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Secretariat Committee Proposal Prepared by: Balagot, Ivy Margaret I.

Rationale The Secretariat Committee is in-charge of documenting and recording all of the AIT Student Council events including the councils general assemblies, and making such documents available to the student body. II. Vision-Mission To uphold the students rights and welfare through the councils advocacy for transparency and accountability in order to produce a more involved AIT student body. It shall also do the former by hearing the voice of the student body and taking part in the action to address and resolve their issues. Lastly, it shall maintain the discipline and decorum of the council members to ensure efficiency and have jurisdiction over matters and issues that concern the AIT Student Council office. III. Structure 1. Secretariat Councilor as Committee Head The councilor shall be in-charge of taking down the minutes of the councils meetings, preparing the documents of the council, and publishing the said documents for the student body. S/he shall also be in-charge in safekeeping and organizing the documents, collating the feedback from the student body, documenting the events of the council, and regularly updating the councils designated bulletin board. 2. Year Level Representatives as Committee Members The batch representatives shall be in-charge of disseminating the information of the publication of the documents to their respective batchmates and collecting the feedback from the student body. IV. Committee Function & Objectives The Secretariat Committee shall: 1. record and maintain all the minutes of the meetings of the council. 2. record and document all of the councils events and programs. 3. organize the records of the student council. 4. make the aforementioned records available to the student body. V. Specific Plans of Action & Goals 1. ACT for AIT

Goal: To streamline the councils advocacy in being accountable to and transparent for the student body. There shall be a provision of an audio recorder for use during the councils meetings to allow the availability of a full transcript of the meeting to the student body. The Secretariat Committee shall promptly make financial statements and minutes and full transcripts of the councils meetings available both online and on paper. Minutes and transcripts of the meetings shall be published at most three (3) days after each meeting. Online documents shall be published through an official Scribd account, and upon their publication shall be announced through the councils official Facebook and Twitter accounts. Hard copies of the documents shall be posted on the AIT student councils bulletin board. Orders of business shall also be published at least two (2) days before each meeting and attendance of the council members in its meetings and events shall also be declared. 2. Active Grievance Machinery Goal: To regularly collect and record the grievances of the student body to help determine which issues shall be addressed immediately. The Secretariat Committee shall actively consult with the students regarding their grievances through personal interaction and online forms and raise such issues to the administration possibly through a biweekly dialogue.