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Friday, March 21, 2014 International maritime news for seafarers

Increase in int'l shipping threatens Tubbataha Reef

Tubbataha Reef Natural Par in Palawan Pro!ince of the Phili""ines, a world herita#e site, is facin# a serious threat due to the increased number of !essels "assin# throu#h $ulu $ea% &ead of Tubbataha Mana#ement 'ffice (n#eli)ue $on#co said that the "ar *s buffer +one in $ulu $ea had e,"erienced a -./ increase of international shi""in# traffic durin# 200.011% $he noted that the e,cessi!e shi" mo!ements resulted in a si#nificant increase in marine debris in the re#ion, "osin# a 2"otential im"act2 on the reef% There is also an increase in the number of #roundin# incidents in the area% $on#co insisted that the marine debris affect the corals and the fisheries in the .3,0100hectare Marine Protected (rea 4MP(5 in Palawan% The "ar is home to about 10,000 hectares of coral reef, 600 s"ecies of fish, 160 s"ecies of corals, 11 s"ecies of shar s, 11 s"ecies of dol"hins and whales and 100 s"ecies of birds% Meanwhile, the su"erintendent of the "ar said that a 7$$ 8uardian shi" had run a#round in reef*s $outh (toll in early 2011 and dama#ed the reef a lot% $o far, the 7$ has not "aid the fine of P&P -9%1 million for the !essel*s unauthorised entry and dama#es to the reef% Meanwhile, $on#co informed the media that the "ar authorities will construct Tubbataha Reef*s modern ran#er station and the Tourism Infrastructure and :nter"rise ;one (uthority will fund the "ro<ect% (ccordin# to her, the construction wor will be#in in 'ctober and the new ran#er station will start o"erations in 201-% $he told re"orters that the Tubbataha Mana#ement 'ffice recently as ed the Fili"ino =oast 8uard to ta e initiati!es for #ettin# a *Particularly $ensiti!e $ea (reas* 4P$$(5 reco#nition from the IM' in order to "rotect the reef% $on#co was of the o"inion that if the reef was included in the P$$( list, the reef mana#ement will ha!e more control o!er the na!i#ation of international shi"s in Tubbataha*s buffer +one% The IM' said in a statement> 2( P$$( is an area that needs s"ecial "rotection throu#h action by IM' because of its si#nificance for reco#nised ecolo#ical or socio0economic or scientific reasons and which may be !ulnerable to dama#e by international maritime acti!ities%2


( car#o shi", soon after lea!in# "ort, came into close )uarters situation with se!eral small !essels, includin# a trawlnet fishin# boat, whose s i""er did not see the oncomin# shi"%

( medium0si+ed car#o shi", with 21 crew on board, left "ort early in the mornin# and headed south0eastward to its ne,tdestination% The ca"tain of the car#o shi", who was mannin# the helm, was "ayin# attention to a number of small !essels anchored ahead of his shi"*s "ath to seaward% &e did not notice the small trawlnet fishin# boat that was a""roachin# from the south0west% The car#o shi" master assumed that the fishin# boat would "ass on his "ortside if he e"t course and s"eed, as he obser!ed that the boat had already crossed ahead to his "ortside and its bearin# was chan#in# to the left% Meanwhile, the fishin# boat*s s i""er was at the stern of his boat with the dec hand busy and both were drawin# the lar#e trawlnet aboard their fishin# boat% The s i""er was not "ayin# attention to traffic ahead of him and did not realise that his fishin# boat was comin# closer to the "ath of the car#o shi"% The two !essels collided a few minutes later% The fishin# boat*s s i""er died immediately and his dec hand was in<ured% The fishin# boat sustained a buc lin# and a fracture to its eel while the car#o !essel sustained a dented bulbous bow%

It is "ossible that loo out rounds were not "ro"erly done as the watchstanders aboard the car#o shi" only noticed the fishin# boat when it came !ery close to the shi"*s "ort bow% The car#o shi" was sailin# in a fishin# area where many !essels were either anchored or underway% The loo out should ha!e been directed by the master to "ay attention to !essels comin# close to the car#o shi"% The master had no "recise understandin# on o"erational conditions of fishin# boats in the site% The fishin# boat crew were focused on drawin# the trawlnet, facin# toward the stern and were not ee"in# a loo out% The fishin# boat*s s i""er failed to instruct the dec hand to hel" ee" an eye for a""roachin# !essels% Source: ?a"an Trans"ort $afety @oard

Design f ne! tan"er un#eile$

&elsin i0based Aartsila $hi" Besi#n has un!eiled a new (frama, tan er desi#n that will be ca"able enou#h to meet the current and u"comin# emission le#islations% (ccordin# to the Finnish com"any, the sin#le screw crude oil tan er will ha!e a new double hull with a =om"utational Fluid Bynamics 4=FB5 mechanism for less resistance and hi#her efficiency% The new desi#n em"hasises the flow lines and "ressure distribution alon# the hull% ( cylindrical bow, which accommodates a ran#e of o"erational drau#hts, will hel" the tan er sail smoothly, e!en in rou#h weather conditions% Aartsila claims that the "ro"ulsion system, built on the basis of its *hi#h "erformance two0stro e C62 main en#ine* with an e,tra lon# stro e and low r"m, will minimise the "hysical width in order to allow a slimmer aft body desi#ned for im"ro!in# "ro"ulsion efficiency% In com"arison of the currently a!ailable main en#ine o"tions, Aartsila says that the C62 en#ine can sa!e 3/ fuel on s"ecific !essel desi#n and can also reach the same !essel s"eed by usin# si, instead of 4the current5 se!en cylinders%

%irates &a' target Ghana's !aters( Securit' e)pert

(frican defence e,"erts ha!e warned that 8hana*s waters, alon# the coast off Aest (frica, could be the "otential tar#et of "irates% =itin# the "iracy hots"ot ma", senior defence e,"ert ?ames Fisher has said it leads to the fact that 8hanaian waters are !ulnerable to the attac from (frican "irates and necessary actions should be ta en to a!oid such attac s% &e made the remar s on the sidelines of the maiden =oastal and Maritime $ur!eillance conference in (ccra on Thursday% Fisher also ur#ed the (frican #o!ernments to in!est in anti0"iracy o"erations des"ite the enormous financial cost in!ol!ed% Meanwhile, Birector of Na!al (dministration of 8hana =a"tain Issah Da ubu said that the 8hana Na!y was tryin# hard to safe#uard its territorial waters with the hel" of other #o!ernment and "ri!ate a#encies% &e, meanwhile, admitted that more than -0 incidents of hi<ac in# of shi"s on the Aest (frican waters were recorded in 2011% =a"tain Da ubu, too, stressed u"on the need for im"ro!ed monitorin# system across the 8ulf of 8uinea% 2The focus of "iracy used to be in the Indian 'cean, s"ecifically alon# the $omali =oast% @ut in recent years the focus is shiftin# to the Aest (frican waters, the area we call the 8ulf of 8uinea% East year alone, there were o!er -0 incidents of shi"s <ust bein# hi<ac ed, ta en hosta#e, their car#o stolen, the crew molested sometimes e!en illed% Fortunately, we 48hana5 ha!e not suffered any of these insecurities% @ut we are not com"lacent,2 he added% Meanwhile, chiefs of Na!y and (ir Force across (frica attended the three0day conference that concluded on Thursday% They discussed different as"ects of maritime security alon# the 8ulf of 8uinea with #lobal maritime e,"erts%

COMMERCE Dubai p rt fir& ann unces *SD +,-&ln pr fit

Bubai0based "ort o"erator BP Aorld announced on Thursday that its "rofits rose nearly 11/ to 7$B 604 million in 2011 as the com"any o"ened new "orts in @ritain and @ra+il and e,"anded its o"erations at home in the 7(:% The #ains re"orted on Thursday came des"ite a 1%-/ dro" in re!enue to 7$B 1%03 billion last year% BP Aorld, which is one of the world*s lar#est "ort o"erators, credited last year*s "rofits to its focus on fast #rowin# mar ets alon#side its o"erations in de!elo"ed mar ets% The com"any in!ested more than 7$B 1 billion in a ran#e of new lon#0term assets last year, launchin# new "ro<ects in @ra+il*s :mbra"ort and Eondon*s 8ateway "ort% The com"any also said that it would e,"and its ca"acity in 2014 at its main ?ebel (li "ort in the 7(: and its Rotterdam "ort in the Netherlands% BP Aorld =hairman $ultan (hmed @in $ulayem told re"orters that the com"any has #ood li)uidity to be selecti!e about where it wants to be% &e stressed that the "rofits were hel"ed by increased "roducti!ity and efforts to contain costs% The board of BP Aorld is recommendin# a total di!idend of 7$B 1.0%. million or a 10/ increase to 21 cents "er share% $ulayem said that the com"any faced some challen#in# mar et conditions in the first half of 2011 and the ca"acity was constrained within a number of its ey locations% BP Aorld had lower re"orted #ains from the "re!ious year when se"arately disclosed items were ta en into account% BP Aorld re"orted se"arately disclosed items of 7$B 49 million, mostly relatin# to a 7$B 1-9 million "rofit on sale of businesses and 7$B .. million on im"airment of assets% Ahile factorin# those in, BP Aorld*s "rofits were down 11%4/ to 7$B 640 million in 2011 from the 7$B 319 million the com"any re"orted in 2012% 4(P5

ENVIRONMENT C ntainer ship !ners as"e$ t pa' *SD .,/,,, #er il spill
The New ;ealand marine authorities ha!e fined the owners of a container shi" for "ollution% The 8erman owners were fined 7$B 10,000 for lea in# around 1000 litres of oil into the Tauran#a harbour in ?uly 2011% The container shi" dischar#ed oil into the coastal marine area while refuellin# at the Port of Tauran#a u"on its arri!al from Ton#a% The crewmembers onboard the shi" did not notice an o!erflowin# tan and the s"ill caused a 600m0lon# oil slic , stretchin# towards Mount

Maun#anui% The s"ill also washed u" on Pilot @ay% $ubse)uent in!esti#ations re!ealed that a miscommunication caused the lea and the owners "leaded #uilty% Pollution Pre!ention Mana#er of Nic ;aman Tauran#a harbour has said that the Tauran#a Re#ional =ouncil*s in!esti#ations also found a number of deficiencies in the !essels* bun erin# "rocedures and "oor record ee"in#% 2This is a timely reminder that this ty"e of "ractice is not #oin# to be tolerated, and the onus is on all !essel owners to ma e sure their bun erin# "rocedures are u" to date and that their crew follow these "rocedures,2 he said% ;aman told the media> 2Aith the e,"ected increase of !essels usin# the "ort, we will be ta in# a hard line a#ainst these ty"es of incidents%2

01 'ears later/ E)) n 2al$e3 spill effects linger

@efore the Bee"water &ori+on oil s"ill in 2010 in the 8ulf of Me,ico, there was the :,,on Falde+ disaster in (las a, at the time the nation*s lar#est oil s"ill% The .93ft tan er, carryin# -1 million #allons of crude, struc @li#h Reef at 12>04am on March 24, 1.9.% Aithin hours, it unleashed an estimated 10%9 million #allons of thic , to,ic crude oil into the water% $torms and currents then smeared it o!er 1,100 miles of shoreline% For a #eneration of "eo"le around the world, the s"ill was seared into their memories by ima#es of fouled coastline in PrinceAilliam $ound, of sea otters, herrin# and birds soa ed in oil, of wor ers "ainsta in#ly washin# crude off the ru##ed beaches% Twenty fi!e years later, most of the s"ecies ha!e reco!ered, said Robert $"ies, a chief science ad!iser to #o!ernments on the oil s"ill restoration "ro#ramme from 1.9. to 2002% @ut some wildlife, as well as the "eo"le who li!e in the re#ion, are still stru##lin#% 4(P5

LEGAL Tai!an/ %hilippines rea$' t sign &ariti&e c 4 p pact

In an attem"t to resol!e fishin# dis"utes in their o!erla""in# waters, Taiwan and the Phili""ines will soon si#n an a#reement on maritime law enforcement co0o"eration% The Taiwanese media re"orted on Thursday that Tai"ei and Manila are currently ma in# "re"aration for si#nin# the a#reement in ("ril% Taiwan*s Forei#n Minister Ba!id Ein said the a#reement would be a "art of bilateral efforts for ensurin# the safety of fishermen o"eratin# in re#ional waters% 'n May ., 2011, a fatal incident of shootin# of a Taiwanese fisherman by Fili"ino =oast 8uards in a +one, where the two countries* e,clusi!e economic +ones o!erla", soured the bilateral relationshi"s% (fter the incident, both the sides held a number of meetin#s and decided to

indul#e in maritime law enforcement co0o"erations, includin# no use of force or !iolence while "atrollin# fishin# #rounds, the establishment of a mechanism to inform each other in the e!ent of fishery0related incidents and the release of detained fishermen and boats as soon as "ossible% The Taiwanese minister stressed> 2The a#reement will include the consensus% Ae ho"e to hold bilateral fishery tal s to si#n the a#reement as soon as "ossible%2

China pens & re &ariti&e space f r $e#el p&ent

=hina has o"ened u" more maritime s"ace for de!elo"ment, char#in# enter"rise and indi!idual de!elo"ers 7$B 1%3 billion in 2011, the $tate 'ceanic (dministration 4$'(5 said on Thursday% =hina streamlined the a""lication and a""ro!al "rocedure for maritime s"ace de!elo"ment last year, allowin# the mar et to "lay a more acti!e role in maritime resources allocation, said the administration% ( re"ort released by the $'( showed 21,-00 hectares of sea reclamation were a""ro!ed in 2011% The re"ort also noted recreational use of maritime s"ace made the lar#est increase in the share of fees, which sur#ed from 2%93/ in 2012 to 11%6./ in 2011% 4Cinhua5

GALLEY Chic"en 5 &ang sala$

The sweetness of man#o and the succulent chic en create this delicious salad meal% Ingredients: 2tbs" of oli!e oil, 1 lemon 4<uiced5, 1G4 cu" of flat0leaf "arsley lea!es 4cho""ed5, 1 lon# red chilli 4deseeded and cho""ed5, 201G2 cu"s of roasted chic en 4s in remo!ed and cho""ed5, 2 man#oes 4"eeled and cut into 1cm cubes5, 100# mi,ed salad #reens% Method: Mi, oil, two tables"oons of lemon <uice, "arsley and chilli in a small bowl% Now, combine the chic en, man#o and salad #reens in a lar#e bowl% Bri++le o!er chilli dressin#% Toss li#htly to combine and ser!e%

Fr 3en &ang 5 li&e cheeseca"e

Ingredients: 12-# "lain sweet biscuits, 60# unsalted butter 4melted5, 2,2-0# "ac ets of cream cheese 4softened5, 1G4 cu" of caster su#ar, 1ts" of lime rind 4finely0#rated5, 100ml thic ened creamH 42-# can man#oes 4sliced and drained5, 1 "assionfruit 4hal!ed5

Method: 8rease a 6cm0dee", 20cm round s"rin#form "an% Eine base and side with ba in# "a"er and "lace biscuits in a food "rocessor% Now, "rocess it until finely cho""ed% (dd butter and "rocess until combined% Press biscuit mi,ture e!enly o!er base of "re"ared "an and "lace the "an in frid#e% 7sin# an electric mi,er, beat cream cheese until smooth% (dd su#ar and lime rind and beat for two minutes% (dd cream and a#ain beat for fi!e minutes or until the mi,ture becomes thic % $"oon into "re"ared "an% Place the man#o in a food "rocessor and "rocess until it becomes smooth% Fold man#o throu#h cream cheese mi,ture to create a marbled effect% =o!er it with "lastic wra" and "lace in the free+er o!erni#ht or until it becomes firm% Remo!e the cheeseca e to a "late and ee" it at room tem"erature for 1- minutes% To" with "assionfruit "ul" and ser!e%

Market snapshot: Dry Index Capesize Index #ana$ax Index %&pra$ax Index 'andysize Index 11:30 GMT BDI 1621 BCI 312 B#I 1120 B%I 1205 B'%I 6"1 +51 +1!" +0 +5 +!

(e) *ork +Th& C,s./n C&rren0y in 1%D Britain +#o&nd12650! Canada +Do,,ar0233 ! China +*&an021606 4&ro 123"30 India +5&pee020163 Indonesia +5&piah- 0200003" 6apan +*en0200 "60 (or)ay +7rone0216! #hi,ippines +#eso020221 #o,and +8,oty02323! 5&ssia +5&9,e0202"5 %in/apore +Do,,ar02"323 1kraine +'ry:nia020 63 1%D in ./n C&rren0y 02605 1212!3 6222"" 02"25" 6123550 11! 0200 1022!600 62062 !522!00 320500 3623 10 122"32 1023350

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