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RF Based Wireless Encryption and Decryption Message transfer system for Military Applications

ABSTRACT: In simple terms, data security is the practice of keeping data protected from corruption and unauthorized access. The focus behind data security is to ensure privacy while protecting personal or corporate data. Data is the raw form of information stored as columns and rows in our databases, network servers and personal computers. This may be a wide range of information from personal files and intellectual property to market analytics and details intended to top secret. Data could be anything of interest that can be read or otherwise interpreted in human form. Data security is critical for military applications. All of the information can be hard to replace and potentially dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands The need for this project arises when we want the data communication to be protected from others. This is highly essential in the military field and especially during war times. Because during war periods when a particular army wants to send a message to remotely located units, which belong to the same army, in between any person can trap the data when it is transmitted through wireless.

PIC18LF4620 Based Customizable Wireless Sensor Node to Detect Hazardous Gas Pipeline Leakage
ABSTRACT: The paper describes the performance and functional characteristics of PIC18LF4620 based wireless sensor node in monitoring the parameters such as CO2, Oxygen, temperature, humidity and light around the pipeline structure. The system is deployed to monitor any deviations in these parameters with the standard atmospheric values eventually alert the user even to a remote location. The proposed system is a battery operated wireless sensor node which is interfaced with the external sensors to measure the parameters listed above. The distance range between sensor node and coordinator node is also tested. The signal conditioning module associated with detailed calibration procedure for the individual sensor is also described. Zigbee protocol stack is implemented to enable wireless transmission and performance of the same is evaluated.

No-Load Power Reduction Technique for AC/DC Adapters ABSTRACT:

The burst-mode control is generally used to regulate the output voltage of the ac/dc adapter under either light or no-load condition. Although the burst-mode control reduces the switching loss, the control-IC and the feedback circuit at the output side still consume a large amount of power. In order to further reduce the power consumption at no-load condition, a no-load power reduction technique for ac/dc adapters is proposed in this paper. At rst, the proposed technique employs a control-IC ON/OFF scheme to reduce the power consumption of the control-IC while the gate signal of primary power switch is idle. In addition, an output voltage drop scheme is adopted to cut down on the loss of the feedback circuit because the output voltage of the ac/dc adapter is not required to be regulated when the ac/dc adapter is disconnected from the load system. Thus, the proposed technique can greatly reduce the no-load power consumption below 30 mW. To verify the validity of the proposed technique, loss analysis and experimental Results of 65 W/17.5 V ac/dc adapters are presented.

Micro controller based standalone temperature Measurement system ABSTRACT:

Main idea to develop a application which can handle temperature variations in a company and protect industries from dangers. In this project we are using AT89S52 microcontroller which is a part of 8051 family. In case to collect the information from the temperature sensor one ADC is required because in this project we are using LM35 temperature sensor which will output the required voltage in the form of analog.MCP3201 (ADC) is used because here we are using single sensor if we are dealing with more than one sensor we have to switch over to another MCP series. This application is mostly useful in companies which handle heavy parameters, complicated areas where we cant monitor the conditions manually; these are Now-a-days used in all kind of industrial and commercial complexes.

Embedded Based Customized Wireless Message Circular System for College Industries
This embedded message circular system brings into play a microcontroller 89S51. This is an extremely supple and cost efficient solution. The power supply is employed to provide a regular power of 5V to various ICs in the embedded message circular circuit. An encoder is employed which is a transducer to translate data from the given format to the format required, this is done just to save and accelerate the processes. This embedded message circular system majorly contains of a micro controller, RF module, encoder, power supply unit, decoder and a LCD screen to display. The utilization of this embedded wireless system in this assignment as a substitute of common purpose computers has the benefit that it carries out a narrow series of jobs. This outcome in decrease of overall expenditures and complications. The decoder employed in this system is just contrast to the encoder used to collect the original information. This wireless message circular project can be put into operation to convey messages from a central position to all classrooms.