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Violence caused by Social Networking: Is this the end?

Janae Madison

English IV Ms. Jones 27 March 2014

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Outline Thesis: Social networking is one of the leading tools towards promoting harm in the world today, which causes an increase in deaths, violent behavior, and a possible end to our youth. I. Introduction and background information A. Topic B. My claim

C. Supporting facts II. What is social networking A. Whats done on social networking B. What are the affects of using social networking C. Safety/Privacy on social networking sites D. Introduction transitioning into the controversial topic III. Controversy caused by social networking A. Background supporting information B. Different opinions about the topic C. Counter arguments D. Possible solutions


Pro and Cons towards using social networking programs

Madison ii A. List of pros B. Supporting facts C. List of cons D. Supporting Facts V. Negative impact formed from social networking A. Facts about violence B. Supporting information VI. Domestic abuse formed from social networking A. Facts on the topic B. Supporting statements VII. Cyber bullying A. Facts on the topic B. Supporting Details VIII. Conclusion and possible solutions towards ending the negativity A. Restating my topic B. Supporting my topic with possible solutions

Madison 1 Violence caused by Social Networking Is this the end?

A new study of gun violence in Chicago, led by Yale sociologist Andrew Papachristos, reveals that a persons social network is a key predictor in whether an individual will become a victim of gun homicide, even more so than race, age, gender, poverty, or gang affiliation (McDonald). Social networking is becoming a huge distraction towards individuals seventeen and older. When this distraction takes over people are liable to do harm to others without any cause. For example a misleading post on the internet can be a potential end to someones life. At this rate we are not safe within using these social media sites. Social networking is one of the leading tools towards promoting harm in the world today, which causes an increase in deaths, violent behavior, and a possible end to our youth. What is social networking? Social networking is a website or promotion set into place to keep everyone informed at all time. Being involved in such a worldwide application, individuals put themselves at risk every time they log on to the site. Theres no such thing as being safe on a public site. Whether an individual is aware or not, they are being watched at all time. With this taking place

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everyone involved in the social media is at risk for potential harm. This issue is very controversial and leaves people or even parental guardians questioning if its safe for our youth to participate in social networking. Accessing factual controversy caused by social networking Some may argue that social networking has a positive affect and should be used as done at the time being. In fact, the online world offers kids remarkable opportunities to become literate and creative because young people can now publish ideas not just to their friends, but to the world( Thompson). This however is not true in my perspective. Teens and a few adults lose their sense of sensitivity, responsibility, and actions all stemming from the root being social media. "We could be raising a hedonistic generation who live only in the thrill of the computer-generated moment and are in distinct danger of detaching themselves from what the rest of us would consider the real world " (Thompson). There can possibly be a solution to help out on both ends of the controversy. Some solutions that can take place are limiting explicit content, banning any negativity, and deactivation of any account that doesnt go along with the rules set in place. This solution can help towards those increases of violence caused by social networking and make the applications into a positive outlook for everyone

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to partake in and enjoy. The pros and cons of using social networking? There are several pros and cons with in using social networking programs. Some pros can vary from information being exposed fast, criminals being tracked and put to justice, college recruits, etc. Social networking sites are the top news source for 27.8% of Americans, ranking close to newspapers (28.8%) and above radio (18.8%) and other print publications (6%) (Are social networking sites good). On the other hand the usage of social networking included several cons. This includes the spread of non factual information, a lack of privacy, and a promotion towards violence. Gangs use the sites to recruit younger members, coordinate violent crimes, and threaten other gangs(Are social networking sites good). Based upon this research the cons outweigh the pros resulting in more harm than pleasure using social networking programs. Negative impact that social networking promote Unfortunately, social networking causes several types of violent actions in our world today. Social networking violence can began from a prior face to face argument which lead to homicides or other violence, a couples business being posted leading to domestic violence, or cruel people that want to cyber bully an innocent victim. Papachristos notes that crime, like a disease, follows certain patterns. People in the same social network, he said, are more likely to engage in

Madison 4 similar risky behaviorslike carrying a firearm or taking part in criminal activities which increases the probability of victimization(McDonald). Most likely theres no way around the violence because regardless if social networking is involved it will still take place. If social networking was non-existing criminals and other negative people will find a new way to commit their crimes. Social networking is basically just easy access for them to commit their negativity and contribute to the increasing crime rates. Homicides and harm done from using social networking Additionally expounding on the negative impact of social networking has upon homicides and other acts of violence, its known to be moving at a increasing rate. "But equally, there are many offences involving social media such as harassment or genuine threats of violence which cause real harm. It is that higher end of offending which forces need to concentrate on"(Social media-related crime).Crime rates vary depending upon your location but social networking is one of the contributing factors amongst the disputes or potential harm done between individuals. It seems as though the more people interact on the social site the more distracted they become. When this distraction takes place reckless behavior is displayed with no caution or valid reasoning. For example placing information like your location can cause criminals to track you down and commit a crime only because you werent aware of the privacy settings on the site. This sets users at a greater risk

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and causes you to question are you really safe on the social network? Domestic abuse caused by social networking Besides homicides and other violence caused by social networking domestic abuse is another act of violence that takes place. Domestic violence offenders increasingly use the Internet, social media and even global positioning systems to stalk, terrify and monitor their victims, a state official said Wednesday. "It just keeps getting worse and worse," said Penni Micca, chairman of the state's Domestic Violence Fatality Review Committee (Dixon).Domestic abuse is something that can be avoided but its glorified by social networking. This gives users the sense of the situation being normal and acceptable. People that commit domestic violence or fall victim to it, view the situation as a standard living. Being a part of social networking puts individuals on the side of not truly knowing whats right from wrong because theyre being brainwashed with what todays society think is suitable. Cyber bullying caused by social networking Physical harm is not always the case with in using the social networking. Emotional distress or cyber bullying is another act of harm that social networking promotes. After such a long period of being tortured, publicly slandered, And manipulated depression kicks in. Soon as depression can no longer be handled suicidal thoughts come into play. Victims

Madison 6 of cyber bullying feel alone and as though their lives are no longer valued. Research by a children's charity shows almost one in four parents are concerned their child has been bullied online and 33% suspect their child could be a cyber bully themselves('National debate needed).At this stage authority should be put into place. Children of a certain age should be monitored and the older generation should be banned from social sites if theyre not using it for positive reason. This could possibly help toward individuals feeling ostracized or less than what society thinks of them.

The use of social networking is definitely here to stay because as much negativity it brings theres always entertainment behind such usage. Who can actually know what the world may come to and changes that will take place? No one truly knows if social networking will no longer exist or other thing that may progress and take place in the future. While researching anyone can view the potential positive effects that social networking has upon any individual. On the other hand there a percentage of violence and other negative impacts social networking has. Everyone will state their opinions here and there about social networking and the harm or violence brought from it but will continue to use it. Despite the risks and prior knowledge an individual might have about the harm there is no way an addition can be given up as easy as it was to register for the program. While social networking is one the greatest

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tools being used to promote violence and other acts of harm no individual is going to make the step towards changing this tragedy unless authority in set into place. With that being said rules and consequence should be put into place in order for every individual to have a positive experience using social networking programs.

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