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Subject Class Date/Day Time Topic Theme Level Focused skill Integrated skill

: English Language : Year 2 Sopan Santun : 9th September 2013 : 8.10-9.10 (1 hour) : Good Deed (Unit 13) : World of Knowledge : Intermediate : Listening : Speaking and language arts

Content Standard 1.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to pronounce words and speak confidently with the correct stress, rhythm and intonation. By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to plan, organize and produce creative works for enjoyment.

Learning Standard 2.3.1 Able to listen to and enjoy simple stories.


4.3.1 Able to take part with guidance in a performance based on: a) action songs b) jazz chants c) stories

Learning objectives: By the end of this lesson, pupils should be able to: 1. Listen to the story and answer the true/false questions at least 7 over 8 correctly. 2. Produce a paper plate puppet based on the characters in the story with guidance. 3. Act out the story using the paper plate puppets. Educational emphases: Thinking skills Understanding and analyzing Multiple intelligences Intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence Moral values We must help others, sharing is caring. Language content: Vocabulary: hungry, thirsty, stew, weak, jungle Teaching aids Anticipated problem Solution : Task sheet, video clip power point presentation. : Some pupils may resort to answer questions in L1 : Teacher corrects the pupils mistake and drill on the correct use of English Language.



Teaching & Learning activities 1. Teacher shows video clip Wonder Pets theme song. 2. Pupils listen and watch the video attentively. 3. Teacher asks questions regarding the video shown. 4. Pupils talk about the video. 5. Teacher introduces the topic of the day.



Set induction (10 minutes)

Video clip: Wonder Pets theme song. Question: What is the video all about? Can you name the animals in the video? What Wonder Pets had done in the video?

To arouse pupils interest. To activate pupils interest on the topic that is going to be taught. To introduce the topic.

Video clip

Stage 1: Presentation (5 minutes)

Vocabulary: hungry thirsty stew weak jungle

1. Teacher shows some words that pupils will hear in the listening text. 2. Teacher explains the meaning of each word.

To give ideas to pupils on what they are going to learn. To enhance pupils understanding on the reading text by explaining unfamiliar words.

Power point presentati on

Stage 2: Practice (15 minutes)

Listening to the story. Question: What was the story all about? Can you name the animals that Dolly meets? Why did Dolly feel very weak? Which of the animals do you like? Why?

1. Teacher gets the pupils to gather around his/her. 2. Teacher tells pupils that they are going to listen to a story. 3. Teacher asks pupils to listen to the story attentively. 4. Teacher uses the paper plate puppets to tell the story. 5. Teacher asks some questions regarding the story. 6. Teacher distributes task sheet to pupils. 7. Pupils answer the true/false questions.

To encourage pupils to have good listening skill. To create a fun and interesting learning. To provide correct answers to the pupils.

Listening text Paper plate puppet. Task sheet

8. Teacher discusses the correct answers with pupils. Stage 3: Production (25 minutes) Making a paper plate puppet. 1. In group of 4, pupils are assigned with different roles based on the characters in the story. 2. Each pupil gets paper plates and puppet templates according to their roles in the story. 3. Pupils produce and colour the paper plate puppet. 4. Teacher distributes the script of the story told. 5. Pupils read the script with teachers guidance. 6. In group, teacher asks pupils to act out the story heard based on the script given. 7. Teacher gives some time for pupils to prepare. 8. Teacher selects few groups to act out the story. 1. Teacher asks pupils to state the moral values of the story. 2. Teacher summarizes the lesson.

To develop pupils confidence in using the language. To develop pupils interpersonal skills. To allow the pupils to explore their creativity. To end the lesson with fun and interesting activity.

Paper plates Puppet templates Sticks Script

Closure 5 minutes

Question: Do you like the story? What can we learnt from the story? Moral values: We must help others. Say thank you to others who help you.

To check on the pupils understanding based on the topic learnt. To consolidate what they have learnt