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Appendix 1


LESSON ORGANISATION Year Level: 5 Time: 9:00- 9:45 Date: 7/03/13 Students Prior Knowledge:

Learning Area: History Strand/Topic from the Australian Curriculum Reasons (economic, political and social) for the establishment of British colonies in Australia after 1800. (ACHHK093)

Able to use the Internet to research historical topics appropriately.

Aware of stories from the first fleet/ reasons for the journey.

Can use bubbl.us software and other mind mapping tools.

Can work independently to complete ICT tasks.

General Capabilities (that may potentially be covered in the lesson) Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and Ethical competence creative behaviour thinking Cross-curriculum priorities (may be addressed in the lesson) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures Proficiencies:(Mathematics only) Asia and Australias engagement with Asia

Personal and Social competence Sustainability

Intercultural understandin g

Lesson Objectives (i.e. anticipated outcomes of this lesson, in point form beginning with an action verb) As a result of this lesson, students will be able to: Produce a well-researched mind-map. Clearly states the reasons for British Colonisation. Works independently to complete task. Teachers Prior Preparation/Organisation: Computers. Provide safe and appropriate websites for students to research the topic. Bubbl.us link available. Provision for students at educational risk: Place children with vision impairments close to the big screen Supervise class by moving around the room, and attending to students who tend to struggle with ICT

LESSON EVALUATION (to be completed AFTER the lesson)

Assessment of Lesson Objective and Suggestions for Improvement : Were my instructions clear and understandable? Were students able to follow the correct steps in creating a bubble.us mind-map? Could students state the reason for British Colinisation? What did the students find challenging?

Teacher self-reflection and self-evaluation: Was the task engaging for students? What parts of the lesson can be changed or improved? Did the task achieve its desired objectives? What interruptions affected the flow of the lesson?

[OFFICIAL USE ONLY] Comments by classroom teacher, HOPP, supervisor:


LESSON DELIVERY (attach worksheets, examples, marking key, etc, as relevant) Resources/References Motivation and Introduction: Align these with the segment where they will be introduced. 1. Teacher instructs all students to find a computer around the room, and log in to their student accounts. 2. Teacher begins by saying In previous lessons we have discussed the stories of the First Fleet, such as the reasons for the journey, who travelled to Australia, and their experiences following arrival. We also looked into the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders people and the way they are connected to Country teacher may facilitate a small class discussion before moving on to todays task. 3. Teacher explains the task for the day, Today we will be exploring the reasons for the establishment of British colonies in Australia after 1800.

5 min

Lesson Steps (Lesson content, structure, strategies & Key Questions): 4. Today year 5s, you are going to use the websites that I have provided for you all to research the reasons for Colonisation in

Australia, and then you will present your findings in a mind-map.

5. Teacher instructs students to go into the year 5 Wiki page and find 3 min the 4 safe links that students must explore to find information on the reasons for Colonisation. 6. Once you have collected the appropriate content, please open up the bubbl.us link which is also on the wiki, and begin your mind-map.

5 min

7. Students must make a detailed mind map stating the social, political and economic reasons for the establishment of British colonies in Australia.

8. Teacher circulates the room making sure students are using the Internet appropriately, and tending to students who are experiencing problems. 25 min Lesson Closure:(Review lesson objectives with students) 9. To finish the lesson, teacher selects students at random to inform the class on a few ideas that they learnt today. Can you please name a reason why the British colonies were established after 1800, and how may this have affected the lives on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at the time. 10. Teacher informs students Once you are satisfied with your detailed mind-map, please save it and place it in your file on the wiki. We will be coming back to this mind-map in future lessons.

Transition: (What needs to happen prior to the next lesson?) 11. Teacher asks students to collect all their belongings, and return to the classroom for their next lesson.

Assessment: (Were the lesson objectives met? How will these be judged?) 2 min 12. Teacher asses a group of students using a checklist to document achieved outcomes. 23. -This list will determine Student skills. Teacher assesses one group

using a checklist to document achieved outcomes. This list will asses students on: Produce a well-researched mind-map. Clearly states the reasons for British Colonisation. Works independently to complete task.

1 min