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Objective of the policy To formulate uniform work atmosphere and regulate discipline and absenteeism at Giftxoxo. General Rules 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Office timings : 10:00 am-07:00 pm All Sundays are a holiday. Alternate Saturdays unless declared to be working, are considered to be an off. If the employee doesnt avail any of the general public holidays as approved by the office then he / she is entitled to take an off on any of the week days (with prior notice). The salary will be calculated on an average of number of working days in a month (Refer Annexure 2). The rules are subject to change at the discretion of the management. Nreach Online Services Pvt. Ltd. Will be referred hereto as Giftxoxo

Leave Policy
1. Earned and Sick Leave Eligibility: Applicable to permanent employees. The given year is (April-March). Entitlement: 18 days in a year. Conditions: a) The employee is entitled for 1 day of Earned leave in a month. b) If the employee has not availed all or any casual or sick leave during the year the balance can st either be carry forwarded to the next year or en cashed at the yearend (i.e. 31 March). The employee should give a written intimation of the same. c) The employee should send a formal communication to the HR and the concerned head well before utilizing the leave. d) In case of long leave the employee can set off his/her leave period with the accumulated earned leave relating to previous months. He/ She is entitled for a weekend only to the extent of the period of accumulated earned leave, for the period of leave which is not earned the Salary will be deducted as an average out of working days in the month (Refer Annexure 2). e) National / Festival / Declared / weekly off days can be prefixed and / or suffixed to Earned Leave. f) Intervening National / Festival / Declared holidays will not be counted as part of the leave (Refer Annexure 1).

Employee Contract and Code of Conduct

1. Duties and Obligations You agree that you shall perform your duties, as may be assigned to you from time to time, with diligence, devotion and discretion. 2. Termination of Employment The appointment will be subject to the verification of employees credentials, testimonials and other particulars mentioned at the time of appointment. If the particulars given by an employee are in any way found to be inaccurate or misleading, the employment shall be deemed to be automatically canceled and employees services will be terminated. Employee or Giftxoxo may terminate this agreement and employment by giving 30 days written notice to the other party. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Giftxoxo may terminate this employment immediately by paying you 30 days salary in lieu of such notice. However employee may be terminated immediately without notice and pay if there is any act of mis-conduct or false information. 3. Retirement Subject to earlier termination of this engagement, employee shall retire on 60th birthday or the day immediately preceding such date, if employees birthday does not fall on a working day. 4. Compensation and Salary The compensation of full time employee will have two major components viz. Fixed and Variable. Variable component would be the function of employees performance with parameters as below

Parameters Targets Teamwork / Relations with co-workers Discipline New Initiatives

Rating (Rate from 1 to 5, 5 being the highest)

The salary component (both fixed and variable) is subjected to change based on above performance parameters. The employee may get bonus and immediate appraisals based of exceptionally good performance.

Employee Referral Policy

1. Entitlement All employees, other than the management staff are eligible for referral fees on successfully referring a candidate to Giftxoxo. Eligibility a) Be personally known to the employee who refers him/her. b) The referrer should personally vouch for the referees abilities. c) New referral should not be a candidate already in the HR database d) Referral should be with Giftxoxo for a minimum period of 60 days. e) The policy is valid only for full time employment referrals. Process of Recruitment The referred candidate will undergo the standard recruitment process designated for the particular position. Recruitment will be based on the available vacancy at that point of time. Compensation and Referral benefits The referral fee can be in form of cash or equivalent non-cash component. If the referred candidate is hired, the referrer is eligible to claim a referral fee as per the parameters defined below. S. No. 1. 2. Level at which the referred candidate joins Mid Management Roles Senior Management Roles Referral Fee to the Referrer Rs.5,000 Rs.10,000




Annexure 1 (List of National/Public Holidays)

Date Apr-13 Apr-18 May-01 May-14 Jul-29 Aug-15 Aug-18 Aug-29 Oct-02 Oct-03 Oct-06 Oct-23 Nov-04 Nov-06 Dec-25 Jan-14 Jan-26 Feb-27 Mar-17

Week Day Sunday Friday Thursday Wednesday Tuesday Friday Monday Friday Thursday Friday Monday Thursday Tuesday Thursday Thursday Wednesday Monday Tuesday Friday

Holiday Mahavir Jayanthi Good Friday May Day Buddha Purnima Id-Ul-Fitr Independence Day Krishna Janmastami Ganesh Chaturthi Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi Vijaya Dashami Bakri Id Diwali Muharram Guru Nanak Jayanthi Christmas Makar Sakranti / Id-E-Milad Republic Day Maha Shivratri Holi

Annexure 2 (No. of Working days) Month April 14 May 14 June 14 July 14 August 14 September 14 October 14 November 14 December 14 January 15 February 15 March 15 No. of Days in Month 30 31 30 31 31 30 31 30 31 31 28 31 No. of Week off 6 6 7 6 8 6 6 7 6 6 6 7 No. of Public Holidays 2 2 0 1 3 0 4 2 1 2 1 1 No. of working days 22 23 23 24 20 24 21 21 24 23 21 23

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