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Is an easy and creative way of memorizing DRUGS , their ACTIONS and SIDE EFFECTS

4 examples :
1 selective B2 agonist . 2 migraine prophylaxis . 3 differentiation between SELECTIVE and NON-SELECTIVE B1 blockers . 4 ACE INHIBITORS side effects .

= Two Beta2 Lines

= The RighT sTrings used to Relax uTeRine muscle

= RAT in the brain, HAT on the heart & PET in the lungs.

Restless Anxiety Tremor


in the brain,

Hyperglycemia H Angina & A Arrhythmia T Tachycardia Low PO2 P Edema-Pulmonary E Tolerance T

on the heart &

in the lungs

= "Very Volatile Pharmacotherapeutic Agents For Migraine Prophylaxis.




Valproic Amitriptyline acid


C ough, Likely caused by increased levels of bradykinin. A ngioedema, also related to increased bradykinin. P otassim retention, leading to hyperkalemia. Taste alterations O verkill in lowering Bld P, hypotension & 1st dose syncope. Pregnancy at risk of fetopathy, esp. in the 2nd & 3rd trimesters Renal failure in patient w bilateral renal stenosis. I ncreased renin release Low count of neutrophils ( NeutroPenia)

Presented by : Hosam sabbahi . Osama samargandi .