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Different Colours can affect us in many different ways; thats according to Verity Allen.

In her new series Colour me Healthy, Verity looks at the ways that colours can influence how hard we work and the choices we make. how healthy we are. Ha!e you e!er noticed how "eo"le always use the same colours for the same things# says Verity. $ur tooth"aste is always white or %lue or may%e red. Its ne!er green. &hy not# 'or some reason we think that %lue and white is clean, while we think of green "roducts as %eing a %it disgusting. Its the same for %usinesses. &e res"ect a com"any which writes its name in %lue or %lack, %ut we dont res"ect one that uses "ink or orange. (eo"le who design new "roducts can use these ideas to influence what we %uy. During this four)"art series, Verity studies eight different colours, two colours in each "rogramme. *he meets "eo"le who work in all as"ects of the colour industry, from "eo"le who design food "ackets, to "eo"le who name the colours of li"sticks. *ome of the "eo"le she meets clearly ha!e !ery little scientific knowledge to su""ort their ideas, such as the American Colour Doctor who %elie!es that serious diseases can %e cured %y the use of coloured lights. Howe!er, she also inter!iews real scientists who are studying the effects of green and red lights on mice, with some sur"rising results. $!erall, its an interesting show, and anyone who watches it will "ro%a%ly find out something new. +ut %ecause Verity is goes out of her way to %e "olite to e!eryone she meets on the series, its u" to the !iewers to make their own decisions a%out how much they should %elie!e. , &hat is the writer doing in this te-t# A gi!ing information a%out how colours influence us + re"orting what ha""ens in a new tele!ision series C gi!ing information a%out a tele!ision "resenter D gi!ing his o"inion of a recent tele!ision show . &hich of the following shows the "ro%a%le content of the four shows# (art , / Health; (art . / (roducts and Industry; (art 0 / 1motions; (art 2 / Decisions (art , / +lue and +lack; (art . / 3ed and $range; (art 0 / &hite and 4rey; (art 2 / 4reen and 5ellow hey can e!en change our emotions and e!en influence

(art , / 6eeting Designers; (art . / 6eeting (eo"le who 7ame Colours; (art 0 / 6eeting Doctors; (art 2 / 6eeting *cientists

(art , / Cleaning (roducts; (art . / 6ake)u"; (art 0 / Clothes; (art 2 / 'ood 0 According to Verity, why is a knowledge of colour im"ortant# It can hel" you to choose the %est "roducts. It can gi!e you new ideas. It can hel" you to change "eo"les minds. It can hel" you to sell "roducts. 2 &ho does the writer res"ect least# Verity Allen he "eo"le who name li"sticks he Colour Doctor he scientists who work with mice 8 &hich of the following would make a good title for the te-t# 1n9oy it, %ut dont %elie!e e!erything. Another great show from Verity Allen: 'i!e *tars: Dont miss this if you work in +usiness: &atch this "rogramme: It will make you healthy:

*omething !ery strange ha""ened to amara. *he ne!er knew she had a twin sister until she started uni!ersity: amara was %orn in 6e-ico. Her "arents could not look after her so she went to li!e with a family in 6anhattan, ;*A.

&hen amara was twenty years old, she started uni!ersity in <ong Island. *he en9oyed her uni!ersity life. +ut one day she was walking home from class, and a student smiled at her. =Hello Adriana:> said the student. =Im not Adriana,> said amara. his ha""ened to amara again and again. (eo"le amara didnt know ke"t calling her Adriana. It was !ery strange. $ne day, when a woman called her Adriana, amara asked =&hy do you kee" calling me Adriana#> he woman re"lied, =5ou look like my friend Adriana. 5ou ha!e the same face and the same hair. Is Adriana your sister#> amara said that she did not ha!e a sister called Adriana. +ut she was interested in this girl Adriana. 'inally she asked someone for Adrianas email address. &hen amara wrote to Adriana, she found out that they %oth had the same %irthday, they amara went to li!e with the looked the same and %oth of them were from 6e-ico. &hen true: Adriana and amara were twin sisters: , amara and her sister were %oth %orn in 6e-ico. 3ight . &rong Doesnt say

family in 6anhattan, Adriana mo!ed to <ong Island to li!e with a family there. It had to %e

amaras "arents mo!ed from 6e-ico to 6anhattan. 3ight &rong Doesnt say

(eo"le called amara =Adriana> many times. 3ight &rong Doesnt say

Adriana wrote to amara first. 3ight &rong Doesnt say

Adriana always knew she had a twin sister. 3ight &rong Doesnt say

Adriana is amaras only sister. 3ight &rong Doesnt say

Adriana was a student at <ong Island ;ni!ersity. 3ight &rong Doesnt say

A Adriana had only recently arri!ed in <ong Island. 3ight &rong Doesnt say

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