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For further event details or to sign-up contact the church office:

sign-up online | office@spiritofjoy.org | 407.282.4569


THEME: Breaking Through The Barriers: Spiritual Blindness
SCRIPTURE: John 9:13-21, 32-34

Children | Youth | Young Adults | Small Groups | Mission Outreach | Worship Arts | Prayer
Espiritu De Gozo | Creative Arts Studio

Stewardship Campaign Confirmation Letter – If you submitted an Estimate of Giving Card in

our Stewardship Campaign please pick up your confirmation letter at the Welcome Center.

Two Adult Studies Today – You are invited to gather for Bible study and sharing today at 10:45
a.m. in the café area or following the 10:45 service in the large classroom. All are welcome!

Women’s Journey Group Monday – All women are invited to Lori Prunyi’s 7 p.m. Monday to
walk together and support each other in our Christian journey. Info? Call Patti Linman, 281-9137

Young Adult Small Group Monday – SoJ’s Young Adult Small Group meets 7:30pm Monday at
the Waterford Town Center Barnes & Noble for a Bible study/spiritual discussion. Info? See Phil
Greve. Learn about SoJ’s young adult ministry. Sign-up for the e-newsletter at the Welcome Cen-

Wednesday Night Live! – SoJ’s mid-week faith and friendship building activity night!
6:00 p.m. Conversational Spanish (See below.)
6:15-7 p.m. Dinner: Italian. Donation: $3. Sign up at Welcome Center!
7:00 p.m. Children’s Choir…Joy Singers…Youth Small Groups (middle & high school)
…and an Adult Study with Pastor William.

Learn Conversational Spanish Wednesdays – Nina Perez is offering to teach a brief

conversational Spanish lesson every Wednesday from 6 to 6:15 p.m.

Wednesday Book Study – Join Pastor William 7pm Wednesday to study I Became a Christian and
All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt: Replacing Souvenir Religion with Authentic Spiritual Passion.

Women’s Book Club – The March selection for SoJ’s Women’s Book club is Veil of Roses by Laura
Fitzgerald. We will meet at SoJ Tuesday March 18, 7:15 p.m. to discuss it. We always welcome
new members. Call Diane Belk, 407-249-9195, for more information.

Easter Lilies Needed! We will be purchasing lilies to decorate our worship center on Easter
Sunday. In you would like to contribute toward their $6 cost and give a lily “In Memory Of”, “In
Honor Of”, or “In Gratitude For” loved ones or friends, sign-up at the Welcome Center soon.

Easter Breakfast – Watch for details about our first Easter breakfast…hosted by Via de Cristo.

For further event details or to sign-up contact the church office:
sign-up online | office@spiritofjoy.org | 407.282.4569

JoyFest ’08 March 29th – SoJ’s 3rd Annual JoyFest will be Saturday, March 29, from 3-9 p.m. Food,
inflatables, games, music, entertainers, improv comedy, clowns and more. Watch for details. Sign-
up today to help with this outreach event also benefiting Converge Food Ministries!

Women’s Retreat – SoJ’s Women’s Retreat, Traveling Light, is April 11-12. Sign-up soon!

SoJ Rummage Sale April 18-19 – SoJ will hold a rummage sale April 18-19. 75% of the proceeds
will benefit SoJ’s 2008 Burundi Mission Trip. 25% will support our neighborhood Converge Food
Ministries. Our goal is to raise $4,000. So start your Spring Cleaning now and tell your friends
about it too. The next drop off date is March 15th from 11 to noon. Many volunteers are needed to
set-up and to work the days of the sale. To help, sign up at the Welcome Center. Thanks for all
your help in advance. If you have any questions please call Kristin at 407-277-1983.

IHN Sign-Up Ends Today – SoJ will be hosting homeless families beginning next Sunday. Sign up
last week was good and continues today. If you’ve signed up for previous hosting, please sign up
again so the team knows which positions are filled. Update your info on the Volunteer Roster or
put a check mark by your name if it did not change. If you’ve not helped before, stop by the IHN
TRIFOLD to see where your talents could fit in. Job descriptions are available. Thanks for caring!

2nd Service First Impressions Co-Captains Needed – The First Impressions Team needs 2 vo-
lunteers from the 10:45 service to partner with a 9am captain to recruit volunteers, make remind-
er calls/e-mails, and take care of last minute “fill-ins” at the 2nd service once a month. Contact
Debie Robles, Kent or Angie Knipstein if you’d enjoy doing this!

March Outreach Team Project – SoJ's Outreach Team is now collecting monetary donations for
Easter hams for Harvest of Hope to serve 200 families. Mark an SoJ offering envelope HoH and
place it in the offering basket. Thanks for caring!

Quilting Team – Quilters meet the 1st and 3rd Thursdays (this Thursday and March 20th) at
9:30am. Questions? Call Quaidie Hock, 407-657-8420, or Marsha Call, 321-235-0898.

Bicycle Ministry – Volunteers are needed to help repair bicycles for people in need at 10am on
the 2nd Saturday and 10 am on Wednesdays. To get involved call Will Stevenback, 407-401-1963.

Sunday’s COOL – Students meet in three grade levels: Pre-K, K & 1st grade; 2nd & 3rd Grade, and
4th & 5th Grade classes. Students check in at individual classes. Signs are posted by the door of the
Splash Zone and Classroom to designate classes. 2nd–5th grade students should bring their Bibles
to Sunday’s COOL. Openings are still available for Assistants for both services to assist the 4, 5, &
6 year olds with crafts and projects. Please sign up in the Welcome Center or the Splash Zone.

New Sunday’s Cool Teachers Needed – Sunday’s COOL teachers have the great honor of
touching lives for Jesus! Teachers serve on a bi-weekly basis for 3 months. We are now recruiting
teachers for April-June, please sign up in the Welcome Center. Please see Nicole Eastwood.

For further event details or to sign-up contact the church office:
sign-up online | office@spiritofjoy.org | 407.282.4569

Youth Easter Egg Party Saturday – Middle & High School students are invited to an Easter Egg
party on Saturday, March 8 from 6-9:00PM. This is a great opportunity to bring your friends to
church and to meet others from the youth program. Everyone should bring a dozen raw eggs that
we will decorate for seniors with Meals on Wheels and $3 for the cost of dinner.

Fish Bowl Spring Cleaning! The Fish Bowl is having a Spring Cleaning Day on Sat, Mar 15, 9-11
a.m. to disinfect toys, change batteries, and throw away unsafe/unmatched pieces. All are
welcome to help us keep things safe and clean for our littlest ones!

Wooden Train Donation – One of the most popular toys in the Fish Bowl is a wooden train and
track. Much of the track is missing and only one train car is left! If you have a wooden train set
that you could donate to the Fish Bowl, please see Nicole Eastwood or Kathy Raue. Thank you!

Kids Club for IHN March 14 – SoJ Youth will host a Kids Club Saturday March 14th for the IHN
children we are hosting. Enjoy games, crafts, and just playing with the kids! Youth should be at
SoJ from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and should wear comfortable clothes. “Lunch included.”

YouthWorks Summer Mission Trip Update! SoJ’s Middle School Youth will be traveling to Sa-
vannah, GA while our High School Youth travel to Bayou La Batre, AL to help with hurricane
cleanup. A $50 deposit is due now! Don’t let money be a barrier! Please see our Family Ministry
Coordinator, Nicole Eastwood. Male Adults are needed to chaperone these two trips.

Joy Singers – Anyone high school age and up is welcome to come and sing with our choir.
Rehearsals are Wednesday night from 7-8 in the worship center. Questions? See Phil Greve.

Children’s Choir – This group is open to kids in grade 1-5, and meets during Wednesday Night
Live from 7-8 p.m. in the large classroom. They will be singing on Palm Sunday towards the
beginning of both services.

Joyful Noise – This is the Sunday morning worship team, which prepares new music each week to
lead our congregation in worship at 9:00 and 10:45. If interested, see Phil about taking a Musical
Gifts Assessment to be a part of this group.

Drama Team – SoJ’s Drama Team consists of writers and actors who are interested in utilizing
their talents in short skits to enhance the worship experience. If you would like to be involved in
the Drama Team, please contact Sandy and Doug Gaston at 407-382-4027.

Private Music Lessons – SoJ’s Creative Arts Studio has 12 instructors teaching almost every
instrument and voice. For more information or to register, pick up a flyer at the Welcome Center.

Creative Arts Studio Volunteers Needed – Interested in learning how you can support the
outreach of the Creative Arts Studio to our community? Contact Phil Greve! Volunteers are needed
at a variety of levels, from baking cookies for recitals to helping plan the next Deck the Halls
event. If you have a heart for helping others discover and develop their artistic gifts we can find a
place for you to serve!
For more information on Music and Creative Arts News see Phil Greve.