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Brand Audit


May 2008

Submitted by:- Tushar Narula

Amity University
Amity International Business School, Noida
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Brand’s personality in terms of how the brand would look like,

Broke up in:

Physical attributes:
What people, places and colors associate with the brand.

What does the brand symbolize?

Related Brands:
What sort of brands does it relate to, how much efficacy does the communication
has in brand building.
Associations HT TOI
People Most people associated HT are Vir Sanghvi, Association with cartoonist RK laxman
Manmohan Singh, Karan Thapar .Some Page3 models, film stars like SRK,
people associated HT with the irrepressible Katrina kaif, Politicians & Sports icons.
Khushwant Singh.

Places Associate with Delhi. Delhi is a dog-eat-dog Separate editions for Delhi, Bangalore,
print market .DU festival carnival, College Mumbai ,Hyderabad, Chennai
canteens, Delhi Metro, Markets(Khan, Basant Lounges
lok & Siri fort) Fashion Shows like ( Wills, Pantaloons,
Lakme )
Café Coffee Day

Colors Red & Blue Stripes Red and Black

Respondents also citied the colors of HT’s followed by white and other vibrant
new avtar i.e. green ,pink colors. Some respondents also
& purple mentioned blue.
Associations HT TOI

Visuals and Politicians ,The Hindustan Times web site is Photos of the beautiful semi clad
good, that too with Archives. ‘. women, one of the USPs of TOI Others
pictures including cartoon strips (specially
Some respondents also mentioned Dubyaman) ,the Speaking tree . ‘GOD
columns including Life& Universe, The & I’ article by celebrity.
Sunday Magazine Section and the HT Job
Astrology (Daily Prediction), then
Seema Goswami column which is usually comes the most favorite - SUDOKU
featured under the column of Live

Signs and Straight lines,

Most respondents could not draw an Bennett and Coleman logo (some
symbols association with any particular symbol, referred to it as the two elephants) and
however they only had known their sun sign the mast head.
Associations HT TOI

With other Fever 104FM,Vodafone Many respondents mentioned Nike,

Philips Electronic goods, Domino pizza , Reebok, Koutons ,TNG,
brands Others mentioned brands like HT, ford,
Samsung ,indiatimes poll ,ICICI bank
Other news papers like Asian Age WLC college, Pantaloon, IPL
Navbharat Times etc …(cheerleaders!!)

Advertising Its only fewer among business executives Lead India campaign had a very high
and 2 students had recalled the recall. ’INDIA POISED’ . India today”
recall Leadership Summit ,. Conclave “has no recall, despite of max
A daily column on Hot new careers has coverage in papers &magazine
the max recall.

• HT’ under Vir Sanghvi has overtaken them in almost all the issues of importance. The
only area where ’TOI’’ competes favourable is the ’’Delhi Times’’ supplement. .
• The language is simple and yet expressive.

•TOI associates itself with people who are the heroes of modern society like SRK,
Business Tycoons ,Designer Clothes.
• The Edit Page layout of HT is of high quality with lots of good articles and editorials to
look forward to.
• The problem with this was that TOI was more concerned with image, style, gossipy
Brand personality:

So, if the brand had a mood, what would it be? What

exactly is the brand to a user?
Would sum up Dominant thought: HT is a paper that Dominant thought:TOI has enjoyed a
combines the sophistication of design widespread appeal.. more so among the
the brand as… with topicality of content’ younger generation for its uninhibited
Other thought: Balanced, properly and bold approach towards news
Other thought: where the news is mainly
who dated whom, who wore the
skimpiest clothing, where is the ’hottest’

Mood of the Dominant thought: Serious, not Dominant thought:

happening, lack the in-depth coverage spicy, entertaining, infotainment , young,
brand Other Thoughts: Sober dynamic
Other Thoughts: for more matured
audience .sobriety and mindfulness

• The HT has an impressive editorial board and good articles of national interest, but it
loses out on national level news.

• Since many respondents read both papers noticing the inherently better coverage on
local City issues in the HT as compared to TOI. TOI is heading all attempts at
Emotional associations:

What feeling does the brand evoke and how much has it been able to
move beyond the functional benefits into the consumer’s life
Feelings and ‘Feeling of restlessness and an incomplete ‘I will say that the paper is worth reading
emotions day if I missed reading it.’ for a person who wants to be updated
associated about the current happenings.
‘Empowered in sync with one likings
‘Lots Of Masala for Breakfast’
‘Kudos to HT city for offering gamut of
offerings on career , fashion, My city, ‘TOI viz. Education Times ,Times Ascent
games, bollywood ’ etc. are icing on the cake. It helps us to get
update with relevant subject matter.’

How does it
makes me feel The respondents thought reading HT or TOI doesn' t really make a difference
about in any ones image, but reading ET or any business paper does make a
myself?/Other difference in the way a person is perceived.
people using HT

Very few respondent believe that educative / articles from supplements

including business times/ standard or education times is an ideal piece
Work or Home of information for discussion at workplace or meet., rest felt otherwise.
Occasionally they refer for infotainment!!!. It does not affect them.
Feelings about the brand VS competition


HT • Balanced • Spicy, T0I • lifeless, boring • Times: Pride of

Reader • Matured entertaining, Reader • Page 3 missing India
s • Catchy phrases infotainment but s • Sports pages are • Useful with
no news better than the rest some top news
• Easy language
of the news paper and company
• Boring, Less specific news .
gossips, Politics • TOI is just not covers.
oriented meant for the • The front page • Brilliant
masses . news are sometimes presentation,
• Uses slanged bizarre. Resourceful
even to report
critical news • Good times of
• TOI is often page 3 celebrities
confusing. It • The Life of
uses cheap Indians...
gimmicks • Soft News,

• No newspapers, be it HT or TOI have really been able to make a space in consumers


•However TOI - education times gives info about the career opportunities to students. The
economic times is the best economy newspaper in India. The accent provide info on the
various job opportunities. With such supplements TOI is ahead of HT

• Many readers believe that the general outlook of the Times of India is so better than
that of Hindustan Times. Not only the main newspaper but also the supplements are of
• The brevity of description is compensated by good design and excellent edit
pieces &HT is the testimony to the fact. Here HT outplayed TOI.
•Respondents believed that New HT City REALLY LOOKS GOOD.The headlines are
very catchy…one .Also the use of these pink, red, Green and black color on top looks
attractive. Having separate sections is suited to those looking for tailored made news
Newspaper should bring out the headlines from the T.V. news, in a more elaborate manner and be truthful to the news as well as
to its readers, letting them decide which side of story they are, not by commenting on the news, giving the notion that the
Reporter/Editor have instead of the reader forming a opinion on his own.


•Respondents didn’t find the idea great to leave their existing paper for
the other, unless one is price conscious. Not all changes are welcome.

•Habit & loyalty are the only things which are responsible for keeping the
readers base of both HT&TOI

•Newspaper should bring out the headlines from the T.V. news, in a more
elaborate manner and be truthful to the news as well as to its readers,
letting them decide which side of story they are, not by commenting on
the news, giving the notion that the Reporter/Editor have instead of the
reader forming a opinion on his own.