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Model Policy

Health and Safety Policy Statement

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First Published February 2009 Reviewed and Updated February 2011

Disclaimer These example orms! chec"lists and model policies are provided by #arbour or $eneral $uidance on matters o interest% &n ma"in$ these documents available to a $eneral and diverse audience it is not possible to anticipate the re'uirements or the ha(ards o any subscriber)s business% Users are there ore advised to care ully evaluate the contents and adapt the orms and chec"lists to suit the re'uirements o each situation% #arbour does not accept any liability whatsoever or in*ury! dama$e or other losses which may arise rom reliance on this in ormation and the use o these documents% +opyri$ht o these documents remains with #arbour and whilst subscribers are permitted to ma"e use o them or their own purposes! permission is not $ranted or resale o the intellectual property to third parties%

A Barbour Model Policy: Health and Safety Policy Statement

1% As a general principle, when writing a Health and Safety Policy Statement, it is a priority to ensure that the document is absolutely relevant to the company/organisation concerned. The sequence of information listed in this template is for guidance only. included in any order but it is important that all relevant parts are covered. The information can be

The e ample phrases are written as if the organisation is a !company". #here applicable this word should be substituted with !Partnership", !$rganisation" or another appropriate term. 2% Start the Statement by e pressing the overall aims and commitment of the organisation to health and safety eg, The #oard o -irectors is irmly committed to doin$ all that is reasonably practicable to protect the health! sa ety and wel are o our employees and any other person a ected by our activities throu$h applyin$ the hi$h standards set out within this policy% .% %escribe how the responsibilities for health and safety are shared between %irectors, &anagers and other 'mployees and who is appointed as nominated safety director. (nclude )ontractors in this as well if they have a high level of involvement. 'nsure that the wording reflects the correct *ob titles and structure of the organisation eg+ The #oard! led by the Mana$in$ -irector! has overall responsibility or ensurin$ that we maintain hi$h standards o health and sa ety% /owever! we rely on all o our employees and sub0contractors to play their part in implementin$ our health and sa ety policy and drawin$ to our attention! areas in which we can improve% The #oard has appointed insert position to be appointed sa ety director to $uide the #oard on all matters o health and sa ety 1% %escribe here some specific issues which affect the organisation eg+ 2s an o ice based business! we reco$nise the importance o providin$ an er$onomic environment or our valued employees and or identi yin$ and mana$in$ stress actors which may a ect them% or 2s a retailer o irewor"s we are "eenly aware o the need to ensure the sa e and secure stora$e o our stoc"! the sa ety and compliance o the products which we supply to our customers and the protection o our sta ! nei$hbours and the emer$ency services% or 2s our wor" is o ten conducted via contractors or business partners it is a particular priority or us to ensure that we select only competent contractors3partners and monitor the health and sa ety standards o their wor" and wor"manship% 4% Policies should always include somewhere a commitment to the core requirements of the Health and Safety at #or, Act and other ,ey legislation relevant to the business eg+ -irectors and mana$ers will in particular ta"e all reasonably practicable steps to, provide and maintain a sa e and healthy wor"in$ environment includin$ sa e access arran$ements and suitable wel are acilities provide in ormation! instruction! trainin$ and supervision to enable employees to per orm their wor" sa ely! includin$ displayin$ a copy o this policy at every location and drawin$ the policy to the attention o new starters underta"e ris" assessments! implement the identi ied control measures and ensure that sa e systems o wor" are applied in relation to all o our activities

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A Barbour Model Policy: Health and Safety Policy Statement

ensure sa ety and the absence o ris"s to health in connection with the stora$e! handlin$! use and transport o articles and substances ensure that all vehicles and wor" e'uipment are suitable or purpose and properly maintained minimise the use o ha(ardous or dan$erous substances and where their use cannot be eliminated! implement suitable controls ma"e available all necessary sa ety devices and protective e'uipment and supervise their use ta"e steps to assess the competence o any contractor we en$a$e and to ensure that in ormation is exchan$ed on matters relevant to health and sa ety be prepared or emer$encies such as ire and medical emer$encies and investi$ate all incidents o in*ury or ill health promote a positive health and sa ety culture within the or$anisation! in particular by -irectors and Mana$ers! consultin$ with employees on health and sa ety matters! directly and throu$h sa ety representatives appointed by reco$nised trade unions and3or elected representatives o employee sa ety and our health and sa ety committee% -ote that there is no legal requirement for a health and safety committee to be established unless two or more trade union appointed safety representatives have requested this in writing. There is also no requirement for elected representatives of employee safety where either all employees are represented by a recognised trade union which has appointed safety representatives or where the organisation is of a si.e and structure for direct consultation to be sufficient. See the #arbour /uide on 'mployee (nvolvement and )onsultation for more information.

5% ' plain arrangements for resourcing the health and safety policy eg+ The +ompany36r$anisation is committed to ensurin$ that the implementation o the health and sa ety mana$ement system is ade'uately resourced to enable the ull implementation o this policy% This commitment includes the provision o su icient inancial resources! mana$ement and employee time! trainin$ and health and sa ety advisory support% The company appoints a combination o internal and external specialists to provide competent health and sa ety advice% 7% ' plain how the policy implementation will be monitored and the policy, periodically reviewed. -ote that in the e ample given here, an annual audit is proposed which is best practice rather than being an e plicit legal requirement. However, it is a requirement for there to be suitable monitoring of the policy and company performance. #ithout an audit, other suitable means would be required+ &t is the responsibility o the Mana$in$ -irector to monitor the implementation o this policy and the company)s overall health and sa ety per ormance by receivin$ re$ular health and sa ety reports rom and commissionin$ and considerin$ the results o a health and sa ety audit! conducted on an annual basis and reportin$ to the #oard accordin$ly% This /ealth and 8a ety Policy 8tatement and the Responsibilities and 2rran$ements that support it will be reviewed at least annually or more re'uently where there have been si$ni icant chan$es to the company or the nature o the company)s activities% 8i$ned,99999999999999999999999999999999 -ame 0 Title 1-ote that this policy should be signed by the most senior person in the organisation eg )hief ' ecutive, &anaging %irector, &anaging Partner etc to demonstrate commitment at the highest level2 -ate, 9999999999999999

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