CTU in Prague, CZ - 2009

Virtual Virtual Model Model Design Design (in (in Matlab) Matlab)
Jirka Roubal
roubalj@control.felk.cvut.cz http://support.dce.felk.cvut.cz/pub/roubalj/

Department of Control Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering Czech Technical University in Prague www.cvut.cz 2009

J. Roubal, CTU in Prague


´ (200x). Jirkovy stranky [online].felk.cvut.ZRS CTU in Prague.dce. The Mathworks [online]. VR Model 4. Simulink Model in Matlab 2.dce. T HE M ATHWORKS (2008). Roubal.com/ . H U S SPOL . CTU in Prague –2/19– . & R OUBAL .mathworks. [cit.cz/pub/roubalj/ . J. [cit.. 2009-01-16].cz/pub/roubalj/ .cvut. http://www. P. Pracovn´ ı verze. CZ . Examples References ´ R OUBAL . Mask of the Subsystem 3. http://support. J.2009 Contents and References Contents 1. ˇ EK . (2009). J. 2008-07-20]. http://support. Zaklady regulaˇ cn´ ı techniky v pˇ r´ ıkladech.felk.

1 Example of Water Tank System Consider a model of the water tank. are Figure 1: Water tank system J. CZ . The fluid can drain away from the tank through the output valve.3 m. Roubal. which consists of a rotary-pump. a tank. The tank is filled with the fluid by the rotary-pump. umax = 10 V. CTU in Prague –3/19– . inflow and outflow pipes and an output valve. the rotary-pump The minimum and maximum of the input voltage umin = 0 V.2009 Simulink Model in Matlab 1 Simulink Model in Matlab 1. The system input is the voltage of the motor of u [V] and the system output is the level of the fluid in the tank h [m].ZRS CTU in Prague. The height of the tank is 0.

Roubal. Umax. J. CZ . J. 200x) (1) ˙ (t) = −ko h h(t) + bu(t) and the simulink scheme (T HE M ATHWORKS 2008) of model (1) is in Figure 2.ZRS CTU in Prague.2009 Simulink Model in Matlab ˇ EK . CTU in Prague Umin. P. H U S SPOL . b.. ko and ho as an initial –4/19– . Figure 2: Simulink model of the water tank In the blocks in Figure 2 are filled variables condition of the integrator block 1/s. & The model of the system can be written as (R OUBAL .

J. see Figure 7. CTU in Prague –5/19– . we can Mask Subsystem . see Figure 5. or write help. CZ .ZRS CTU in Prague. Roubal. If we doubleclick on the blue block in Figure 3.2009 Mask of the Subsystem 2 Mask of the Subsystem Now. set some parameters of the model. see Figure 6. and draw some picture on the block... Figure 3: Subsystem of the Simulink model If we click by right button of the mouse on the subsystem (blue block shown in Figure 3). the model of the system (shown in Figure 2) will be opened. we select the model components (in Figure 2) and click on Create subsystem.

CTU in Prague –6/19– . (a) Scope (b) Scope settings Figure 4: Scope settings J.ZRS CTU in Prague. CZ . it is appropriate to set in the the graphs.the data can be used in Matlab workspace to plot Note. Roubal.2009 Mask of the Subsystem Scope enough Limit data points to last and Save data to workspace .

CTU in Prague –7/19– .2009 Mask of the Subsystem Figure 5: Mask of the subsystem: picture on the subsystem J. CZ .ZRS CTU in Prague. Roubal.

ZRS CTU in Prague. CZ . CTU in Prague –8/19– .2009 Mask of the Subsystem Figure 6: Mask of the subsystem: parameters of the subsystem J. Roubal.

2009 Mask of the Subsystem Figure 7: Mask of the subsystem: help of the subsystem J.ZRS CTU in Prague. CTU in Prague –9/19– . Roubal. CZ .

ZRS CTU in Prague. we can set the model parameters in the dialog window. CZ .2009 Mask of the Subsystem Then. see Figure 8(b). the model in the Simulink looks like in Figure 8(a) and if we doubleclick on the model. Roubal. (a) Subsystem (b) Dialog window of the masked subsystem Figure 8: Subsystem with the mask in Simulink model and dialog window of the masked subsystem J. CTU in Prague –10/19– .

2009 VR Model 3 VR Model Now. Then we can connect the output of the VR expander to the input of VR Sink. CTU in Prague –11/19– . shown in Figure 12. we click on Signal Expander and VR Sink and set the VR Signal Expander as in Figure 10(a) and in the dialog window shown in Fi- New button. see Figure 13.ZRS CTU in Prague. CZ . Figure 9: Simulink model of the system with Virtual Reality toolbox blocks J. click on scale in the water branch. see Figure 11. Roubal. in dialog window. Then. we add from the VR Toolbox library blocks VR gure 10(b). where we put some objects and change the name of the object (default name is Transform) and save the WRL file. The VRML editor will open.

2009 VR Model (a) VR Signal Expander (b) VR Sink Figure 10: VR Signal Expander and VR Sink block dialog windows J. CZ . Roubal.ZRS CTU in Prague. CTU in Prague –12/19– .

CZ . CTU in Prague –13/19– .2009 VR Model Figure 11: VRML Editor J.ZRS CTU in Prague. Roubal.

CTU in Prague –14/19– .ZRS CTU in Prague. CZ . Roubal.2009 VR Model Figure 12: Dialog windows of the WRL file J.

J. CZ . CTU in Prague –15/19– . Roubal. J.2009 VR Model Figure 13: Simulink model of the system with Virtual Reality The Simulink model with the Virtual Reality of the Water Tank can be found in (R OUBAL .ZRS CTU in Prague. 2009).

ZRS CTU in Prague. J. Figure 14: Coupled tanks system with Virtual Reality J. Roubal.2009 Other Examples 4 Other Examples Several models with virtual realities were prepared within the students bachelor thesis and are described in (R OUBAL . et al. CZ . CTU in Prague –16/19– . 200x).

CTU in Prague –17/19– . Roubal.2009 Other Examples Figure 15: Mass on spring system with Virtual Reality Figure 16: Double mass on springs system with Virtual Reality J. CZ .ZRS CTU in Prague.

CZ .2009 Other Examples Figure 17: Inverted pendulum system with Virtual Reality Figure 18: Ball on plate system with Virtual Reality J. CTU in Prague –18/19– .ZRS CTU in Prague. Roubal.

CZ .. Questions . • Prepare a Simulink model with the Virtual Reality within your semestral work.. J. Roubal.ZRS CTU in Prague.2009 Questions . CTU in Prague –19/19– ...