin1 data in the "edica! !iterature on i""uni#ations4 K, &ee Tre*or Gunn& supra& note +F& at -74 KId. at +-4 K+ Id. at +- =British Medica! Counci! Pu0!ication +6+& Ma$ -F7,>4 KJ &ee Tre*or Gunn& supra& note +F& at +-< see also Nei! Mi!!er& supra note JJ at K6 =Buttra"& MD& Ho''"an& Motherin1 Ma1a#ine& /inter -FG7 at J,< Oa!o3erinos and Dett"an& MDs& [The Dan1ers o' I""uni#ation&[ Bio!o1ica! )esearch Inst4 9Austra!ia:& -F6F& at KF>4 KK &ee Ma$o Vaccine )esearch Grou%& supra note +64 K7 &ee Nei! Mi!!er& supra note JJ at JK4 KH Chair"anLCon1ress"an Dan Burton& Co""ittee o' Go*ern"ent )e'or"& O%enin1 State"ent& 8(ACA: Con'!icts o' Interest and Vaccine De*e!o%"ent& Preser*in1 the Inte1rit$ o' the Process&; Mune +,,,4

Archie Oa!o!erinos& MD& Every &econd 3hild& Oeats Pu0!ishin1& Inc4 -FG-4 KG /ashin1ton Post& (e0ruar$ ++& -FF74 KF )e%orted 0$ OM Se*er$n& )4Ph& Ph4D4 in the Da$ton Dai!$ Ne s& Mune J& -FF74 7, Vaccine In'or"ation and A areness =VIA>& [Meas!es and Anti0od$ Titre Le*e!s&[ 'ro" Vaccine /ee3!$& Manuar$ -FFH4 7NVIC Press )e!ease& [Consu"er Grou% /arns use o' Ne Chic3en Po? Vaccine in a!! Hea!th$ Chi!dren Ma$ Cause More Serious Disease[4 7+ Id. 9)e%orted 0$ OM Se*er$n& )4Ph4& Ph4D4: 7J Hearin1s 0e'ore the Co""ittee on Interstate and (orei1n Co""erce& House o' )e%resentati*es& G6th Con1ress& Second Session on H4)4 -,7K-& Ma$ -FH+& at FK4 7K NVIC Vaccine Con'erence Pro1ra" Guide& -FF64 77 .nani"ous reso!ution o' the AAPS& 76th Annua! Meetin1& St4 Louis& MO& Octo0er& +,,,< see htt%:LL 4aa%son!ine4or1L4 7H British Medica! Mourna!& -FFF& J-G:-FJ& -H =Manuar$>4 76 Sin1h V& Yan1 V4 Sero!o1ica! association o' "eas!es *irus and hu"an her%es *irusBH ith 0rain autoanti0odies in autis"4 C!inica! I""uno!o1$ and I""uno%atho!o1$ -FFG<GG=!>:-,7B-,G4 7G /a3e'ie!d AM& et a!4 I!ea!B!$"%hoidBnodu!ar h$%er%!asia& nonBs%eci'ic co!itis& and %er*asi*e de*e!o%"enta! disorder in chi!dren4 Lancet -FFG<J7-:HJ6BHK-4 7F /a3e'ie!d AM& Anthon$ A& Murch SH& Tho"son M& Mont1o"er$ SM& et a!4 Enteroco!itis in Chi!dren /ith De*e!o%"enta! Disorders4 A" MGastroentero! Se%te"0er< F7:++G7B++F74 H, Ste%hanie Ca*e& MD& NVIC Vaccine Con'erence& Se%te"0er& +,,,< see htt%:LL 4F,Fshot4co" 'or con'erence transcri%ts and in'or"ation4 HCon1ress"an Dan Burton& House Co""ittee on Go*ern"ent )e'or"& Hearin1 on Mercur$ and Medicine& HL-GL+,,,4 H+ Press )e!ease& (e04 -+& +,,-< see htt%:LL 4autis"4co"LariL%ress-4ht"! HJ Dana .!!"an& 4iscovering .omeopathy& at K+ =Tho"as L4 Brad'ord& 1ogic +igures& %HG& --JB -KH< Cou!ter& 4ivided 1egacy& Vo! J& %+HG>4 HK &ee S4 Curtis& supra note JK4 H7 &ee S4 Curtis& supra note JK4 HH Isaac Go!den& accination- ' Review of Ris0s and 'lternatives& 7th Edition& -FFK4 =Austra!ia>4 H6 'llanson v. 3linton 3entral &chool 4istrict& No4 CV GKB-6K& s!i% o%4 at 7 =N4D4N4Y4 -FGK>4



&herr and 1evy vs. ,orthport East*,orthport 5nion +ree &chool 4istrict& H6+ (4 Su%%4 G=E4D4N4Y4 -FG6>4 HF +ish0in v. $on0ers (u/lic &chools& 6-, (4 Su%%4 7,H =S4D4N4Y4 -FGF>4 6, 6erg v. Glen 3ove 3ity &chool 4istrict& G7J (4 Su%%4 H7- =E4D4N4Y4 -FFK>4 6Con1ress"an Dan Burton& Co""ittee on Go*ern"ent )e'or"& 8(ACA: Con'!icts o' Interest and Vaccine De*e!o%"ent: Preser*in1 the Inte1rit$ o' the Process&; Mune -7& +,,,4 6+ 8AAPS )eso!ution Concernin1 Mandator$ Vaccines; at htt%:LL 4aa%son!ine4or1Laa%sL4 6J M4 Barthe!o C!assen& M4D4& M4B4A4 President and CEO& C!assen I""unothera%ies& Inc4& H7-6 Montrose A*e& Ba!ti"ore& MD +-+-+ Te!: =K-,> J66BK7KF (a?: =K-,> J66B G7+H EB"ai!: C!assenU*accines4net& !etter to The Honora0!e Dan Burton& Chair"an .4S4 House o' )e%resentati*es& Co""ittee on Go*ern"ent )e'or"& /ashin1ton& DC +,7-7& Octo0er -+th& -FFF& at htt%:LL*accines4net4 6K 8Sho us the Science&; Motherin1 Ma1a#ine& MarchLA%ri! +,,-& )e%ort on the Se%t4 +,,, NVIC Vaccine Con'erence4 67 &ee M4 Barthe!o C!assen& MD& MBA& supra note 6J4 6H Viera Schei0ner& PhD& -6G Go*etts Lea% )oad& B!ac3heath& NS/ +6G7& Austra!ia< %hone ]H=,>+ K6G6 G+,J& (a? ]H- =,>+ K6G6 GFGG 66 &ee M4 Barthe!o C!assen& MD& MBA& supra note 6J4 6G State"ent o' the Nationa! Vaccine In'or"ation Center& Hearin1 o' the House Su0co""ittee on Cri"ina! Mustice& Dru1 Po!ic$ and Hu"an )esources& [Co"%ensatin1 Vaccine In@uries: Are )e'or"s NeededE[ Se%te"0er +G& -FFF4