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English Tawjihi Exam for 4th level 2013/2014 By teacher: Ziad Yasin Abu Ghoush 00962777571734


--- 2013/2014
00962796939361 / 00962777571734 0796939361 ==================================================== Read the following text carefully, and then in your ANSWEREBOOKLET answer all the questions that follow, your answer should be based on the text. _______________________________________________________________________ When large numbers of people move from their homes in country areas to find better paid jobs in towns and cities, the villages and farms they once lived in are often left empty. No one wants to buy homes there because they cannot make money out of them. This phenomenon, which is called rural depopulation, can lead to overcrowding in cities as well as for fewer people in country areas. One example of this phenomenon is the Garrigues area of Spain, about one hours drive from Barcelona. The area has a Mediterranean climate, but because it is high and not close to the sea, winter temperatures are quite low. The area has an annual rainfall level of 482mm which falls in only 47 days of the year, during the autumn and spring. Historically, this was a successful agricultural area; on the higher ground, the farmers grew almonds and vines, while in the river valleys, wheat, corn, beans and sunflowers were the traditional crops. The area was particularly well-known for its high quality olive oil which was grown mainly for export. The population of the area was at its highest about 150 years ago, when a typical village might have 500 inhabitants, whereas now some villages have as few as 100
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permanent inhabitants. But as farming became less and less profitable, and unemployment grew, the population began to move to the cities to find work. This trend started in 1860 and has continued to this day. Now some villages consist mainly of elderly people. The area is suffering from the effects of depopulation, such as poor public services and deserted farms. In some parts of Europe in recent years, however, the move from the country to the city has been reversed as wealthy people move to the countryside to escape from the overcrowding, pollution and stress of city life. Some are moving permanently, but many are buying holiday or weekend homes which are empty for much of the year.

Question Number One: (20 Points) A.

1- According to the first paragraph, there are two effects of depopulation. Write them down. (4 points) 2- According to the last paragraph, there are many reasons for reversed depopulation. Writhe down two of these reasons. (4 points) 3- Quote the sentence which indicates that nobody wants to buy homes in villages because they cannot make profit. (3 points) 4- Find a word in the first paragraph which means having too many people . (2points) 5- What does the underlined word they, in the first paragraph refer to? (2 points) 6- According to the text, the writer states that the move from the country to the city has been reversed. Explain this statement, justifying your answer. (3 points)

B. Critical Thinking:

(2 points)

Some people leave city, and then move to the villages to escape from overcrowding, think of this statement and, in two sentences, write down your point of view.

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Question Number Two (15 points) A. Fill in the blank with suitable word from those given in the box.(8points) Constant , make, irritable, do , mosaic
1We have to .. the necessary arrangement in order to fly to USA. 234Madaba is very famous for its . If you dont have enough rest, you will be and moody. Yesterday, the temperature remained After operation, it took him 3 hours to recognize his relatives and to


come round.

(3 points )

Come round
- recover - become available

C. Choose the suitable form.

(History, historical, historically)

(4 points)

1. Jordan has many .. Places such as Petra and Madaba.

2. The in doing your job, is very important factor. (efficient, efficiency, efficiently) . 3for a .. of reasons, some people dont eat meat
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( variously, variety, vary )

Question Number Three : ( 14 points )

Correct the verb in brackets ( 4 points)


I didnt redecorate the house myself, I had it ..by the specialist. (Redecorate). Saba was exhausted yesterday, because she .. for 10 hours. (be , study )

Choose the correct answer : ( 10 points )

1- City people have to drive slowly, country people can drive quite fast. ( in comparison with , whereas , instead of ) 2. city people, country people can drive quite fast. ( in comparison with , whereas , but ) 3- Ali : What did you do during holiday ? Ali asked Adam what he . during holiday ( has done , had done , was doing ) . 4Hayat was very happy Shareefa said, Hayat . Very happy ( have been , was being , had been ) 5I had my breakfast My breakfast . ( had been had , was had , had had ) 6You must inform the manager The manager .. (Must be informed, must inform, informed) 7There was a loud . On the door , it might be a visitor .
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( roar, bang, splash) 8This tap must be fixed , its the water heavily . ( banging , dripping, whistling ) 9Samar likes the of birds ( whistle , bang , roar ) 10 - Mohammad Adam can the violin very well . (bow, bang, blow)

Question Number Four: (6 points) A. Complete the following sentences:

1- Did you attend the party yesterday? Hala asked Hayat ---------------------------------------------------------2- My brother will have his lunch His -------------------------------------------------------3- The boy had all the food All -----------------------------------------------------B. (a) Ahmad: lets go on a trip (b) Adam : Im afraid the road is rough! Which sentence indicates disagreement? Q4: correct the spelling: (4points) o many shalow sleepers feel moady because they have been diprived of sleep.

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Ways to reduce traffic accidents

: - (4points)

- choose the proper way or road. - respect rules and regulations. - drive slowly. - check your car and be cautious while driving. Composition: (7 points) =========== 1- Self-taught success can lead many persons to the prosperity in life; they can help their society in many aspects. Describe the above statement by writhing about this , explain how to be initiative in your society , how to overcome Problems, suggest some persons who were successful and Well-known. 2- Write an essay to your boss describing the problems you face while coming to your work, how you can be an ideal employee.

3- Write an E-mail to your friend discussing with him the importance of historical places in Jordan and invite him to visit your country.

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: 2013 / 1- The end of village life 2- Steve Fosset 3- Madaba : . ......

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