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Bayyurt, Yasemin / Bektas-etinkaya, Yesim (eds.

) Research Perspectives on Teaching and Learning English in Turkey Policies and Practices
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2012. 312 pp. Print: ISBN 978-3-631-63334-2 hb. (Hardcover) SFR 63.00 / * 55.95 / ** 57.50 / 52.30 / 41.80 / US$ 67.95

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Book synopsis An increasing number of universities either provide seminars regarding the uses of English in international contexts, or on how effective methodologies can be developed for teaching English and what can be done to train future English language teachers. There are, however, very few edited volumes about English language teaching in countries like Turkey. In this respect, Research Perspectives on Teaching and Learning English in Turkey: Policies and Practices offers a broad picture of English language teaching in the Turkish EFL context. It examines the development of English language teaching and learning in Turkey and illustrates current practices through empirical studies. The sixteen chapters in the book are divided into four thematic sections: Teacher Education in Turkey, English Language Learning in Turkey, Instructional Technologies in English Language Teaching and Learning in Turkey, and English Language Education in the Turkish Socio-Cultural Context. Contents Contents: Yasemin Bayyurt/Yesim Bektas-etinkaya: Introduction - Ayse S. Akyel: Preservice English Language Teacher Education in Turkey - Belma Haznedar: Perspectives on Preservice Education of English Language Teachers in Turkish Primary Schools - Derin Atay: Changing Preservice Teachers' Epistemological Beliefs about Teaching - Zbeyde Sinem Gen: Professional Development and Turkish EFL Teachers. Building Context-Sensitive Pedagogical Knowledge - Derya Altinmakas: The Influence of Feedback on Students Teachers' Professional Development - Yesim Bektas-etinkaya/Beng Brkan: Intercultural Communicative Competence of Preservice Language Teachers in Turkey - iler Hatipoglu: British Culture in the Eyes of Future English Language Teachers in Turkey - Demet Yayli: An Overview of Research on Skills Instruction in Turkey - Reyhan Salataci: Possible Effects of Strategy Instruction on L1 and L2 Reading - Arif Bakla/Arda Arikan: Perceived Text Difficulty, Cultural Familiarity, and Lexical Retention of Turkish EFL Learners - Sebnem Yalin: Content-Based Instruction at the Tertiary Level in Turkey - Burcu Varol/Sumru Akcan: EFL Teachers' Beliefs and Practices Concerning Reading Strategy Instruction - Senem Yildiz/Sibel Tatar: The Use of Multimedia Computers in Turkish Classrooms: Perceptions of Foreign Language Teachers - Zeynep Kooglu: Turkish EFL Teachers' Beliefs about the Use of ICT in English Language Teaching - Eray Sevingil: E-Mail Exchanges for Language Learning - Yasemin Bayyurt: Proposing a Model for English Language Education in the Turkish Socio-cultural Context. About the author(s)/editor(s) Yasemin Bayyurt is a professor in the Department of Foreign Language Education at Bogazii University in Istanbul (Turkey). Her research interests include teaching English as an International Language, World Englishes, English as a Lingua Franca, content and language integrated learning (CLIL), and cultural aspects of foreign language teaching. Her publications include articles in various refereed journals, book chapters, and books. Yesim Bektas-etinkaya has an MA and PhD in Foreign Language Education from Ohio State University (USA). Her research interests include intercultural communication, affective variables in foreign language education, and second language literacy. She has published several articles in international journals. She teaches at Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir.

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