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Information Technology II Data. Network, and Voice Communications 1. Advantages of using fiber optic cable are that 1.

The signal is attenuated. . Data are transmitted rapidl!. . t is small and fle"ible. V. t is unaffected b! electrical interference.

a# and . b# and V. c# , , and . . d# , , and V. e#

$hen two devices in a data communications s!stem are communicating, there must be agreement as to how both data and control information are to be packaged and interpreted. $hich of the following terms is commonl! used to describe this t!pe of agreement%

f# As!nchronous communication. g# &!nchronous communication. h# Communication channel. i# Communication protocol. '#

A real estate brokerage firm is moving into a building that is alread! e(uipped with e"tensive telephone wiring. The firm is considering the installation of a digital private branch e"change )*+,# to connect computers and other office devices such as cop!ing machines, printers, and facsimile machines. A limitation of using a *+,-based s!stem for this network is that

k# l# m# n# o#

The firm would be dependent on others for s!stem maintenance. The s!stem cannot easil! handle large volumes of data. Coa"ial cabling would have to be installed throughout the building. .elocating devices in the office would be difficult and e"pensive.

/arge organi0ations often have their own telecommunications networks for transmitting and receiving voice, data, and images. Ver! small organi0ations, however, are unlikel! to be able to make the investment re(uired for their own networks and are more likel! to use

p# *ublic switched lines. (# 1ast-packet switches. r# &tandard electronic mail s!stems. s# A $AN.

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2sing a telecommunications provider affects in-house networks. To prepare for changes resulting from enhanced e"ternal network services, management should

u# 3ptimi0e in-house networks to avoid bottlenecks that would limit

the benefits offered b! the telecommunications provider.

v# *lan for rapid implementation of new capabilities in

anticipation of read! acceptance of the new technolog!.

w# Downsi0e the compan!4s disaster recover! plan to recogni0e

the increasing role of the telecommunications provider. "# 5nhance the in-house network management to minimi0e dependence on the telecommunications provider for etwork management.


A local area network )/AN# is best described as a)n#

0# Computer s!stem that connects computers of all si0es,

workstations, terminals, and other devices within a limited pro"imit!. aa# &!stem to allow computer users to meet and share ideas and information. bb# 5lectronic librar! containing millions of items of data that can be reviewed, retrieved, and anal!0ed. cc# 6ethod to offer speciali0ed software, hardware, and data handling techni(ues that improve effectiveness and reduce costs.

dd# $hich of the following statements about voice communications is


ee# 6odern voice recognition input devices have large vocabularies

and short training periods. ff# A voice output device converts speech into digital data. gg# Cell phones and pes services use the same fre(uenc! radio waves. hh# *agers can alert users to the receipt of messages, but cannot transmit te"t.


The nternet consists of a series of networks that include

''# 7atewa!s to allow personal computers to connect to mainframe


kk# +ridges to direct messages through the optimum data path. ll# .epeaters to ph!sicall! connect separate local area networks
)/ANs#. .outers to strengthen data signals between distant computers. nn# $hich of the following is true concerning 8T6/% oo# The acron!m stands for 8!per Te"t 6aterial /isting. pp# The language is among the most difficult to learn. ((# The language is independent or hardware and software. rr# 8T6/ is the onl! language that can be used for nternet documents.



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3f the following, the greatest advantage of a database )server# architecture is

tt# Data redundanc! can be reduced. uu# Conversion to a database s!stem is ine"pensive and can be
accomplished (uickl!. vv# 6ultiple occurrences of data items are useful for consistenc! checking. d# +ackup and recover! procedures are minimi0ed. An internal auditor encounters a batch-processed pa!roll in ww# which each record contains the same t!pe of data elements, in the same order, with each data element needing the same number of storage spaces. $hich file structure would most appropriatel! be used to support this set of records%

""# &ingle flat file structure. !!# 8ierarchical structure. 00# Network



bbb# n an inventor! s!stem on a database management s!stem )D+6&#,

one stored record contains part number, part name, part color, and part weight. These individual items are called ccc# 1ields. ddd# &tored files. eee# +!tes. d# 3ccurrences. An inventor!-clerk, using a computer terminal views the following on screen part number, part description, (uantit! onhand, (uantit! onorder, order (uantit! and recorder point for a particular inventor! item. Collectivel!, these data make up a ggg# 1ield. hhh# 1ile. iii# Datab ase. d# .ecord. An entit! has the following invoices in a batch: nvoice Number *roduct ;uantit! 2nit *rice 201 l0 1!0 "!.00 202 #1! 200 "10.00 20$ %20 2!0 "2!.00 20& '$! $00 "$0.00 $hich of the following numbers represents the record count%



R C N e r y 2 0 0 6 C o p y r i g h t P i s d o n o t c o p y , r e p r o d u c e , o r d i s t r i b u t e w it h o u t e x p li c it p e r m i s s i o n .

() b) c) d)

1 & *10 +00

kkk# $hich of the following is the elementar! unit of data

storage used to represent individual attribute of an entit!% lll# Database. mmm# Data field. nnn# 1ile. d# .ecord. ooo# A file-oriented approach to data storage re(uires a primar! record ke! for each file. $hich of the following is a primar! record ke!% ppp# The vendor number in an accounts pa!able master file. (((# The vendor number in a closed purchase or transaction file. rrr# The vendor number in an open purchase order master file. d# All of the answers are correct. sss# $hen re(uired to read customer data, the operating s!stem finds the primar! ke! value in a file whose records contain ke! values and their corresponding ph!sical addresses in this situationl, the most likel! file organi0ation for customer data is ttt# A direct-access file. uuu# An inde"ed se(uential file.

R C N e r y 2 0 0 6 C o p y r i g h t P I s d o n o t c o p y , r e p r o d u c e , o r d i s t r i b u t e w i t h o u t e x p l i c i t p e r m i s s i o n .


A se(uentia l file.

www) , text -ile. . , """# A business has decided to use magnetic disks to store
accounts receivable information. $hat data file concepts should be used to provide the abilit! to answer customer in(uiries as the! are received% !!!# &e(uential storage and chains. 000# &e(uential storage and inde"es. aaaa# .ecord ke!s, inde"es, and pointers. d# nverted file structure, inde"es, and internal labels. bbbb# Auditors making database (ueries often need to combine several tables to get the information the! want. 3ne approach to combining tables is known as cccc# 5"traction. dddd# <oining. eeee# &orting. d# &ummari0ation. ffff# 2sers making database (ueries often need to combine several tables to get the information the! want. 3ne approach to combining tables is gggg# <oining. hhhh# 6erging. iiii# *ro'ecting. ''''# *ointing.

kkkk# All of the following are methods for distributing a relational

database across multiple servers e"cept llll# &napshot )making a cop! of the database for distribution#. mmmm# .eplication )creating and maintaining replica copies at multiple locations#. nnnn# Normali0ations )separating the database into logical tables for easier user processing#. oooo# 1ragmentation )separating the database into parts and distributing where the! are needed#. pppp# n a database s!stem, locking of data helps preserve data integrit! b! permitting transactions to have control of all the data needed to complete the transactions. 8owever, implementing a locking procedure could lead to ((((# nconsistent processing. rrrr# .ollback failures. ssss# 2nrecoverable transactions. d# Deadl! embraces )retrieval contention#. tttt# 3ne advantage of a database management s!stem )D+6&# is uuuu# That each organi0ational unit takes responsibilit! and control for its own data. vvvv# The cost of the data processing department decreases as users are now responsible for establishing their own data handling techni(ues. wwww# A decreased vulnerabilit! as the database management s!stem has numerous securit! controls to prevent disasters. """"# The independence of the data from the application programs, which allows the programs to be developed for the user4s specific needs without concern for data capture problems. !!!!# $hich of the following is a false statement about a database management s!stem application environment% 0000# Data are used concurrentl! b! multiple users. aaaaa# Data are shared b! passing files between programs or s!stems. bbbbb# The ph!sical structure of the data is independent of user needs. ccccc# Data definition is independent of an!one program.


$hich of the following should not be the responsibilit! of a database administrator% eeeee# Design the content and organi0ation of the database. Develop applications to access the database.

a# fffff# *rotect the database and its software. ggggg# 6onitor and improve the efficienc! of the database.

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The responsibilities of a data administrator )DA# include monitoring iiiii# The database industr!. '''''# The performance of the database. kkkkk# Database securit!. d# +ackup of the s!stem. To trace data through several application programs, an auditor needs to know what programs use the data, which files contain the data, and which printed reports displa! the data. f data e"ist onl! in a database s!stem, the auditor could probabl! find ail of this information in a mmmmm# Data dictionar!. nnnnn# Database schema. ooooo# Data encrptor. ppppp# Decision table.

5-Commerce, 5Dt and 51T 9> All of the following are potential securit! issues for ecommerce e"cept: (((((# Correct identification of transacting parties. rrrrr# *roliferation of computer viruses. sssss# Determining who ma! rightfull! make transaction decisions. d# Verification of pa!ment data. ttttt# Companies now can use electronic transfers to conduct regular business transactions. $hich of the following terms best describes a s!stem in which an agreement is made between two or more parties to agreement is made between two or more parties to electronicall! transfer purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, and?or other financial documents% uuuuu# 5lectronic mail )5-mail#. vvvvv# 5lectronic funds transfer )51T#. wwwww# 5lectronic data interchange )5D #. """""# 5lectronic data processing )5D*#. !!!!!# $hich of the following is usuall! a benefit of transmitting in an electronic data interchange )5D # environment% 00000# A compressed business c!cle with lower !ear-end receivables balances. aaaaaa# A reduced need to test computer controls related to sales and collections transactions. bbbbbb# An increased opportunit! to appl! statistical sampling techni(ues to account balances. cccccc# No need to rel! on third-part! service providers to ensure securit!.

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$hich one of the following would not be included as a reason for the compan! to use 51T with 5D s!stem% eeeeee# To take advantage of the time lag associated with negotiable instruments. ffffff# To allow the compan! to negotiate discounts with 5D vendors based upon prompt pa!ment. gggggg# To improve its cash management program. d# To reduce input time and input errors. hhhhhh# .efer to the information preceding (uestion A1. $hich one of the following is . east likel! to be recommended b! the auditor when an 5D -51T s!stem is being designed% iiiiii# The identit! of the individual approving an electronic document should be stored as a data field. ''''''# Disaster recover! plans should be established. kkkkkk# Data securit! procedures should be written to prevent changes to data b! unauthori0ed individuals. d# .emote access to electronic data should be denied. llllll# The emergence of electronic data interchange )5D # as standard operating practice increases the risk of mmmmmm# 2nauthori0ed third-part! access to s!stems. nnnnnn# &!stematic programming errors. oooooo# nade(ua te knowledge bases. d# 2nsuccessful s!stem use. pppppp# $hich of the following risk is not greater than in a manual s!stem using paper transactions% ((((((# 2nauthori0ed access and activit!. rrrrrr# Duplicate transaction processing. ssssss# 8igher cost per transaction. d# nade(uate backup and recover! capabilities. tttttt# $hich of the following are essential elements of the audit trail in an electronic data interchange )5D # s!stem% uuuuuu# Network and sender?recipient acknowledgments. vvvvvv# 6essage directories and header segments. wwwwww# Contingenc! and disaster recover! plans. d# Trading partner securit! and mailbo" codes. """"""# $hich of the following is a false statement about ,+./% !!!!!!# ,+./ is freel! licensed. 000000# ,+./ facilitates the automatic e"change of information. aaaaaaa# ,+./ is used primaril! in the u.s. bbbbbbb# ,+./ is designed to work with a variet! of software applications.


R C N e r y 2 0 0 6 C o p y r i g h t P I s d o n o t c o p y , r e p r o d u c e , o r d i s t r i b u t e w i t h o u t e x p l i c i t p e r m i s



$hich of the following statements is true concerning internal control in an electronic data interchange )5D # s!stem% ddddddd# *reventive controls generall! are more important that detective controls in 5D s!stems. eeeeeee# Control ob'ectives for 5D s!stems generall! are different from the ob'ectives for other information s!stems. fffffff# nternal controls in 5D s!stems rarel! permit control risk to be assessed at below the ma"imum. ggggggg# nternal controls related to the segregation of duties generall! are the most important controls in 5D s!stems. hhhhhhh# A control that a compan! can use to detect forged 5D messages is to iiiiiii# Acknowledge all messages initiated e"ternall! with confirming messages. '''''''# *ermit onl! authori0ed emplo!ees to have access to transmission facilities. kkkkkkk# Dela! action on orders until a second order is received for the same goods. lllllll# $rite all incoming messages to a writeonce?read-man! device for archiving. mmmmmmm# $hich of the following statements about &5T )&ecured 5lectronics Transaction# is false% nnnnnnn# &5T is a trademarked protocol that provides individuali0ed securit! standards. ooooooo# &5T is based on a hierarch! of certificate authorities. ppppppp# &5T authenticates users with digital certificates and digital signatures. (((((((# &5T is supported through an organi0ation called &5TCo.

5 n t e r p ri s e $ i d e . e s o u r c e * l a n n i n g ) 5 . * #

aaaaa aaa# A
n e n t e r p r i s e r e s o u r c e

nvestment in T


nefficient use of e"cess computer e(uipment can be controlled by sssssss# Contingenc! planning. ttttttt# &!stem feasibilit! studies. uuuuuuu# C apacit! planning. d# 5"ception reporting. vvvvvvv# The best plan for responding to (uickl! changing information re(uirements is to foster wwwwwww# 7reater online access to information s!stems. """""""# Competitive pressures for enhanced functions in s!stems. !!!!!!!# Closer linkage between organi0ational strateg! and information. 0000000# 6ore widespread use of automated controls.

planning )5.*# s!stem integrates the organi0ation4s computeri0ed subs!stems and ma! also provide

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8 '

links to e"ternal parties. An advantage of 5.* is that bbbbbbbb# The reengineering needed for its implementation should improve business processes. cccccccc# Customi0ing the software to suit the uni(ue needs of the organi0ation will facilitate upgrades. dddddddd# t can be installed b! organi0ations of all si0es. eeeeeeee# The comprehensiveness of the s!stem reduces resistance to change. ffffffff# A manufacturing resource planning )6.* # s!stem gggggggg# *erforms the same back-office functions for a manufacturer as an 5.* s!stem. f# 2ses a master production schedule. hhhhhhhh# /acks the forecasting and budgeting capabilities t!pical of an 5.* s!stem. iiiiiiii# *erforms the same front-office functions for a manufacturer as an 5.* s!stems. ''''''''# n a traditional 5.* s!stem, the receipt of a customer order ma! result in . Customer tracking of the order4s progress . Automatic replenishment of inventor! b! a supplier . 8iring or reassigning of emplo!ees V. Automatic ad'ustment of output schedules

R C N e r y 2 0 0 6 C o p y r i g h t P i s d o n o t c o p y , r e p r o d u c e , o r d i s t r i b u t e w i t h o u t e x p l i c i t p e r m i s s i o

kkkkkkkk# llllllll# and mmmmm mmm#

, , and V onl!. onl!.

and V onl!. d# , , , and V. nnnnnnnn# $hat are the possible characteristics of a clientserver configuration in a current 1. Thin clients, local area network, single server . 1at clients, wide area network, multiple servers

Fat clients, connection via Internet, and single server oooooooo# , , and . pppppppp# and onl!. ((((((((# oni!. rrrrrrrr# onl!.

ssssssss# A principal advantage of an 5.* s!stem is tttttttt# *rogram-data dependence. uuuuuuuu# Data redundanc!. vvvvvvvv# &eparate data updating for different


d# Centrali0ation of data. wwwwwwww# The current generation of 5.* software )5.* # has added front3office functions like """"""""# nventor! control. !!!!!!!!# 8uman resources. 00000000# *urchasing. d# Customer service. aaaaaaaaa# The current generation of 5.* software )5.* # ma! include an advanced planning and scheduling s!stem that bbbbbbbbb# DeterCmining the location of retail outlets. ccccccccc# Connecting the organi0ation with other members of a 'oint venture. ddddddddd# Controls the flow of a manufacturer4s materials and components through the suppl! chain. eeeeeeeee# *ermits tracking of orders b! customers. 6alicious &oftware and Attacks fffffffff# $hich of the following is a computer program appears to be legitimate but performs some illicit activit! when it is run% ggggggggg# 8oa" virus. hhhhhhhhh# $eb crawler. a# Tro'an horse

iiiiiiiii# Diller application. '''''''''# The best preventive measure against a computer virus is


Compare software in use with authori0ed versions of the software. lllllllll# 5"ecute virus e"terminator programs periodicall! on the s!stem. mmmmmmmmm# Allow onl! authori0ed software from known sources to be used on the s!stem. nnnnnnnnn# *repare and test a plan for recovering from the incidence of a virus.

ooooooooo# 6anagers at a consumer products compan!

purchased personal computer software from onl! recogni0ed vendors, and prohibited emplo!ees from installing non-authori0ed software on their personal computers. To minimi0e the likelihood of computer viruses infecting an! of its s!stems, the compan! should also ppppppppp# .estore infected s!stems with authori0ed version. (((((((((# .ecompile infected programs from source code backups. rrrrrrrrr# nstitute program change control procedures. sssssssss# Test all new software on a stand alone personal computer.


$hich of the following is an indication that a computer virus is present%

uuuuuuuuu# 1re(uent power surges that harm computer

e(uipment. vvvvvvvvv# 2ne"plainable losses of or changes to data.

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] 0


Numerous cop!right violations due to unauthori0ed use of purchased software.

"""""""""# $hich of the following operating procedures

increases an organi0ation?s e"posure to computer viruses% !!!!!!!!!# 5ncr!ption of data files. 000000000# 1re(uent backup of files. aaaaaaaaaa# Downloading public-domain software from websites. bbbbbbbbbb# nstalling original copies of purchased software on hard disk drives.

cccccccccc# An organi0ation installed antivirus software on all its

personal computers. The software was designed to prevent initial infections, stop replication attempts, detect infections after occurrence, mark affected s!stem components, and remove viruses from infected components. The ma'or in rel!ing on antivirus software is that antivirus software ma! dddddddddd# Not detect certain viruses. eeeeeeeeee# 6ake software installation overl! comple". ffffffffff# nterfere with s!stem operations. gggggggggg# Consume too man! s!stem resources.


$hat is the best course of action to take if a program takes longer than usual to load or e"ecute% iiiiiiiiii# Test the s!stem b! running a different application program. ''''''''''# .eboot the s!stem. kkkkkkkkkk# .un antivirus software. d# +ack up the hard disk files to floppies. llllllllll# &i" months after a disgruntled s!stems programmer was fired and passwords disabled, the compan!?s mainframe computer was brought to a halt when it suddenl! erased all of its own files and software. The most likel! wa! the programmer accomplished this wa! b! mmmmmmmmmm# .eturning to the computer center after @ months. nnnnnnnnnn# *lanting a computer virus through the use of telephone access. oooooooooo# 8aving an accomplice in the computer center. pppppppppp# mplanting a virus in the operating s!stem and e"ecuting it via a back door.


&i" months after a disgruntled s!stems programmer was fired and passwords disabled, the compan!?s mainframe computer was brought to a halt when it suddenl! erased all of its own files and software. The most likel! wa! the programmer accomplished this wa! b!

1 E

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Viruses ma! gain entr! to one or more compan! s!stems. ssssssssss# 2ploaded files ma! not be properl! edited and validated. tttttttttt# Data downloaded to the personal computers ma! not be sufficientl! timel!. uuuuuuuuuu# &oftware maintenance on the personal computers ma! become more costl!. vvvvvvvvvv# Attacks on computer networks ma! take man! forms. $hich of the following uses the computers of innocent parties infected with Tro'an horse programs% wwwwwwwwww# A distributed denial-of-service attack. """"""""""# A man-in-the-middle attack. !!!!!!!!!!# A brute-force attack. d# A password-cracking attack. 0000000000# &poofing is one t!pe of online activit! used to launch malicious attacks. &poofing is aaaaaaaaaaa# Tr!ing large numbers of letter and number combinations to access a network. bbbbbbbbbbb# 5avesdropping on information sent b! a user to the host computer of a website . c# Accessing packets flowing through a network. d# dentit! misrepresentation in c!berspace. ccccccccccc# An organi0ation4s computer s!stem should have an intrusion detection s!stem ) D&# if it has e"ternal connections. An D& ddddddddddd# 6ust monitor ever! calion the s!stem as it occurs. eeeeeeeeeee# 6a! e"amine onl! packets with certain signatures. fffffffffff# 2ses onl! knowledge-based detection. ggggggggggg# 2ses onl! behavior-based detection.


1 2
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