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A RABBIT AND TWENTY CROCODILES Once upon a time, a Rabbit wanted to cross a river, but he could not swim.

He had an idea, he saw a boss of Crocodiles swimming in the river. The Rabbit asked he cross of crocodile. how many crocodile are there in the river? the boss of crocodile answered, we are twenty here. where are they?the Rabbit asked for the second time. what is it for? the boss crocodile asked. all of you are good, gentle and kind, so I want to make a line in order. Later, I will know how kind you are, said the Rabbit. Then the boss of the Crocodiles called all his friend an asked then to make a line in order from one side to the order side of the river. Fust then, the Rabbit started to count while jumping from one crocodile to another: onetwo three fouruntil twenty. And finally, he thanked all Crocodiles because he had crossed the river. THE CAT ARROGANT A long time ago, in a dense forest lies the are very much. Among the animals, which live there is a cat arrogant very clean, hairy and smooth white. So many animals who liked it, but she was to proud and arrogant to excess. One day, the cat wants to live alone without family cat, because she felt it was great to rend for themselves without the help of her family. On her way shes resting adjacent to the family chickens. Sunny morning, when the cat is angry because her voice has awakened chickens, hi chicken presumptuous of you to wake coupled with your son, your son is ugly said the cat. Chicken family very angry, they repel cats, with feeling annoyed cat it. With feeling so tired cat sleeping in the shoulders of an elephant, When elephant was about to wake up the elephant accidentally dropped the cat hi you fool elephant, why you dropped me,, you want to kill me? elephant closer and said oh youre so beautiful. Cat scratches elephant, rampage elephants make that cat darted him. Cats are very upset and hungry, she tried to look for food on the ground. She met worm you are a beautiful cat but why did you take my food. The cat said all animals are well aware of my beauty because I was entitled to do as I please. And worm said bask cat snob, what you can survive in the soil. hahaha its the little things said the cat. They also made a deal. Eventually, after a day on the ground cat worm group tried to see, but the cat was already dead. Some worm told this to the cat family, but when her family until the cat arrogant who had died, had been in the eating lions.

THE WOLF AND THE STORK A long time ago, the wolf and the stork were friends. One day, the wolf asked the stork to come to his house to eat. When the stork arrived at the wolfs house, The wolf put two bowls of soup on the table. The wolf ate his bowl of soup so quickly. When he finished, he asked the stork, did you like my soup?. But the stork was angry because he couldnt eat the soup. His beak was too long! When the stork went home, he was still hungry. The wolf laughed and laughed. Then, the stork had an idea. He asked the wolf to come to dinner. He filled two tall pitchers with good soup. They began to eat. When the stork finished eating, he asked the wolf if he wanted more to eat. But the wolf was angry. His mouth was so big that he couldnt get it into the pitcher. The wolf went home hungry and the stork laughed and laughed. The wolf and stork have never been friends ever since.

THE TWO DUCKSAND THE FOX One day, two duck walked a long the road to go to the lake for their swim. In the middle of the road, they met Mr. fox. He sat under the tree. hello, sister. Where are you going? Asked Mr. fox. good morning, Mr. fox, we are going to lake over there. We want to swim. Would you like to join us? asked the ducks. no thanks, do you both come a long here every day? asked Mr. fox. yes, we always walk here every morning. Said the ducks. delicious..s I mean nice to see you both, said Mr. fox. The next day, the first duck said are we going to swim today? I bet that Mr. fox is waiting for us and he has a bad plain. I know, I have a plan for him too. Said the second duck. One their way they met Mr. fox again. hello sisters, going to swim again? asked Mr. fox. yes, we are, why dont you take us to the lake and protect us from bad animals? said the second duck. of course, its my pleasure, replied Mr. fox. this is an easy way to have a free lunch. I have a big bag with me now, though Mr. fox. Three of them walked to the lake and sang some songs. When I say run, lets run fast together. Said the second duck. run!!! They ran so fast and jumped into the lake. Mr. fox jumped upon them, but he forgot that he could not swim. So, Mr. fox drowned in the lake. He failed to get his free lunch.

THE LONELY LANDY One day, there was a porcupine named landy. He was lonely. No one wanted to play with him, because they afraid of his spikes. dear landy, we dont want to play with you because your spikes are too sharp. We dont want you to hurt us, said cici the rabbit one day. cici is right, landy, it is not because youre bad or rude to us, no, landy, just because of your spikes. They will stab us if we are close to you. Said tito the rooster. Landy felt lonely. Landy spent most of the time day dreaming at the river bank. I would be happy if there were no spikes on my body. Suddenly, kuku the turtle appeared from the river. He came to landy and said, landy, what are you thinking of? oh, nothing. Landy replied. dont lie to me, landy! Who knows I can help you. Said kuku wisely. Then he sat beside landy. He wasnt afraid of landys spikes. Shortly, landy told his problem. Kuku nodded his head. He said. poor you, but it isnt your fault. I know your spikes are very usefull and helpful for you. They will realize it someday, trust me! Thanks, kuku, you are my best friend. One day, koko the frog held his birthday party. He invited all his friends, including landy. But he decided not to com. He didnt want to mess up the party. Ill come with you landy. Ill tell everyone that youre harmless. Said kuku, finally landy attended the party. Everyone enjoyed it. Suddenly tito screamed, helphelp! The evil wolf is coming. Save yourself! then, everyone saved their lives, except kuku and landy. Kuku pulled his head and his leg into his shell. And landy rolled his body into a ball. Unintentionally, the evil wolf touched landy. Of course, the spikes pricked him. He screamed. ouch! since his foot was bleeding, he didnt chase landys friend any longer. Then, he ran away. horray horray! Long live landy! He saved our lives. Said cici and her friends. They thanked him from then on. Landy wasnt lonely anymore.

The bomb
There are three passengers and one pilot on a plane. The first man said, "I have a bottle, what should I do?" The pilot replied, "Throw out". The second man also had a bottle and the pilot told him to throw out. The third person was very different, he said, "I have a bomb, what should I do?" The pilot told him to throw out.

When the plane landed, the pilot and three passengers found a man who was crying. When asked, he replied "My head is injured because the bottle that thrown by someone". Then, they met a woman who was crying. When they asked, the woman told the same reason.

Several minutes later, they met a man who laughed uproariously. When asked, the man replied "I was fart and suddenly the existing building behind me was exploded".

Arti :

Sebuah Bom

Ada tiga orang penumpang dan satu orang pilot di sebuah pesawat. Orang pertama berkata "saya mempunyai sebuah botol, apa yang harus saya lakukan?" Pilot menjawab, "buanglah keluar jendela". Orang kedua juga mempunyai sebuah botol dan pilot menyuruhnya untuk membuang keluar jendela. Orang ketiga sangat berbeda, Ia berkata, "saya mempunyai sebuah bom, apa yang harus saya lakukan?" Pilot menyuruhnya untuk membuang keluar jendela. Saat pesawat mendarat, pilot dan ketiga penumpang menemukan seorang pria yang sedang menangis. Ketika ditanya, pria itu menjawab "kepalaku dilempar botol oleh seseorang". Kemudian, mereka bertemu dengan seorang wanita yang sedang menangis, saat ditanya, wanita tersebut mengemukakan alasan yang sama.

Beberapa menit kemudian, mereka bertemu dengan seorang pria yang tertawa terbahakbahak. Ketika ditanya, sang pria menjawab "Saya sedang kentut dan tiba-tiba bangunan yang ada dibelakang saya meledak"

Pinocchio And the wicked witch In a large pine forest in the country Italy , lonely . He always dreamed about having a child . Every day , he went to cut wood for the city people . One day , an idea illuminated his mind , the idea of crafting a puppet , that he would give the name of Pinocchio . He made the doll and at night , the puppet come to life ! One year of happiness and thriller passed , on Sunday morning , Gepetto told Pinocchio : it's my birthday soon , my little boy ! I hope you do not forget it ! Euuh , sure , I'm not ! Pinocchio felt awkward . He did not think about it . Gepettos birthday comes just three days ahead, and he had not prepared a gift . After a long night of reflecting , Pinocchio finally decided to offer a homemade chocolate cake to her as a gift . When the sun rose, Pinocchio was ready to go outside find the ingredients . The main problem was not even known he was in and the recipe . So after school , he decided to go ask someone for the ingredients to bake a cake . During his walk , Pinocchio , the wooden puppet , met shamans city . Hey , little boy , do you need help for your chocolate cake ? Hum You can help me ? , Tanya Pinocchio . Sure , I could . Follow me ! After walking a few minutes so , Pinocchio saw big , big , big huge candy house . They entered together and Pinocchio was caught by a large enclosure . Mouahahaha ! I was finally able to catch you ! you be mine , you will work for me ! , Said the evil witch . Pinocchio was terrified . When the guards came and took him out of the cage , he immediately ran very fast and he managed to escape . At the same time, the evil wizard , summoned all his troops with him , ran after him and he pulled out his wand . Evil devil changed the little wooden puppet into a chocolate cake ! When he returned home , he told the whole story to his father and they went to find a fairy god . After a long journey , they finally found the fairy god and they had a magic potion for Pinocchio , Pinocchio to treat the poor .

.Finding farmers Magic Box In the afternoon, there was a poor farmer . He lives with his wife . One day , he dug his field and found a very large box . He then store them in their homes . One sunny morning ,she dropped apples in the box . Suddenly, the box gets filled with apples . No matter how many apples were taken out , more apples going on inside the box . One day , forming dropping gold coins into the box. Simultaneously , Apple began to disappear and the box full of gold coins . Farmer soon became rich . After hearing that his son became wealthy , forming a father visiting couples . His father was not very strong . He could not go out to work again . So the farmer asked his old father to help him take the gold coins out of the box . His father worked hard , took the gold coins out of the box . When he was told that he was very tired and wanted to rest , the farmer yelled to him , ' Why are you so lazy Why can not you work harder old man said nothing and continued to work long Suddenly ? . man fell into the box , he died. As well as gold coins began to disappear and the box is filled with the dead . The former should be pulled out and buried . to do this , farmers have to spend all the money that had been collected earlier. When he had spent all his money , broke box . farmer was ugly as before, terrible ending. ARTI : Mencari petani Magic Box Pada sore hari , ada seorang petani miskin . Dia tinggal bersama istrinya . Suatu hari , ia menggali bidangnya dan menemukan sebuah kotak yang sangat besar . Ia kemudian menyimpannya di rumah mereka . Suatu pagi yang cerah , ia menjatuhkan apel di dalam kotak . Tiba-tiba , kotak akan diisi dengan apel . Tidak peduli berapa banyak apel dibawa keluar , lebih apel terjadi di dalam kotak. Suatu hari , membentuk menjatuhkan koin emas ke dalam kotak . Bersamaan , Apple mulai menghilang dan kotak penuh koin emas . Farmer segera menjadi kaya . Setelah mendengar bahwa anaknya menjadi kaya , membentuk seorang ayah mengunjungi pasangan . Ayahnya tidak terlalu kuat . Dia tidak bisa pergi keluar untuk bekerja lagi . Jadi petani meminta ayahnya yang sudah tua untuk membantu dia mengambil koin emas keluar dari kotak . Ayahnya bekerja keras , mengambil koin emas keluar dari kotak . Ketika ia diberitahu bahwa ia sangat lelah dan ingin istirahat, petani berteriak kepadanya , ' Mengapa kau begitu malas Mengapa Anda tidak bisa bekerja lebih keras pria tua berkata apa-apa dan terus bekerja lama Tiba-tiba ? . manusia jatuh ke dalam kotak, ia meninggal . Serta koin emas mulai menghilang dan kotak diisi dengan orang mati . Mantan harus ditarik keluar dan dikuburkan . untuk melakukan hal ini , petani harus menghabiskan semua uang yang telah dikumpulkan sebelumnya . Ketika ia telah menghabiskan semua uangnya , kotak pecah . petani jelek seperti sebelumnya , ending yang mengerikan .

THE ORIGIN OF THE CITY OF BANYUWANGI Once Upon , there was a local ruler named King Sulahkromo thing . Prime Minister King has named Raden Sidopekso . Prime Minister 's wife has named Sri Tanjung . She is so beautiful and sweet that the king wanted her to be his wife . One day , the King sent the Prime Minister for long missions . While the Prime Minister went , the King tried to get Sri Tanjung . But the king failed . He was very angry and upset . So , when Sidopekso back , the King told him that his wife was unfaithful to him . Prime Minister is very angry with his wife . Sri Tanjung said that was not true . However , Sidopekso said that he would kill her . She took him to the river bank . Before he killed him and threw him into the river , he said that he will be proven innocent Once Sidopekso kill him , he threw his body into the river dirty . River soon became clean and start spreading the wonderful aroma and very fragrant . Sidopekso said , " ... Banyu Wangi ... Banyuwangi " . It means ' fragrant water ' . Banyuwangi proof of love born of noble and sacred . that's the origin of the town of Banyuwangi .

The Wolf and The Lamb A lamb was grazing with a flock of sheep one day. She soon found some sweet grass at the edge of the field. Farther and farther she went, away from the others. She was enjoying herself so much that she did not notice a wolf coming nearer to her. However, when it pounced on her, she was quick to start pleading, Please, please dont eat me yet. My stomach is full of grass. If you wait a while, I will taste much better. The wolf thought that was a good idea, so he sat down and waited. After a while, the lamb said, If you allow me to dance, the grass in my stomach will be digested faster. Again the wolf agreed. While the lamb was dancing, she had a new idea. She said, Please take the bell from around my neck. If you ring it as hard as you can, I will be able to dance even faster. The wolf took the bell and rang it as hard as he could. The shepherd heard the bell ringing and quickly sent his dogs to find the missing lamb. The barking dogs frightened the wolf away and saved the lambs life. Serigala Dan Anak Domba Domba A adalah merumput dengan kawanan domba satu hari. Dia segera menemukan beberapa rumput manis di pinggir lapangan. Semakin jauh ia pergi, jauh dari yang lain. Dia menikmati dirinya sendiri sehingga dia tidak melihat serigala mendekat padanya. Namun, ketika menerkam, dia cepat mulai memohon, "Tolong, tolong jangan makan saya belum. Perutku penuh rumput. Jika Anda menunggu beberapa saat, saya akan terasa jauh lebih baik. " Pikiran serigala itu adalah ide yang baik, jadi ia duduk dan menunggu. Setelah beberapa saat, anak domba berkata, "Jika Anda mengizinkan saya untuk menari, rumput di saya perut akan dicerna lebih cepat. "Sekali lagi serigala setuju. Sementara anak domba menari, dia punya ide baru. Dia mengatakan, "Silakan mengambil bel dari leherku. Jika Anda membunyikannya sekeras bisa, saya akan bisa menari lebih cepat. " Serigala mengambil bel dan berdering sekeras yang dia bisa. Gembala mendengar bel berdering dan cepat dikirim anjing untuk menemukan domba yang hilang. Anjing menggonggong takut serigala itu dan menyelamatkan nyawa domba.

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