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Gay City


OCT 29-NOV 11, 2009
S E R V I N G G A Y, L E S B I A N , B I A N D T R A N S G E N D E R E D N E W Y O R K • W W W . G A Y C I T Y N E W S . C O M


Hundreds March At ESPA Dinner,

for Jack Price Upbeat Pledges,
BY ANDY HUMM Stern Warnings
he Queens LGBT community was BY PAUL SCHINDLER
joined by activists from across

the city, allies from the political uring an evening when Gover-
world, and neighborhood residents for nor David A. Paterson employed
a march through quiet College Point on both his trademark humor and
Saturday afternoon, October 17, to show a sobering lesson in the state’s fiscal cri-
solidarity with Jack Price, a 49-year old sis to reiterate his pledge that “marriage
gay man savagely beaten October 9 to equality is coming to New York State” ––
within an inch of his life. “just in the next few weeks,” no less ––
Two young men from his neighbor- the head of the Empire State Pride Agen-
hood are charged in the assault, cap- da issued a stern warning to members
tured on a surveillance video. of the State Senate, allies included, who
The alleged assailants are in custody, might fail to help make that a reality.

and the victim has come out of a med- Addressing Senate supporters who
ically-induced coma and spoken about have nonetheless “run to the sidelines
the assault. And while a few in the neigh- as fast as they can,” Alan Van Capelle,
borhood are protesting the designation SENATOR KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND AT THE LGBT CENTER EMPHASIZING HER ENGAGEMENT the executive director of New York
of the attack as a hate crime, others are State’s LGBT lobby, said, “We have cam-
saying that the defense being mounted paigned for you, we have raised money
by friends of the alleged perpetrators is a
“Justice for Jack Price!,” shouted
A New Advocate for you, we have supported you in every
way imaginable, and we should have no
patience for these sorry summer sol-
longtime Queens gay activist Daniel
Dromm through a megaphone as he led
yet another march against an alleged
Emerges diers.”
Coming less than a year after ESPA
orchestrated the raising of more than
hate crime — in 1990, in a galvanizing $1 million to support the Democratic
moment for the borough’s LGBT move- EXCLUSIVE she hosted the same day at Manhattan’s takeover of the Senate, Van Capelle’s
ment, community members marched LGBT Community Center.
to protest the murder of Julio Rivera in BY PAUL SCHINDLER Earlier this year, Gillibrand proposed ESPA P. 14
an anti-gay attack in Jackson Heights. incorporating an 18-month moratorium

“F In this issue:
or himself, I think, he’s going on DADT discharges into the Defense
MARCH P. 16 to take all the time he believes Department’s funding authorization,
he needs in order to be suc- only to pull back when it became clear
cessful, because it’s all about being suc- that the 60 votes needed to beat back a
cessful.” Republican-led filibuster were not there. The campaign that
Those words were part of New York “When I didn’t have 60 votes on my has not happened
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s answer amendment, a lot of the advocates said
to a question about the frustration do not drop” — in this instance, mean- ■8
some LGBT activists and leaders have ing put up for a vote — “your amend- —————————————————
expressed about the pace of Obama ment; we don’t want to have a failure ■ PROGRESS REPORT
administration action on gay issues. on the first vote as a strategy,” the sen-
Gillibrand was speaking specifically of ator explained. “Because we want to The state of our community
the effort to repeal the military’s Don’t build momentum and not lose momen- as 2009 draws to a close
Ask, Don’t Tell policy (DADT). tum with a failed vote, and I said fair ■ 13
But that perspective applies as well enough.” —————————————————
to the senator’s own advocacy on LGBT Instead, she said, she successfully
issues — she is committed, apparently prevailed on Michigan Senator Carl ■ PUSH ON FILM
with some good measure of urgency, but Levin, the Democratic chair of the Armed
she is also pragmatic. That became clear Services Committee — a committee on Lee Daniels adapts
in an interview with Gay City News on which she does not sit — to hold a hear- Sapphire in “Precious”
WHAT’S WITH THE POST? October 25, and at a community forum ■ 25


Obama Signs named. the year it would finally happen.” any such plans but only discussing McHugh’s comments come just is looking at another West Coast
Hate Crimes The measure was approved Shepard was due to be joined how the issue could play out.” weeks after an article by Air Force case, this one challenging the dis-
Legislation on October 22 in a 68-29 vote of by her son Logan and members of Despite the provisional nature Colonel Om Prakash calling for charge of Air Force Major Marga-
In a ceremony held in the early the Senate as part of a Penta- the Byrd family at the White House of McHugh’s comments, leading an end to DADT appeared in the ret Witt, a lesbian nurse, after 18
evening on October 28, as Gay City gon appropriations measure. The event. advocates for overturning DADT Joint Force Quarterly, a publica- years of service. Last year, the US
News was going to press, Presi- House approved the same bill on The hate crimes measure is were quick to note the progress tion released by the Pentagon and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals sent
dent Barack Obama, LGBT lead- October 8, by a vote of 281-46. The the first piece of federal legisla- they signaled. overseen by the Joint Chiefs of the case back to the district court
ers, and other advocates for hate House passed an earlier, stand- tion providing specific protections “What we’re seeing is a tip- Staff. Senator Carl Levin’s Armed in Washington State to review the
crimes legislation were due to alone version of the hate crimes based on sexual orientation and ping point in the opinions of both Services Committee is due to hold discharge in light of the Supreme
mark the signing of the Matthew measure by a much narrower 249- gender identity. military and civilian leaders on this hearings on DADT in November, Court’s 2003 sodomy ruling. An
Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. 175 vote, but the legislation was issue,” said Dr. Nathaniel Frank, the first such time that the Senate unnamed Senate aide told the
Hate Crimes Prevention Act. The folded into the defense bill in order Army Signals senior research fellow at the Palm has undertaken such review since Blade that the Defense Depart-
measure, which had stalled in to stave off a GOP filibuster in the Readiness, But Center, a University of California, the policy was adopted in 1993. ment is examining whether the
Congress for more than a decade, House. Obama Still in Santa Barbara think tank that Servicemembers Legal Defense Ninth Circuit ruling has any gen-
adds actual or perceived sexual The defense bill was signed Court researches issues of gender, sexu- Network, another group advocat- eral implications for the execution
orientation and gender identity into law earlier on October 28. John McHugh, a former ality, and the military. “The Army is ing for the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t of DADT. The newspaper quote the
and several other categories to Attorney General Eric Holder upstate New York Republican con- the largest of the services and the Tell, found the recent nomination Senate staffer saying, “Given the
existing federal hate crimes law. was scheduled to join Obama for gressman who is now secretary of most heavily involved in our wars of Marine General Clifford Stanley fact that [Defense] Secretary [Rob-
The Justice Department is now the evening reception for hate the Army, told the Army Times on abroad, and for Secretary McHugh Under Secretary of Defense for ert] Gates has publicly said we’re
empowered to prosecute bias- crimes advocates. In a statement October 25 that he believes the to state clearly that it can handle Personnel and Readiness as a posi- going to look for humane ways to
related crimes and to assist state released prior to the event, Judy military would be prepared in the repeal sends a strong signal to the tive step in building momentum for do this, clearly, the higher standard
and local governments to do the Shepard, Matthew’s mother, who event that the Don’t Ask, Don’t other service secretaries that they ending the policy, though Stanley established in the Ninth Circuit
same. founded an advocacy organization Tell policy were overturned. “The can do the same.” has made no public statement on provides some guidance on how to
The legislation is named for named in her son’s honor, said, Army has a big history of taking on However, the Palm Center’s the issue. do that.”
a gay Wyoming college student “The legislation went through so similar issues predictions of doom director, Dr. Aaron Belkin, took Amidst these hopeful signs, the
murdered in October 1998 by two many versions and so many votes and gloom that did not play out,” on McHugh’s cryptic suggestion Log Cabin Republicans on October Quinn Tepid
men who left his battered body on that we had to constantly keep McHugh said. that gays might initially only be 23 issued a blistering attack on Endorsement
a rural fence and a Texas African- our hopes in check to keep from In characterizing the secretary’s assigned certain occupations, the Obama administration for its Secures
American man slain when his getting discouraged. But with statement, the Army Times wrote, saying, “The rationale for the decision to file a motion to delay Speakership
body was dragged by a rope from President Obama’s support and “It is possible, for example, that ban applies equally across all job its lawsuit challenging DADT in City Council Speaker Christine
the back of a truck the same year. the continually growing bipartisan homosexuals could be allowed categories. So if it’s okay to be an federal court in California. An LCR Quinn’s blink-and-you-missed-it
The measure was first introduced majorities in the House and Sen- in some occupations or units but openly gay Arabic interpreter, it’s press release notes that “the 11th endorsement of Democratic may-
on Capitol Hill a year before the ate lining up behind the bill this barred from others, McHugh said, also okay to be openly gay in the hour move” by the administra- oral candidate William C. Thomp-
murders for which the law is now year, it became clear that 2009 was stressing that he was not aware of infantry or on a submarine.” tion “was surprisingly formulated son, Jr., just eight days before
at the same time that President the election should be enough for
Obama was reassuring LGBT activ- Council Democrats to deliver her
A3F>=BB@/<A>/@BG. KNICKERBOCKER Your ists that he still firmly opposes the back to the top spot, sources said.
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law at the According to one councilmem-
/ZPOb`]aa/ab]`WO?cSS\a MEAT MARKET neighborhood
source for
Human Rights Campaign’s annual ber, Quinn’s reelection as speaker
!%bVAb "bV/dS3dS`gAOb<WUVb dinner.” Terry W. Hamilton, the was all but guaranteed when she
restaurant group’s national chair, charged, offered support for Thompson at
quality prime “This aggressive move by Presi- an unrelated press conference on
A3F>=B( dry aged dent Obama’s Justice Department October 27. “The speaker’s leader-
/B@/<A beef and seriously undermines not only his ship in the City Council is secure;
4@73<2:G other organic, commitment to our community and it was never in jeopardy,” said
>/@BG7< all natural to the defense of our nation, but it Brooklyn Councilwoman Letitia
?C33<A products. also casts doubt on the motives of James, a strident voice against
those at the highest levels of LGBT the legislative overturning of term
6/::=E33< Free delivery leadership in Washington who limits that Quinn helped engineer
1=ABC;3 166 9th Avenue (Off 20 th St.) on orders refuse to criticize the President last year. “An endorsement is an
>/@BG 212-243-3151 over $35 over this double speak.”
The Washington Blade this
endorsement, despite its tepidity.
[ga^OQSQ][b`O\a\WUVbZWTS -ONDAY &RIDAY s3ATURDAY s3UNDAY  week reported that the Pentagon 䉴 BRIEFS, continued on p.11


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29 OCT - 11 NOV 2009

Community /3
14 DAYS For the Love of Companions
14 NIGHTS Dr. David Wohlstadter applies medicine’s best to New York’s friendliest

r. David Wohlstadter
DANCE was giving me the
When Truth Helps grand tour of the hos-
Some pital. As we passed by the ICU,
Dancer Jen Abrams poses the ques- the radiology rooms, the neu-
tion: Can queer relationships stand in for rosurgery suites, and the emer-
all relationships? Athletic and intimate, gency room staffed with about a
her “Most of This Is True” is an evening- dozen employees, I kept having
length dance/theater work that gets to remind myself of one thing:
under the skin of four deeply flawed, this wide array services wasn’t
instantly familiar women, bound to each designed for New Yorkers — it
other by history, habit, love, and duty. was for their pets.
It presents three lesbian relationships “What you can do with
as normative, addressing issues that humans, you can do with
come up in all relationships — queer or pets,” Wohlstadter said. “All the
straight. WOW Café Theater, 59-61 E. things you see in a human hos-
Fourth St., fourth fl. Oct. 30, Nov. 2, pital, we have here.”
4 & 5, 8 p.m.; Oct. 31, Nov. 1, 7,& 8, 5 Wo h l s t a d t e r i s a g a y ,
p.m. Tickets are $16. For information, 32-year -old emergency clini-
email mostofthisistrue@gmail.com. cian at NYC Veterinary Special-
✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ists, one of the most advanced


veterinary hospitals in the city.
PERFORMANCE Born in St. Louis, his interests
BAAD in the Bronx in both science and working
The Bronx Academy of Art & Dance with people led him to St. Louis Dr. David Wohlstadter’s client may have been unlucky to land in an emergency room, but fortunate to find one as well-equipped as that at NYC
(BAAD!) continues its five-week annual University, where he graduated Veterinary Specialists.
BlakTino Performance Series. Among this with bachelor’s degrees in Biol-
year’s highlights are: (Oct. 30, 8 p.m.; ogy and Psychology. Combin- sonalities. so, Wohlstadter admitted that and let them back in an hour
$15) Sean360x and the Universoul SpiRi- ing his academic interests with “It’s nice to see the human- sharing a common profession later like you can in other plac-
tual Ankhestra and the Ganessa James a longstanding love of animals, animal bond and relationship,” is a beneficial part of the rela- es,” Wohlstadter said, adding
Trio take the stage for a rollercoaster he pursued a doctorate in Vet- he said. “You never know what tionship. that New Yorkers often provide
evening with funky, poetic hip hop erinary Medicine from the Uni- medical condition is going to “I think it’s great to have surprisingly accurate histories
sounds; (Oct. 31, 9:30 a.m.; $7) Moses versity of Missouri. Afterwards, come in, and you never know someone that you can relate to of their pets’ health. “People’s
McCarter leads a class in capoeria ginga he headed to New York to begin what kind of person is going to on a personal level, and then attitudes toward animals as
mundo, an amazing folk dance that ritual- his career as a veterinarian, come in with that animal, so it’s someone who understands being a part of their family are
izes movement from martial arts, African interning at the Animal Medi- a fun job to have.” your profession.” he said. “For very progressive here,” he said.
dance ,and acrobatics, for dancers of all cal Center in Manhattan and Wohlstadter owns three pets us, it’s great.” “People really rely on their pets
levels; (Nov. 7, 8 p.m.; donate what you practicing in Yonkers until join- of his own — a nine-year-old Working in New York has as a source of their well-being
can from $5-$25) hip hop duo Kwikstep ing NYC Veterinary Specialists Siberian Huskie named Eva, a provided Wohlstadter with sev- and their happiness.”
and Rokafella present a special evening when it opened in 2006. four-year-old mix named Nia, eral insights — technical ones, When asked about the
of music, jamming, art, and a sneak peek “I really like working with apparent large number of gay
screening of “All the Ladies,” Rokafella’s New Yorkers,” Wohlstadter said, vets, Wohlstadter brushed off
new documentary that highlights the citing the diversity and size of the notion that the two charac-
lives of six iconic female street danc- his local clientele as an impor- “People’s attitudes toward animals teristics are related. For him, as
ers from San Jose, Atlanta, Miami, and tant factor in working there. well as many New Yorkers, he
Chicago who’ve carved a niche in the “There are some wonderful peo-
as being a part of their family said, it’s the joy and the sup-
physically challenging, male dominated ple you meet by working in this are very progressive here.” port that a pet brings that are
breakdance world. 841 Barretto St., kind of environment.” most important.
btwn. Garrison & Lafayette Aves., Wohlstadter explained that “It doesn’t matter if you’re gay
Hunts Point (#6 to Hunts Point Ave.). it’s his unique position as an or if you’re straight, it doesn’t
For complete information, visit Bronx- emergency veterinarian — and a cat named Sophia. He like the “High Rise Syndrome” matter who you are or where
AcademyofArtsandDance.org. helping both pets and people developed his love for animals by that befalls some pets when you came from,” Wohlstadter
✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ in a time of crisis — that makes being surrounded by pets from they stray too close to open win- said. “I think there’s something
doing his job especially reward- an early age. He lives in Chelsea dows, as well as a better look special about people wanting
BENEFIT ing. For many New Yorkers, with his partner, an oncologist into the character of pet owners to be with animals and around
Fifty Years of Opera their pets are their family, he and the medical director at NYC here in the city. He said New animals, and I think it’s mutu-
Faves said, and he enjoys being able Veterinary Specialists, whom Yorkers are especially attuned ally beneficial for the people and
The West Side Opera Society pres- to ease the minds of pet own- he met while working there. to the needs and behavior of the animals to have each other.”
ents a gala concert to commemorate ers by practicing medicine. Though they work in the same their pets, and share especially
the 50th anniversary of Maestro David And Wohlstadter noted that hospital, Wohlstadter and his close ties with the animals they View video highlights of
Clenny’s operatic debut, with favorite the sheer volume of clients who partner specialize in different keep. Jared T. Miller’s interview with
come in each day allows him to fields and rarely end up work- “You can’t just open your Dr. David Wohlstadter at gayci-
䉴 OCT 30, continued on p.11 meet an interesting mix of per- ing on the same patients. Even back door and just let them out, tynews.com.
29 OCT -11 NOV 2009

4/ History
The Century Leading to Wilde
Charles Upchurch unearths public awareness, legal crackdown on 19th century gay sex
BY DOUG IRELAND between men, but that male homosex-
ual conduct was a matter of consider-

wo signal events that would have By Charles Upchurch able public discussion.
important and dark consequenc- University of California Press The Morning Post was the favorite
es for same-sexers occurred with- $45; 276 pages newspaper of the British upper classes,
in a couple of years of each other early in filled with court gossip and accounts of
what is known as the Age of Reform in the frivolities of the wealthy and power-
Queen Victoria’s England. One was the how public disclosure of an accusa- ful. Its coverage of court cases involv-
establishment of London’s Metropolitan tion of sex between men would affect a ing attempted sodomy was skewed to
Police Force in 1829. The other was the man’s reputation, and so the penalties those in which men of social standing
“infamous crime” section of the 1827 for making such an accusation were and property successfully defended
revision in the sodomy law. Sodomy had greater than for “unnatural assault” themselves against “indecent assault”
long been a capital crime — and would itself. charges. The Weekly Dispatch, with the
remain so until 1861 — but the new The influence of class differences on largest circulation among the working
statute codified attempted sodomy in how male same-sexers were treated classes, usually gave priority in its cov-
such a broad way that not only were a and how they thought of themselves erage to those cases involving men of
new spectrum of acts criminalized, but is a constant presence throughout modest means in some way, usually as
so too was the language that could sug- Upchurch’s book, as he recounts doz- accusers of the wealthy. And the Times
gest such acts. ens of court cases involving homosex- of London, the favorite newspaper of
The new law’s “Section X” chillingly ual conduct and how those cases were the upwardly mobile middle class, was
declared that “for defining what shall be covered in the burgeoning newspapers replete with the Methodist morality of
an infamous Crime, within the mean- of the day. For example, “Lower-class a rapidly expanding bourgeoisie — in
ing of this Act, be it enacted, That the men were thought to lack the self-dis- those years much influenced by the
abominable Crime of Buggery, commit- cipline and personal restraint of their mushrooming of evangelical religion
ted either with Mankind or with Beast, social betters and therefore more likely with its strict codes of sexual conduct.
and every Assault with Intent to commit robbery against their accuser. to instigate such [sexual] acts, either So extensive was newspaper cov-
the said abominable Crime, and every The ruling class that wrote the new for the gratification of base desires or erage of legal proceedings involving
attempt or Endeavor to commit the said extortion statute had uppermost in its for financial gain,” one publication homosexuality that, as Upchurch dem-
abominable crime, and every Solicita- mind the unfortunate Lord Castelragh, claimed. onstrates, judges repeatedly held that
tion, Persuasion, Promise, or Threat British foreign secretary from 1812 to Previous historical accounts have those brought into court by charges
offered or made to any Person, where- 1822. In August the year before the new made the unwarranted assumption and countercharges involving “inde-
by to move or induce such Person, or extortion statute was enacted, Castel- that there was little public discussion cent assault” had to be well aware
threat offered or made to any Person, ragh had confessed to King George IV or public awareness of same-sex activi- of the nature and extent both of the
whereby to move or induce such Per- that he was being blackmailed over the ties in Victorian England until late in broad legal prohibitions against sex-
son to commit or Permit the said abom- accusation that he’d committed sexu-
inable Crime, shall be deemed to be an al acts with another man. Two weeks
infamous Crime within the Meaning of later, the foreign secretary went home
the Act.” to his lavish country estate and slit his The men who ruled England were obsessed
The result of this immensely broad- throat. with how public disclosure of an
ened statute was a huge increase in In “Before Wilde: Sex Between Men
the number of arrests for attempted in Britain’s Age of Reform,” Charles accusation of sex between men would
sodomy, with 864 trials on that charge
between 1811 and 1861, compared to
Upchurch writes that the “profound”
influence of the new extortion statute
affect a man’s reputation,
only 116 cases of sodomy. Thus, one on courtroom cases meant that “dis-
Henry Webb was arrested and thrown cussion of the validity of the initial
into a dank Bow Street holding cell claim of attempted sodomy was always the century, when a series of notori- ual advances between men and of the
after Thomas Addy pulled him toward complicated and often compromised in ous cases involving queers culminated extortion statutes that also covered
an officer in Covent Garden and said, the courtroom when a man countered in the prosecution and conviction of them. The parties to such legal action
“I give this gentleman in charge for an it with an accusation of extortion, even Oscar Wilde. were also assumed to be aware of noto-
indecent assault.” Not a shred of fur- if no formal charge was made to this But Upchurch, after a decade of rious places around London in which
ther evidence was required to hold a effect. The younger and poorer men to meticulous research, demonstrates men seeking sex with other men were
man on such a charge. whom those with greater wealth often that this assumption is palpably false. known to congregate and even engage in
A high percentage of the “indecent turned for sex were particularly sus- Earlier examinations of the press in sexual conduct, in the view of those on
assault” cases brought under sodomy ceptible to the offer of a week’s or even early-and-mid Victorian England relied the bench. A quarter of the press reports
statutes involved men of modest means a year’s wages in return for silence, and on indexes and databases built on key on same-sex conduct in the years 1842
— soldiers, laborers, apprentices, and the burden of proof was often placed on words that missed many published to 1870 focused on extortion charges
tradesmen — swearing out complaints them in the courtroom to demonstrate reports on same-sex conduct and legal involving attempted sodomy. Of the
against upper-and-middle class men. that they had not asked for or accept- action. But by minutely examining remaining articles, five involved clergy-
At the same time, in 1823, Parliament ed money. Disproving such allegations the files of three newspapers with dif- men, seven focused on cross-dressers,
broadened the laws governing extortion was critical for a working-class man, ferent class audiences between 1827 and four involved the questioning of
in such a way that men of property had because evidence that he had accepted and 1870, and cross-checking them police methods in same-sex cases.
their chances of successfully defend- payment left him open to prosecution, with court records, official documents, One of the peak years in which there
ing themselves against an attempted even if he had been the object of an and correspondence, Upchurch has was a spike in newspaper coverage of
sodomy charge improved by counterat- unwanted sexual advance.” The men shown that not only was there broad
tacking with an allegation of attempted who ruled England were obsessed with public awareness in these years of sex 䉴 WILDE, continued on p.5

䉴 WILDE, from p.4 we may ask, if this be the law of Eng-

land, what security is there for any
homosexuality was 1842, and much man’s reputation!”
of it was devoted to the Churchill and Press coverage mushroomed still
Springer case. Newspaper accounts further when another friend of String-
first reported that a “respectable look- er and Newstead, William Fitzgerald,
ing” man named William Springer testi- was brought into court on an extortion
fied that, while walking in Hyde Park at charge for having lured a working-class
about 9:15 p.m., “on passing a clump hairdresser named Watson to his lodg-
of trees he saw two men in indecent ings and then threatened to expose
behavior.” He said he sprang on the two him for attempted sodomy unless he
men, one of whom got away. “The man received payment. Eventually all three
he caught, named John Ellis Churchill, men were convicted and sentenced
allegedly begged to be let go and indicat- together, with the judge declaring that
ed that he was a gentleman and would “a more detestable or foul conspiracy
give Stringer any amount of money” he had never heard of.”
Churchill, the nephew of a member of Upchurch, an assistant professor
Parliament, asserted that “while walk- of history at Florida State University,
ing through the park at night, a young writes like an academic, which is to say
man came up to him and asked him the that his prose, while readable, is often
way to Oxford Street. Churchill said he stilted and unimaginative. And he has
would show him, as he was going the an annoying tic, quite noticeable in a
same way. Stringer came upon them number of instances, of referring casu-
and accused them ‘of having commit- ally to historical facts, laws, or notori-
ted a most opprobrious crime.’ At this ous court cases without explaining
point, Churchill said, he began to sus- them until much later in his book, if at
pect that the young man asking for all.
directions was in league with Springer, But Upchurch displays an impres-
as he was giving Churchill advice to go
quietly with his accuser and not resist.”
sive command of both original sourc-
es and previous historical accounts Endorsed by
The young man had run away before of homosexuality in this period, and
Stringer dragged Churchill to a group his groundbreaking new research is
of police. impressive and invaluable. The book
If the first day’s press coverage indi- comes with a well-merited jacket blurb
cated that the judge appeared to believe from the admirable, pioneering Brit-
Stringer, the second day the newspaper ish gay historian Jeffrey Weeks, a key
reports began to turn in Churchill’s figure for decades in the British intel-
favor, when it was revealed that friends lectual “gay left,” saying that it “fills an Republican Mike Bloomberg overturned term limits
of his had found out that Stringer had aching gap in the history of male homo-
lied about working at the firm of Shep- sexuality in Britain in the middle years even though you voted for them TWICE.
pard and Smith. Following this discov- of the 19th century.”
ery, Churchill had brought a counter- Moreover, Upchurch distinguish-
He continues to fund Republican State Senators that
charge against Stringer for assault. es himself by placing the events he block Marriage Equality legislation in New York.
Newspapers devoted even more recounts in their social, cultural,
space to the case when Churchill’s and political context, and by his well- Now we’re facing skyrocketing MTA fares, taxes,
friends located and brought into court informed reflections on the implications water hikes and record unemployment.
William Newstead, “a good looking, of class and race for the matters under
well-dressed young man,” who had discussion. The result is a fascinating HIV rates continue to rise.
worked with Stringer that first night and informative picture of sex between
in Hyde Park. Churchill’s attorney told men in mid-Victorian England that Eight years is enough. It is time for a true
the court he “could prove that the two greatly increases our knowledge and advocate for LGBT Communities in City Hall.
men were connected with a number of insight.
persons concerned in similar conspira- It is unfortunate that gay studies pro-
cies.” Another friend of Newstead and grams in US universities, so preoccupied Vote Bill Thompson on November 3rd.
Stringer cooperated with the police and with the arcana of “queer theory,” are A Mayor for all New Yorkers
declared “there were a good many more not sufficiently encouraging research of
in the gang.” It was also revealed that this kind on our own history, so much
Stringer used multiple aliases and had of which still remains unexplored, and Also endorsed by:
recently returned illegally from a crimi- not producing more books like this on
nal sentence that had sent him to one homosexuality in America. With “Before State Senator Assemblymember
of England’s colonies. Letters to the edi- Wilde,” Upchurch has set a standard for Thomas Duane Daniel O’Donnell
tor began to appear in the newspapers depth and originality of research and
about the case, with one to the Times creative social analysis that our own gay Assemblymember Assemblymember
signed “A Solicitor” asking, “Now, Sir, historians would do well to meet. Deborah Glick Matt Titone
Assemblymember Councilmember
0<:2 .@ F<B .?2 Micah Kellner Rosie Mendez
<? .@ F<B¸?2 ;<A
@.A <0A</2? A5
?.3392  /.? A./@  3?22 @5<A@
0<@AB:2 =?6G2@  A?2.A@ ;< A?608@
Paid for by New Yorkers for Thompson
281 W 12TH ST @ 4TH ST, NYC - 212-243-9041
29 OCT -11 NOV 2009

6/ Legal
Trans Dad Can Seek Custody
Brooklyn judge finds “extraordinary circumstances”
BY ARTHUR S. LEONARD as father on the birth certificate. J.R. asthma condition, neglected to give him extraordinary circumstances.”
remained home with the baby for the first his medication, had him share a bed with The judge found that K.B.’s custody

Brooklyn trial judge has ruled that six months, with K.B. providing the fam- her and her boyfriend, and, in front of the petition met these requirements. The court
due to “extraordinary circumstanc- ily’s sole support. After that, the couple child, referred to K.B as a “fucking bitch.” noted that the couple had lived as hus-
es” a mother may not object to the switched roles. The child told the attorney appointed to band and wife for eight years, and acted
standing of her transgendered spouse in a When the couple broke up in 2006, J.R. represent his interests that J.R. disciplined in every way during the child’s early years
custody dispute pending in State Supreme moved out, leaving the child with K.B. J.R. him severely, using a belt on his genitals as a family, leaving the documentary trail
Court. Justice Esther M. Morgenstern, later claimed that she had been the victim and butt. As a result, J.R temporarily lost of a family, including a marriage cer-
having denied a motion by the mother, of domestic violence, but K.B. countered his visitation rights. tificate, the consent form for J.R.’s donor
J.R., to disqualify the father, K.B., from that she moved out to live with another The couples’ agreement that their mar- insemination, and the birth certificate.
seeking custody, will proceed to determine man. Justice Morgenstern noted that J.R. riage was void, since K.B. was not consid- The couple had “encouraged K.B., Jr.,
whether the father’s petition should be “never explained why she left the child ered male under the law, opened up the to accurately and without qualification
granted in the best interests of their son, with” K.B. Both parties filed petitions for main legal question in the case — under address and consider the Petitioner as his
K.B., Jr., who has already lived with uncer- legal custody of K.B., Jr., in 2007. J.R. New York law, an “unrelated” person (in father for more than six years,” she wrote.
tainty for two of his seven years. alleged that it was in the child’s best inter- many such cases, a same-sex ex-partner) Morgenstern also pointed out that J.R.
K.B. was born female but has identi- est to be in her custody because K.B was does not have standing as a “parent” to had chosen to interrupt her custody of the
fied since his teen years as male. In 1998, a woman, one whose domestic violence seek custody of a child over a natural par- child, and then lost her temporary visita-
he obtained a legal name change from his was a threat to the child’s safety. The ent. The exception to this precedent, how- tion rights due to her conduct. The judge
birth name, Cassandra, and married J.R. city’s Administration for Children’s Servic- ever, is the doctrine of “equitable estoppel,” wrote, “It is more than likely that if the
K.B. has taken hormones to masculinize es investigated, and found that the child under which the natural parent’s preroga- relationship is terminated it would have a
his body, but has not yet undergone his considered K.B. his father and was bond- tives are constrained by the “extraordinary devastating psychological and emotional
planned gender reassignment surgery. ed to him, and also found that the couple circumstances” of a particular case — fac- effect on the child.”
Four years after marrying, J.R. became married and together planned to have the tors involving a strong parental relation- Morgenstern specifically found that
pregnant through donor insemination, child, with K.B. in the role of father. ship that the “unrelated” person has estab- K.B.’s biological status as a woman was
with K.B. signing the required consent Serious charges surfaced against J.R. lished with the child. irrelevant to the case. The judge discount-
form. Their son, named after K.B., was — that during her visitation with the child, “Psychological bonding between a non- ed J.R.’s argument that K.B. had com-
born in June 2002, and K.B. was named she gave him food that aggravated his biological parent and a child has resulted mitted a fraud by applying as a man for a
in a court finding that extraordinary cir- license to marry, noting that the mother
cumstances do exist which allowed the was complicit in that, and so could not
non-biological party to petition a court for use it against the child’s father. The court
custody,” Morgenstern wrote. “Extraor- found that J.R. had “abdicated her parent-
dinary circumstances may be found even ing authority” to K.B., fostered his relation-
in the absence of a finding of unfitness by ship with the child, and could not dispute
the biological parent. If removal from the the existence of close father-son bonds. It
custody of a non-parent would cause ‘sig- would not be equitable to allow her now to
nificant emotional injury’… the possibil- disavow all of that and bar him from seek-
ity of that injury would justify a finding of ing custody.


A New York State appellate panel has unanimously appeal. The Appellate Term panel — Justices Douglas
reversed a February decision by Civil Court Judge Manuel E. McKeon, Martin Schoenfeld, and Martin Shulman —
J. Mendez that sought to require a transsexual applicant unanimously reversed Mendez, granting the name change
for a legal name change to provide medical substantiation “corresponding with petitioner’s male gender identity”
of gender transition. McKeon wrote, “in the absence of evidence of fraud, mis-
At the same time, the Manhattan Supreme Court representation, or interference with the rights of others.”
Appellate Term ruling, issued on October 21, cautioned The opinion continued, “There is no sound basis in
that the name change would not signify that Olin Winn- law or policy to engraft upon the statutory provisions an
We proudly support the gay community! Ritzenberg, previously known as Leah Yuri Winn-Ritzen- additional requirement that a transgendered petitioner

berg, had won a legal change of gender. present medical substantiation for the desired name
The Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund’s change.” However, the court emphasized, “in granting
Name Change Project had filed a petition on Winn- petitioner’s application, we do not address the separate
Ritzenberg’s behalf in New York City Civil Court, where it issue of whether petitioner has changed gender for legal
HERE’S TO ALL THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS & PROGRESS! was assigned to Judge Mendez. Mendez’s opinion deny-
ing the petition, finding that the court could not allow
There is an unfinished debate among the courts about
somebody born female to take up a male name without what is legally necessary to recognize an individual’s
medical proof., stirred outrage and consternation in the change of gender identity where the law takes account
Full bar transgender community. The volunteer attorneys prepar- of gender, such as the right to marry in all but six states.
ing the petition — Brenna DeVaney, Benjamin Edwards, Many courts insist that only after a full gender transition,
and Daniel Gonen, and Janson Mao —understood that state including surgical alteration, can an individual change his
outdoor law freely allows people to change their names. or her legal gender, a contention that is a matter of consid-
patio! TLDEF appealed on Winn-Ritzenberg’s behalf, with erable controversy among legal scholars and transgender
amicus assistance from Lambda Legal and cooperating rights advocates.
Our 19th Year! www.manatusnyc.com attorneys at Debevoise & Plimpton. Gonen argued the — Arthur S. Leonard

“NARAL Pro-Choice New York is thrilled

to endorse Speaker Christine Quinn for
re-election to the New York City Council.
A true ally and tireless advocate, Speaker
Quinn has made the rights and health of
women a priority for New York City. New
York City’s women could not ask for a
more committed friend and partner.”

“Quinn is the complete package; she

has the experience, the skills and the
commitment that the district needs.”

“Tenants have never before made the

kind of advances in strengthening tenant
protection laws and preserving affordable
housing as we have in the last three-and-
a-half years. That’s thanks to Christine
Quinn. We’re lucky to have her as City
Council Speaker. And for those of us who
live here, we’re even luckier to call her
our Councilmember.”

“Chris has been just incredibly involved in

the fight for marriage equality. When New
York finally grants LGBT couples our full
civil rights—and it will—it will be in no
small part because of the calls she’s made,
the rallies she’s led, and the proud exam-

ple she sets every day, for all New Yorkers,

at City Hall.”

Paid for by Quinn 2009
29 OCT - 11 NOV 2009

8/ Endorsement

The Campaign That Has Not Happened


GBT supporters of Mayor tion to the Independence Party At an endorsement meet- based evolution curriculum.
Michael R. Bloomberg last year was used to sup- ing on October 9, the mayor Why then did his all-star
editor@gaycitynews.com cite attributes and port the three most stridently acknowledged that Pada- health commissioner, Thomas
ASSOCIATE EDITOR achievements valued by other anti-gay Republican senators. van was not “gettable,” this Frieden, now the head of the
Duncan Osborne voters –– his compelling per - The mayor’s support for one time simply alluding vague- federal CDC, say, when dis-
CONTRIBUTING EDITORS sonal story as a business of them, Frank Padavan of ly to “upstate Republicans” cussing a new AIDS curricu-
Christopher Byrne (Theater), Susie Day, builder, the city’s continued Queens, helped him squeak whom he might bring around. lum under development, “I
Doug Ireland (International), Brian McCormick success in driving down crime, out a victory over Democrat- Bloomberg may be, as he don’t know that we will be able
(Dance), Dean P. Wrzeszcz
the curb on indoor smoking in ic City Councilman James says, the “main funder” of the to achieve everything that you
Betsy Andrews, Seth J. Bookey,
public spaces, an ambitious Gennaro, a vocal supporter of Senate Republicans, but the would want or I would want.”
Anthony M.Brown, Kelly Jean Cogswell, focus on greening the city. equal marriage rights. upstate incumbents have not That’s politics, not prog-
Dean Daderko, Tate Dougherty, Andres Duque, Many also single out his It’s fair to note that there accumulated the political debt ress.
Michael Ehrhardt, Steve Erickson, Nick Feitel,
Jim Fouratt, Joe Fyfe, Deborah Garwood, advocacy for marriage equal- are marriage equality oppo- that a Padavan has, so where The mayor’s record on
Erasmo Guerra, Emily Harney, Andrey Henkin, ity. The mayor has made sev- nents among the Senate is the mayor’s leverage? AIDS education stands in
Frank Holiday, Andy Humm, James Jorden, Brendan eral high profile appeals to Democrats, too, and that even Since the last election, stark contrast to the positions
Keane, David Kennerley, Gary M. Kramer, Arthur S.
Leonard, Rachael Liberman, the State Senate this year to after gaining the majority last Bloomberg has continued his championed by his opponent,
Michael T. Luongo, Lawrence D. Mass, approve the gay marriage bill November, their party did not support for the Republican City Comptroller William C.
Winnie McCroy, Eileen McDermott,
Gregory Montreuil, Ioannis Mookas, Carrie Moyer,
already adopted by the Assem- deliver a floor vote. But it’s a and Independence Parties, T h o m p s o n , J r. , w h e n t h e
Stephen Mueller, Christopher Murray, bly. On October 1, Bloomberg good bet that had Gennaro donating about $500,000, Democrat served as School
David Noh, Wayne Northcross, Lori Ortiz, recounted for a group of gay and perhaps another Demo- money that could return the Board president in the late
Pauline Park, Sheila Pepe, John Reed,
Nathan Riley, Andrew Robinson, Gerard Robinson, supporters how he had, that 1990s.
Chris Schmidt, Sarah D. Schulman, day, called the top Democrat Elsewhere, we can see
Jason Victor Serinus, Linda Shapiro, and Republican in the Sen- where politics has trumped
David Shengold, Gus Solomons Jr., David Spiher,
Drew B. Straub, Stefen Styrsky, Jerry Tallmer, ate and told them, “This is our Bill Thompson has a longer progress on issues the mayor
Stefanos Tsigrimanis, Kathleen Warnock, number one priority.” now trumpets. Just weeks
Benjamin Weinthal, Lee Ann Westover,
That’s heady stuff –– as the
and stronger suit on LGBT before the election, Bloomberg
James Withers, Kai Wright, Susan Yung
mayor spoke, the crowd came rights issues. named a commission to study
Mark Hasselberger
alive with applause and spirit- the issues facing LGBT home-
ed shouts. There is real value less youth, pulling in many of
Jamie Paakkonen in the public debate in the the leading advocates. But in
cumulative suasion of leaders crat or two prevailed in 2008, GOP to the Senate majority in each of the four years since
FRANCESCO REGINI like the mayor. the two disgraceful senators 2010, a perch from which they the City Council began appro-
francesco@gaycitynews.com The problem is that who this past summer crip- have consistently opposed gay priating money specifically
Bloomberg’s actions regard- pled a body riven by a 32-30 marriage. Our community can- targeting this vulnerable pop-
ing gay marriage have been at split would not have had their not afford that risk. ulation, the administration
colin@gaycitynews.com sharp odds with his laudable opportunity. The best infor - has refused to incorporate

words. A disjunction between mation available to Gay City n other key LGBT into its budget the funding
allison@gaycitynews.com words and deeds are unfortu- News indicates that with- issues, the mayor also critical to providing the beds
nately all too common in the out that disruption, Senator talks a better game that still number only in the
jsherwood@gaycitynews.com mayor’s LGBT record. Thomas K. Duane would have than he has played over the dozens — intransigence that
JULIO TUMBACO In 2005, at the same time gotten the marriage equality past eight years. He frequent- City Council Youth Services
julio@gaycitynews.com the mayor decided to appeal vote he seeks. ly mentions the continuing Chair Lew Fidler described as
DANI ZUPANOVICH a Manhattan district court The more salient question, decline in AIDS deaths in the “almost cruel.”
dani@gaycitynews.com judge’s pro-gay marriage though, as we face November city, yet fails to reiterate his Asked earlier this year
Please call (212) 229-1890 for ruling, for the first time he 3 is what the mayor can do long-since discarded 2003 about the false arrests of gay
advertising rates and availability. announced his support for to deliver Republican votes pledge to cut new infections men in video stores through-
ACCOUNTING marriage equality and pledged to bring the bill to the Sen- in half. Six years later, by the out Manhattan, the mayor
david@gaycitynews.com to lobby Albany to secure that ate floor, and on that point city’s own data, infections insisted questions be directed
right. That December, he told Bloomberg’s comments simply remain resistant to reduction to Police Commissioner Ray-
Rivendell Media / 212.242.6863 Gay City News, “When I say strain credulity. On Septem- among gay and bisexual men, mond Kelly. Two weeks ago,
Web master I’ll do something, I’ll do some- ber 17, Bloomberg told Gay with transmission actually Bloomberg said, “I’ve asked
Arturo Jimenez thing.” City News that he “suspected” rising among young men, par- Kelly about it,” but then
Gay City News, The Newspaper Serving Gay and Lesbian NYC, is pub-
he could deliver Padavan and ticularly men of color. added, “I’m not so sure he’s

lishedby Community Media, LLC. Send all inquiries to: Gay City News, et since that statement, Brooklyn’s Marty Golden, who Asked this month why he doing an investigation.”
145 Sixth Ave., First Fl., NYC 10013 Phone: 646.452.2500 Written
permission of the publisher must be obtained before any of the contents Bloomberg has contrib- have both backed up their has neglected more aggres- Mike Bloomberg is a CEO of
of this paper, in part or whole, can be reproduced or redistributed. All
contents (c) 2009 Gay City News. uted nearly $3.4 million outspoken opposition to mar- sive AIDS and condom edu- a mayor — he attracts top tal-
to support the state Republi- riage equality with legisla- cation in the public schools, ent and empowers them with
Gay City News is a registered trademark
of Community Media, LLC. can and Independence Par - tive and legal maneuvering. Bloomberg likened the ques- important missions. But some
John W. Sutter, President
Fax: 646.452.2501; ties, the bulk of those dollars When the two senators’ offices tion to divisive social debates smaller issues, especially
E-mail: JWSutter@communitymediallc.com directly funding State Senate were called to learn what the such as evolution versus cre- those that are thorny — home-
Republican incumbents, at a mayor had done to lobby them ationism. But the mayor is a less LGBT youth, gay men
26 issues, $90.00 time when that party’s major- on marriage, Golden’s office world-renowned public health falsely arrested — never make
(c)2009 Gay City News. ity refused to bring marriage did not respond. Padavan’s advocate, and he would never it onto his radar, and other
All rights reserved. equality to a floor vote. A $1.2 director of public affairs said countenance the schools
million Bloomberg contribu- Bloomberg had done nothing. backing down from a science- 䉴 ENDORSEMENT, continued on p.9
29 OCT - 11 NOV 2009

Endorsement /9
Other Picks For November 3
NEW YORK CITY charges, he tied them to a much broad- CITY COUNCIL at St. John’s University, and was among Democratic leaders of both the State
COMPTROLLER er pattern of “concerns about policing.” DISTRICT 25 the founders of the Queens Pride House Senate and Assembly also support the
“I don’t see the comptroller as a That holistic perspective will serve de Dating back to the early 1990s, when nearly a decade ago. One of the youngest issue and have expressed a willingness
bureaucratic position,” John Liu said Blasio well as public advocate. the anti-gay murder of Julio Rivera sparked board members at the Empire State Pride to move forward to make gay marriage
in a June Gay City News interview. outrage and a determination to speak up Agenda in the 1990s, he was also active a reality in New Jersey. Victory is within
“It absolutely can be and should be CITY COUNCIL and be visible in Queens, Daniel Dromm in early election campaigns by Manhat- our grasp, and counting on Corzine to
an office as agent of change.” Liu has DISTRICT 2 has played a critical leadership role in the tan LGBT officials. Van Bramer’s impres- sign a marriage bill as a lame-duck gov-
amply demonstrated his follow-through Rosie Mendez will probably not have borough’s LGBT community — in its annu- sive history of activism as an out gay man ernor is an iffy proposition. To help Cor-
in his eight years on the City Council, trouble in the general election, but it should al pride celebration, its community center, would make him an urgent voice on the zine win, visit gardenstateequality.org or
and that record lends substantial cred- not go unmentioned that the critical issues a gay Democratic club, and assisting the Council for the needs of our community. actblue.com/page/stonewallforcorzine.
ibility to his pledge to “shatter all the that brought her to public life — tenant pro-
records” in using New York City’s sub- tections, affordable housing, civil liberties, PROTECT
stantial pension investments as a tool and LGBT rights — have remained at the Victory is within our grasp, and MARRIAGE
to nudge corporate America toward fair center of her work on the Council. Still an EQUALITY IN
workplace practices for the LGBT com- activist after four years in office, Rosie Men- counting on Corzine to sign a MAINE
munity. dez deserves strong support on November 3. Maine’s newly enacted gay marriage
marriage bill as a lame-duck law is facing a grave threat on Novem-
NEW YORK CITY CITY COUNCIL governor is an iffy proposition. ber 3. The current polls show an evenly
PUBLIC ADVOCATE DISTRICT 3 divided electorate with anti-gay forces,
As head of the City Council Gen- In the next four years, we would like including the Catholic Church nationwide,
eral Welfare Committee, Bill de Blasio to see more aggressive leadership from victims of homophobic violence and their pouring money into a television and get-
mobilized voters to advocate for their Christine Quinn. It is clear to us, how- families. He is a dedicated activist and NEW JERSEY out-the-vote effort. The No On 1/ Protect
own interests. “The public advocate ever, that Quinn’s reelection — and the hard worker who has kept on his toes GOVERNOR Marriage Equality effort still needs to
is the watchdog,” de Blasio told Gay potential that she will serve another throughout a long campaign season. In the hotly contested race for Gar- make roughly 500,000 calls to Maine
City News earlier this year. “But you term as speaker — will preserve a criti- den State chief executive, only one of voters and is actively seeking volunteers
don’t just stand up… you go and orga- cal progressive voice on the Council and, CITY COUNCIL the two major candidates — the incum- from the Northeast to pitch in. If you are
nize communities to achieve political crucially from the standpoint of our com- DISTRICT 26 bent Democratic governor, Jon Corzine able to travel to Portland and give a day
change.” When discussing the recent munity, keep a proven LGBT advocate at Jimmy Van Bramer has been an activ- — supports our right to same-sex mar- or two of your time, visit http://protect-
false arrests of gay men on prostitution the highest councils of city government. ist dating back to his years as a student riage. That is a live issue because the maineequality.org for details.

䉴 ENDORSEMENT, from p.8 is unfortunate that the mayor reassurance for voters during age, but the victim is not Bill hear the specifics of how each
has made the divisive argu- anxious economic times. Thompson. The real losers are candidate will go about cut-
important questions — mar - ment that the comptroller is We have known Thomp- the voters of New York, who ting programs or increasing
riage equality and AIDS edu- laying low in this campaign son throughout his tenure as deserve real debates on ques- revenues in this brutal fiscal
cation — take a back seat to on the question of marriage comptroller, and have taken tions for which neither our climate.
political imperatives, whether equality in order to pull out a favorable measure of the elected officials nor our som- On the question of policing
helping out GOP friends in his African-American base. man and his core principles. nambulant city press corps and crime prevention, how do
the State Senate or letting his But Thompson’s limited Recently, we had the chance are providing clear answers. we balance the need for public
schools chancellor overrule campaign funds –– Bloomberg to sit down with him for an safety with the NYPD’s appall-

his health commissioner. is currently outspending him hour to discuss the current uring this campaign, we ing rate of stop and frisks––
more than 16 to 1 –– has campaign. While his record, should be addressing pegged at more than 600,000

ill Thom p s o n h a s a given him a very small win- we believe, makes him the the intractable problem a year, the vast percentage of
longer and stronger dow for snaring public atten- superior candidate on LGBT of HIV transmission. them people of color?
suit on LGBT rights Bloomberg ought to explain The city deserves debate
issues. On every issue that why he brags about how few about whether vacancy decon-
the mayor claims bona fides, people live on the streets com- trol has canceled out the prog-
the comptroller was there first Elections are about making pared to other large cities, even ress on building new afford-
and holds a more unambigu- as the census of families living able housing.
ous position. His advocacy for choices. We urge a vote in city shelters breaks records. Elections are about mak-
workplace fairness — through for Bill Thompson. Thompson needs to con- ing choices, no matter how
shareholder resolutions aimed vince voters that he has con- dissatisfied we as voters may
at companies in which the city crete ideas for smart and be about the responsiveness
pension funds invest — has tough-minded stewardship of of candidates to our desire
led to nondiscrimination pro- tion; unfortunately he has not issues, we have been disap- the city budget when resourc- for infor med debate. Mike
tections and equal partner used it to best advantage. It pointed that his campaign es are severely reduced. Both Bloomberg has not convinced
benefits for LGBT workers at is certainly appropriate that has not built on his animating candidates must address, in us that he and his Republican
nearly 75 major corporations. the Democrat emphasize an beliefs to better articulate a detail, how they will balance allies will put the needs and
That is a significant accom- issue that disturbs many New vision for steering the city at a the budget in a climate of fall- aspirations of the gay commu-
plishment that had helped Yorkers –– the mayor’s machi- time of great potential but also ing city revenues and uncer- nity ahead of politics. LGBT
reshape American business nations last year that allowed severe fiscal stress. tain transfer payments from New Yorkers are looking for
well beyond the borders of him to run for a third term. The mayor’s unfettered per- a state in even worse shape. a leader and advocate in City
New York. But “Eight Is Enough” is sim- sonal spending on his own It is easy to talk about new Hall. We urge a vote for Bill
Given Thompson’s record, it ply not enough of a public campaign does real dam- programs, but voters need to Thompson.
29 OCT -11 NOV 2009

10/ Perspective

US Policy Invites Medical Marijuana Golden Age


he National Equality March drew their decisions. The most permissive medical mari- pose far greater problems. A Californian
an affable response from Presi- The old laws are still being enforced, juana law was passed by referendum in can toke on grass without establishing
dent Barack Obama, who stepped but a new attitude is blossoming. The California. There, almost any disorder social ties with criminals.
into the spotlight with a major speech audience receptive to permissive policies a patient describes can qualify them for New York State will choose its own
about gay rights. is growing. The Gallup Poll found that medical marijuana. Rhode Island and approach to MMJ. Congress will not be
The next week another campaign com- 54 percent of all Democrats favor legal- New Mexico may develop tighter stan- debating the issue any time soon, but
mitment received different handling from ization. Support for legal smokes in the dards. it seems probable that the State Legis-
the administration. Medical marijuana general public has reached 44 percent, The California law shields users from lature will be confronting it as early as
was sent out of town for try-outs. up from 31 percent in 2000 when George one of the greatest harms smoking poses next year. Medical Marijuana is a popu-
And nearly everyone is happy with the Bush was elected president. This is not — getting arrested. It creates safe places lar policy, making it likely that the Alba-
result. medical marijuana; this is legalization. for buying cannabis in a form that can ny debate will be focused on just how
Attorney General Eric Holder’s new Go to the store, buy a joint, and pay your be smoked — or drunk or eaten, for that liberal a law to settle on. Agreement may
policy allows states to develop their own taxes. matter. Many doctors prefer that their elude the Legislature next year, given
medical marijuana laws and regulations. Of course, the federal government did patients chew marijuana brownies or that 2010 is an election year, but the
Reformer Ethan Nadelmann, of the Drug not legalize pot. Major growers and drug use marijuana teas. These safer inges- issue will arrive foursquare on its agenda
Policy Alliance, praised the administra- enterprises remain in trouble. A few days tion routes are seldom prepared in illegal in any event. This represents a drastic
tion for sending “a persuasive signal after the attorney general’s announce- markets. change in the political climate, and even
that the feds will respect state medical ment, 300 members of a Mexican drug Less certain is the impact that creat- though there will be no debate on Capitol
marijuana laws and no longer exercise or cartel operating in the United State were ing a medical setting for marijuana use Hill in Washington, the US attorney gen-
threaten the constitutional trump card of indicted. In the San Francisco Bay Area, will have. Will people less focused on the eral’s action has proved already how big
federal supremacy.” US attorneys indicted 18 for converting illicit liberation of the underground pot a difference a Democratic administration
The policy shift has an immediate suburban homes into grow houses like world be more cognizant of dosing and makes.
impact on Rhode Island and New Mexi- the ones so vividly portrayed on Show- less likely to take risks? It’s clear that In New York City, the question is how
co. They have passed MMJ laws and are time’s “Weeds.” Marijuana is still illegal, the venue for acquiring marijuana has much longer the police department will
now drafting regulations licensing medi- and the government continues to crack improved dramatically under the Califor- send people to jail overnight for pub-
cal marijuana dispensaries. Officials in down on international drug enterprises. nia law; the markets for pot and for other lic possession of marijuana. The issue
the states will be in a position to use their But a door has opened, and those who drugs are severed. Medical pot buyers didn’t surface in the 2009 mayoral elec-
best judgment without worrying that want to end drug prohibition can now can’t include in their one-stop shopping tion — really, what issue did? — but it
hostile US officials will second-guessing see a path to walking through it. meth, cocaine, and heroin, drugs that may catch the public’s eye next year.


AIDS POLICY & October 26, 2009 socks, underwear, telephone, visiting your grand- who it appears, have the support of the overwhelm-
LEADERSHIP To the Editor: children, toothpaste, toothbrush… the only people ing number of actual PWAs, are almost all black and
Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC) would like to in New York State, the only people who have to pay Latino. These leaders have rejected the top-down
October 23, 2009 respond to Bradford Campbell’s perspective in the Oct. more than 30 percent of their income” are those living approach of organizers; basically, they publicly stated
To the Editor: 15-28 issue of Gay City News. GMHC fully supports with HIV. these people don’t reflect the new face of HIV/AIDS,
Both in spirit and in facts, Bradford Campbell’s legislation led by Assembly Member Glick and Sena- We couldn’t agree more. and refused to be led or “organized” by them.
letter “A fuller Picture on HASA Rents” (Letters tor Duane that would call for a rent cap ensuring cli- Marjorie J. Hill, PhD Almost all PWA leaders and HIV/AIDS agencies
to the Editor, Oct. 15-28) was misguided. While ents of New York City’s HIV/AIDS Services Administra- Chief Executive Officer — including GMHC, Harlem United, and the New York
Mr. Campbell asserts that the financial assis- tion (HASA) would pay only 30 percent of their income Gay Men’s Health Crisis City AIDS Housing Network — refused to endorse and
tance that people receive from the HIV/AIDS Ser- toward rent. This would standardize HASA benefit cal- attend this protest. Further, Manuel Rivera, the new
vices Administration constitutes a “lifestyle” that culations to be consistent with federal Department of PWA member of the GMHC board of directors, has
inspires “envy,” he fails to mention that all HASA Housing and Urban Development policy. HASA clients October 26, 2009 pressured GMHC to withdraw from the entire coali-
recipients who would benefit from the 30 percent must demonstrate income criteria and symptomatic To the Editor: tion.
rent cap are disabled — hardly what most people HIV infection; they are more likely to be living in pov- I and many others are surprised that Gay City News It may be a hot topic to discuss, as this same type
would consider the basis of an enviable lifestyle. erty and have progressed HIV infection. In most cases, seems to ignore the split that is taking place within the of split is becoming evident in the larger LGBT commu-
Campbell is also miffed that HASA recipients they are unable to remain in the workforce. HIV/AIDS community. nity. And people may not want to talk about such.
receive a $200 monthly subsidy for food. No rea- It is important to remember that the benefits The rally last week held outside of Mayor But that is the real story, and I urge you to write
sonable person would consider a daily $6.67 food included with HASA as it stands now do not account Bloomberg’s headquarters, supposedly to express about that.
subsidy a luxury. for transportation, hygiene products, furniture, and rage against his HIV/AIDS policies, drew maybe 100 Richie Qwan
Enviable lifestyles aside, Mr. Campbell and other basic necessities. While GMHC is grateful for all people, if not less. Via Email
state legislators considering the 30 percent of the benefits New York City and HASA do provide for The rally was not the story, but rather the lack of
rent cap (which would cap HASA-recipient rent those living with HIV/AIDS, it is important to always participation, and support from most of the current
contributions at 30 percent) should focus on the advocate for the highest quality of life possible. Not leaders in the HIV/AIDS community. It had nothing WRITE US!
fact that housing for poor people and the associ- only would this bill bring rent caps to a consistent 30 to do with support, or non-support of Bloomberg, but Address letters to the editor, of no more than 250
ated improved health care outcomes save money. percent level for federal programs, but it would better rather the changing faces of leadership, which has words, to:
Housing reduces the demand for emergency room ensure stable housing and increase the quality of life broken down around racial lines. Editor@gaycitynews.com ;
care, shelters and other costly city services. If for the clients. The organizers of the rally were mainly white, pro- Or fax them to 646-452-2501;
HASA clients also lead an enviable lifestyle, well, While giving a speech on the State Senate floor fessional organizers, and policy staffers who, main- Or mail them to 145 Sixth Ave., 1st fl., New
then so much the better. about the importance of this legislation, Tom Duane taining a tight collegial bond among themselves, do York 10013.
Charles King stated, “What does this bill do? This bill would let not have a solid base within the actual PWA commu- Please include your phone number, for confirmation
President and CEO someone living, if they could find a private home to nity, whose mandate they say they uphold. purposes only. The editors reserve the right to edit all
Housing Works, Inc. live in, to live on more than $30 a week... Toilet paper, Rather, the new leaders within this community, letters due to space constraints.
29 OCT - 11 NOV 2009

Perspective /11

Herta Müller Is A Hero


t should have gone to Philip she’s obsessively and brilliantly you in the river.” Instead, he each complicit act, the active
䉴 OCT 30, from p.3 Roth. Philip Roth, or maybe considered the legacy of com- denounced her to the other betrayals, as well as the times we
Joyce Carol Oates. That was munism in Romania: the spy- workers as a spy and made her turn our eyes away. She shows
scenes from “Un Ballo in Maschera,” the consensus on the American ing, betrayal, hatred, and loss. a pariah. Shortly afterwards, what happens when we accept.
“Rigoletto,” “Don Carlo,” “Norma,” “La side of the pond after Herta Mül- Born into a German-speak- she lost her job. And forget. And go silent.
Forza del Destino,” “The Pearlfishers,” ler was named the latest winner ing minority in the Romanian Like other uncooperative We are lucky when writers
and more. Special guests include Lucine of the Nobel Prize in Literature. countryside in 1953, her peas- writers, her work was censored, like Müller refuse. There’s a cer-
Amara, Zexun Shen on cello, Elizabeth In a Washington Post article, ant mother suffered several and she was under constant tain amount of courage you have
Friedman on violin, and Horace Beasley Mary Jordan asked, “Herta years in a Ukrainian gulag, sent surveillance. She was inter - to have. A certain amount of
on piano. All proceeds benefit the Trinity who?” and quoted that lumi- there like other ethnic Germans rogated and humiliated. Her mulishness. A sense of self-pres-
Place Shelter for Homeless LGBT youth. nary Harold Bloom announcing by Romania’s Soviet occupiers. house was bugged. They threat- ervation that extends beyond the
Trinity Lutheran Church of Manhat- he had, “Nothing to talk about During World War II, her father ened her. Even in 1987, when body. We get a glimpse of that
tan/Iglesia Luterana Trinidad, 164 W. because I have never heard of was in the SS. “My father hated she finally was able to move in her 1991 “Der Teufel Sitzt im
100th St., east of Amsterdam Ave., 7 this writer.” Jordan likewise Spiegel” (“The Devil Sits in the
p.m. Suggested donation is $10. featured a German bookstore Mirror”), quoted in Verena Auf-
✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ owner characterizing Müller fermann’s biographical essay
as popular only “with a minor-
After 30 years under a dictatorship, about the writer:
TELEVISION ity of intellectuals.” Finally, an she’s an expert on the damage we do “Writing is always the last
The History Around unnamed but “prominent editor
to ourselves with each complicit act. thing, the only thing that I
Us and writer in New York” sealed can (still) do, have to do, when
Village Voice columnist Michael her insignificance, declaring there’s nothing else I can do.
Musto hosts a lively tour of gay history that the 18-member Nobel jury When I write, it is always at
locations in New York City, exploring how was “in some other universe.” working in the fields and when with her husband to Berlin, the point where I can no longer
gay sexuality and gender identity have Which is absolutely true. he returned from the SS in there were traces of the secret deal with myself (and that also
been woven into the city’s fabric for hun- In this other universe that 1945, he became a lorry driver police. means the things that surround
dreds of years. The half-hour program, does not have America as its and alcoholic,” she has written. In Muller’s July 23 essay, me). When I can no longer
produced by CUNY TV, was inspired by heart, we’re celebrating the 20th “The combination is possible “Securitate in all but name,” pub- endure my senses. When I can
two books written by Daniel Hurewitz, anniversary of the fall of the in the countryside. My mother lished in the German weekly Die no long endure thinking. When
a Hunter College history professor — Berlin Wall. From Europe, the was and remained a peasant in Zeit, she wrote that despite the everything has become so com-
“Stepping Out: Nine Walks Through New world seems bigger than from the corn and sunflower fields. execution of Ceausescu, the fall plicated that I no longer know
York City’s Gay and Lesbian Past” and New York, and the stakes high- Corn for me is the socialist of the Berlin wall, and an innoc- where the external things begin
“Bohemian Los Angeles.” The special er. Many countries of the former plant par excellence: it displays uous new name, the Romanian or end. Whether they are inside
premieres Oct. 30, 10 p.m., on CUNY Soviet bloc are struggling with its colours, grows in colonies, Information Service, the secret me or the other way round.”
TV, channel 75, and repeats Oct. their totalitarian pasts, while blocks the view, and cuts your police continues largely intact: Word by word, our best writers
31, 5:30 & 11 p.m. After that, it will be established democracies are hands with its leaves while “According to their own figures, pull back the curtains and show
streamed on demand on cuny.tv. wrestling to balance their man- you’re working.” 40 percent of the staff was taken us the world. Müller does that
✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ date for civil liberties with the She herded cows as a child on from the Securitate. The real in her novels and her life. One of
so-called exigencies of fighting and worked on the farm. After percentage is probably much her first acts as a laureate was to
terrorism. studying literature in college, higher. The rest are retired, or support embattled Chinese writ-

SAT.OCT.31 And in this other universe,
where literature is still a battle-
ground of ideas and not some
she found work as a transla-
tor in a factory. To keep her
job, she had to agree to spy
“the new architects of the market
In her novels, those calcula-
ers at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Support KELLY in EXILE. Help

A Hell of a popularity contest, Herta Müller for Ceausescu’s secret police. tions are translated into human kickstart a gallery for free-range
Celebration! was the perfect choice. Through When she refused twice, a gov- terms. After 30 years under a dic- art by visiting kickstarter.com/
Theater for the New City’s 33rd more than 20 books and a ernment functionary told her, tatorship, she’s an expert on the projects/cogswell/b-ville-in-
annual Village Halloween Costume Ball, string of Europe’s top prizes, “You’ll be sorry, we’ll drown damage we do to ourselves with exile-gallery.
a unique festival that’s a grand coming-
together for everyday New Yorkers and
artists alike. The one-night fiesta takes 䉴 BRIEFS, from p.2 endorsement, but due to tensions explain why even her staff seemed Councilman Charles Barron, who Gotbaum Goes
over all four of TNC’s theater spaces, between the two — the speaker is confused as to the endorsement’s has publicly called for Quinn’s to Bat Against
plus its lobby and the block of E. At least [Quinn] mentioned his seen as too close an ally of Mayor timing, with one Council employee ouster — are too few to have an Post
Tenth St. btwn. First & Second Aves. name, and even went further and Michael R. Bloomberg, the Repub- intimating last week that the impact. “It’s a win-win for every- The October 27 cover of the
Big-band dance orchestras — includ- added two additional sentences,” licans’ candidate — he refused announcement would come before one,” she said of the endorse- New York Post, with a composite
ing La Cumbiamba, Hot Lavender Swing she quipped of the unenthusiastic to accept. So Quinn slipped in the the weekend. ment, “and now what we have photo doctored to put Philadel-
Band, an all-gay and lesbian 18-piece thumbs-up, which came during nod with little fanfare when speak- Still, the last-minute tip of the to do is get out the vote for Bill phia Phillies outfielder Shane Vic-
ensemble, and New York Flaggers — a question-and-answer session ing to reporters after the press cap should be enough to boost Thompson.” torino in a cheerleader’s skirt, has
take over the large Johnson Theater. with reporters following a press conference, framing her position Quinn, regardless of any linger- Kenneth Sherrill, a political drawn the ire of New York City
Outside, there are bluegrass and jazz conference on healthy eating in as an afterthought despite broad ing bad feelings between her and science professor at Hunter Col- Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum.
bands, fire-eaters, jugglers, storyweav- city schools. “So we’ll accept it, speculation over what she would Thompson allies on the Council. lege, believes James “knows In a press release issued just
ers and stilt dancers, all free to the pub- and we’ll run with it, and we look ultimately do. “I’ve spoken to “I’ve spoken to a number of mem- what she’s talking about.” He hours after the rag hit the streets,
lic. Indoors, there will be two continuous- forward to the next four years with Comptroller Thompson,” she said bers, and I believe I speak for a said, “I think that any speaker her office issued a release quot-
ly-running cabarets. Lobby attractions her as our leader.” at the event. “I told him that I am majority of members here in this who didn’t endorse his or her par- ing her saying, “Today’s cover
will include a Wiccan psychic reader, Quinn, an out lesbian Chel- supporting him and I’m ready to be body,” James said. “Her leader- ty’s candidate for mayor would makes it clear that the New York
astrology/numerology, astral portraits, sea Democrat, had apparently helpful in any way.” ship is secure.” be in difficulty. I don’t think this is Post is eager to add gay-baiting
approached Thompson, the city The back and forth between She added that “dissenting” going to be a cause for difficulty.”
䉴 OCT 31, continued on p.24 comptroller, earlier about the Quinn and Thompson helps members—such as Brooklyn — Patrick Hedlund 䉴 BRIEFS, continued on p.12

䉴 BRIEFS, from p.11 LGBT older people have been Lincoln Is No

Metropolitan Community Church of New York ignored and shut out from most Lincoln

Social Spiritual
to its tradition of tasteless, offen- public funding.” Blanche Lincoln, the US senator
Youth sive humor. Surely the Post could from Arkansas in the news for join-
Services have found a better, and more con- Golden Girl, ing Connecticut’s Joe Lieberman in

A church of lesbian,
and Sylvia Rivera

Food Pantry
gay, bisexual
and transgender vincing, way to point out the Yan- Indeed threatening to filibuster any health
people. Open to all. kees’ superiority without suggest- The Ali Forney Center, which care reform bill that includes a public
ing that the Phillies are gay (“Only provides housing and other critical option, is also proving to be useless to
in the City of Brotherly Love…”) services to as many as 1,000 home- her party on LGBT rights. According to
— and therefore, by their logic, less youth across New York City, the Arkansas Times, Lincoln respond-
Marriage Equality and bad at baseball. The sub-head of announced on October 27 that it ed to a constituent’s query, “Thank
Transgender Rights
the cover read: “The Frillies are had received a gift of $300,000.00 you for contacting me regarding the
The Reverend Pat Bumgardner, Pastor coming to town.” today from the estate of the late Employment Non-Discrimination
Weekly Sunday Services: 9 am (Traditional), 11 am (Celebration) The Phillies hope to extend actress Bea Arthur. In September, Act (S. 1584) which would prohibit
3 pm (Mandarin) and 7 pm (Praise & Worship) their World Series string to two in at a memorial service for Arthur, employment discrimination on the
11 am features ASL interpreter (1st, 2nd and 3rd Sunday of each month)
446 West 36th St. bet. 9th & 10th Ave. NY, NY 10018 the seven-game autumn classic who found fame on stage in basis of sexual orientation and gen-
212-629-7440 website: www.mccny.org email: info@mccny.org that began in New York as Gay City “Mame” and on TV in “Maude” der identity. However, equal rights
News goes to press. and “Golden Girls,” that it is pur- should not become special rights.”
chasing a building to house 12 So, apparently, she seems like
US Initiatives on
Rage against the machine...
youths to be named in her honor. an unreliable ally in any effort to

Joe Nardiello
LGBT Housing, “We are overwhelmed with stave off a filibuster effort by anti-
Elders gratitude that Bea saw that LGBT gay Republicans, although she could
The US Department of Hous- youth deserve as much love and stand with her party on gaining the 60
ing and Urban Development has support as any other young person, votes to invoke cloture and then vote
announced a series of steps aimed and that she placed so much value no on the underlying question. Still,
at ensuring that federal housing in the work we do to protect them, it’s a good thing that there are a few
programs do not discriminate on and to help them rebuild their Republicans — like Olympia Snowe

For City Council 39th District

the basis of sexual orientation lives,” Ali Forney executive direc- and Susan Collins, both of Maine —
and gender identity and that the tor Carl Siciliano said. who act in the spirit of their party’s
federal government improves its founding president on questions of
knowledge base about discrimi- Governor Don basic equality.
Independent. nation the community faces. In Carcieri Is a Big
Non-partisan. an October 21 release, Secretary (But Not Fat) Legal Battle May
Unwavering devotion to the public, period. Shaun Donovan announced that Idiot Be Brewing In
the definition of family under fed- Surrounded by five fellow New DC Marriage
Visit joe439.com Vote Nov. 3rd. Lets Go Joe! eral housing programs would be England states that allow same- Effort
Paid for by Joe Nardiello for City Council
expanded to include LGBT couples sex couples to marry, tiny Rhode As the Washington, DC, City
and their children, that their regu- Island, at least under its current Council began holding public hearings
lations would abide by state and leadership, is digging in to resist. on a bill to give same-sex couples in

%JHOJUZ local nondiscrimination protec-

tions, and that all FHA loan evalu-
ations would be carried out free of
Don Carcieri, the state’s Repub-
lican chief executive, traveled to
Newton, Massachusetts, in the
the nation’s capital the right to marry,
opponents of the move are pressing
the city Board of Elections and Ethics
“The evidence is clear that
Boston suburbs, to speak at a fund-
raiser for the Massachusetts Fam-
to allow them to place a referendum
on the ballot that would limit mar-
some are denied the opportunity to ily Institute, which the Providence riage to different-gender couples.
i"4".&3*$"/4 XFSFNJOEPVSGFMMPXDJUJ[FOTPGBGPVOEBUJPOBM make housing choices in our nation Journal noted considers homosex- Those opponents are not hopeful,
QSJODJQMF PG PVS GPSN PG HPWFSONFOU BMM BSF DSFBUFE FRVBM based on who they are, and that uality “destructive to individuals, the Washington Post reported — the
$POTJTUFOU XJUI UIF QVSTVJU PG MJCFSUZ BOE KVTUJDF GPS BMM  TBNF must end,” Donovan said. families and society.” Marriage same board earlier ruled it could not
TFY DPVQMFT TIPVME IBWF GVMM BOE FRVBM BDDFTT UP UIF SJHIUT BOE The secretary promised to equality has existed in Massachu- put the statute that grants recognition
SFTQPOTJCJMJUJFTCFTUPXFECZDJWJMNBSSJBHF “fast-track” the department’s study setts since 2004, and gay advo- to same-sex marriages from other
of anti-LGBT discrimination nation- cates successfully squashed two jurisdictions on the ballot because
i"4$"5)0-*$4 XFSFNJOEPVS$IVSDIPGBGPVOEBUJPOBMDPOWJDUJPO wide. separate efforts at repeal. it “would authorize discrimination,”
PGPVSGBJUI(PEJTMPWFBOEBMMUIBUBCJEFJOMPWFBCJEFJO(PEBOE Also on October 21, Health and The Rhode Island governor, contrary to the city’s 1977 Human
(PEJOUIFNɩFMPWFUIBUCSJOHTBOECJOETUXPQFPQMFPGUIFTBNF  Human Services Secretary Kath- speaking to a crowd of 350 on Rights Act.
PSPQQPTJUFTFY UPHFUIFSIBTBEJWJOFTPVSDF*UJTUIFSFGPSFTBDSBNFOUBM leen Sebelius announced the cre- October 15, said of marriage “This is the whole ballgame
JOOBUVSFBOETIPVMECFDFMFCSBUFEBTTVDICZPVS$IVSDIw ation of a national resource center equality, “It is a not civil right. I get right here,” the Post quoted Brian
to help community-based service aggravated when it is portrayed Brown, executive director of the
‰BEPQUFECZUIF%JHOJUZ64"#PBSEPG%JSFDUPST organizations understand the that way.” He also said families National Organization for Marriage,
+VMZ unique needs and concerns of older with one mother and one father which has battled marriage equality
LGBT individuals and assist them produce the healthiest climate for in California, Maine, and elsewhere,
in implementing appropriate pro- raising children, an assertion con- as saying. Brown added that if his

grams. The department’s release tradicted by prevailing social sci- group loses at the elections board,
noted that expert estimates of the ence research. “We are failing our “We will go to the higher courts…
number of LGBT Americans range children,” he added. The other side better be careful
from 1.5 to 4 million. The governor and the leaders what they wish for.”
 Michael Adams, executive of the State Senate and House in An October 26 City Council hear-
director of Services and Advocacy Rhode Island all oppose a marriage ing attracted emotional testimony
Dignity/New York meets every Sunday night at 7:30 p.m. for Mass and a for GLBT Elders (SAGE), said, “this equality bill that was introduced in from both sides of the issue. “Pass
social at St. John’s in the Village Church, 218 West 11th Street. For more resource center is a truly historic the Legislature. Carcieri said the this bill and finally make my brother’s
information, please visit us at www.dignityny.org or call 646-418-7039. recognition of the needs of LGBT issue should be decided by refer- partner of 15 years my brother-in-
older adults across the country endum. His office confirmed that law,” Marisa Levy said. But marriage
$ĖĝĖēģĒĥĚğĘĥęĖĨęĠĝĖğĖĤĤ and will make a huge difference
in the lives of so many seniors.
he has agreed to a meeting with
gay advocates, but no specifics
equality opponent Kathryn Pearson-
West said, “I am just outraged at
ĒğĕęĠĝĚğĖĤĤĠė-(#5ġĖĠġĝĖ For too long, programs that serve have been worked out. this hearing. I think it’s a joke. This is



Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Lieutenant Dan Choi. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Governor Jon Corzine.

Partnership Rights ME
at Risk on Nov. 3
Marriage Rights at
SD Risk on Nov. 3


Marriage Equality
Approval Possible
Marriage Rights

Eliminated Nov. 2008 TN


Equal Marriage Rights

Out-of-State Marriages Recognized

Comprehensive Non-Marriage Spousal Rights

Nov. 2009
Partial Partnership Rights

ESPA’s Alan Van Capelle and Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr. State Senator Thomas K. Duane and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.


29 OCT -11 NOV 2009

14/ Progress
Upbeat Pledges, Stern Warnings
Governor sees marriage in “next few weeks”; Van Capelle demands Senate allies step up to plate
䉴 continued from cover the deepening fiscal crisis gripping
the state, the principal reason he will
remarks, delivered at the group’s be calling the Legislature into special
annual Manhattan fall dinner on session sometime in November.
October 22, reflected his rising frus- At the conclusion of his remarks
tration with the allies the LGBT com- about the budget, Paterson said,
munity helped install. “We can find “There are difficult times, there are
other friends who will do that job for good times and bad times, but it is
us and do it faster,” he said of the always a good time for justice.” Then
potential that Senate Democrats referring to “unfinished business from
might fail to heed his call. “We know earlier this year” — which he later told
such friends exist.” reporters also included mortgage fore-
The threat to find “other friends” closure reform and other matters —
was, in fact, an echo of challeng- the governor pledged to put marriage
es Van Capelle once issued to the equality on the very first agenda, or
Republican leadership that held sway calendar in Albany parlance, for the
over the Senate for decades until last special session.
November’s election. Then, he warned That, he said, would lead to a favor-
that if the GOP leadership was unwill- able vote by the Senate, and his sign-
ing to allow votes on marriage equal- ing marriage equality — approved by
ity, transgender rights, and a school the Assembly in June –– into law “just
anti-bullying measur e, the Pride in the next few weeks.”
Agenda would work to put a new team After his remarks, reporters
in charge. The group held true to that pressed Paterson on how he could be
pledge. so confident about an issue the Sen-


Now, the Pride Agenda is stepping ate has avoided all year. “I don’t see
up pressure on the Democrats to make the future,” he responded. “I believe it
certain that, after a summer of chaos would pass. Many of the advocates are
in the Senate, they do not simply kick Governor David A. Paterson fields reporters’ questions following his address to the October 22 fall dinner of the Empire demanding that it come to the floor.
the can further down the street on State Pride Agenda in Manhattan. Either they want it to pass, or they
marriage equality. want to see how people will vote.”
“Some senators, even sponsors tories and offices. We have made it for botched maneuvers, and simple, The governor took another occasion
of the bill, in an attempt to slow us in churches and synagogues and in plain old foot-dragging is passed.” for humor, riffing, “Perhaps we could
down, will say that we have not made mosques. We have made on radio, on And then, Van Capelle took the bat- change the law and I could be gover-
our case,” Van Capelle argued. “That television, and in newspapers.” But, he tle directly to the two senators in the nor and majority leader of the Sen-
is a lie. We have made our case. We insisted, “The time for making cases is best position to ensure that there is ate.” But when asked directly about
have made it in union halls and fac- passed… The time for lame excuses, follow-through. “Senator John Samp- the leadership that Sampson — a
son, you are the leader of the State Brooklyn Democrat who only became
Senate. Senator T om Duane, you head of his caucus this past summer
have told us on multiple occasions amidst the upheaval that crippled
DUANE, O’DONNELL RESPOND you have the votes to pass this bill,” the Senate — is equipped to provide,
TO ESPA PRODDING Van Capelle thundered. “Give us the Paterson responded, “Senator Samp-
dignity, the rights, and respect we son I’ve heard on occasion say that he
Three days after Alan Van Capelle, executive son, you are the leader of the State Senate. Sena- deserve.” thinks the bill can pass... My under-
director of the Empire State Pride Agenda, used the tor Tom Duane, you have told us on multiple occa- A political insider in the hall could standing is he’s a supporter.”
occasion of the group’s Manhattan fall dinner to put sions you have the votes to pass this bill. Give us hardly be faulted for taking a quick The evening’s other speaker was
pressure on out gay Senator Thomas K. Duane to the dignity, the rights, and respect we deserve.” moment to catch their breath — the Senator Charles Schumer, a Brooklyn
deliver on his assurance he has the votes to pass When asked whether ESPA adopting that sort head of the state’s gay rights organi- Democrat making his first appearance
marriage equality, the Chelsea Democrat was of posture helped him in his vote-building effort in zation was challenging an eleven-year at the dinner in a number of years.
not interested in challenging ESPA on the value Albany, Duane said, “I’m a street activist at heart, gay veteran of the Senate, who has Earlier in 2009, Schumer embraced
of steely determination, even anger, as a tool in so it’s a very, very important tactic to get things carried the marriage equality bill for marriage equality for the first time,
demanding action. done. I use my emotions in my job to get things years, to prove true to his promise. 13 years after voting for the federal
“I am angry also,” Duane told Gay City News, done, and I think that’s what activists do.” An hour or so later, the governor Defense of Marriage Act while a mem-
following an October 25 forum hosted by US Sen- Daniel O’Donnell, the out gay Democratic arrived to lighten the mood. ber of the House. Schumer noted that
ator Kirsten Gillibrand at the LGBT Community assemblyman who steered the marriage equal- “If you’ve been telling your loved earlier in the day the Senate complet-
Center. “I don’t just gotta pray it’s going to hap- ity bill to passage in his chamber both in 2007 ones, you know, ‘I’d marry you, but ed action on the federal hate crimes
pen. I know it’s going to happen. I have tremen- and 2009, said, “The carrot often works better we have a legal problem,’” Paterson law, which now goes to President
dous sympathy for the anger, the impatience, the at the beginning of the process; the stick at the said, to gently rolling laughter. “Maybe Barack Obama for his signature.
fear that it might not happen. I absolutely under- end. Asked to clarify where in the process he like many straight people have done, The two mayoral candidates ––
stand and I feel that myself very deeply.” thought the Senate was, O’Donnell responded, you’ve led someone along … you’d incumbent Michael R. Bloomberg,
At the Sheraton Hotel on October 22, Van “One thing about making threats is that you better leave now. Marriage equality is running on the Republican line, and
Capelle, warning the majority Senate Democrats, need to be willing to follow through. I mean, are coming to New York State.” Democrat William C. Thompson, Jr., the
“We can find other friends who will do that job for you going to primary Tom? That doesn’t make The governor’s joke, however, came city comptroller –– made appearances
us and do it faster,” added, “Senator John Samp- any sense.” — Paul Schindler only after he offered the diners a bit during the evening’s cocktail hour but
of spinach himself –– an overview of did not stay for dinner.
29 OCT - 11 NOV 2009

Progress /15
Ducking Marriage Recognition Issue
Oral arguments questioning at Court of Appeals suggest desire for narrow ruling
BY ARTHUR S. LEONARD court were Godfrey v. Spano, department to recognize same- established marriage recog- ment actions that advance the
in which the Appellate Divi- sex marriages for purposes of nition principles, while two human rights of gay people.

he Court of Appeals, the sion for the 2nd Department public employee benefits pro- judges held that it was within ADF found New York taxpay-
state’s highest bench, rejected a constitutional chal- grams in the state. the discretion of the Civil Ser- ers willing to be named plain-
heard oral arguments lenge to an executive order by The 2nd Department ruling vice Department to decide that tiffs in the lawsuit, claiming
on October 13 in two cases Westchester County Executive was unanimous in finding that same-sex couples who mar - that Spano and the Civil Ser-
that provide a vehicle for Andrew Spano commanding because the Spano order had ried outside the state qualified vice Department had exceeded
weighing in on whether same- to be treated like dependents their constitutional powers
sex couples who marry else- in interpreting employee ben- with actions that could result
where are entitled to have efits rules. The minority opin- in the expenditure of taxpayer
their marriages recognized in
New York.
The court is fully aware that the ion said it was not necessary
or desirable for the court to
funds. New York law authoriz-
es taxpayers to file legal chal-
But judging by its ques- State Senate might obviate their take on the broader question lenges to unconstitutional gov-
tioning, many members of the of marriage recognition in this ernment expenditures.
court appear to be looking for
need to make a controversial ruling. case. The majority, in contrast, ADF attorney Brian Raum
a way to give a narrow ruling adopted the reasoning of the argued to overturn both Appel-
that would not necessarily set- Appellate Division for the 4th late Division rulings. His main
tle that question. Department in a 2008 case line of attack was that same-
The court is fully aware that agencies under his direction merely instructed county offi- requiring Monroe Community sex marriages should be treat-
the State Senate might obvi- to afford same-sex marriag- cials to follow the law, it was College to recognize the Cana- ed the same as polygamous
ate their need to make a con- es the maximum recognition not subject to challenge. dian same-sex marriage of one and incestuous marriages
troversial ruling by voting for available under the law, and The 3rd Department ruling of its employees. — the two categories of mar -
Governor David A. Paterson’s Lewis v. Department of Civil was expressed in divergent Both cases were brought by riages from other jurisdictions
marriage equality bill, already Service, in which the Appellate opinions, three judges hold- the Alliance Defense Fund, an that courts treat as exceptions
approved by the Assembly, Division for the 3rd Depart- ing that same-sex marriages Arizona-based Christian advo- to the general rule that out-of-
before the end of the year. ment rejected a constitutional are entitled to recognition as cacy outfit that specializes in
The two cases before the challenge to a decision by the a matter of the state’s well- attacking any laws or govern- 䉴 RECOGNITION, continued on p.20
29 OCT -11 NOV 2009

16/ Progress
Hundreds March for Jack Price
Counter-protesters support accused; other College Pointers say defense fabricated
䉴 continued from cover to integrate curricula with the
reality of gay lives and help
In September, Dromm won students overcome anti-gay
the Democratic nomination for prejudice have been deflected
City Council from the Jackson for decades by the New York
Heights district, a victory tanta- City public schools. (This
mount to election. reporter writes as one who
As 300 pr oceeded down lobbied for them in the late
the boulevard past the site of 1980s and early ’90s as direc-
the attack, Millie Franco and tor of education at the Het-
other staff from a beauty shop rick-Martin Institute.)
applauded them and con- Both alleged perpetrators,
demned the alleged perpetra- Daniel Aleman, 26, and Daniel
tors. “It was disgusting,” she Rodriguez, 21, who was appre-
said. “These two punks, two hended in Virginia, are now in
against one. Let’s see how custody and charged with fel-


tough they are behind bars.” ony assault as a hate crime. “I
“We’re here to deliver a mes- hope they rot in jail,” Price told
sage of hope,” Dromm told the the Daily News from his hos-
diverse crowd at the Poppen- Among those marching on College Point Boulevard on Saturday were City Councilman Tony Avella, gay activist and City Council candidate Daniel pital bed where he is recover-
husen Playground. “This will Dromm, Councilman Peter Vallone, Jr., Jack Price’s sister-in-law, Joanne Guarneri, and Council Speaker Christine Quinn. ing from a broken jaw, broken
never happen again. Enough is ribs, and collapsed lungs. “I
enough.” He praised the swift nearby Flushing, the Demo- don’t understand how someone
police work in the case. cratic candidate for city comp- can do this to somebody. They
“I am really pissed off,” said troller, who said, “This is a hate almost killed another human
Marisa Ragonese, director of crime that leaves emotional being.”
Generation Q for LGBT youth scars on all of us, not just Jack Price told the News that as
in Queens, who the day before, Price.” he went into a bodega on Col-
with Queens United Against Price’s sister-in-law, Joanne lege Point Boulevard to buy cig-
Hate Crimes, leafleted students Guarneri, and niece, Amanda, arettes, the men taunted him in
coming out of Flushing High also spoke. Spanish, calling him “a stupid
School, trying to dispel preju- There was much talk of what faggot” and “dumb faggot.” He
dice against LGBT people. She to do to counteract the kind of said, “They didn’t know I spoke
bemoaned the failure of Con- bigotry that often drives these Spanish.” When he came out of
gress to pass the federal hate attacks. Councilman Tony the store, he said, one yelled, “I
crimes act and of the state to Avella, who represents Col- know where you live, faggot,”
enact an anti-bullying law, as lege Point, said, “The one thing and the other said, “You better
well as the lack of education that has to happen is marriage run before he kills you.” Short-
about LGBT issues in the city’s equality so that people see that ly thereafter, they began their
public schools. gays and lesbians are equal to attack.
“I would bet my last mega- everyone.” He said his support P r i c e ’ s b r o t h e r, J o s e p h
phone that these two young of that issue and LGBT rights Guar neri, said befor e the
men were never educated about in general has not cost him march, “This kid, Danny Rodri-
gay people,” she told the crowd. politically in his district, despite guez, knew my brother. Some
“We need education in every its conservative reputation. He people can’t grip reality. They
single grade.” also said the city needs a “dep- build up hatred. It has to stop.”

Council Speaker Christine uty mayor for Human Rights to He also said that Price is “wor-
Quinn, an out lesbian Demo- educate kids” and pursue these ried about retaliation” when
crat from Chelsea, said, “We’ve investigations. he returns to the community.
done too many of these march- Workers at a hair salon a few yards from the scene of the beating applaud as the march against Queens Councilman Peter While Guarneri said his fam-
es. It’s important we keep doing hate proceeds on College Point Boulevard. Vallone, Jr., head of the Coun- ily accepted Price being gay, “a
them. These individuals didn’t cil’s Public Safety Committee, lot of people still think Jack was
beat him because they knew not look the other way.” eral Department of Educa- marched and told Gay City wrong.”
Jack. They beat him because of Congressman Anthony Wein- tion’s Office of Safe and Drug- News, “The message to youth Sp e a k i n g o f t h e a t t a c k ,
who he is.” er, a Democrat who represents Free Schools under President has to be that everyone needs Guarneri said, “If my own kids
“It is inappropriate to hate,” portions of Queens and Brook- Barack Obama. to be respected.” He said that did that, they’d be gone.”
Quinn added. “It is unaccept- lyn, thanked “the good people “When Jack comes back,” the message to those who A reporter from NY1 News
able to feel so confident in your of this diverse community.” He Weiner said, “we’ll walk shoul- would commit these crimes is, told Gay City News that “peo-
hate that you act out violently.” spoke up for Kevin Jennings, der to shoulder with him.” “We will find you and put your ple said on camera that Price
C o m p t r o l l e r Wi l l i a m C . formerly of the Gay, Lesbian Other elected officials speak- miserable self in jail.” got what he deserved.” Quinn
Thompson, Jr., the Democratic and Straight Education Net- ing at the rally included Queens Asked if students should responded to that news by
candidate for mayor, said, “We work, whom right-wingers at Borough President Helen Mar- be taught about the human- saying, “There will always be
will not let ourselves be divid- Fox News and elsewhere, he shall, Manhattan Borough ity of LGBT people, Vallone ignorant people. A few mis-
ed… Those of you who hate, said, are trying to hound out President Scott Stringer, and said, “I have no problem with
keep it to yourselves. We will of his job as head of the fed- City Councilman John Liu of that.” But systemic programs 䉴 MARCH, continued on p.17

at ihi
and prospective parents

A free support program of monthly workshops and

counseling on the psychological issues in family building

Funded by the NYS Department of Health

Next Upcoming Workshops:

“When Parents Come Out of the Closet”

“Heather Has Two Daddies”



The Institute For Human Identity
About 20 counter-demonstrators tried to send the message that alleged perpetrator Danny Rodriguez was not guilty of a TH!VE TH3T-ANHATTAN
hate crime.
䉴 MARCH, from p.16 lege Point woman at the anti-hate crime WWWIHI THERAPYCENTERORGFAMILYQ
march who wore a hood to obscure her
guided supporters [of the attackers] are identity and asked that her name not be
a minority.” used said that the stories are lies and
An interracial group of about 20 of that some among the suspect’s support-

|trinity choir
Danny Rodriguez’s supporters boldly ers are threatening people.
demonstrated across the street from
the rally with signs and chants insist-
“A lot of teens wouldn’t come here
today because they’re a gang,” she said.
ing that he did not commit a hate crime, “I’m afraid they’ll come after me. It’s
though most conceded the assault itself people who don’t like Jack who wrote
a New Season of Exquisite Music
was a crime. it,” referring to the graffiti saying that
Marcel Gelmi said, “Danny has gay Price was looking “for a good time” and
relatives and friends. It was an assault.
Drop the hate crime.”
giving out his number. She said vandals
wrote that her son “is a pussy” on her
Requiem & Remembrance
Gelmi is now famous for display- door using the same magic markers in
ing to WABC-TV News a tattoo on his the same script. “Everyone knows these
bicep reading, “Thou shall not lie with boys are troublemakers.” Jane Glover, Guest Conductor
a male as one does with a woman. It Stanley Rygor of Long Island City,
is an abomination. 1 Leviticus 18:22.” father of the late gay and AIDS activist 3CHÓTZMusikalische Exequien, (OWELLSRequiem,
Asked why he picked that particular Robert Rygor, said before the march, 2ICHAFORT Requiem, *OSQUIN Déploration sur la mort
Bible verse, he said, “It’s what I believe “I saw that video over and over, and it
in,” but refused to elaborate. When told made my blood boil. What I would have de Johannes Ockeghem
that the end of the verse is “they shall done if I witnessed it is killed them with Ticket prices Ticket sales
surely be put to death,” Gelmi pro- my bare hands. My son had close calls $20 General Admission trinitywallstreet.org/tickets
tested and pulled out his version of the in the Village with the likes of these bas- $10 Student/Senior* 212.866.0468
Bible that omitted that phrase. tards.” Rygor said he came to the march * Available at the door Trinity Church Gift Shop
“There’ll be gay people testifying in “to let people know what many of us feel
Danny’s defense,” Gelmi claimed. about this kind of atrocity.” In addition Venue
Joseph Perez, another of Rodriguez’s to calling for retribution, he said there Trinity Church
friends at the counter -protest, said, needs to education about gay people in Broadway at Wall Street
“[Price] blew kisses at [Rodriguez]. [Price] the schools.
was always writing on walls, ‘For a good Gay activist and civil libertarian Bill
time, call Jack,’ and putting his num- Dobbs, who opposes hate crimes laws,
ber there. [Price’s] a drug addict and a said, “Let’s keep our focus on justice
crackhead.” Perez said if a man blew and not veer off into vengeance. They
him kisses, he’d beat him up, too. “Take deserve a fair trial.” He believes in work-
me to jail,” he said. ing on community attitudes to reduce
Rodriguez’s friends have been telling anti-gay bigotry, but not in “making
these stories in his defense to the media these two individuals pawns in that
and prosecutors, but a middle-aged Col- larger fight.”
29 OCT -11 NOV 2009

18/ Progress

Friends of Religion-Based Bigotry


omosexuality is an that question because of the to equality and dignity. That same pain and trauma and see the harm that was
abomination” is the fact that a friend of one of the In Ames, Iowa, in 200, I met is being inflicted upon millions caused in these instances and
thought tattooed perpetrators had a tattoo on a mother whose daughter, 20 of gay and lesbian youth and understand why it was wrong.
on the hearts of and minds of his shoulder that reads “Thou years ago, had come out during their families all across Amer- Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and
too many in this nation, and it shall not lie with a male as one her marriage. In her daughter’s ica, and it must end. transgendered Americans are
is a harbinger of religion-based does with a woman. It is an court case over custody of her We do not need theologians targets of religion-based big-
bigotry and prejudice toward abomination. Leviticus 18:22” child, a South Dakota judge or religious groups to com- otry and prejudice today.
gay Americans today. It shouldn’t take an assail- cited the same Bible verse that municate the social and moral All Americans, particularly
The view that homosexuality ant’s friend having a biblical the man in Queens has tat- injustice of religion-based prej- those straight allies within
is immoral or sinful is behind verse tattooed on his shoulder tooed on his shoulder to say udice, bigotry, and discrimina- faith communities, must talk
the opposition to every legal to realize that religion is rel- that the mother was unfit to tion. History is the arbiter; it to our friends, parents, co-
measure aimed at allowing gay, evant to any discussion about have custody of her two sons. has judged such prejudice and workers, elected officials, and
lesbian, bisexual, and trans- the violence toward gay, lesbi- In Nashville, North Carolina, discrimination as unjust time fellow churchgoers and let
gendered Americans to enjoy an, bisexual, and trangendered last month, I met a mother who and time again throughout them know that religion-based
the same rights, protections, Americans. Too many of our had ostracized her son because history — particularly the his- bigotry is no friend of ours —
and human dignity as other friends, parents, co-workers, she had been taught that her tory of our own nation. and is no ally of our core faith
citizens — from a City Council elected officials, and church child’s homosexuality was an American Natives, women, principles of love, compassion,
vote in Kalamazoo, Michigan, members have it tattooed on abomination before God. He African Americans, interra- and respect.
to a statewide referendum to their minds and hearts. died six years ago in a town far cial couples, and even those
repeal marriage equality in Gay Americans have been away from home — both in dis- who have held minority reli- Brent Childers is the execu-
Maine. made free targets of condem- tance and emotionally. Her son gious beliefs have all been the tive director of Faith In America
An article on GetReligion.org nation, discrimination, and experienced immense pain at targets of misguided church (faithinamerica.info), which edu-
asked whether religion has any violence – whether physical, the hands of church teaching teaching used to justify looking cates the public about the harm
relevance to the story about emotional, or spiritual – by reli- that had taught this mother upon those groups as inferior, caused to gay Americans when
a gay Queens man who, on gion-based bigotry and preju- that it was okay to look upon unworthy, and undeserving religion-based bigotry and preju-
October 9, was attacked by two dice for far too long. It is time her son with rejection and con- of the same rights and protec- dice is used to justify condemna-
assailants allegedly because we recognize and acknowledge demnation — as an abomina- tions as others. In each case, tion, discrimination, and violence
he was gay. The article posed its relevance to the opposition tion. society can look back today toward the community.


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3\b`O\QS 3\b`O\QS renew your skin. Our specialized
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29 OCT -11 NOV 2009

20/ Progress

Down to the Wire In Three States


ail-bitingly close con- per, siphoned off potential anti- ture’s leading marriage equality GSE is pitching in, with an out-of-staters.
tests in three states vot- Corzine votes. advocate, as his running mate appeal for volunteers to work Opponents of marriage equal-
ing on November 3 will Corzine’s fate is of utmost in his reelection campaign. Still, on the governor’s behalf during ity are using some of the same
determine whether marriage concern to New Jersey marriage the issue did not come to a vote the campaign’s final weekend TV ad messages that proved
equality continues in Maine, equality advocates, given the this year, almost certainly out of and to help press for a marriage successful in California — in
a comprehensive package of governor’s increasingly enthu- an aversion for tackling some- equality vote in Trenton after one ad, a youngster asks her
domestic partnership rights siastic embrace of the issue. At thing so controversial — even in the race is decided. mother whether two local clergy
roughly equivalent to those in a February 28 fundraising gala a state where marriage equality In Maine, a poll issued on are “bigots” for opposing gay
civil unions remain available held by Garden State Equality, enjoys majority support in poll- October 11 by Public Policy marriage, something the girl
in Washington State, and a gay the state’s LGBT lobby, Cor - ing — during an election year. Polling found the electorate says she was told in school, and
marriage law moves forward in zine said, “I’m a Democrat and Privately, some marriage evenly divided, 48-48 percent, in another, an announcer calm-
New Jersey. I’m straight and I believe in advocates suggested that even on the effort to repeal the mar- ly assures listeners that the
In the Garden State, incum- marriage equality. If we work should Corzine lose, the Legis- riage equality law enacted this rights of gay and lesbian cou-
bent Democratic Gover nor past spring. Democrats opposed ples can be protected through
Jon Corzine, a same-sex mar- repeal 70-25, while Republicans domestic partnerships while a
riage supporter, could be on were in favor by a nearly inverse piece of paper floats by recount-
the verge of successfully rising 74-23. The other major divide ing how a second-grader in
from the political dead, as the
“I’m a Democrat and I’m was by gender — with women Massachusetts was taught he
most recent polling shows him straight and I believe in marriage opposing repeal 52-43 percent, could marry a boy.
with a statistically significant but men in favor 53-42. The gay marriage proponents
lead over challengers Christo-
equality,” Corzine said. Voting patterns by age were have responded to this sort of
pher Christie, a Republican for- a surprise — 18-29-year-olds scare tactic by quoting the state
mer US attorney, and Indepen- were about evenly split; those attorney general’s statement
dent Christopher Daggett, the 30 to 45 favored repeal by a that nothing in the marriage
ex-commissioner of the state together, 2009 will be the year lature could still pass a bill in 53-44 percent margin; those equality law places any require-
Department of Environmental when I will take this pen out of time for the lame-duck governor 46-65 opposed repeal 53-42; ment on what is taught in pub-
Protection. A Quinnipiac Uni- my pocket and we will sign the to sign it before leaving office in but then those over 65 favored lic schools. But Matt Foreman,
versity poll released October 27 marriage equality bill.” January. Whether elected offi- repeal 54-40. the former executive director of
gave the Democrat a 43-38 per- In contrast, as recently as cials, however, would be willing With the Catholic Diocese of the National Gay and Lesbian
cent lead over Christie among October 1, Christie said, “I do to incur voter wrath and politi- Portland, bolstered by the efforts Task Force, writing on Bilerico.
likely voters, with Daggett pick- not support same-sex mar - cal heat by going against the of local parishes and other dio- com, argued that the battle for
ing up 13 percent. riage. I’ve said that before, and express wishes of a newly elect- ceses nationwide, contributing the small sliver of “movable”
In July, Christie enjoyed a 12 I repeat it tonight... I would not ed governor is an open ques- at least $550,000 to the effort to voters will not be won through
point lead over Corzine, based sign a bill if it came to my desk.” tion. repeal marriage equality, LGBT television ads — and need not
in part on the state’s economic Steven Goldstein, GSE’s And LGBT activists are not advocates and their allies are be in as small a state as Maine.
troubles, an increase in the chair, and the leaders of the taking the chance. As the elec- flooding into Maine to assist “Ads cannot do it,” Foreman
sales tax, and proposed hikes in State Senate and the Assembly, tion approaches, they are busy the No on 1/ Protect Marriage wrote. “They must be matched
roadway tolls. By all accounts, both controlled by Democrats, on two fronts. Barbra Casbar Equality campaign. An official with face-to-face conversations
however, Christie has run a bad have consistently predicted Siperstein, president of the New with that effort estimated that a with voters. That ultimately was
campaign, and the flavor -of- that the votes would be there Jersey Stonewall Democrats half-million phone calls need to our downfall in California — our
the-month appeal of Daggett, for passing a gay marriage bill Continuing Political Committee, be made in the final week lead- side just didn’t have the capacity
who dramatically won endorse- once it hit the floor. Corzine has been beating the bushes ing up to November 3; the group to do this because the scale was
ment from the Star-Ledger, one picked Teaneck State Senator and the Web to raise funds to is offering as many free hotel
of New Jersey’s leading newspa- Loretta Weinberg, the Legisla- support Corzine’s reelection. rooms in Portland as it can to 䉴 THREE STATES, continued on p.34

䉴 RECOGNITION, from p.15 but he could not come up with their employee benefits. The most active question- contention that recognizing
any example of where it had Samberg-Champion led off ers, Lippman, Judge Robert out-of-state same-sex mar -
state marriages are recognized resulted in taxpayer funds and quickly conceded that Smith (who wrote the court’s riages at a time when same-
in New York. being expended. his client could “live with” the plurality opinion in the Her - sex couples can’t marry within
Raum conceded that if the Three attorneys argued to court deciding the case with- nandez case in 2006, rejecting the state would be like placing
Civil Service Department had uphold the Appellate Divi- out resolving the underlying the state constitutional claim a higher value on the resi-
extended benefits without for- sion rulings. Assistant Solici- marriage recognition issue. for same-sex marriage in New dents of other states than on
mally recognizing the same- tor General Sasha Samberg- He was pushed on this by York), and Judge Eugene Pig- New Yorkers, characterizing it
sex marriages as “marriages,” Champion from the attorney more than one of the judges, ott, Governor George Pataki’s as “discriminatory.”
his clients would have no general’s office appeared as they probed to determine last appointee to the court, Samberg-Champion kept
objection. That point led Chief to defend the Civil Service whether there was a way all pushed on the question coming back to the argument
Judge Jonathan Lippman to D e p a r t m e n t ; We s t c h e s t e r they could avoid taking up of whether affirming the 3rd that the court would only
suggest that the Civil Ser - County Attorney Mary L ynn the politically charged ques- Department’s majority opin- be deciding the issue with
vice challenge was just about Nicolas- Brewster argued in tion. Judge Victoria Graffeo ion would mean that the court respect to public employee
semantics. support of Spano’s executive expressed concer n that a was deciding that marriage benefits, and that the lower
On the Spano order, Raum order; and Lambda Legal’s broad marriage recognition recognition question with all courts would be left to decide
worked hard to convince the Susan Sommer appeared on ruling would go beyond pub- its potential ramifications, recognition issues on a case-
court that it was not just a behalf of some same-sex mar- lic employees and also affect and not just for purposes of by-case basis depending on
symbolic statement of sup- ried couples who had inter - private businesses through- public employee benefits.
port for same-sex couples, vened in the case to protect out the state. Pigott harped on the odd 䉴 RECOGNITION, continued on p.21

䉴 RECOGNITION, from p.20 equality, and Ciparick, an appointee of

former Governor Mario Cuomo, joined
circumstances. former Chief Judge Judith Kay’s dis-
Lippman was persistent in raising
the question of whether it was more
sent in that case.
Judges Graffeo and Susan Phillips
appropriate to settle the recognition
issue broadly or to let it play out agen-
Read, both Pataki appointees, asked
plenty of questions without necessar- ±"UUPSOFZBU-BX±
cy by agency, county by county, deci- ily signaling their view on the merits.
sion by decision. Graffeo authored a concurring opinion
Nicolas-Brewster was in the posi- in Hernandez, rejecting the constitu-
tion of trying to defend a Westchester tional marriage claim, but her ques-
County executive order that, upon tioning this week did not convey overt
close scrutiny, appears circular and hostility toward marriage recognition.
more symbolic than meaningful. Judge She and Read seemed most concerned
Smith in particular pressed hard on with the potential scope of a marriage
whether the order had any substantive recognition ruling.
effect, and if affirming the 2nd Depart- The most active questioners, Lipp-
ment required the court to decide the man, Smith, and Pigott, all seemed
broader marriage recognition issue, very concer ned about limiting the /FX:PSL&NQMPZNFOU
again signaling the court’s eagerness scope of the ruling. Lippman, a pro- -BXZFST"TTPDJBUJPO
to avoid a broad ruling. tégé of former Chief Judge Kay, might
Finally, Sommer was peppered with
questions about the scope of the rul-
well share the strong views in favor of
same-sex marriage she articulated in
Over A Decade of Experience
Litigating Employment and Civil Rights
Cases for our Community
The New York Court of Appeals is a “hot
bench” that prides itself on issuing decisions 2007 - 2009 Deputy Commissioner,
quickly after oral argument.
New York State Devision of Human Rights
2006 Honoree: New York City Council -
ing, and whether the court might
refrain from taking a position on the
her Hernandez dissent, but the ques-
tion before the court in these cases is
“Contributions and Service to New York City”
marriage recognition issue in general. different, and there’s no telling how he
By the time the argument came around might vote. 2003 Honoree: Common Cause
to her, it was clear that many members Pigott was not on the court for Her-
of the court were loath to take on the nandez, and his questioning signaled a “Holding Power Accountable”
broader issue, knowing that the Legis-
lature could quickly render any deci-
very practical approach to the problem
facing the court, which would argue
Ethical New Yorker of the Year Award
sion by the court irrelevant. for a narrow ruling.
ADF’s Raum had saved some time Smith was very open about this,
for rebuttal, and argued that Spano’s
order was not merely symbolic, con-
suggesting more than once the court’s
general preference for finding a nar -
Former Aide to Mayor David N Dinkins
tending that it could have an impact row basis to rule rather than issuing a and Public Advocate Mark Green
on Medicaid eligibility in the county, broad ruling with unforeseeable rami-
but he could not come up with a con- fications. “We’ll get the next case soon
crete example where somebody had enough,” he said.
received such benefits because of the
order rather than as a result of Gover-
nor Paterson’s 2008 directive to Exec-
The New York Court of Appeals is a
“hot bench” that prides itself on issu-
ing decisions quickly after oral argu-
utive Branch agencies to comply with ment, which means the judges take ',6&5,0,1$7,21‡6(;8$/+$5$660(17
the Appellate ruling on Monroe Com- time to study the briefs and have 3$571(56+,3$*5((0(176',63,7(6‡&,9,//,7,*$7,21
munity College by recognizing same- begun formulating their views before
sex marriages contracted out of state. the argument takes place. Smith, in 0$75,021,$/&8672'<‡0(',&$/0$/35$&7,&(
(ADF also filed a lawsuit challeng- particular, seemed to be intimately
ing Paterson’s directive, but suffered conversant with the details of old mar-
a defeat in the trial court. That case riage recognition cases during his
has not yet been heard at an appellate questioning.
level and was not before the Court of
Appeals. A broad ruling on the cases
There could be a ruling in this
case well before the end of the year,
Thomas D. Shanahan, P.C.
now before the court could well make although if the State Senate takes up
that lawsuit moot.)
Predicting an outcome after viewing
the marriage equality bill and passes
it before the court can rule, it might
551 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2010
an appellate argument is always dan-
gerous. For one thing, Judge Theodore
Jones sat mute during the entire argu-
decide to hold up and ask the parties
for briefing on whether the cases were
then moot.
New York, NY 10176
ment, and Judge Carmen Ciparick said The oral argument is available for
very little. Jones, the lone appointee of viewing on the court’s website. Go to
former Governor Eliot Spitzer, was not nycourts.gov/ctapps/, then click on the tel (212) 867-1100 WWW.SHANAHANLAW.COM
on the court at the time of the 2006 box where it says “Click here for Web- fax (212) 972-1787 TOM@SHANAHANLAW.COM
Hernandez ruling against marriage casts of Selected Oral Arguments.”


A New Advocate
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand aggressively
courts New York’s LGBT community
䉴 continued from cover senator, Chuck Schumer, who will take
the lead on crafting immigration reform
ing on DADT in November, the first such legislation, to make sure he includes
review of the policy in the Senate since it provisions guaranteeing equity for bi-
was implemented in 1993. national same-sex couples where a for-
The other defining characteristic of eign citizen wishes to live permanently
²*BNXPSLJOHPWFSUJNF Gillibrand’s advocacy on LGBT issues is in this country with their US partner.
that she clearly wants to be in the game. Gillibrand said she would “fight very
UPNBLF.BOIBUUBO Beyond her recent activity on the mili- hard to get a more aggressive response”
IFBMUIJFS HSFFOFS  tary policy, she also expressed a willing-
ness to be the lead sponsor of the DADT
from the administration on the targeted
killings and intimidation of LGBT Iraq-
TBGFS BOENPSF repeal as well as of the Senate version of is.
New York Congressman Jerrold Nadler’s And, in response to a question from
BGGPSEBCMF*µNDFSUBJO Respect for Marriage Act, a measure longtime activist Jim Fouratt, she
to repeal the 1996 Defense of Marriage acknowledged she did not know much
UIBU/FX:PSL$JUZµT Act (DOMA), introduced in the House in about the issues facing gay, lesbian,
CFTUEBZTMJFBIFBE September. and transgendered seniors, but was
In both cases, however, the senator, willing to work with him to “develop
PGVT³ first elected to the House in 2006 and what the advocacy should be.”

— Scott Stringer
She said of her first meeting with Choi,
²4DPUU4USJOHFSJTBMPOHUJNFQBSUOFSPGUIF-(#5 “It was the fire that was lit under me
DPNNVOJUZ5ISPVHIPVUIJTDBSFFS he has to get me to get to work.”
consistently fought alongside us POLFZDJWJMSJHIUT
only in her current post since Janu- It’s not surprising politically that
UBCMF*BNQSPVEUPDBMM4DPUUBGSJFOEBOEBN ary, when she filled the vacancy left by Gillibrand is moving aggressively on
DPO¾EFOUUIBUIFXJMMDPOUJOVFUPHFUSFTVMUTGPSBMM Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, made LGBT and other progressive issues.
clear she would defer to the judgment When she was appointed to the Sen-
PGVTJOIJTOFYUUFSN³ of both advocates and more senior col- ate by Governor David A. Paterson, she
leagues. came under considerable fire for posi-
—Sen. Tom Duane On taking the lead role on DADT tions — particularly on gun control and
repeal, she said, “I’m willing to be the immigration — that many Democrats
sponsor. I would be eager to be spon- felt were to the right of where the party
²4DPUU4USJOHFSJTPOFQFSTPOUIBUUIFNPWFNFOUGPS sor, but we’re working with the advo- consensus is in New York State.
NBSSJBHFFRVBMJUZDPVMEBMXBZTDPVOUPO4DPUUEJE cacy groups to see who is the most Gillibrand had not in her two years
powerful sponsor. Certainly some of in the House become known for LGBT
OPUXBJUGPSJUUPCFDPNFQPQVMBSUPTQFBLGPSFRVBM the information I’ve read in the media issues, but it should be noted that in a
SJHIUT He spoke up before many others would BOE about what makes Lieberman attrac- radio interview during her first reelec-
tive is that he brings the independent tion campaign last fall, she did endorse
IBTSFNBJOFEBDPOTUBOUTVQQPSUFSGPSFRVBMJUZGPSBMM argument, he brings the seniority on marriage equality. That interview was
GBNJMJFT³ Armed Services. I’m not even on the with Fred Dicker, the New York Post
committee.” political columnist whom a politician
Asked what her sense of the trac- would not go to if they were trying to
—Cathy Marino-Thomas tion Nadler’s DOMA repeal effort had downplay their advocacy on this sort of
in the Senate, Gillibrand responded, issue.
Board President, Marriage Equality New York “I’m going to look into that. Because if In making her case at the Commu-
it doesn’t have a lead sponsor, maybe nity Center that she is emerging as a
that’s something where I could be the national leader on LGBT legislation,
lead sponsor. So I’m going to start dis- Gillibrand had the unstinting endorse-
7PUF%FNPDSBU8PSLJOH'BNJMJFT cussing this with my colleagues to see
if this is something that somebody
ment of Lieutenant Dan Choi, an Iraq
War veteran who became a symbol and
/PWFNCFSSE has put a placeholder down for them-
leader of the drive to end DADT when
he came out on MSNBC’s “Rachel Mad-
1BJEGPSCZ4USJOHFS During the community forum, she
advocated lobbying New York’s senior 䉴 ADVOCATE, continued on p.23

䉴 ADVOCATE, from p.22 it’s a fair option,” she said. “I would

want to check with the military and see
dow Show” in March. In fact, while if they could implement it and it would
introducing the senator at the forum, be in keeping with what the policy is.
Choi started what became something But based on my reading, it sounds
of a love fest between the two. He called reasonable to me because we use a
Gillibrand “more than a true fighter, stop-loss for all sorts of reasons.”
more than a warrior… [someone who] Acknowledging that unilateral action
refuses to accept the strategy of silence by the president could trigger a conser-
and patience that would lead nowhere.” vative backlash, Gillibrand once again
He later called her “a battle buddy.” She voiced a pragmatic philosophy, saying,
in turn said of her first meeting with Choi “How do you get to 60 the fastest? The
in the spring, “It was the fire that was lit goal is to end the policy. If you have a
under me to get me to get to work.” stop-loss, do you take off the pressure?
Specifically addressing the hearing Maybe. I don’t know. My view is that
that Levin’s Armed Services Committee let’s get to success.”
will hold in November, Gillibrand told Now that the federal hate crimes bill
Gay City News, “For me, the goal of the has been signed into law, Gillibrand
hearing is to create the record. To con- echoed the conventional wisdom that
vince the last of the 60 colleagues that enactment of the Employment Non-
I need to pass the bill. When I started Discrimination Act is the next achiev-
counting votes for an amendment to able goal. She would not, however, pre-
put a moratorium on Don’t Ask Don’t dict definitively that there are 60 votes
Tell for 18 months, the ones who were in the Senate for the inclusive ENDA
not decided — what they said they which incorporates the transgender
wanted to see was leadership from the protections dropped by out gay Demo-
military or leadership from the admin- cratic Congressman Barney Frank of
istration.” Massachusetts when the measure first
She noted that earlier in October, passed the House in 2007.
the Joint Force Quarterly, a publica- “I don’t know the last time that was
tion released by the Pentagon, includ- counted,” she said. “But I will look into
ed an article by Air Force Colonel Om that.”
Prakash calling for an end to DADT. Repealing the Defense of Marriage
“That article,” she said, “was approved Act, she predicted, would be a heavier
by [Joint Chiefs Chairman Admiral lift than enacting ENDA or replacing
Michael] Mullen to be published.” The DADT. Citing “religious” concerns that
same day Gillibrand made this point, many Americans have, she wouldn’t
John McHugh, secretary of the Army, even say that repeal would happen
told the Army Times said that his ser- during Obama’s current term. “I don’t
vice branch would be able to accom- know if we’ll be able to pass it, but we
modate a change in policy regardless of can certainly start advocating for it,”
“predictions of doom and gloom.” she said. “What I learned in my three
Gillibrand said that the public aware- short years in Washington is that these
ness created by Levin’s hearing would things take time.”
allow her and other advocates to win Gillibrand, however, offered political
the final votes needed to achieve the cover to Obama on any such delay.
support of 60 senators for DADT repeal. “People surely have a right to be frus-
“There are at least two or three Repub- trated because this is their most impor-
licans I am working on,” she said. tant issue,” she said. “But I do believe
The senator professed to be agnostic the president is our ally and is going to
on the proposal made by many of her be a very strong leader on this issue.
former House colleagues that Presi- I truly believe in what he says… The
dent Barack Obama suspend discharg- president may have his own strategy
es under stop-loss powers he has to that we’re not privy to, and I trust him. I
redress manpower shortfalls. “I think trust him as an ally on this issue.”
29 OCT -11 NOV 2009

24/ Dance
Evolution And Experience 14 DAYS
Two contemporary choreographers on the edge of a nervous century 14 NIGHTS
BY BRIAN MCCORMICK people getting lost reading sign 䉴 OCT 31, from p.11
systems. Dance has a different

arole Armitage is the grammar.” an aura reader, throwing of the I Ching,
homecoming queen of “Inside of dance,” O’Connor and Hellsouls. The entire facility will be
American dance. Ever asserted, “philosophy and psy- elaborately rendered for Halloween,
since she returned from her chology and systemic elements featuring intricate and massive environ-
studies abroad, accolades and shape the surface. Instead of ments by leading theatrical scenarists,
commissions have come eas- designing of shapes over time, sculptors, and artists including Donald
ily — including, not least, cho- there is a process that gives L. Brooks, Susan Gittins, Alexander Bar-
reography credits on “Passing birth to dance. There can be tenieff, Mark Marcante, Richard Reta,
Strange” and “Hair,” two of the elements of the known on that Zen Mansley, Candice Burridge, Pamela
more notable works in recent surface, but they are not strung Mayo, Desiree Conston, Evan Laurence,
musical theater history. together on a narrow accumula- Viviane La Corte, and Terry Ferrari. The
“It’s true,” Armitage said, in a tion of time.” annual costume judging begins at mid-

recent interview with Gay City Cultural bias, the artist night with the “Monsters and Miracles
News. “There’s been an enor- believes, inclines audiences Costume Parade,” as all revelers are
mous amount of work.” But the to approach dance in a man- invited to march past a panel of celebrity
gig choreographing “Passing ner he called “looking for the judges. 155 First Avenue at Tenth St.,
Strange,” the semi-biographical Kristina Bethel Blunt in Karole Armitage’s “Itutu.” ghost of the choreography.” He 7:30 p.m. The free outdoor program
new rock musical, with songs explained, “People go in trying to begins at 3 p.m. Admission to the

written and performed by com- ARMITAGE GONE! DANCE/ s Jean-Luc Godard was read dance like a book. It is not indoor evening program is $20 at the-
poser Stew, she called “a fluke.” BURKINA ELECTRIC to cinema at the height a book. It may have pages, and aterforthenewcity.net or 212-254-1109.
“Stew knew me,” she said. “Itutu” of the New Wave, so Tere words are there, but reconfig- Costume or formal wear is required.
“We both went to Europe on O’Connor is to phenomenologi- ured.” ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
Brooklyn Academy of Music
our paths as artists, although Howard Gilman Opera House cal dance in his rejection of what O’Connor suggested, too, that
we never met.” Bill Bragin, the 30 Lafayette Ave. at Ashland Pl. he calls “narrative ideologies” or dance has more to offer than DANCE
producer at the Public Theater Nov. 4, 6 & 7 at 7:30 p.m. “abstraction as a cliché.” an artistic experience. “I would Strut Someone
where “Passing Strange” first $20-$45; bam.org “My work is not a journey like the power of this form to Else’s Stuff
opened, also knew Armitage, Or 718-636-4100 toward aboutness,” O’Connor be unleashed,” he said. “It’s the It’s Halloween at Dance:208, so
and it was through this connec- told Gay City News. “It’s more great diffuser of monothematic expect a night of ghoulish fun. Snaxx
tion that the die was cast. TERE O’CONNOR DANCE a kind of immersion or reflec- dogmatic ideologies. It uses DJs Rich King & Gustavo and hosts
“Because of doing that,” Armit- “Wrought Iron Fog” tion on things without singular complication as a way to under- from the Imperial Court and Metro
Dance Theater Workshop
age said, “the Public knew who I meanings.” mine linguistic logic, and shows Bears preside over a special holiday
219 W. 19th St.
was.” O’Connor has been creating its otherness. It’s a journey edition. Parade and strut your stuff
Nov. 10-14 at 7:30 p.m.
After seeing her work on DVD, Nov. 13 at 10 p.m. important experimental work in away from language, toward let- in the costume contest with prizes,
“Hair” director Diane Paulus $15; dtw.org New York for almost 30 years, ting go of the naming of things. judged by celebrity judges. LGBT
became intrigued, and the Tony Or 212-924-0077 putting theory into practice in It’s an other experience that has Community Center, 208 W. 13th St.,
Award-winner for Best Revival the service of allowing dance to its own value.” 9 p.m.-2 a.m. The contest starts at
of a Musical was set in motion. exploit its inherent properties. “Dance,” the choreographer- 11:30. Tickets are $8 at gaycenter.org;
“Hair” received a total of eight pay attention to where it’s going. For his latest work, “Wrought philosopher concluded, “is look- $10 at the door.
nominations, including best cho- The choreographer describes Iron Fog,” the artist is subjecting ing at a constellation of con- ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
reography. the outcome as akin to “‘Agon’ language to his choreographic sciousness and daily necessity;
“The cast,” Armitage said, goes to Africa. At the turn of the process. “The overall experience,” a work derived from total experi- Costumed Two-
“was quite young and inexperi- 20th century African masks he explained, “is more important ence. I want to erase episodes, to Step
enced, but I’ve worked with so inspired Picasso. Stravinsky than the hieroglyphic elements. create a sensation cloud where For the past ten years, Big Apple
many kinds of people in so many experimented with jazz, which I’m allowing experience to teach you can fall in and engage with Ranch has hosted a weekly Saturday
different countries, I’ve learned has its roots in African music. me how to make that frontal your own narrative.” night country-western dance for the
that you can work with anyone Now, we’re really all together, in the work, instead of letting gay and lesbian community. The huge
who is willing.” but there are still continuums dance floor welcomes people of all
It was the choreographer of African and Western art. And dance abilities, with friendly folks
who learned a lot in developing there are still mysterious parts of going out of their way to make sure
“Itutu,” a new work for her com- African aesthetics, as dance is a everyone has a good time. Tonight, Big
pany created in collaboration practice performed with both the Apple hosts “Halloween Hoedown,”
with Burkina Electric, the first living and the ancestral dead.” as a benefit for Metro Wrestling,
electronica band from the West The poly-visual design for the New York’s accessible, gay-friendly
African nation of Burkina Faso. work by Philip Taafe will reflect in freestyle adult wrestling club. Wear
The band consists of four musi- set and costume what Armitage is comfortable shoes and a good cos-
cians and two dancers. trying to do with the poly-rhyth- tume. 39 W. 19th St., fifth fl. Two-
“Working with these African mic choreographic structures. “I step lessons at 8 p.m.; line dance
musicians and dancers has been don’t want it to be exotic in any at 8:30 p.m.; and dancing from 9-1.

thrilling,” Armitage exclaimed. way,” she said. “It’s not pseudo- Admission is $10. For more informa-
“Their performance changes African, but a pure synthesis tion, visit bigappleranch.com.
each time, so there’s been a big from the collisions and layering, ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
learning curve. We have had to drawing on the inherent sophisti-
learn how to cue each other and cation of both companies.” Heather Olson and Daniel Clifton perform in Tere O’Connor’s “Wrought Iron Fog.” 䉴 OCT 31, continued on p.26

Precious & Queer Join. Find. Meet. Love. Thrive.

We want to introduce you to our members. Hundreds of
single, successful, attractive and relationship-oriented gay
Ten years on Sapphire’s trail, Lee Daniels men. They want to meet you...either one-on-one or during
brings her novel “Push” to the screen a dinner party for 8 in a great restaurant in Manhattan!



ee Daniels, the out — and outspo- Directed by Lee Daniels
ken — producer and director, sat Lionsgate
down to discuss his searing new Opens Nov. 6
film, “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ Regal Union Square, Empire 25
by Sapphire.” Lincoln Square Cinemas
Dressed in a bright yellow shirt and
blue jeans, he emoted and effused about Daniels more than answers his critics
being a queer filmmaker. with his new film, “Precious,” something
Recounting one recent exchange, he wanted to bring to the screen even
Daniels’ blood was flowing, possibly even before he made “Monster’s Ball.” Recall-
boiling. “A very powerful Hollywood pro- ing the incendiary response the book had
ducer told me [about ‘Precious,’] ‘You upon publication, the filmmaker said, “I
can tell a gay man made this movie,’” he stalked Sapphire for ten years. Her book
recalled, saying, “It was a compliment, I is a piece of brilliance. My reaction to it
think,” then adding another, more sar- was guttural, absolutely guttural. Why
castic, “I think. All of my films have a I wanted to do this was to say, ‘Guess
queer sensibility, because my finger- what? — the hero is a lesbian!’”
prints are all over them.” Daniels captures the very essence of
From “Monster’s Ball” and “The the novel on screen. Viewers can smell
Woodsman,” which he produced, to his the bucket of chicken Precious steals in RELATIONSHIP SUCCESS!
directorial debut, “Shadowboxer,” Dan- one scene, or the mustiness of the hall-
iels’ films are extraordinary, edgy, and ways and apartments where the charac-
frequently over-the-top. ters eke out their lives. The film features 212-564-4025
“Precious” is all of these things. The harsh scenes of Precious being raped
story concerns an illiterate African by her father as well as flights of fancy,
American teenager, Clareece “Precious” such as one in which Precious and Mary
Jones (Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe), preg- enact an homage to “Two Women.” The
nant for the second time (by her father), sequence, shot in black and white, and
who is mentored by a lesbian teacher. featuring the actresses speaking Italian,
Full of wild, tense, emotional moments is a highlight.
and dazzling performances, the film has “That was really funny,” recounted
won awards at Sundance and Toronto. Sidibe, in a separate phone interview.
Mo’Nique is already garnering Oscar “We had three weeks of Italian training,
buzz for her role as Precious’ abusive and not once did Mo’Nique say the lines
mother, Mary, and Sidibe is a strong correctly — until the camera rolled. We
contender for a nomination as well. did two takes, the one in the film, and
While “Precious” and the films he pro- one for safety.”
duced have received accolades, his direc- Daniels deflected criticism that has
torial debut, “Shadowboxer” — which surfaced about this scene. “Somebody
starred Helen Mirren as a dying hitwom- said to me, ‘Why would they be watch-
an in love with her stepson (Cuba Good- ing “Two Women,”’ and I said, ‘Because
ing, Jr.) — received almost uniformly I am watching “Two Women,” and it’s my
negative reaction from critics. movie. You’re in my world!” He calmed
“Bastards! Bastards!,” Daniels cried. down again, and added, “I thought it was
“That’s my baby, too. I love my baby!” so truthful — so in the moment.”
After regaining his composure, he con- The scene is truthful, and it is impor-
tinued, “I think that people were expect- tant in establishing the universality of
ing something different from me after these women struggling against oppres-
‘Monster’s Ball’ and ‘The Woodsman.’ sion. How Sophia Loren and Eleonora
‘Precious’ goes back to that world. But for Brown fared in World War II Italy is not
me, ‘Shadowboxer’ was a fucking party. I that far removed from the experiences of
have Dame Vivienne Westwood in to cos- Mary and Precious in Harlem, 1987.
tume my movie in Philadelphia. C’mon! And it is not that far removed from
I have Dame Helen Mirren! I’ve got Macy Daniels’, who grew up in southwest
Gray…” Philadelphia, where he says there was
As he recalled the film, he stopped “zero tolerance” for gays. He recalled, “I
himself, and admitted, “I think I’m really was beat up, and I went away to a white
humbled by the experience of ‘Shadow- world that was more tolerant. I don’t
boxer,’ because I never got a bad review want to know what I would have become
ever. I grew up. That [film] made me grow if I’d stayed where I was. In our culture,
up, and I needed that as a filmmaker. I homosexuality is so bashed, and I think
had no perspective, except from the other
two films I produced.” 䉴 PUSH, continued on p.34
29 OCT -11 NOV 2009

26/ Theater
Lies, Spies and Family Ties 14 DAYS
Of three recent Broadway openings, only “The Royal Family” scores 14 NIGHTS
Manhattan Theatre Club
he Cavendish clan is not Samuel J. Friedman Theatre
your normal theatrical 261 W. 47th St. On the Radio
family — not that such a Tue. at 7 p.m.; Wed.-Sat. at 8 p.m. Justin Bond is back at Joe’s Pub this
thing ever existed. Loosely mod- Wed., Sat., Sun. at 2 p.m. fall with several new shows, the final
eled on the Barrymores, with $57-$97; telecharge.com one of which is “Scary, Mary!: A Hal-
comedy and satire generously Or 212-239-6200 loween Extravaganza!” 425 Lafayette
ladled on, “The Royal Family,” St., adjacent to the Public Theater,
a George S. Kaufman/Edna OLEANNA below Cooper Sq., 9:30 p.m. Tickets
Golden Theatre
Ferber classic, is getting a spar- are $20 at joespub.com. To reserve a
252 W. 45th St.
kling revival by the Manhattan table, with a food/ drink minimum, call
Tue. at 7 p.m.; Wed.-Sat. at 8 p.m.
Theatre Club. The story focuses Wed. at 2 p.m.; Sun. at 3 p.m. 212-539-8778.
on three generations of a family ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
$75.50-$116.50; telecharge.com
for which there is no such thing Or 212-239-6200
as offstage, and, with a loving
bite and a constantly winking
gimlet eye, plays into all the ste-
reotypes of those who trod the
Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre
236 W. 45th St. COMEDY

boards. Tue. at 7 p.m.; Wed.-Sat. at 8 p.m. Halloween
The plot concerns comings Wed. at 2 p.m.; Sun. at 3 p.m. Hangover
and goings of the family over $66.50-$140; telecharge.com Brad Loekle’s “Electro Shock Therapy
the course of a year as some Or 212-239-6200 Jan Maxwell as Julie Cavendish, Kellie Barrett as Gwen Cavendish, and Rosemary Harris and Comedy Hour” hosts headliner Yama-
swear to leave the stage and Fanny Cavendish in “The Royal Family.” neika (BET), along with Lori Sommer
others yearn to return to it. At (Gotham Comedy Club) and Jackie Mona-
the center of the storm is Julie Maxwell’s performance alone they have. Watching these two have to interact. han (HereTV’s “Hot Gay Comics”). Ther-
Cavendish, a leading lady, fol- is enough to make this a must- charismatic actors, who would Craig and Jackman are bona apy, 348 W. 52nd St., 10 p.m. No cover
lowing in the footsteps of her see, and she seldom leaves the be fascinating to watch if they fide stars, and they have each charge and $6 cosmos all night long.
mother, Fanny, and about to be stage. But this is also a sweet were just eating soup, is the clearly delved into the char - ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
eclipsed by her daughter, Gwen. revival of a little-seen comic clas- only pleasure this thin, unorigi- acters, trying to give a unique
Brother Tony, who abandoned sic that’s got plenty of warmth nal play affords. stamp to timeworn stereotypes.
the stage for the new-fangled
films, returns, trying to escape
to beguile a chilly fall evening. Written by Keith Huff, the
play is two parallel monologues
Craig, in particular, abandons
his James Bond persona com-
a breach of promise suit, while Steady Rain” is that about cops in Chicago, once pletely, finding a surprising gen-
Fanny’s brother and sister-in- perennial theater close friends ripped apart when tleness in the character Joey. Not Zipped Up
law strain to find just a bit of the favorite — a triumph one goes rogue. We’ve seen it a Jackman has the showier part Tight
limelight for themselves. The of commerce over art. It sold million times, and it’s hard to as Denny, the cop gone bad, Kate Pazakis enjoyed success with
family home is in a constant out almost instantly on the star shake the feeling that this play and even when it’s a ride over her debut CD, “Unzipped,” and has been
state of upheaval, and com- power of Hugh Jackman and was selected so that the two familiar ground, one can’t help seen in night spots around town and on
plain though they might, none Daniel Craig, as throngs flocked men could rehearse separately being swept along just on the Rosie’s R-Family Cruises. Tonight, she
of them can really live without it to see Wolverine and James and only come together for the force of his charisma. joins Scott Nevins for his weekly “Cur-
for very long. Bond live on stage. Star power few times when the characters The men are almost too care- tain Call.” Splash Bar, 50 W. 17th St.,
Directed by Doug Hughes — ful not to upstage one another 11:30 p.m. Admission is free until $10;
who seems to have lavished on and, seldom interacting, they $5 after that. You must be 21.
this production all the care and address most of their lines ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
attention he denied “Oleanna,” directly to the audience. That
now at Golden Theater — this seems to be what’s demanded,
is a delightful romp that’s rich
in comic detail with a mostly
strong cast and lots of fun. The
because the audience at the
performance I saw was enrap-
tured — proof positive of anoth- GALLERY
two highlights of the evening er showbiz maxim: “give ’em The Spirit Can’t Be
are Rosemary Harris as Fanny what they want.” That they do; Denied
and Jan Maxwell as Julie. They so perhaps it’s wrong to want David Livingston and Osvaldo Perdomo
understand how to play this more. But I can’t help it. curate an exhibit, “Art & AIDS: Living for
mannered comedy perfectly. the Moment,” to celebrated the humanity

Harris can use understatement avid Mamet’s “Olean- and spirits of artists — and clients of Gay
and a withering look with a pre- na,” now in revival at Men’s Health Crisis — living with HIV/
cision that is pure genius, and Golden Theatre, is a AIDS. Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Founda-
the always-wonderful Maxwell highly manipulative play. Its tion, 26 Wooster St., btwn. Grand &
surpasses even her own high plotting and characters strain Canal Sts. The opening reception is
standard here, particularly credibility and logic in order tonight, 6-8 p.m. The exhibition runs

when the elegant and classical to make political points about Nov. 4-7, noon-6 p.m. For more informa-
Julie Cavendish, the generous gender and power in a credu- tion, visit leslielohman.org.
heart of the piece, finally goes
off the rails. Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman in “A Steady Rain.” 䉴 LIES, SPIES, TIES, continued on p.29 䉴 14 DAYS, continued on p.28
29 OCT - 11 NOV 2009

Theater /27
Hurts So Good
Re-imagined Strindberg classic makes us feel the pain
Roundabout Theatre Company

ast winter, as you may recall, the American Airlines Theatre
Roundabout Theater Company 227 W. 42nd St.
attempted to reinvigorate the Through Dec. 6
1890 Ibsen classic “Hedda Gabler” but Tue.-Sat. at 8 p.m.
stumbled badly. The creators slathered Wed., Sat., Sun. at 2 p.m.
an incongruous contemporary tone onto $66.50 to $111.50; roundabouttheatre.org
the 19th century setting, neutralizing the Or 212-719-1300
drama’s potency. Not even the usually
reliable Mary Louise Parker, in the title
role, could make sense of it. “Julie” takes are smarter and far more
Well, the Roundabout has decided to rewarding. And, unlike “Hedda,” it
hop back on the horse and try again — remains true to the aching, combustible
this time with a restaging of “Miss Julie,” spirit of the original.
another Scandinavian standby featur- By transporting the action from 19th
ing a crazed heroine, written by August century Sweden to an English country
Strindberg just two years before “Hedda.” manor in 1945, just as the Labour Party
But this production wisely tips its hand was about to give the British class sys-
up front. By re-titling it “After Miss tem the boot, the play’s central theme —
Julie,” playwright Patrick Marber makes the power struggle between gentry and
it abundantly clear that this masterwork commoner — stings even harder.

has received a major makeover, reca- The gentry, as any drama geek knows,
librating expectations and absolving him is represented by the tempestuous
of any fault for tinkering with the text.
Lucky for us, the risks this bold new 䉴 MISS JULIE, continued on p.28 Jonny Lee Miller as John and Sienna Miller as Miss Julie in the Roundabout Theater adaptation “After Miss Julie.”
29 OCT -11 NOV 2009

28/ Theater
Not So Rosy 14 DAYS
This limp “Birdie” revival just doesn’t fly 14 NIGHTS
BY DAVID KENNERLEY ishly pre-pubescent. The “Tele- 䉴 14 DAYS, from p.28
phone Hour” number in my high

hen “Bye Bye Birdie” school’s production delivered
became a smash on
Broadway half a cen-
tury ago, it was a well-timed
way more energy than this.
Allie Trimm (who turned 15
in October), as Kim, has super CAREERS
fluke. Considered revolution- vocals—her rendition of “One In the Market?
ary — and risky to mount — in Boy” is sublime — but seems Out Professionals brings back one of
1960, the show was the first to lost in her bedroom festooned its most popular programs — the Career
speak to the younger generation with Conrad posters and stuffed Boot Camp, presented with the Five
and insert a couple of rock ‘n teddy bears. There’s a reason O’Clock Club, a leading outplacement,
roll songs among its traditional, why they cast 24-year-olds to search, and employer-consulting firm.
syrupy score. play teens in multi-million dol- Tonight is session two — building a suc-
A takeoff on a recent event, lar musicals. Although Nickel- cessful job search in difficult economic
the induction of Elvis Presley odeon teen idol Nolan Gerard times, presented by Renee Rosenberg.

into the Army, the zippy tuner Funk sounds terrific, he lacks LGBT Community Center, 208 W.
tapped into the zeitgeist of the the presence and polish of an 13th St., 6-8 p.m. Each session is $10;
era, and audiences ate it up. Ed Sullivan-worthy star. $5 for OP members. The final session
What’s more, the show cast John Stamos puts a happy face, though not necessarily a good face on “Bye Bye Birdie.” And the threadbare orches- is Nov. 4, 6-8 p.m. — career change
complete unknowns named tra, buried deep in the pit, for the New Year, presented by Susanne
Dick Van Dyke and Chita Rive- BYE BYE BIRDIE mostly for their work in film sounds thin and muted. No Rhow. For complete information, visit
ra in the leading roles, both Roundabout Theatre Company and television. While the affable wonder the numbers are limp. outprofessionals.org.
immense talents who went on Stamos (“E.R.,” “Cabaret”) looks One of the few engaging ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
Henry Miller’s Theatre
to become iconic stars. The cho- 124 W. 43rd St. cute in his trim sharkskin “Mad turns is from Jayne Houdy-
reographer Gower Champion, Tue.-Sat. at 8 p.m. Men”–style suit, he doesn’t have shell, as Albert’s doting mother, NIGHTLIFE
who doubled as director, was Wed., Sat., Sun. at 2 p.m. the vocals or moves or timing to who makes a tired cliché dev- Hoop Dreams
also a neophyte to Broadway. $86.50 to $136.50; 212-239-6200 carry a show. The feisty, curva- ilishly funny. Also outstand- Will Clark’s “Porno Bingo” — the all-
All this a huge gamble that paid Or byebyebirdieonbroadway.com ceous Gershon (“Bound,” “Boe- ing is the impish, irrepressible American game with the all-adult twist
off, big time. ing-Boeing”) looks uncomfort- Jake Evan Schwencke as the — tonight features rapper Lester Greene
Which begs the question, why failure on nearly every level. able as the Spanish Rosie. The 10-year-old Randolph MacA- and nightlife legend Trai la Trash, in a
revive it now? With a book by Michael Stew- entire enterprise hinges on their fee, who performs with the con- benefit for the New York City Gay Bas-
It’s no accident that “Bye Bye art, music by Charles Strouse, complex bond, but we don’t feel viction and verve the rest of the ketball League. Expect erotic giveaways,
Birdie” has never seen a Broad- and lyrics by Lee Adams, the the love. production lacks. cheap drinks, and even cheaper men.
way revival. Besides being a story seems sillier than ever. As Mr. MacAfee, Bill Irwin On the night I attended, a Clark’s weekly event has raised nearly
product of its time, getting the Albert, a two-bit record produc- breathlessly tries to pump some set malfunction in the first act $100,000 for New York LGBT clubs and
tone and casting right is next to er — along with Rosie, his girl- life into the proceedings with forced a lengthy delay. A flus- charities. Pieces, 8 Christopher St. at
impossible. Nearly everybody has friend/ secretary of eight years — his trademark antics — whiny tered Stamos did his best to Sixth Ave., 8-10 p.m.
seen the show butchered by their decides to drum up sales by hav- accent, goofy faces, clownish entertain the audience, ban- ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
local high school at least once. ing Elvis-esque heartthrob Con- pratfalls. They fall embarrass- tering with Don Rickles, who
Appar ently none of this rad Birdie plant one last kiss on ingly flat. rattled off a few zingers, and
occurred to Todd Haimes, artis-
tic director of the Roundabout,
when he decided to restage the
15-year-old Kim MacAfee from
Sweet Apple, Ohio. Kids being
kids, and adults being dolts, the
If nothing else, you’d at least
expect raucous musical num-
bers, right? Not a chance.
asking Gershon to do a num-
ber from “Showgirls.” He even
coaxed his “Full House” pal Bob THEATER
relic, now playing at the newly plan goes horribly awry. Mean- For the young fans crushed Saget onstage for a chat. With- Poems in Heaven
refurbished Henry Miller’s The- time, Rosie wants Albert to grow out on Conrad Birdie, Long- out a mike, Saget was reduced Juneteenth Legacy Theatre and
atre. Or if it did, he felt that a backbone and stand up to his bottom cast actual teenagers to speaking into the top of Sta- Sugar Valley Theatricals remount Steve
director Robert Longbottom smothering mother so they can (at least one is 14) who, while mos’ head. “Good thing this Willis’ “Passing Ceremonies,” a gay
could reanimate it with clever finally get married. somewhat gifted, don’t have isn’t attached to your crotch,” love story about an imagined meeting
casting and snazzy sets. Boy, Presumably to sell tickets, the dynamism that Broadway Saget quipped. between the poets Bruce Nugent (1906-
was he wrong. Longbottom went with bank- audiences demand. In the gar- Regrettably, this proved to be 1987) and Essex Hemphill (1957-1995)
This anemic, misguided pro- able names — John Stamos ish, candy-colored costumes by the most inspired moment of set in the hereafter. Nuyorican Poets
duction of “Bye Bye Birdie” is a and Gina Gershon, known Gregg Barnes, they look cartoon- the evening. Café, 236 E. Third St., btwn. Ave. B &
C. Thu.-Sat., 7 p.m. through Nov. 21.
Tickets are $15-$20 at nuyorican.org or
䉴 MISS JULIE, from p.27 being smitten by her as a boy, ried, though plans are some- observes when discussing the 212-780-9386.
calls her “too stuck up in some what murky. When Miss Julie hunting habits of the aristoc- ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
temptress Miss Julie (Sienna ways and not proud enough in comes down to the kitchen from racy. To our horror, this theory
Miller, in her Broadway debut), others.” the annual servants’ party that is proved more than once by the FILM
25-year -old daughter of the The plot points remain large- she has scandalously crashed, end of the play. Queer on Queer
master of the house. The com- ly intact. The play opens with she demands a waltz from Perhaps the biggest risk was Butt Magazine contributing editor
moner is John (Jonny Lee Miller, John bantering with the pretty John. This sets in motion a fatal casting former model and film Adam Baran and filmmaker Ira Sachs
no relation to Sienna), the mas- cook, Christine (Marin Ireland), love triangle, driven by power, actress Sienna Miller in the curate a series of queer films presented
ter’s devoted valet, who is the as they go about their duties. betrayal, and lust, and clouded lead. Mostly famous for her bro- and discussed by artists from the gay
object of Miss Julie’s desire, if Gradually, it is revealed that by moral conflict.
not affection. John, who recalls the two are engaged to be mar- “We kill what we love,” John 䉴 MISS JULIE, continued on p.29 䉴 NOV 5, continued on p.30

䉴 LIES, SPIES, TIES, from p.26 rhythms of Mamet’s text. The first 20

minutes of the 80-minute play actu-
lous culture where emotionalism trumps ally plod, and there are long sections
rationality. Manipulation is nothing between the scenes, inexplicably length-
new in works of fiction, of course. Still, ened by the automatic raising and lower-
it’s easier to accept a greenish villain ing of the blinds in John’s office, where
flying in on a broomstick and shooting
fire from her fingertips, for instance —
because that’s what happens in Oz and
all the action occurs. (Set designer Neil
Patel has a very romantic view of what a
college professor’s office is like. The set
…find youtopia.
we don’t know any differently — than it is as implausible as the play.) Even the
is to accept a coed walking into a profes- violence at the end — both verbal and
sor’s office and spouting all manner of physical — is clumsy and labored.
lies and getting away with it. That’s not The problem is partly a function of
what happens in a university. At least the casting. Bill Pullman plays John, as
not today. a tic-ridden neurotic, not the type who Kaleb, Apt. 4102
In reality, once charges of sexual would be believed to make the kinds of
Has more vintage records
harassment showed up in the relation- sexual advances to Carol he’s accused of. in his spacious closets
ship between John, a college professor, It’s a one-note performance with a forced than he does clothing.
and Carol, a below average student, explosion at the end. He at least tries to
they never would be alone together, and convey the struggle of his character, but
Carol would be required to substantiate his best scenes are into a phone talking Liam, Apt. 3404
her charges more than she ever does. As to unseen characters.
dishonest and self-serving as her behav- That’s because Julia Stiles as Carol Loves the spectacular
ior is, and as damaging as it is to John, can’t muster a single note to enliven views of Manhattan.
the plotting is so obviously engineered to her character. Her line readings are
make a political point that the charac- largely dead, and there is no perceiv-
ters become dimensionless puppets, and able through-line to her character. She
while it may once have been shocking to seems to go blank when it’s not her turn Fiona, Apt. 3201
play sexist power games, today it’s the to speak, giving Pullman nothing to work
Scoots out of the park-
stuff of bad movies and TV shows, and it with, which is the antithesis of what hap- ing garage and onto the
feels dated. pens in Mamet’s worlds. The cumulative streets of Brooklyn.
Not to mention boring. Doug Hughes’ effect is that a lesser Mamet piece has
listless direction seems to abandon the been severely diminished.

Noah, Apt. 2715

䉴 MISS JULIE, from p.28 Brokaw’s handle on the proceedings.
Motivations become confused, contradic- Spends hours in his
ken engagement to Jude Law, she shifts tions are bewildering. gourmet kitchen.
seamlessly between privileged seductress Allen Moyer’s exquisite set of a cav-
to quivering romantic with the aplomb ernous, white-tiled basement servant’s
of a Broadway veteran. This is no celeb- kitchen — complete with working fau-
rity stunt-casting here. Jonny Lee Miller, cet — looks lifted from “Gosford Park,” Niki, Apt. 2301
deeply affecting as the muscular, wide- the similarly-themed Robert Altman film.
Shops the local bou-
eyed lackey, blasts any preconceptions The progression from night to dawn to tiques with Coco, who‘s
of merely being that guy that once was morning is beautifully articulated by always by her side.
married to Angelina Jolie. Even stripped Mark McCullough’s lighting design. In
to his shorts, his dignity stays intact. the center of the room is a vast, elongated
Ireland is also superb — her evolution wooden table that marks the emotional

Chloe, Apt. 1703

Enjoys waking up early
Director Mark Brokaw is not afraid to to work out at the state-
of-the-art fitness center.
incorporate extended, silent stretches of
mundane tasks like polishing shoes
or smoking a cigarette.

from dutiful servant to defiant lover is as distance between the characters. Later,
heart-rending as it is astounding. it supports a carnal coupling, as well.
In this largely lean, razor -sharp This version also emphasizes Strind-
drama, director Mark Brokaw is not berg’s tantalizing S&M streak. Appar-
afraid to incorporate extended, silent ently Miss Julie, who admits she’s “a
stretches of mundane tasks like wash- bad girl,” was jilted after an incident in Brand New Fort Greene Rentals
ing, polishing shoes, cooking, or smok- a barn involving her irate fiancée and a
ing a cigarette. In other hands, this kinky role-play whipping that got out of
Call for Specials!
would grind a production to a crashing hand. If she revels in commanding the Rents Starting at $1,824*
standstill, but here it actually heightens servants, who are “born to obey,” deep
the tension. down she longs to be a slave herself. 866-297-2132
Unfortunately, as the increasingly “Tell me what to do,” she begs of
complex plot (involving swiping a stack John. What he tells her to do may be a www.avalonyoutopia.com
of cash and fleeing to New York) and vile expression of human cruelty — or a
* Rents/Specials subject to change.
tempers spin out of control, so does supreme expression of love.


Finian Fever 14 DAYS

Bikel’s Sholom, Cheets triumphant, winning Wainwright, new musical joys
BY DAVID NOH dler” and “Zorba the Greek” as
䉴 NOV 5, from p.28
two of his favorite parts. And

have “Finian Fever.” After wishes he had been cast in performance, film, visual, and literary
the enchanting Encores! the film of the former: “I think arts. All screenings are at 92Ytribeca,
revival, “Finian’s Rainbow” I was considered, but there 200 Hudson St., btwn. Vestry & Des-
is opening on Broadway, and were circumstances. I replaced brosses Sts., and cost $12 at 92YTribe-
the production put on a dazzling Zero Mostel on Broadway but ca.org/film. On Nov. 5, 7:30 p.m., artist
press preview on September 23. played it very differently. Zero Angela Dufresne presents Apichatpong
A tasty selection of songs was was a comedian who chose to Weerasethakul’s 2004 “Tropical Mala-
performed by its wonderful get serious, and I’m a serious dy,” an hallucinogenic tale of two men in
cast, cheered on by the families actor who gets laughs. I work a passionate relationship facing the con-
of brilliant composer and lyricist a different corner of the room, fusion and terror of an unknown menace
Burton Lane and E.Y. Harburg. as it were. I played Tevye like lurking deep within the jungle shadows.
Harburg’s son, Ernie, described my own grandfather, who was On Dec. 3, 7:30 p.m., New Yorker writer
his father as “all of the Algon- very much like him, irreverent Hilton Als presents Sidney Lumet’s 1966
quin Round Table characters at times, giving up on the world “The Group,” based on the Mary McCa-
combined. He hung out with and then not. But ‘Fiddler” is rthy novel about depression-era Vassar
them and impressed them all a much lighter version of Ale- grads as they enter adulthood on the eve
with his fascinating mind.” E.Y. ichem.” of World War II. Candice Bergen, in her
also wrote the lyrics for “Over Bikel originated the role of first major role, plays a snooty lesbian.
the Rainbow,” but, sadly, Ernie Captain Von T rapp in “The ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
told me, “the royalties for that Sound of Music”: “To me that
all go to MGM, and not the fam- was just another play, but with PHOTOGRAPHY
ily.” Lane’s widow, Lynn, is eter- music, and I had not done a New York’s Nature
nally grateful to Ernie’s father, musical ever. The circumstanc- Legacy
for it was he who introduced es were extraordinary because Photographer Joel Meyerowitz and
her to Lane and a life filled with the pressure was on for it to author Phillip Lopate appear in a talk and
glorious melody, one of which be a huge success, since Mary book signing on the occasion of the publi-
we sang together, my favorite, Martin was in it. The last thing cation of “Legacy: The Preservation of Wil-
the criminally non-Oscar-nom- Oscar Hammerstein ever wrote derness in New York City Parks” (Aperture,

inated “Love with All the Trim- was a song for me, ‘Edelweiss,’ October 2009). The result of a commission
mings,” from the Streisand film which was written eleven days Meyerowitz received from the city Depart-
“On a Clear Day.” before we opened on Broadway. ment of Parks & Recreation, the book
As always, Terri White Cheyenne Jackson as Woody Mahoney in “Finian’s Rainbow,” which opens on Broadway on One fine day they came in and documents, interprets, and celebrates one
brought down the house with October 29. said, ‘Here is your song. You of the city’s greatest legacies — nearly
her growlingly soulful rendition know how to play the guitar, 9,000 acres of parks in the five boroughs
of “Necessity.” She’s finally mak- thing like that when we were er of his generation,” Bikel told go ahead.’ And they were right that still exist close to their original pristine
ing her return to Broadway after staging it, and we do a little me. “He died in 1916 in New –– it’s a very good song. Richard state. Barnes & Noble, 150 E. 86th St., 7
her 1980 Tony-nominated turn homage to the movie.” York, but what he wrote con- Rodgers was more robust and p.m. Exhibition of the series is on view at
in “Barnum,” and, when asked (See David Kennerley’s review veyed an entire world, much of Hammerstein was more of an the Museum of the City of New York,
the secret to her powerhouse of “Finian’s Rainbow” in the which is gone now, but it’s so aristocrat, but they were nice to 1220 Fifth Ave. at at E. 103rd St., Tue.-
voice, White said, “I don’t warm November 12-25 issue, or online vivid and true in the folk sense work with. Sun., 10 a.m.-5 p.m., through Mar. 7. For
up at all. I just smoke a lot. at gaycitynews.com.) of how people lived and where “The rest of the cast was complete information, visit mcny.org.
When I get to my third coughing and how they inherited their intimidated by them, but I ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯

fit, I know I’m good to go!” here are character actors problems. How they overcame wasn’t. Mary was very good,
Both Ernie Harburg and Lynn and then some, but if them by managing to sing and very professional. That was
Burton dissed the 1968 film of
“Finian’s Rainbow,” decrying it
as a vehicle for a very miscast
you look at Theodore
Bikel’s résumé, the credits are
truly amazing –– ranging from
dance when even the act of
walking the street was some-
times dangerous.
strange for me, being a Jew
playing this very Aryan charac-
ter, and I had problems with the CABARET
Fred Astaire, but that didn’t “The African Queen” (Katha- “They find the humor in dire play because it pulled punches. We Sing ’Em All!
prevent me from attending rine Hepburn would appear at situations, and the play is in a In those days, a musical was Tommy Femia is a seven-time Man-
Chelsea Classics’ screening the night in a rowboat, handing out small sense about me and in a called a musical comedy and hattan Association of Cabarets & Clubs
following day. Brini Maxwell cups of rum and brandy to the larger sense about Aleichem. I therefore had to be lighter in (MAC) Award-winner for his legendary
hosted a Q&A with headed- everyone, to keep from catch- play him writing and remem- tone. Out of town, the Nazis impersonation of Judy Garland. He con-
to-Broadway star Cheyenne ing cold) to episodes of “Star bering, and I act out 20-some wore swastikas, but by the time tinues his 20th season with a series of
Jackson, who finally gave Don Trek,” “Dynasty,” and “Char- odd characters –– young boys, we opened on Broadway, the four more appearances at Don’t Tell
Francks, who played his role, lie’s Angels.” Bikel is appearing old women, teachers, grandfa- swastikas were gone, so it was a Mama, 343 W. 46th St. Nov. 7 & 21,
Woody Mahoney, in the movie, in “Sholom Aleichem: Laugh- thers. We have one of the most toned down Holocaust. Dec. 5 & 19, 8:30 p.m. He is joined by
the props he deserved (despite ter Through Tears” at Baruch memorable characters, Tevye, Bikel played Zoltan Karpa- “As the World Turn”’ Eileen Fulton (Nov.
a horrendous rug): “He has one Performing Arts Center, open- but not the Tevye from ‘Fiddler thy in the film “My Fair Lady”: 7), “Forbidden Broadway”’s Christine
of most beautiful voices ever. ing November 8, as part of the on the Roof.’ There was far more “I insisted on ballroom dancing Pedi (as Liza Minnelli, Nov. 21), and
The first time I heard him sing- 150th anniversary of Aleichem’s to him than what you see there, lessons because I was dancing Michael Musto (Dec. 19). Cover charge
ing, ‘Old Devil Moon,’ I thought, birth (55 Lexington Ave. at East stories about his other daugh- with Audrey Hepburn, who was is $20, with a two-drink minimum (cash
‘I wish we could do it like that, 24th Street , through December ters. We have music which we lovely –– you can’t say anything only). Reservations at 212-757-0788 or
lying back in the grass.’ I think 13; folksbiene.org). found, but there are also songs bad about her –– and it would dontellmamanyc.com.
it’s very sexy and asked my “Aleichem was really to my from ‘Fiddler.’”
director if we could do some- mind the greatest Yiddish writ- Bikel counts Tevye in “Fid- 䉴 IN THE NOH, continued on p.32 䉴 14 DAYS, continued on p.32


Charlotte Gainsbourg as She in Lars von Trier’s “Antichrist.”


Von Trier’s Spiral

With “Antichrist,” director juggles nature,
religion, misanthropy, misogyny, depression 539 North Birch Road, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304
Directed by Lars von Trier

ack in the ’90s, Lars von Trier IFC Films
was a major director. Then, his Opens Oct. 23
tendency toward provocation IFC Center
and self-promotion began taking prece- 323 Sixth Ave. at W. Third St.

Buying a home?
dence over his films themselves. At his
best — in “The Kingdom,” “Breaking the
Waves,” and “The Idiots” — von Trier cre- tells him “chaos reigns.” This marks the
ated genuinely challenging work. point where both the film and her behav-
However, he soon became infatu- ior go haywire.

Give us a call.
ated with his reputation as a misogy- “Antichrist” closes with a dedication
nist, stemming from his fascination with to the late Russian director Andrei Tark-
female martyrs and the onset of reports ovsky. Some have seen this as a joke,
about his cruelty toward actresses. but I think von Trier’s sincere. Some of
His later work, including “Antichrist,” the film’s forest imagery, if not its sexual
is extremely self-conscious about this excesses, really does recall Tarkovsky’s
theme, to the point where one suspects work. Before it becomes risible, the
the director is trying to bait feminists. film offers moments of genuine beauty.
Rather than coherent character develop- Anthony Dod Mantle’s cinematography, The State of New York Mortgage Agency (SONYMA)
ment or storytelling, “Antichrist” settles which sometimes shimmers as char- can help you become a first-time homebuyer.
for shock value — featuring images of a acters cross the frame, brings out an
man ejaculating blood and a woman cut- uncanny quality from the German for- SONYMA mortgages offer:
ting off her clitoris with scissors — and ests where the film was shot. While the • 30- or 40-year fixed interest rates that are typically
seemed designed to get gasps from the opening five minutes, which are shot in
audience at its premiere at Cannes last black-and-white and take place in slow
below market;
spring. motion, resemble a pretentious perfume • Financing up to 97%;
In a prologue, the young child of an ad, the rest of the film has a seductive
• Flexible underwriting guidelines;
unnamed couple — referred to in the look.
credits as He (Willem Dafoe) and She Over the years, von Trier’s interview • Closing cost assistance (up to higher of $3,000 or 3%
(Charlotte Gainsbourg) — commits sui- statements about his religious beliefs of the loan amount);
cide by jumping out a window after see- have varied. He now says he’s an atheist,
ing them have sex. She is devastated by but in the past he claimed otherwise. In • No points;
grief; He remains infuriatingly rational. any case, his films are filled with Chris- • No financing add ons.
Torn with anxiety, She fears nature, tian symbolism; the religion has clearly
but He suggests a trip to their cabin in
rural Washington State, Eden. She tries
had an impact on him. Carl Dreyer’s
“The Passion of Joan of Arc” and “Ordet”
For more information, call
to return to her thesis about violence
against women, but comes to believe
and the handful of films Roberto Rossel-
lini made with Ingrid Bergman set the
1-800-382-HOME (4663)
that executed witches really were evil. or visit www.nyhomes.org THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME
Meanwhile, He meets a talking fox, who 䉴 SPIRAL, continued on p.34
29 OCT -11 NOV 2009

32/ Opera
Graham, Fleming Reunite 14 DAYS
Strauss better with age; D’Indy’s cause still not found 14 NIGHTS
BY ELI JACOBSON hours. 䉴 14 DAYS, from p.30
The music is simultaneously

ichard Strauss’ “Der lush and tuneless, all shim-
Rosenkavalier” came
back to the Met on Octo-
ber 13, with Edo de Waart replac-
mering texture that sounds too
generic to make specific dra-
matic points. An expert orches- FILM
ing an injured James Levine trator, D’Indy’s musical style is Spain Before
in the pit. The Dutch maestro also reminiscent of other late Franco
brought a brisk objective clar- Romantic French composers Chillfest, the mostly gay and lesbian
ity and transparency of musical like Debussy, Chabrier, and even film series of Jersey City, continues its
texture to the score that avoided Massenet. All the vocal solos are Second Sunday season with a screening of
sentimental schmaltz and pom- long declamatory tirades that “Little Ashes,” an exploration of the hugely


posity. Renee Fleming returned never develop a melodic profile. influential and controversial Salvador Dali.
to the role of the Marschallin Wagner gave such extended nar- With 1920s Spain teetering on the brink of
after a decade, reuniting with rations to his basses but always civil war, repressed sexual tensions rage
the Oktavian of Susan Graham. had a big tune for the tenor and within the main characters — three rebels
Both are now more slender of soprano. The vocal leads are portrayed by Havier Beltran, Marina Gatell,
tone, the soprano chesting some composed for heroic French and Robert Pattinson. LITM, 140 Newark
low phrases to pump up the vol- voice types that largely disap- Ave., just steps from the Grove Street
ume while the mezzo has lost Susan Graham as Oktavian in Strauss’ “Der Rosenkavalier.” peared after World War I. PATH stop, 4 p.m. Full bar and dinner
some ease and radiance on top. Richar d Crawley, a fine menu available. Admission is $5 at chill-
Looking exquisite and singing mundsson missed the overgrown His 1897 opera “Fervaal” is focused lyric tenor, once again fest.org; $8 at the door.
with myriad vocal inflections, child aspect of Ochs, lacking something of a footnote in musi- stepped into the breach in the ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
Fleming captured the surface of roguish charm and joie de vivre cal history, the title showing up wake of a late cancellation, as he
the pensive princess but some- — his tone is a little hollow and in musical tomes but absent did last year in another thank- BENEFIT
how missed her core. short both on the bottom and from the stage, like much of less resurrection — Opera Grat- Helping Kids With
In the Marschallin’s Act I top. Ramon Vargas bawled the D’Indy’s output. However, that tacielo’s concert presentation of AIDS
monologue on the passing of Italian Tenor’s aria with surpris- champion of forgotten causes Mascagni’s “Il Piccolo Marat.” Help Is On The Way Today provides
time, I was more moved by Gra- ingly spread and graceless tone. and lost pages in musical his- Both tenor roles consist of end- for the unmet needs of 650 New York City
ham’s heartstruck bewilder - On October 19, Barry Banks tory, Leon Botstein, in cahoots less declamation in the high children — orphans as well as some liv-
ment than by Fleming’s soul- trumped him, tracing the high with the American Symphony passaggio with nary a melody ing in low-income families — as well as
searching. The Fleming tone is cantilena with silvery firmness. Orchestra, decided that “Fer- in sight. His musicianship and 40 young people in Africa, all of whom are
still a beguiling mix of silver and The 40-year -old Merrill/ vaal” would leap from musi- dedication compel admiration living with HIV/ AIDS. The group supplies
cream, and her artful style bet- O’Hearn production still has cal footnote to the footlights of despite a less than heroic tone. everything from baby carriages, bottles, and
ter suited to Strauss than Ital- beautiful color schemes and Avery Fisher Hall in concert on Ideally, the role of Guilhen bibs for newborns to pencils, erasers, and
ian opera. Graham may look clever use of stage space and October 14. should be sung by a “Falcon”: backpacks for young students. The group’s
and sound a tad mature for perspective. It looks a trifle The libretto by the composer a wide-ranging dramatic sopra- annual Project Backpack will culminate
the youthful rose cavalier, but tatty but has a real Old-World concerns the titular Parsifal- no-cum-mezzo. Deanne Meek this year in a designer backpack auction
she inhabits the stage with an atmosphere. Like the Marschal- esque youth sworn to abjure the is merely a fine medium-weight at Iguana VIP Lounge, 240 W. 54th St.,
authority and naturalness that lin, time has only added to its female sex as destined priest- mezzo-soprano. She struggled 12:30 p.m. For complete information on
only decades of experience can charm. king of the pagan kingdom of hard at the high climaxes, but Help, visit HelpIsOnTheWayToday.org.
bring. Swedish soprano Miah Cravann. Wounded by bandits, her vibrant tone radiated luster ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯

Persson debuted as a winsome, agner has a lot to Fervaal falls into the hands of and warmth elsewhere. Don-
spunky Sophie with a tone that answer for. His domi- Saracen queen and sorceress nie Ray Albert and Barbara COMEDY
was surprisingly dark-toned in nating influence Guilhen, daughter of his father’s Dever brought sonorous vocal Fall For the Jokes
the middle yet still reached sil- caused even composers who killer, who, taking a cue from strength to the roles of Arfa- “Electro Shock Therapy Comedy Hour”
very high notes marred only by a hated him to be branded imita- Kundry, cures his wounds but gard and Kaito — the goddess’ host Brad Loekle welcomes headliner
touch of unsteadiness. tors. One who didn’t hate Wag- infects him with the forbidden prophecy scene with wordless Helen Hong (VH1, WE network), along
The audience must spend ner was Vincent D’Indy, who passion of a Tristan. The lov- chorus in Act II is the most with Marc Maietta (Here TV’s “Hot Gay
more time with the boorish led the French Wagnerian con- ers are separated by war and interesting section of the score. Comics”) and Adrienne Iapalucci (VH1).
Baron Ochs in Acts II and III tingent and taught several gen- death, Cravann falls, and a new Botstein conducted with energy Therapy, 348 W. 52nd St., 10 p.m. No
than is desired — it takes forever erations of French composers, Christian god looms on the hori- but little dynamic nuance in a cover charge and $6 cosmos all night.
to get him offstage for the final including Milhaud, Magnard, zon, ushering in a new era. It all piece that didn’t inspire one to ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
trio. Finnish basso Kristinn Sig- Albeniz, Honnegger, and Satie. rambles on for three and a half hear it again.

䉴 IN THE NOH, from p.30 have noticed this, but between

the two of us, you’re the Hun-
son on film. He could be a hand-
ful, but he reacted okay, with a
indeed the greatest. She was
very fragile, and yet there was a CONCERT
have killed me if I’d been caught garian.’ He said, ‘Yes, but you’re very proper British, nonplussed steely interior. It was daunting Songs of Bernadette
treading on her toes. [Direc- the actor and they have better demeanor.” because you didn’t want to mis- The Tony and Grammy Award-winning
tor] George Cukor was fun. instincts.’ “Well, I would kiss Bikel understudied and step ever, and, of course, Lau- Broadway Star Bernadette Peters appears
He asked me when I made my him on both cheeks,’ and he played Stanley Kowalski with rence Olivier was the director. in a benefit for Broadway Cares/ Equity
entrance, ‘How would this Hun- said, ‘Why don’t you do that?’ Vivien Leigh in the London “A That was upsetting from time to Fights AIDS in a concert of her own stage
garian greet Henry Higgins?’ so that’s how I became the only Streetcar Named Desire”: “Vivi-
and I said, ‘Well, you may not actor who ever kissed Rex Harri- en Leigh’s performance was 䉴 IN THE NOH, continued on p.33 䉴 NOV 9, continued on p.34


Chita Rivera remains a simple, endorphin-exploding miracle.

䉴 IN THE NOH, from p.32 divine body is in perpetual, feverishly

dynamic motion? The sight of her,
time. He would show you how he would merely rolling her shoulders in sub-
play the part, and you knew you couldn’t lime rhythm to the band, is a simple,
do it that way or that well. Normally a endorphin-exploding miracle.
director doesn’t do that, they guide you

to where you want to go, but he was t the October 5 Ali Forney Cen-
a superb director as well, who knew ter gala at Chelsea Art Museum,
where he was going. Rufus Wainwright performed a
“I remember going to Vivien’s dress- set of songs, including an aria from his
ing room and asking her if she wanted opera “Prima Donna,” Leonard Cohen’s
to talk about anything. She said, ‘No. rather overdone “Hallelujah,” and,
Larry gave you this job –– let’s see if especially “I’m Going to a Town” with
he was right.’ She gave the same great its lyric, “I’m So Tired of You America,”
performance every night, very consis- with a huskily buzzing voice –– more Gay,
tent, and also had a bawdy side, talked effective than that familiar whining
like a truck driver at times.” Bikel has drone –– that made me finally succumb Str8,
recounted how, after one particularly to his talent. I only wish he hadn’t Bi,
bad audience, during the curtain call, waited, like he said, for Mayor Michael Curious?
he heard Leigh, with her head bowed Bloomberg to leave before performing
down at its lowest, hissing, “Stupid that last number. I just wanted to shout
cunts!” at Mayor Mike, “Stop raiding our busi-
Bikel said, “I was also very proud nesses!” Also in attendance: Christine
to be able to play a Southern sheriff Quinn, Lieutenant Dan Choi, Sandra
and get away with it” [in “The Defiant Bernhard, Paul Mooney, Danny Nardi-
Ones,” for which he was Oscar-nomi- cio, and all those well-heeled queens
nated], and I worked with Susan Hay- you only see in the Pines, Hamptons,
ward twice, a very interesting, shy lady. and orchestra seats.
She called me into her trailer and said, Since her criminal loss of the 2003
‘I need some help. How do you produce Tony Award for “Gypsy,” we haven’t
a belly laugh?’ I realized that she could seen much of Bernadette Peters, so
smile, but she didn’t know how to laugh I’m happy to report that on November
audibly, so I put her through some exer- 9, she will perform a concert benefit-
cises and it worked.” ing Broadway Barks/ Broadway Cares
at the Minskoff Theater. Homeless

t her Birdland show on Octo- animals have always been a concern
ber 15, Chita Rivera remarked of hers and, with a 30-piece orches-
that she sometimes sees her tra, she plans to do right by them.
whole life literally passing in front of I’ve missed having her on Broadway,
her, with all the billboards and buses and truly yearn for the good old days
advertising “West Side Story,” “Bye Bye when she and Patti LuPone, her fellow
Birdie,” and “Chicago”: “I think, it’s 8 Mama Rose, had a healthy diva rival-
o’clock –– shouldn’t I be in a theater ry to match that of Mary Martin and
somewhere?” She then proceeded to Ethel Merman before them. Will she
exuberantly do numbers from all these be still be serving cascades of ringlets /ÀÞʈÌÊÀiiÊUÊ
shows, which she originated, turn- and mucho décolletage, along with her
ing the tiny stage into Radio City in
an act both exhilarating and exhaust-
soaring pipes? I’m willing to stake all my
Galliano on it.
ing in its opulent generosity. The voice
may be worn –– though she hits every Contact David Noh at Inthenoh@aol.
note of “All That Jazz” like it’s 1975 all com and check out his new blog at http://
over again –– but who cares when that nohway.wordpress.com/. 1800GayLive.com MC 7002 Ent only 18+ *Limited Free Trial Photography by Kevin E. McPherson
29 OCT -11 NOV 2009

34/ Film
䉴 PUSH, from p.25

that’s what fucked me up.”

at the film’s end. Daniels has
Mo’Nique as Mary sporting
“Whatever Happened to Baby
In contrast, while Sidibe
insisted that she can iden-
tify and empathize with her
Jane” powder on her face in
that scene. He remembered
telling the actress, “Mary’s
screen persona, she said she going out in public, honey. 䉴 NOV 9, from p.32
is nothing like the character She has to put powder on her
she portrays. “I felt like I knew face!” If the actress was initial- and recording music, aswell as favorites
Precious,” Sidibe explained. ly reluctant, the moment pays from Rodgers & Hammerstein, Stephen
“She was such a real per - off fabulously. Sondheim, and Jerry Herman, among
son to me. What makes her The filmmaker explained his other composers. Richard Jay-Alexan-
story universal is that she’s theory about why Mo’Nique is der directs, with musical direction by
been ignored, neglected. I’ve able to surprise viewers with Marvin Laird. Minskoff Theatre, 1515
felt that more times than I her dramatic talents. “Come- Broadway at W. 44th St., 8 p.m. Tick-
care to count in my life, but dians have a third eye — they ets begin at $75 at BroadwayCares.org
I’ve not been what she’s been don’t see the world the way or 212-840-0770.
through. [Lee] reminded me ordinary actors, or people, do. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
that we’re getting a peek into They are able to take a char-


her life. She can’t be com- acter and really twist the fuck CABARET
pletely sad or pathetic. It’s out of them. Jim Carrey does If You Dare, If You
just a Tuesday for her. It’s a it. Richard Pryor did it in ‘Lady Will
bad day, but they’ve all been Sings the Blues.’” “Curtain Call” guest host Emily
bad days.” Director Lee Daniels with Gabourey Sidibe (as Precious, center) and Xosha Roquemore (as And yet Daniels, as a gay McNamara welcomes Ashley Springer,
The student-turned-actress Joann, right) on the set of “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire.” man, not a comedian, has the Cady Huffman, and Adam Fleming — the
used the insights gained same ability to twist a char - stars of “Dare,” which opens Nov. 13 at
studying psychology to inform is very telling, and the actress described Sidibe’s per for - acter or a story and make it City Cinema Village East. The actors
h e r c h a r a c t e r. S i d i b e h a s conveys more with a silent mance as “phenomenal,” relatable. With “Precious,” he are joined by writer/ co-producer David
always been interested in what squint than with a whole page and insisted that Mo’Nique does an extraordinary job — Brind. Splash Bar, 50 W. 17th St., 11:30
she called “the anatomy of a of dialogue. is equally revelatory in her and Daniels will debate any- p.m. Admission is free until 10 p.m.; $5
victim and victimizer.” In the Daniels had nothing role — especially when she one who argues with that con- after that. You must be 21.
film, Precious’ body language but praise for his cast. He gives an astonishing speech clusion. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯

䉴 SPIRAL, from p.31

template for von Trier’s tales of

as her de facto therapist while
continuing to sleep with her.
His attitude is rather patron-
grows desperate, long after
she has har med him — as
well as herself — physically, in
same act that gave life to him.
I’m sure von Trier thinks he’s
transgr essing taboos, but HEALTH
modern-day Christ figures. izing. Paradoxically, he seems extremely graphic fashion. He it would be far more daring What Will It Be?
Even if Christianity only to represent von Trier’s notion may be a jerk, but he doesn’t to show a loving couple hav- While Congress moves closer to a
interests von Trier when fil- of the Achilles’ heel of main- deserve her punishment. As ing joyous sex in an equally pivotal vote on health care reform, there
tered through the prism of art, stream feminism — a resis- in “Dogville,” von Trier seems explicit manner. is still confusion and tension around
it still influenced “Antichrist.” tance to metaphysical con- incapable of imagining women “Antichrist” is an easy film what reform will actually mean. What
The title is an obvious indica- cepts of absolute good and rebelling constructively. to get angry at or simply laugh will it cost? Will coverage be universal?
tion, as are the reference to evil. “Antichrist” draws on the off, but von Trier claims that it Will there be a negative effect on current
the Garden of Eden and the Early on in the film, at the visual vocabulary of pornog- was inspired by his own trou- programs like Medicare? Will there be a
parallels between the central least, the viewer might con- raphy— including a close-up bles with crippling depression. public option? Are we merely tweaking
couple and Adam and Eve. clude von T rier is a misan- of penetration and a “money There’s real pain on view here, a bad system? New York Congressman
Some defenders of “Anti- thrope rather than a misogy- shot” of sorts — but tur ns nestled alongside cringe-wor- Anthony Weiner, Sinsi Hernández-Cancio
christ” have pointed out that nist. However, She’s behavior it away from pleasure. In its thy sensationalism. of SEIU’s Healthcare Equality Project, Dr.
it criticizes the behavior of lives up to all the worst stereo- equation of sex and death, What on Earth was von Laura Boylan of Physicians for a National
both of its characters. It’s true types of female irrationality. and its depiction of female T rier trying to accomplish Health Program; and Cheryl Matheis of
that He initially comes off far She runs out of the house for libido as feral and untamable, with this muddled whatsit? AARP talk about the issues. New York
worse than She. Against her crazed outdoor masturbation this is a deeply puritanical The audience for “Antichrist” Society for Ethical Culture, 2 W. 64th
doctor’s orders, He advises sessions. He never lays a hand film. Here, a couple essen- will find themselves frequently St. at Central Park W., 7 p.m.; doors
her to go off her meds. He acts on her until their situation tially kills their child by the asking that question. open at 6:30 p.m. Free. For more informa-
tion, visit nysec.org.
✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯

䉴 THREE STATES, from p.20 the attorney general, the mar- ton Poll, which found that by a onto the November ballot for
riage equality forces have margin of 56-39 voters support voter approval.
too large and our infrastructure
too small. In Maine, the scale
is more manageable: 275,000
enjoyed the active participation
of the Democratic governor,
John Balducci, who on May 6
Referendum 71, a measure that
asks them to affirm or reject the
most recent enhancement of
However, the anti-gay side
has been outspent by allies of
the LGBT community, including RECITAL
votes to win as compared to over became the nation’s first chief the state domestic partnership many in the business commu- Classical 25
5.5 million in California. That is executive to sign a gay marriage law that gives same-sex cou- nity. This week, Google became Pianist Sara Davis Buechner, in a
exactly what No on 1 campaign law not mandated by a court, ples rights similar to those in the latest corporation to state its celebration of 25 years of performing,
is doing, under the leadership even though he had earlier civil union states. In July, Pro- endorsement of the comprehen- presents a recital program that includes
of Jesse Connolly, one of only a expressed a preference for civil tect Marriage Washington, an sive domestic partnership law. works by Bach, Mozart, Miklós Martinù,
tiny handful of people that have unions. anti-gay group, had submitted Nike and Puget Sound Energy and Kouji Taku. Merkin Concert Hall,
ever defeated an anti-gay state- In Washington State, gay 137,000 signatures to force the are among other corporations 129 W. 67 St., 8 p.m. Tickets are $25;
wide ballot initiative.” advocates are buoyed by the measure, signed by Democratic that have spoken out on the $15 for students & seniors at kaufman-
In addition to support from results of the yearly Washing- Governor Christine Gregoire, issue. center.org or 212-501-3330.

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