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The tools for your trade.

A tower of strength.


Proven frame scaffold for many applications. Quick and easy to erect and dismantle. Extra flexible, efficient and reliable.


BOSTA 70s big brother. A sturdy 100 cm in width. Also suitable for extreme working heights and the heaviest loads.


The modular scaffold with the directional power junction. Unbeatably adaptable and versatile. For efficiently accomplishing even the most challenging tasks.


The first and only mastclimbing bracket scaffold. Does away with work-inhibiting inner posts and fixed storey heights. Unbeatably practical and efficient.

and the accessories

All the extras you need for optimum use of our scaffold systems: couplers of all kinds, lattice girders, planks, tarpaulins, transport containers and much more besides. All of them high-quality, heavy-duty and versatile.

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Thyssen Hnnebeck Gerst

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Broadening dimensions. The extra-class scaffold.


lengths from 1.25 to 3 m. Plus the brilliantly conceived accessories and the system is ready to cope with almost any challenge. And, it might interest you to know that many BOSTA 100 parts are compatible with the BOSTA 70 or the MODEX junction scaffold. Quality that pays. Proverbial Hnnebeck quality is also reflected in the BOSTA 100. Anything made of steel is hot-dip galvanized on the inside and out, anything made of wood is impregnated against rotting, the aluminum parts never change shape. Combine all these advantages and youll find that the BOSTA 100 is a scaffold that always pays. And if you consider our after-sales service, financing and upgrade options, youll very soon agree that BOSTA 100 opens up not only new dimensions in accessing but also in cost efficiency. Work it out for yourself!

Whenever its a matter of extra heavy loads, extra tall heights and extra space to move around in, BOSTA 100 is the ideal scaffolding system. This 100 cm wide frame scaffold has all the attributes for safely coping with the toughest challenges: the finest material, the finest workmanship, and the finest technology, as well as the dimensions to match. BOSTA 100 opens up new dimensions in scaffolding: more efficiency, more safety, and more for your money. Make the most of its vast potentials!

Heavy loads, easy going. Let the facts speak for themselves: area loads of up to 600 kg/m2, part area loads of up to 1,000 kg/m2. In practical terms this spells packs of bricks of up to 900 kg plus a workman and his tools. This adds up to over 1,425 kg on a BOSTA 100 horizontal frame measuring 2.50 m in length. Exceptional values enabling you to handle exceptional projects exceptionally well. Top of the class in every class. BOSTA 100 meets all the requirements of DIN 4420 in scaffold classes 4, 5 and 6. Plus of course the safety regulations of the German workmens compensation insurance.

Buy low, work high. BOSTA 100 bears maximum loads with maximum safety, even beyond the standard design height of 24 m. Despite this, all the individual parts are not overweight and they handle easily. No risk of injury from protruding parts thanks to self-locking gravity flips; selfaligning, systematically perpendicular assembly, with plank retainers a standard feature. Another reason why the BOSTA 100 scaffold is a class apart. BOSTA 100 is a scaffold system that best meets constructionsite requirements technically and economically.

One for all. With a width of 100 cm and all the associated advantages, BOSTA 100 is the ideal working scaffold, and roof and protective scaffold, and bricklayers scaffold, where again it is in its element. And a room scaffold for large tall rooms. As you will soon see, the BOSTA 100 is unbeatable for its versatility. Brawn and brains. Backed by decades of scaffold manufacturing experience, one thing is for us absolutely essential in the development of our products: they must be both safe and easy to handle. Which is why they are all of modular design, the BOSTA 100, too. Just a few basic elements combined with the right accessories and you have tailor-made solutions. Base jacks, horizontal and vertical frames, guard rails, planks, diagonals all in practical dimensions. Platform widths from 1 to 2 m and bay

It all adds up. Reaching up to class 6.


Current DIN 4420 standards categorize scaffolds into six classes depending on maximum permissible loads. In choosing the type of plank, you yourself determine the maximum possible load and hence define the class the scaffold belongs to. Our system contains planks for classes 4 to 6. A width of at least 95 cm is 5 cm wider than the standard requires. Refer to the following table for a list of all the scaffold classes and maximum permissible loads.


Min. plank Effective weight/ surface width unit area m kg/m2 150 200 300 450 600

Surface pressure kg/m2 500 750 1000

1 2 3 4 5 6

0.50 m 0.60 m 0.60 m 0.90 m 0.90 m 0.90 m

Part surface pressure To calculate the maximum permitted load in scaffold classes 4, 5 and 6, it is also necessary to work out the part surface pressure to make sure that even locally concentrated loads do not cause the planks to break or buckle. In scaffold class 6, a surface pressure of 1,000 kg/m2 must not be exceeded.
! Pack of bricks

! Mortar bucket

Ground area 0.28 m2 Diameter 0.60 m Weight 210 kg Surface pressure 210 kg/0.28 m2 = 750 kg/m2 Here, too, the 750 kg/m2 is less than the maximum limit of 1,000 kg/m2. Such load-bearing capacity makes BOSTA 100 the strongest scaffold on the market, and one of the most economical of all. In scaffold class 5, the pack of bricks may weigh up to 535 kg and the additional load of the worker, mortar bucket and tools will not exceed the permissible plank area load of 1,069 kg. In scaffold class 4, the pack of bricks may weigh up to 300 kg.

Sample calculation for using the BOSTA 100 in class 6. Effective weight Platform area of a scaffold bay: 2.50 x 0.95 m = 2.375 m2 Max. permissible load in class 6: 600 kg/m2 x 2.375 m2 =1,425 kg per platform area Calculating the envisaged load in this example:


100 kg

Ground area 1.25 x 0.75 m = 0.938 m2 Weight 900 kg Surface pressure 900 kg/0.938 m2 = 960 kg/m2 The surface pressure of 960 kg/m2 is below the maximum limit of 1,000 kg/m2.

Pack of bricks 900 kg, 900 kg x 1.2 (crane factor) 1,080 kg Mortar bucket 0.6 m dia (100 l) Tools Total 210 kg 10 kg 1,400 kg

The effective weight of 1,400 kg calculated in this example remains 25 kg beneath the maximum limit of 1,425 kg.

Pick your plank. An option for every need.


Thyssen Hnnebeck has an impressive array of plank options in various materials, lengths and widths to cater for every need. Youre always standing on solid ground, whether you opt for timber, steel, aluminum, or a mixture.

BOSTA 100 planks come in a variety of types and lengths for a variety of loads. Used with a vertical frame, the 2.5 m planks belong to the following scaffold classes: Scaffold class 4 Timber plank Hollow box plank Scaffold class 5 Steel plank Scaffold class 6 Horizontal frame Aluminum stage Aluminum stage

250/32 250/32

Whether as working or protective scaffold, picking the right plank enables you to cope with any construction site situation while conforming to the respective scaffold category requirements according to DIN 4420. Always in line with the rules. A bear for wear! The planks are working surfaces for foot traffic which also act as self-bracing structural elements. All of them have hard-wearing attachment hooks which clip easily, quickly and safely onto the vertical frames. All of them are suitable as the top level of protective and protective roof scaffolds and all of them are compatible with BOSTA 70.

Timber plank, 32 cm wide. Hard-wearing and durable since the wood is impregnated for lasting protection against weathering and rot. Three adjacent planks form one working platform. The planks may be used on either side and are compatible with the 35, 70 and 100 enlargement brackets. Horizontal steel frame, 100 cm wide, with individual wooden planks. If its a matter of maximum loads at very economical prices, this is an option preferred by the building trade. The horizontal frame with a length of 2.5 m accepts a load of over 1,400 kg and still has safety in reserve. This can also be seen from the sample calculation on page 5.

Steel plank, 32 cm wide. Long-life planks made of hotdip galvanized, high load-bearing steel, with a perforated, non-slip surface. Uncontrolled load accumulation is avoided since small pieces of rubble or sand perculate through the perforations. In lengths of 125, 150, 200, 250, and 300 cm. Hollow box plank, 32 cm wide. Amazingly light, one-third less weight than a comparable timber plank, but with the same load-bearing capacity. Comes with an aluminum-zinc coated steel sheet design with slipresistant lateral beads on the surface. Convenient assembly handles on the underside. In lengths of 125, 150, 200, and 250 cm.

Aluminum stage, 32 cm wide. Combines lightweight with high load-bearing capacity up to scaffold class 6. May be used on either side, as both sides have the same non-slip surface. In lengths of 125, 150, 200, 250, 300, and 400 cm. Alumimum stage, 50 cm wide. The lightweight plank with the highest load-bearing capacity for scaffold and bracket levels. At 50 cm, the ideal platform width on brackets for bricklaying. Designed for the 50 cm enlargement bracket with in-built plank retainer. May also be attached to the bracket at the plank level with a scaffold class 6 load. Length: 125, 200, 250, and 300 cm.

Bricklaying with BOSTA 100. Ergonomically, bricklaying can only be done up to a height of around 1.5 m above the working platform. The standard BOSTA 100 range includes enlargement brackets 50 and the 50 cm wide aluminum stage for taking the effort out of bricklaying.

Simply mount these at the convenient working height between the scaffold platforms. For non-tiring, ergonomically correct, fast and time-saving work. Whats more, just as the scaffold platform, this bracket platform will accept loads up to class 6 for positioning at the same height.


250/100-6 250/32 250/50

Straight to work. Straightforward erection and dismantling.

2 5 6

Convenient, fast and safe, time-saving and cost-efficient this sums up the assembly of the BOSTA 100. Bolt-free, self-aligning plug-and-socket connections, so nothing can go wrong. All the parts will only fit in the prescribed sequence. Making correct assembly inevitable!

Always on the level. Ground irregularities and angled terrain are no problem for BOSTA 100. The product range allows for three different heightadjustment methods. Accurate, professional, and safe. Only the first stage has to be aligned as precisely as possible. All the others are automatically aligned when installing the diagonals at the fixed points.
! Base jacks

! Vertical frames

Height adjustments can be made with the 100, 150 or 200 cm vertical frames. Together with the base jacks and adjustment posts, the base of the scaffold adjusts with millimeter precision. Getting a grip. The vertical frames have convenient internal forked bolts with gravity flips for rapid and safe connection with guard rails, diagonals and toe boards.These self-locking fixed points create strong, positive joints.

Ingeniously conceived. On scaffolds with protruding parts, injuries are only a question of time. And the parts themselves are quickly damaged. Impossible with BOSTA 100. Neither does the system have any detachable small parts that easily get lost or special parts for the base area. All to your advantage! Wonderful at wandering. BOSTA 100 can be simply disassembled bay and storey-wise on one side and re-assembled on the other. Let BOSTA 100 do the wandering and youll save on scaffolding material and inventories. The cost savings are significant.

1 Turning the spindle nut allows precise alignment of the bottom scaffold bay. The diagonal fits neatly over the bottom gravity flip and braces the bay. All further bays are then automatically perpendicular. 2 The rounded 15 cm long insert pieces hold the vertical frames, with no threaded joints. 3 The guard rail is attached at back and knee height with self-locking gravity flips.

4 Clip the internal diagonals in place at the top. Slot the hook into the recess on the U-section and lower the other end of the diagonal. 5 The vertical frame is automatically straightened when the bottom end of the diagonal is pushed over the bottom gravity flip. No need for any tools! One diagonal for a maximum of five scaffold bays. 6 Push the scaffolds side and end toe board against the upright tubes of the vertical frame, this secures the working platform.

7 Lay the planks (horizontal frame, metal or timber planks) which also act as bracing elements, on the vertical frames. The attachment hooks engage immediately with the U-section. 8 On the top scaffold level, insert the rail posts. Attach the guard rail and toe boards here as well to give the working platform all-round stability. The scaffold is tied in accordance with regulations by using the scaffold retainers and couplers which are connected to the doweled ring screws.

A simple way of compensating for any unevenness on the supporting ground. The easy-to-adjust base jacks have an adjustment range of up to 50 cm.
! Adjustment posts

With an adjustment range of 30 to 130 cm, the adjustment post has a meter of play to cope with major height differences or gradients. It connects easily and safely to the vertical frame.


Everything within reach. Enlargement brackets, the smart solution.

Purely practical. Useful extras for everyday use.



Some scaffolds are incapable of coping with the projections, recesses, bay windows and angled surfaces on certain buildings. BOSTA 100 takes them in its stride. Thanks to the enlargement brackets which can be fitted on one or both sides. Available in three dimensions: 35, 70, and 100 cm, they widen the working width up to 2.5 m. Whats more, they are also compatible with the BOSTA 70 scaffold. And with the 100/200 enlargement bracket, a system offset is quickly and conveniently fitted.

The passage frame. Provides a safe passage way for pedestrians on pavements. Available in widths of 1.00 m or 1.50 m. The guard rails and diagonals are fastened to the outside by means of gravity flips, thus preventing the possibility of injuries. The standard BOSTA 100 range also includes the passage frames, bridges and protective roof scaffold components suitable for heavy loads. System solutions helping you to save time and money. Hint: The passage frame 100 can also be used as an interchangeable frame, meaning that the BOSTA 70 can be erected on top of BOSTA 100.

The system bridging girders. With the 5.00 and 7.50 m system bridge girders, oriels and driveways are easily overcome with just a few parts. Two or three bays are simply bridged. Even large-surface coverings and/or working areas can be constructed. The system-free lattice girders in steel or aluminum. For spanning and bracing wherever scaffolds have to be partly suspended. As these girders are system-free, they can be attached anywhere independently of any bay length. Available in 3.10 m to 7.60 m, in aluminum up to 8.10 m. The shelter bracket. Crossbar and strut connect with hinges and are fastened to the vertical frame. With cantileverages of 1.00 and 1.80 m, they serve as a protection against falling objects.

Protection grates for roof tilers. Safety by the rules! The safety grates are easily mounted and protect men and material from falling down. They are also a substitute for the three-part guard system. Select the BOSTA 100 plank you prefer all of them are approved and will absorb dynamic loads.


Something to stair at. Safe solutions for your ups and downs.

A moving experience. Mobile scaffolds for indoors and out.



For all the ascents and descents in the BOSTA 100 range, the same applies as throughout the program: convenient solutions using only a few parts.

Access any level safely and easily using the internal ladder passages directly integrated with horizontal frames, passage planks or panels when assembling the scaffold. Another option is the singleflight stairway fitted outside the BOSTA 100. A 2.50 m bay with flights of stairs and handrails is built in front of the scaffold. The stairs are 65 cm wide, the maximum overall height is 64.50 m. Safety certified. The necessary vertical frames are part of the smaller BOSTA 70 program.

It takes only a few additional parts to access completely new applications. A mobile tower scaffold reaching up to a height of 10.50 m indoors and 8.50 m outdoors. Depending on requirements, these mobile scaffolds come with a variety of widths. With assembly in the center of the castor wheel bar or on one side, the working platform is 1.00 m wide. If two scaffolds are erected side by side and joined in the middle by planks, safe working platforms of 2.50 x 2.50 m are created.


A place for everything. Everything in place. Useful accessories.

At your service. An all-inclusive package.



Smooth and efficient operation depends on everything being in place. Planks, frames and other parts must be stored neatly, without wasting space, and professionally. And this is why BOSTA 100 comes with the appropriate accessories. Naturally, all the parts can be transported by fork lift truck or crane, all the steel parts are hot-dip galvanized. And we also have a number of practical tools to make everyday work easier and safer.

The Euro lattice box. Transport and storage box in steel for housing small parts up to a weight of 1.2 t. Up to 5 boxes can be stacked. The lattice box can be partitioned into two, three or four compartments, e.g., for couplers, enlargement brackets, scaffold retainers, etc. Combinable with the Euro stacking frame. Trolley. Scaffold materials weighing up to 1 t can be stored on a pallet, and together with two trolleys, transported.

The dowel tester. For checking safe dowelings of the screws/bolts on the building. Designed so that the pressure is outside the potential breakout range of the dowel. Provides precise and reliable test results. The scaffolding ratchet. The first ratchet with integrated torque. For an exact and safe assembly of the couplers so that the coupler is tightened and not overtightened.

Nets and tarpaulins. The nets are made of HDPEmonofilament yarn, doubly woven in the center. The tarpaulins consist of latticereinforced and UV-stabilized polyethylene. A reliable protection against falling materials and dirt. The identification tarpaulin. In certain cases prescribed by the workmens compensation insurance, the scaffolding can be lastingly and easily legibly identified on this tarpaulin. Secured to the guard rails.

Everyone talks about service we put it into practice. And not in the sense of one-off extras, but of something which is integral to our product offering. Service that takes the weight off your shoulders and helps you to keep that little bit ahead of competition. Service that starts with comprehensive advice and is by no means over after punctual delivery.

We develop customized scaffold plans, calculate the static loads, and produce cost schedules and profitability calculations. We organize information meetings, training sessions and seminars, provide you with calculation software, and equip you with all the necessary manuals and information brochures so that you can operate more cost-efficiently.

And, we offer you tailor-made leasing and financing plans as well as attractive buy-back options, which make Hnnebeck quality affordable for any company. Whatever the problem, well help make it bearable. Challenge us, challenge BOSTA 100.