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Monday, April 7, 2014 International maritime news for seafarers

Proposed EU Visa Code revamp gets warm response

The planned revision of the EU Visa ode has re!eived a positive response from E"rope#s shippin$ se!tor, with ind"stry players sayin$ the !han$es will li%ely &rin$ more &enefits to seafarers and !r"ise line operators in the re$ion' Amon$ the !han$es to the EU Visa ode &ein$ proposed &y the E"ropean ommission are the easin$ of poli!ies to fa!ilitate the entry of seafarers into the (!hen$en area, e)tendin$ the validity of m"ltiple*entry visas and !"ttin$ the time needed for visa appli!ations' +"t the most important aim of the revision is to ens"re that all staff wor%in$ on&oard maritime vessels will &e !overed &y the Visa ode and en,oy &enefits from vario"s pro!ed"ral fa!ilitations that $o with it' The E"ropean omm"nity of (hipowners# Asso!iations -E (A. and /IA E"rope wel!omed the planned revision and said that s"!h !han$es will help improve wor%in$ !onditions and operations of seafarers and !r"ise line !ompanies' 01"r !rew are a f"ndamental and hi$hly val"ed part of o"r $"ests# e)perien!e' 2e !on$rat"late the E"ropean ommission for its efforts to fa!ilitate their entry into E"rope, as !r"ise lines# operatin$ patterns demand that we &e a&le to transfer !rew aro"nd the world,0 /IA E"rope se!retary*$eneral 3o&ert Ashdown said' E (A !hief 4atri!% Verhoeven also hailed the proposal, sayin$ s"!h a meas"re will ma%e it easier for seafarers to enter EU ports and spend their free time in !o"ntries they want to visit' 02ith the new ommission proposal, an important step towards visa fa!ilitation for seafarers has &een made,0 he added'


A ro*ro passen$er ferry s"stained si$nifi!ant dama$e after !ollidin$ with a lin%span d"e to a fail"re in its !ontrolla&le pit!h propellers'

A ro*ro passen$er ferry did not slow down as it approa!hed a lin%span' The master tried to remedy the pro&lem &y red"!in$ the pit!h on the two 44s via the !ontrol panel lo!ated on the port &rid$e win$' 5owever, the star&oard propeller#s pit!h indi!ator was still at f"ll ahead' The !hief offi!er was then tas%ed with ta%in$ the pit!h on &oth propellers to f"ll astern &y mannin$ the prop"lsion in the wheelho"se' The order was !arried o"t swiftly &"t the vessel was still $oin$ at a&o"t ten %nots' This res"lted in the &ow $ra6in$ the pier' As a last resort, the star&oard an!hor was dropped and the star&oard en$ine stopped' 2ithin a few se!onds, the ferry hit the lin%span, res"ltin$ in the lin%span arm $oin$ thro"$h the &ow visor' The impa!t with the !on!rete ramp also !a"sed the forefoot and forepea% to fold "p' It was later determined that the star&oard 44 system failed &e!a"se a lin%a$e was dama$ed, whi!h prevented the master from red"!in$ the pit!h' A similar fail"re happened with the system d"rin$ a test a few months &efore the in!ident' The &ro%en lin%a$e was repla!ed with the !"rrent one, whi!h was ta%en from on&oard spares' The new lin%a$e had to &e ad,"sted &e!a"se it was lon$er than the ori$inal' +"t it was not ad,"sted well eno"$h, leadin$ to it !omin$ into !onta!t with other !omponents when the en$ine was overloaded' This !"lminated with the system fail"re d"rin$ the ferry#s passa$e'


The ferry !o"ld not red"!e its speed as it approa!hed a lin%*span &e!a"se of a failed lin%a$e in the star&oard 44 system' The master was 7"i!% to thin% of the appropriate responses to the sit"ation' There was also no fail"re in !omm"ni!ation as the !hief offi!er !arried o"t the se!ond response 7"i!%ly eno"$h' A similar fail"re to the 44 system o!!"rred a few months &efore the in!ident' The lin%a$e was repla!ed &"t the new one was lon$er and had to &e ad,"sted' It was not ad,"sted well eno"$h, li%ely leadin$ to wear and tear d"e to !onta!t with other en$ine !omponents' (o"r!e8 U9 MAI+

Pira!" t#reat reviva$ possi%$e

The United (tates# shift in forei$n poli!y !o"ld lead to the revival of pira!y in the East of ("e6 and the Indian 1!ean, a!!ordin$ to a white paper &y :ryad Maritime' In the report, :ryad Maritime noted that the U(# shift in reso"r!es !o"ld &e ta%en advanta$e of &y pirates in the ne)t 1; months' 02ith the U( strate$i! fo!"s now firmly fi)ed on the Asia 4a!ifi! re$ion and Iran #!omin$ in from the !old,# it is only a matter of time &efore western navies &e$in withdrawin$ the warships that have &een so s"!!essf"l in s"ppressin$ pira!y off the (omali !oast' 2ith no !onvoys and no res!"e for!es, the !ommer!ial shippin$ ind"stry !o"ld &e left to fend for itself,0 :ryad Maritime ommer!ial :ire!tor :avid 5"n%in 1+E said' The white paper stated that the presen!e of <orth Atlanti! Treaty 1r$anisation and E"ropean Union for!es helped lower the n"m&er of pira!y in!idents in %ey areas, ma%in$ it essential for them to %eep their se!"rity assets in pla!e' 02ith the threat lands!ape !han$in$, press"re is mo"ntin$ to &rin$ those for!es home and over the ne)t 1; months, the naval presen!e east of ("e6 will &e very different to what we see today,0 :ryad Maritime said in the report'

S#ips !ontin&e s!anning 'or possi%$e ()*+, signa$s

=o"r hinese ships and a +ritish ship on Monday !ontin"ed the h"nt for missin$ fli$ht M5>70, s!annin$ an e)panded sea area in the Indian 1!ean in whi!h one of the vessels had earlier pi!%ed "p a p"lse si$nal !onsistent with fli$ht re!orders, ?imh"a reported' The five vessels are the 5ai)"n 01, whi!h pi!%ed "p the p"lse si$nal on =riday, :on$hai,i" 101, hinese naval ships @in$$an$shan and 9"nl"nshan, as well as the +ritish 5M( E!ho'

The sear!h &e$an at ;am +ei,in$ time in a sea area of a&o"t 144 s7"are %m, whi!h is aro"nd the point -2A de$rees so"th latit"de and 101 de$rees east lon$it"de. where the p"lse si$nal was dete!ted' The fo"r hinese vessels were s!hed"led to sear!h in the western part of the sear!h area "ntil 2pm on Monday, when they wo"ld swit!h with the +ritish 5M( E!ho to the eastern part' 1n =riday, the 5ai)"n 01 dete!ted a p"lse si$nal with a fre7"en!y of >7'A %56 * the same as those emitted &y fli$ht re!orders * in this sear!h area, and redete!ted the pin$s for B0 se!onds on (at"rday ,"st 2 %m away from the ori$inal spot' 5owever, neither of the si$nals has &een !onfirmed as related to the missin$ Malaysia Airlines ,etliner, the hina Maritime (ear!h and 3es!"e entre said' The Malaysia Airlines fli$ht &o"nd for +ei,in$ from 9"ala /"mp"r disappeared on Mar!h ; and more than 20 !o"ntries have &een !o*ordinatin$ in sear!h of it' <o definitive si$ns of the missin$ ,et have &een fo"nd so far'

REGULATIONS Stri!ter NO- emission re.&irements to %egin in /,01

(hips# emission of <1) in emission !ontrol areas -<E As. will &e "nder stri!ter re7"irements startin$ in 201C' The International Maritime 1r$anisation#s -IM1. Marine Environment 4rote!tion ommittee anno"n!ed the startin$ year for the <E As already desi$nated' 1n the other hand, the entry date of new <E As will depend on when these are desi$nated' 3"ssia and other !o"ntries where p"shin$ for a 2021 start date, !itin$ te!hni!al iss"es with the implementation of the stri!ter re7"irements' Those in s"pport of a 201C startin$ year where :enmar%, the United (tates and @apan, amon$ others' :anish Maritime A"thority :ire!tor*Deneral Andreas <ordseth wel!omed the IM1 de!ision' 0I am pleased that the IM1 s"!!eeded in rea!hin$ a $ood sol"tion' It is important to +l"e :enmar%' =irst and foremost, it has &e!ome !ertain that the re$"lations !an ta%e effe!t and will have the intended environmental impa!t in pra!ti!e' The res"lt also removes a $reat part of the "n!ertainty as re$ards when the stri!ter re7"irements are to &e met' This is of $reat importan!e to the shippin$ ind"stry and to f"t"re investments in new ships and marine e7"ipment,0 he said'

INCIDENTS US Nav" res!&es 'ami$" wit# si!2 %a%" 'rom sai$%oat

U( sailors res!"ed an Ameri!an family with an ill one*year*old from a sail&oat that &ro%e down h"ndreds of miles off the Me)i!an !oast * &oardin$ them ("nday onto a (an :ie$o*&o"nd <avy ship so the $irl !o"ld $et medi!al treatment, The Asso!iated 4ress reported' The &a&y $irl, /yra, was in sta&le !ondition at ;am ("nday when sailors helped her, her three* year*old sister, ora, and her parents, harlotte and Eri! 9a"fman leave their sail&oat and &ro"$ht them a&oard the U(( Vande$rift' The fri$ate was e)pe!ted to arrive in (an :ie$o midwee%, +arry +ena said' oast D"ard 4etty 1ffi!er 2nd lass

The 9a"fmans were two wee%s into a sailin$ trip aro"nd the world when /yra developed a fever and a rash !overin$ most of her &ody and wasn#t respondin$ to medi!ations' After their >C*foot sail&oat lost steerin$ and !omm"ni!ation a&ilities a&o"t B00 miles -1,44; %ilometres. so"thwest of a&o (an /"!as, Me)i!o, they sent a satellite !all for help to the U'(' oast D"ard on Th"rsday' =o"r alifornia Air <ational D"ard mem&ers para!h"ted into the water and rea!hed the &oat Th"rsday ni$ht' The !rew sta&ilised the $irl and stayed &y her side "ntil the <avy fri$ate arrived at a&o"t 1am ("nday' (ailors waited "ntil dayli$ht to move the family from their inopera&le sail&oat, 03e&el 5eart,0 whi!h a"thorities were in the pro!ess of sin%in$ ("nday &e!a"se it was ta%in$ on water, +ena said' It was still not immediately %nown what illness the $irl may have had'

EVENTS Singapore opens (aritime 3ee24 /5 events $ined &p

(in$apore is sta$in$ its &i$$est edition of the Maritime 2ee%, whi!h will &e feat"rin$ 2B events this year'

The !ity*state la"n!hed the (in$apore Maritime 2ee% on ("nday with an aim of l"rin$ more individ"als into the maritime se!tor' Andrew Tan, !hief e)e!"tive offi!er of the Maritime and 4ort A"thority of (in$apore, said that interest in the maritime se!tor has &een risin$ over the past few years on the &a!% of risin$ vol"mes of $lo&al trade, as well as emer$in$ mar%ets' 0(in$apore has to remain relevant, &y ma%in$ s"re that we have s"ffi!ient !apa&ilities and people ,oinin$ the se!tor, whi!h is why we are very %een to attra!tin$ yo"n$er people to ,oin the ind"stry,0 Tan said' (ome of the a!tivities lined "p for this year#s (in$apore Maritime 2ee% are a maritime trail that will !over a n"m&er of lo!ations a!ross the rep"&li! and a ya!ht show to &e held at (entosa ove' (ome 20,000 representatives from the international maritime ind"stry are e)pe!ted to ta%e part in the ann"al event, whi!h r"ns "ntil =riday' (in$apore is !"rrently home to aro"nd A,000 maritime !ompanies and 1>0 shippin$ $ro"ps that employ nearly 170,000 people' The maritime se!tor a!!o"nts for seven per!ent of the !ity*state#s $ross domesti! prod"!t' (in$apore first held the event in 200C'

PORT OF THE WEEK Port o' )odeida#

The 4ort of 5odeidah is named after the Eemeni !ity whi!h is lo!ated a&o"t fo"r %ilometres away from the terminal' The !ity has a pop"lation of a&o"t >00,000' 5odeidah is in the !entre of the northern $overnorates and is !onne!ted &y a transport networ% with the ma,or !ities in!l"din$ the !apital (ana#a' 5odeidah ity has all the !ommer!ial fa!ilities of !omm"ni!ations, &an%s, hotels and hospitals

The port is administered &y the state*owned 4ort and Maritime Affairs orporation' The port !omple) !onsists of ei$ht &erths that !an a!!ommodate vessels "p to a ma)im"m draft of B'7A metres and an /1A of 200m' The !omple) provides 11 sheds totallin$ 21000s7m' It also has a one*million s7"are metre open stora$e fa!ility and >00,000s7m for the !ontainer terminal' The port is e7"ipped with one >A00hp t"$ &oat and three 2A00hp t"$s to assist in the &erthin$ of vessels' There are also two line &oats of 7A0hp !apa!ity'

<i$ht time navi$ation is permitted while pilota$e and t"$ hire is !omp"lsory' There are fresh water fa!ilities alon$side &"t no &"n%er fa!ilities are availa&le' :iesel oil &"n%ers !an &e arran$ed &y means of !hartered road lorries' +erths n"m&ered one thro"$h five are the $eneral !ar$o and &"l% $rain &erths' These &erths are e7"ipped with si) rail*mo"nted shore !ranes of three*tons !apa!ity' +erths <oC and <o7 are !ontainer terminal &erths e7"ipped with two rail*mo"nted $antry !ranes of ma)im"m >0*ton !apa!ity' +erth <o; is a $eneral !ar$o &erth' It is limited in terms of draft and /1A of vessels allowed to !ome alon$side' The state*owned Eemen 4etrole"m o &erth is a dolphin &erth for the dis!har$e of !lean prod"!ts only' This &erth is sit"ated within the port itself and is limited to tan%ers of ma)im"m 1A000dwt, an /1A of 1A0m and a &eam of 2>m' The draft alon$side the &erth is dred$ed to ten metres, &"t the the ma)im"m draft for tan%ers is B'7Am'

Market snapshot: (April 4) Dry Index BDI 1205 apesi!e Index B I 230" $ana%ax Index B$I &22 '(pra%ax Index B'I 1003 )andysi!e Index B)'I 5*& -30 -3# -14 -22 -12

+e, -ork (.ri (rren0y in 1'D Britain ($o(nd) 12"5#* anada (Dollar) 02*104 hina (-(an) 021"10 3(ro 123#02 India (4(pee) 0201"" Indonesia (4(piah) 020000&& 5apan (-en) 0200*"&5 +or,ay (6rone) 021""" $hilippines ($eso) 020222 $oland (7loty) 0232*1 4(ssia (4(8le) 0202&3 ls) ./n 1'D in ./n (rren0y 02"032 120*&4 "22102 02#2*& "020*50 11321200 10322500 "20020 442*&00 320400 3522*50

'in/apore (Dollar) 1kraine ()ry9nia)

02#*45 020&"2

1225&" 112"0"0