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Cassandra Weaver Professor Cheryl Hicks Space Traders Assignment 24 April 2014 1)The Space Traders wanted to take

away every American citizen categorized as black on birth certificate or other official identification back to their home star in return for the treasure they had brought. 2)The President and other non-black Americans supported the Space Traders request because their offer had come just in time to rescue America. Massive debt had curtailed all but the necessary services. The environment was in shambles, and the supplies of crude oil and coal were almost exhausted. The Space Traders offer was what many thought, the ultimate solution to the nations troubles. The African Americans departure would ease substantially the burden on the state and national budgets. Their visitors from outer space were offering them the chance to correct the excess of several generations. 3)The corporate leaders of America did not agree with the request. Blacks represented 12% of the market and generally consumed much more of their income than did their white counterparts. No one wanted to send that portion of the market into outer space, not even for the social and practical benefits offered by the Space Traders. Coal and oil companies, expecting to raise their prices as supplies steadily decreased, were not pleased at the idea of an inexhaustible energy source because it could very well put them out of business. Businesses whose profits were based on sales in black ghetto communities-or who supplied law enforcement agencies, prisons, etc.faced substantial losses in sales. (Pg.180-181) 4)Bell connects the Space Traders request with a similar moment in history in 1866 when Michigans Senator Jacob Merritt Howard, and abolitionist and key architect of the Fourteenth Amendment, recognized the nations need to confront the challenge posed by the presence of the former slaves, and he even spoke out on it saying: For weal or for woe, the destiny of the colored race in this country is wrapped up with our own; they are to remain in our midst, and here spend their years and here bury their fathers and finally repose themselves. We may regret it. It may not be entirely compatible with our taste that they should live in our midst. We cannot help it. Our forefathers introduced them, and their destiny is to continue among us, and the practical question which now presents itself to us it as to the best mode of getting along with them. (Pg. 168-169) 5) This article is an example of satire because it uses irony and exaggeration to expose and criticize peoples stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of politics. It is something that would never happen in real life, yet it successfully puts things in perspective and makes you think. One example of this satire is when the Space Traders came to get all the 20 million silent black men, women, children, and babies. They had to strip themselves of all but a single undergarment, then line up and enter the holds. On the beaches stood U.S. guards with their guns ready. There was no escaping for these blacks. This is an example of satire because its ironic how similar this is to the concentration camps and we all know how extreme and sad that point in history was and its almost unbearable to think of something like that happening today or in the fictional year 2000 to African Americans. (Pg. 194)