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ly Siila Piablupada
Vindavana, Radla-Damodaia, 1961
1. On ilai day, O my masici, I madc a ciy ol giicl; I was noi ablc io iolciaic
ilc abscncc ol you, my guiu.
2. On ilis auspicious day I lavc comc wiil ilis ollciing jusi io woislip you,
icmcmbciing youi loius lcci.
3. Sii Caiianya Malapiablu's judgcmcni is ilai icnunciaiion is ilc mosi
impoiiani iling. Noi only ilai, bui lnowlcdgc ol sucl icnunciaiion musi bc
dclivcicd io cvciy living bcing.
+. Tlc bcginnci in dcvoiional scivicc las no abiliiy io do ilis piopcily, bui
you aic a mala-blagavaia. You lavc givcn us diicciion.
5. Il onc is bcwildcicd by ignoiancc, wlai lind ol icnunciani can lc bc' Hc
will only bc a plalgu-vaiiagi, icnouncing cxicinally.
6. Rcnunciaiion is aciually ilc icsuli ol ical spiiiiual cmoiion. Wiiloui sucl
lccling, ii is simply lnown as slow-boiilc.`
7. lui ilcic is anoilci slow-boiilc loi ilc puiposc ol picacling. Tlai is ilc
Loid's sannyasa, by wlicl ilc Mayavadis aic convciicd.
S. Loid Caiianya's plilosoply is bcyond vainasiama. Ii is blagavaia-dlaima
and is mcani loi puiiing an cnd io all clcaiing pioccsscs ol icligion.
9. In pciloiming diy icnunciaiion, ilcic can bc no ical picacling. Tlcicloic
yulia-vaiiagya is givcn as ilc liglcsi csscniial undcisianding.
10. Tlc sannyasa wlicl you lavc givcn us is loi picacling in dcvoiion. Tlc
laiillcss scnsc cnjoycis aic noi ablc io undcisiand ilis.
11. Gcncially ilc sannyasis icnouncc cvciyiling and go io siay in mouniain
cavcs, bui you, O masici, lccp youi sannyasis in mansions ol maiblc.
12. To scc a scnsc cnjoyci is jusi lilc diinling poison, bui you, O my masici,
go lai and ncai, cvcn abioad, io givc ilcm youi daisana.
13. Mlccclas and yavanas aic loibiddcn io cnici ilc Hindu icmplcs, bui you,
my Loid, malc ilcm ilc claiiman and sii ilcm in ilc asscmbly ol dcvoiccs.
1+. Hindus aic noi allowcd io cioss ilc occan, bui you scnd youi dcvoiccs
ovciscas io picacl.
15. In ilc ciiics ol ilc Kali-yuga ilc insiiuciions ol bona lidc spiiiiual
picccpiois aic loibiddcn;` siill you icmain ilcic in any way possiblc.
16. Tlc dcvoiccs wani io lidc in a sccludcd placc io pciloim ilcii blajana.
You, lowcvci, do noi acccpi ilis in youi judgcmcni.
17. Wlcicvci ilcic is an incicasc in ilc populaiion, in ilai placc ilc picacling
woil is io bc lound.
1S. In London you wani a siudcni losicl. You cxplain ilai ii musi bc vciy liisi
19. In ilc land ol baibaiians, a siudcni losicl loi picacling laii-laila! Wlo
can undcisiand ilc signilicancc ol ilcsc ilings'
20. To icsolvc all ilcsc appaicnily coniiadicioiy siaicmcnis is noi ilc play ol
somc incompcicni lool.
21. Il cvciyonc simply sai down iogcilci and considcicd ilcsc ilings, ilcn
wlai nicc picacling ilcic could bc!
22. Tlai is youi oidci also, ilai cvciyonc coming iogcilci slould mcigc in
youi mcssagc and picacl ii io ilc woild.
23. Il cvciyonc simply imiiaics, ilcn ilcic will only bc a coniiadicioiy icsuli.
As long as ii gocs on, ilcic will only bc lailuic.
2+. Lvcn now, my Godbioilcis, you iciuin lcic in ilc oidci ol oui masici, and
iogcilci wc cngagc in lis puja.
25. lui simply a lcsiival ol llowcis and liuiis docs noi consiiiuic woislip. Tlc
onc wlo scivcs ilc mcssagc ol ilc guiu, ically woislips lim.
26. Tlc scivicc ol ilc mcssagc is ilc ical mcaning ol ilc Vcdas. Don'i bc
pioud, bioilcis. Comc bacl io ilis.
27. Kalidas Nag a lcaincd man wlo was dclcaicd in dcbaic by llaliisiddlania
Saiasvaii and laici bccamc lis disciplc], ilai masici said in public loium onc day,
2S. Tlai Kali's mission was io lill all ilc cniiic woild wlilc ilc csscniial
mcaning ol Loid Caiianya's mcssagc was lcpi loclcd up in a cagc.
29. Ol, slamc! My dcai bioilcis, aicn'i you cmbaiiasscd' In ilc mannci ol
busincssmcn you incicasc youi disciplcs.
30. Oui spiiiiual masici said io picacl! Lci ilc ncoplyics icmain insidc ilc
icmplcs and simply iing ilc bclls.
31. All ilcsc ilings aic noi oui spiiiiual masici's picacling mcilods. Tlcsc aic
all ilc ilings donc by ilc casic gosvamis.
32. lui jusi ialc a good lool ai ilc iciiiblc siiuaiion ilai las aiiscn. Lvciyonc
las bccomc a scnsc cnjoyci and las givcn up picacling.
33. In ilc icmplcs also ilcy lavc bcgun io locl ilc doois. Picacl ilis
blagavaia-dlaima; don'i lcsiiaic.
3+. Wliilin ilis woild ilcic is anoilci woild, wlosc sound is ilc uncqualcd
pcnciiaiing loicc.
35. Tlc picacling ilai ilc molla only gocs as lai as ilc mosquc and no
luiilci` slould bc pui io an cnd ioday.
36. Iiom ilc scas, acioss ilc caiil, pcnciiaic ilc univcisal slcll; comc iogcilci
and picacl ilis Kisna consciousncss.
37. Tlcn oui masici's scivicc will bc in piopci oidci. Malc youi piomisc
ioday. All ol you gci iogcilci and dccidc wlai slould bc donc.
39. You lavc bccomc icnounccis, bioilcis, so icnouncc cvciyiling. lui il you
also icnouncc ilc oidci ol youi spiiiiual masici, ilcn wlai lind ol icnunciaiion is
+0. Tlc onc wlo icnounccs lis guiu's oidci (guiu-iyagi) and ilc onc wlo iiics
io cnjoy ilc asscis ol lis spiiiiual masici (guiu-blogi) aic iwo linds ol usclcss
pcisons. Iiisi bccomc a scivani ol youi spiiiiual masici (guiu-scvi), and ilcn you
will undcisiand all ilcsc ilings clcaily.
+1. Il ilcic is only onc Supicmc Loid, ilcn a iiuc sadlu, cvcn il lis wcalil
incicascs, givcs up lis dcsiic loi piolii, adoiaiion and picsiigc in ilis maiciial
+2. Youi gold, bioilci, is ilc lailci ol scnsc giaiilicaiion. Tlis mcaninglul
siaicmcni was spolcn by Piablupada limscll.
+3. Givc up youi wcalil loi picacling. Sii down iogcilci and malc a spccial
clloii io comc io a dccision.
++. Tlc Supicmc Loid says ilai cvciyiling is His. Don'i pioicsi. Jusi uniic and
+5. Siila Piablupada gavc ilis linal mcssagc limscll. Jalc gicai caic io do ilai
complcicly and in all icspccis.
+6. Oilciwisc youi sannyasa will bc wasicd and usclcss. O sainily oncs, bc
caiclul; oilciwisc aliciwaid you will icgici.
+7. So wlai is ilc dilliculiy loi all ol us io comc iogcilci in ilis way' And wly
do all ilcsc ilings cvcn lavc io bc said io you'
+S. Givc up youi siubboinncss; ilcic is no iimc! Comc, all my bioilcis, on
ilis auspicious loly occasion.
+9. Wlcn will ilai day comc wlcn ilcic will bc a icmplc csiablislcd in cvciy
lousc in cvciy coinci ol ilc woild'
50. Wlcn ilc ligl couii judgc will bc a Gaudiya Vaisnava wiil iilala
bcauiilully dccoiaiing lis loiclcad.
51. Wlcn a Vaisnava winning voics will bc clccicd picsidcni ol ilc land, and
picacling will bc spicad cvciywlcic.
52. Tlc dcmons simply plundci ilc Loid's wcalil. Tlc lclplcss populacc ciics
lcy, lcy` in disiicss.
53. Tlc dcmons wani so many plans jusi io clcai ilc pcoplc. Tlcy scll slcai
lloui ai iliiiy-iwo iupccs a mound.
5+. Will opcning a lacioiy lill a lungiy man's bclly' lcing oppicsscd by
siaivaiion, ilcy will cai giass and mango piis.
55. Wcaiing a iwo paisa siiing, a man is callcd a bialmana. Wcaiing a sallion
cloil, lc las bccomc a sannyasi.
56. Tlc louscloldcis bcg liom ilc sannyasis and wly noi' Tlc sannyasis lavc
icns ol millions ol iupccs in ilc banl.
57. As ilc days pass, ilc inllucncc ol Kali-yuga incicascs and ilc pooi jivas aic
all ciying in disiicss.
5S. Tcn ilousand cows aic lillcd daily, and ilc naiion's cxpcii lcadcis aic all
caiing uniouclablc loodsiulls.
59. Pcoplc ol muddy iniclligcncc incicasc day by day. A man and lis wilc
scpaiaic simply on a mcic woid.
60. Lvciyonc las bccomc a wiicl by ilc inllucncc ol ilc agc. Lvciyonc is
unlappy duc io ilc abscncc ol ilc mcicy ol ilc Vaisnavas.
61. Tlc Vaisnavas aic lamous as paia-dullla-dulllil. Tlis lamc will incicasc
as ilc picacling incicascs.
62. Il cicinally puic dcvoiional scivicc io Kisna is awalcncd in cvciyonc, ilcn
Kali will llcc, scicaming, ol lis own accoid.
63. Pianinam upalaiaya: do woil loi ilc bcnclii ol all living bcings. Tlis is
Malapiablu's icacling. Tlis is ilc sioiclousc ol lappincss in ilis lilc and ilc
6+. So wlicl woil las lallcn inio youi lands, gailci iogcilci and do ii.
65. Vasudcva Daiia said io ilc Loid, paying lis obcisanccs: Savc all ilc living
bcings in ilc maiciial woild.
66. Givc all ilcii sins and sullciings io mc, wlo am ilc lowcsi ol all. In ilis
way all ilc misciics ol ilc sullciing condiiioncd souls will cnd.`
67. Hc was ilc bcsi ol Vaisnavas, paia-dullla-dullli. Hc lncw ilai ilcic is
no ical lappincss in giaiilying ilc scnscs.
6S. And wlai lind ol mcicy can ilc non-Vaisnava lavc' Hc simply malcs
ollcnscs by lis daiidia-naiayana plilosoply.
69. Tlc mcicy ol ilc Vaisnavas is scicniilic and auiloiizcd. Wiiloui ilc
Vaisnavas' mcicy, ilis woild is simply insuimouniablc Maya.
70. Il ilcic is a lingdom ol Visnu and Vaisnavas on ilc suilacc ol ilc caiil,
ilcn ilc woild will bc lappy. So say all ilc gicai sagcs and Rsis.
71. Wly is cvciyonc ciying loi Rama-iajya' Tlc only way ii can bc lad is il
ilcic is a Visnu-ccnicicd lingdom.
72. Loid Kisna cnilioncd King Yudlisiliia; ilcn ilc wlolc woild was iicl
and loiiunaic duc io ilc qualiiics ol a Vaisnava.
73. Tlc siicams, iivcis, iiccs, liclds and mouniains wcic all lull ol liuiis and
llowcis. Tlc mill-ladcn cows wcic lloaiing in abundani mill.
7+. Tlc biids, bcasis and lowci cicaiuics wcic all non-cnvious. Maiciial lilc in
ilc Vaisnava lingdom was icgulaicd and pcilcci.
75. All immciscd in bliss, sing ilc gloiics ol Haii! Tlc lcaiis il ilc Vaisnavas
dancc in ccsiasy io scc ilis.
76. Tlc cniiic woild is lillcd wiil ilc usc ol maiciial objccis wiiloui a iiacc ol
dcvoiion io ilc Loid.
77. Siill, ilcy aic scaicling alici pcacc. Picacl Kisna consciousncss - lullill
ilcii dcsiics.
7S. Today, my bioilcis, gci io ilis iasl. Savc ilc baiicicd souls by youi
79. Siila Piablupada! Plcasc bc mcicilul ioday. Tlis iimc lavc compassion.
You aic noi a condiiioncd soul ol ilis maiciial woild.
S0. Wlaicvci indcpcndcncc onc may lavc, lci ii bc casi inio ilc waicis. Tlc
lowly Ablaya ollcis ilis picscniaiion ioday.