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• Mechanics: Simple machines, mechanical
principles, formulae, inverse proportion
• Chemistry: combustion, solutions, acids and
bases, gas generation
• Human Physiology: essentials of a healthy body:
diet and hygiene, systems: digestive,
respiratory, circulatory, reproductive *
(independent project on topic of their choice)
• Astronomy: center of the universe; key
astronomers; fixed and wandering stars;
constellations and the Zodiac; appearance of the
stars in different parts of the world; myths and
legends of the constellations; the moon and its
phases; the sun and the 4 seasons
HISTORY *(independent projects in 1 or more
• Medieval History: including the rise of Islam, the
Crusades – all through stories.
• Age of Exploration: cartography, Medieval and
renaissance ideas of geography, lives of
European explorers and their Patrons, purpose
and results of explorations, awareness of
indigenous peoples, historical perspective
• The Renaissance: development of art, science
and philosophy; lives of artists and scientists;
political situations; cultural changes; discoveries,
new world views
• The Reformation: religious, political, economic
climate of Medieval and Renaissance Europe;
early “heretical” ideas; lives of reformers; later
political and religious results of reformation into
present day.
• Review: decimals, percents, fractions, basic
constructions in geometry
• Algebra: variables, unknowns, like terms,
equations, order of operations, algebraic
language, inverse equations, ratio, proportion,
signed numbers, graphing, linear equations,
inequalities, practical applications
• Geometry: laws of triangles, logarithmic spirals,
golden mean, properties of the circle, area,
circumference, perimeter
GEOGRAPHY *(independent project)
• Europe and Africa
• Latitude and longitude, hemispheric
differences, time zones
• Wish, Wonder and Surprise
• Poetry and creative writing
• Compositions, essay writing
• Required reading of a given list of books which
are related to the year’s curriculum or the stage
of development of the children (12 books
minimum) with quizzes and reports
• English: review, basic grammar, pars of speech,
parts of the sentence, sentence sense,
paragraph unity, clauses, word meanings and
• Mathematics: review of all past concepts and
operations, geometry and algebra

1. Physiology: research and presentation on a topic
of their choice
2. Geography: on an assigned country/topic
3. Renaissance: on an artist or scientist or hero of
the time; research and create a piece of art or
make a model of a invention
4. Exploration: write a journal from a specific
expedition of an explorer as if you were a
member of the crew and describe your
encounters with the new geography and peoples
5. Medieval: research one area of Medieval life and
create a main lesson page for it to create a class
book on this time period.
6. Astronomy: create a nightly journal of sky
observations. Write 5 different poems from your
observations. (Ask Sheila to help with this)