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Unit Test 5
Answer all thirty questions. There is one mark per question.


1 Complete sentences 110 with answers a), b) or c). 1 A lot of local businesses ____________________ adverts in our newspaper. a) endorse 2 b) target c) place

Creating clever and memorable ____________________ such as Mr Muscle loves the

jobs ou don!t! is the job of advertising agencies. a) slogans " b) fl ers c) samples

#he compan !s new global advertising campaign$ which will ____________________

in %apan$ &urope and the '($ will cost )"m. a) promote * b) run c) sponsor

Man people are beginning to criticise the widespread practice of

____________________ mar+eting$ in which companies recruit bloggers to tal+ about products in e,change for samples or promotions. a) banner b) viral c) outdoor

#hrough blogs and services such as .aceboo+ and #witter$ companies are able to

____________________ more directl with consumers. a) endorse / b) e,hibit c) communicate

0f ou would li+e more information$ please help ourself to one of our

____________________. a) leaflets 2 b) pop1ups c) billboards

An effective advert is one that ____________________ the consumer to bu the

product or service it advertises. a) influence 3 b) promotes c) persuades

#he bul+ of mobile advertising is still focused on ____________________ ads and te,t

messages$ but some companies are e,perimenting with offering free video clips supported b ads screened before and after. a) target b) banner c) point1of1sale


!"#" Pea$s%n L%n&man ELT

#he good news about celebrit ____________________ is that companies can alwa s

sac+ the celebrit if he or she falls into disgrace. a) endorsement 15 b) hoardings c) advertorials

(ome internet service providers now use technolog to trac+ the web1surfing habits of

their internet users to enable them to ____________________ advertising more tightl . a) target b) place c) pop1up


2 The text below is about kuchikomi!, or wor"#o$#mouth a"%ertisin& in 'apan. (rite in the articles a, an or the where appropriate. (rite 0 where no article is nee"e". Advertisers ever where +now that personal recommendation carries great weight. 6ormall $ word1of1mouth 711)_____ promotion is free$ but impossible to arrange. 0n 712)_____ %apan$ it can be arranged 8 at a price. #here are agencies with hundreds of teenagers on their boo+s who receive new products and tell their friends about them9 others are paid to :ueue up for 71")_____ launch of 71*)_____ new product or opening of a new store$ creating 71-)_____ artificial bu;;! about it. <alfwa between (hibu a and <araju+u is 71/)_____ office of <iroa+i Morita$ who set up #eens! 6etwor+ (hip on leaving 712)_____ school. #he agenc is 713)_____ longest1 established specialist in 714)_____ teenage mar+et$ and often uses informal mar+eting methods. 0t has 725)_____ register of thousands of senior high school pupils in 721)_____ #o+ o area alone. As Mr Morita describes it$ 722)_____ logic is simple= selected teenagers are given 72")_____ information or samples of a new product. .eeling superior for +nowing something ahead of 72*)_____ crowd$ the tell on average -5 of their friends and classmates about their discover !$ so that with 72-)_____ core group of 1$555$ word can spread to -5$555 or more.


) (rite the extra incorrect wor" in each phrase. 2/ >n the behalf of Sigma Marketing$ 0!d li+e to welcome ou all. M name!s 6aseem A+htar. _______ 22 #his morning$ 0!d li+e to tell ou about the ideas we!ve come up with for the advertising and campaign. _______ 23 24 0!ve divided m presentation into the three parts. _______ 0!ll start over with the bac+ground to the campaign$ move on to the media we plan to use$ and finish with the stor board for the commercial. ________ "5 0f there!s an thing ou!re not clear about it$ feel free to stop me and as+ an :uestions. ________


!"#" Pea$s%n L%n&man ELT