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Portforwarding Airtel 220BX Router


In this post I will explain about, how to forward ports in Beetel 22 bx router whi!h is pro"ided these da#s alon$ with Airtel broadband connection% The procedure is only applicable for Beetel 220bx router. The screenshots which are posted here are self explanatory. &pen #our browser 'preferabl# &pera or (irefox)% T#pe the address whi!h is pro"ided below in the address bar of #our browser% http*++,-2%,./%,%,+0ain%ht0l 'This lin1 ta1es #ou to ad"an!ed option 0enu%) http*++,-2%,./%,%,+index%ht0l as this will ta1e #ou to basi! options 0enu and #ou will not be able to enter ad"an!ed setup fro0 here%
Do not enter

2hen enter the abo"e address #ou will be as1ed username and password, the default userna0e and password is $i"en below% username ad0in Password password If #ou are not able to enter the 0ode03s !onfi$uration pa$e usin$ the abo"e password #ou !an !all the airtel customer care re$ardin$ that% Now #ou should be seein$ the s!reen 0entioned below*

Now !li!1 the Ad!ance "etup button on the left sidebar of the s!reen% 'Refer the abo"e screenshot) After this #ou should be $ettin$ this s!reen*

Now !li!1 the #AT button on the left sidebar of the s!reen 'refer the abo"e s!reenshot)% 4li!1 the Add button in the s!reen whi!h #ou $et after doin$ the abo"e step%

In the Add port s!reen #ou ha"e to enter the followin$ data* ,% "elect "er!ice Do not enter an#thin$ here% 2% $ustom "er!ice Enter a des!ription for #our port% '(or Identifi!ation 5urpose)

6% "er!er %P Address 7suall# ,-2%,./%,%2 '8our 9an3s I5 Address) In the table whi!h is after these fields fill the followin$ data in the respe!ti"e !olu0ns* ,% &xternal Port "tart Enter the port number whi!h #ou would li1e to forward 2% &xternal Port &nd Enter the port nu0ber whi!h #ou entered in the first !olu0n% (or exa0ple if #ou want to ports :2-.6 to :2-./ then #ou ha"e to fill the start nu0ber as :2-.6 and endin$ nu0ber as :2-./ 6% Protocol Ma1e sure that it is set to T45+7D5 :% %nternal Port "tart and &nd Do not enter an#thin$ here%

Now if #ou are $ettin$ the s!reen whi!h is shown below then #ou are al0ost done% ;ere all the portforwarded ports are listed%

In the final step #ou should sa"e and reboot the 0ode0 as shown in the s!reenshot below%

That3s all now #our ports are su!!essfull# portforwarded% If #ou want in!rease in speeds of #our torrents in uTorrent read this arti!le% This is 0# first tutorial and I ha"e tried to explain portforwardin$ of Airtel 22 B< router in as si0ple wa# as possible% If #ou feel that I ha"e left out so0ethin$ please feel free to !o00ent here% If #ou li1ed this arti!le, !li!1 here to bu# 0e a Beer= *)

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