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A Complete Set of HR Standard Operating Procedures / SOPs at Your Fingertips!

Today, many organisations believe that they have fulfilled their legal obligations in relation to their Human Resources by creating and maintaining their Human Resources policies. However, this is not an eays task the HRExecutive take a ride to prepare.

While it is extremely important for an organisation to have policies in place which outline to all employees the rules, guidelines and standards which are in effect within the organisation, policies must walk hand-in-hand with procedures that ensure that these rules, guidelines and standards are consistently and fairly implemented.

Indeed, if you are ever unfortunate enough to find yourself in a situation where you must defend your company in one of the employment courts (e.g. Labour Court, Employment Appeals tribunal, Equality Authority), one of the first questions will be if you followed consistent, fair and proper procedures when dealing with the issue / situation.

Therefore, all organisations be they big or small, young or old should put in place standard operating procedures (SOPs) for HR which outline precise steps to be taken if and when an event and / or issue occurs e.g. disciplinary, grievance, claims of bullying and / or harassment.


Creating your own HR Standard Operating Procedures has never been easier The HR Standard Operating Procedures available model of contents are as under you having to Do the Hard Work ! CONTENTS:

HR Compliance o Employment Contract o Employee Handbook o HR Audit o Employment Policies HR Administration o HR Standard Operating Procedures o HR Setup & Administration o Contract of Employment o Performance Management System Employment Law o Employment Law Advice o Employment Consultants o Employment Law Course o Case Preparation & Representation HR Services o HR Training o HR Consultants o Bullying & Harassment o Disciplinary & Grievance Health & Safety o Health & Safety Audit o Health & Safety Risk Assessment o Health & Safety Statement o Health & Safety Training Training & Events o Management Leadership Training o Performance Results Training o HR & Employment Law Training o HR & Employment Law Seminars Psychometric Tests o Psychometric Test o Aptitude Test o Psychometric Test - Recruitment o Psychometric Test - Development Surveys o Staff Survey o Organisation Survey


Online Survey SPSS Analysis HR Managed Services o Redundancy & Outplacement o Drugs & Alcohol in the Workplace o Absence Management o Employee & Industrial Relations
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Up-to-date Standard Operating Procedures at Your Fingertips

In light of increasing employment legisaltion, increasing employee litigation, and increasing Government inspections, it is more important than ever that you have procedures on all areas of workplace practice.

This will help you:

Prevent Potentially Damaging Disputes With Your Employees Protect You in the event of Employee Litigation Ensure you are Legally Compliant and Protect you in the event of a Statutory Authorities inspection.


Being a small company needed to ensure that all aspects of their HR requirements were being fulfilled to current regulations of employment law. For a small company with no HR department this can be a daunting and time consuming task so they needed professional help, and made contact with all the section heads and get the feedback . THIS SOP WILL HELP THE ORGANISATION TO INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY AND GROWITH OF EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS The SOP is individual organisations procedure. It will varry for organisation to organisation.