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Annexation and Infrastructure Improvements for the Prairie Meadows Subdivision

May 1, 2014

Presentation Overview
Annexation Process
Infrastructure Improvements and Cost Estimates Financing and Assessments Timeline

Step 1 Agreement review by property owners.
Step 2 Petition signed. Must be signed by not less than 75% of registered voters and by the owners of not less than 75% of the value of the territory. Step 3 Resolution and agreement to City Council for approval at public hearing. After annexation Construct improvements. City services provided.

Available Documents
Exhibit A Petition form for signatures Exhibit B Summary of Actions and Policies Property information sheet including cost estimates

Why Annex Now?

Project costs continue to rise due to inflation $800,000 in grant funds are available now Annexation will eventually need to happen to ensure continuity of city services

Sanitary Sewer Improvements

Rehabilitate sewer main and manholes
Replace services to the house Investigate sump pumps Project cost $1,601,000 Past due sewer charges $135,000

Water Main Improvements

New 8-inch PVC water main

New services to property line

Tie into existing house services Install City Municipal Water Meter Project Cost $735,000

Storm Sewer Improvements

New RCP storm sewer with inlets

Sump pump collection

Impacts entire basin Project Cost $861,000

Street Improvements
Curb & gutter, asphalt surfacing, sidewalk & street lights - 42nd St, 46th St & Klein Ave - Ditches eliminated - Project cost $903,000

Private Utility Connections

Infrastructure Improvements
Phase 1 2015 - Sanitary Sewer - Water Distribution - Storm Sewer - Gravel Road Work Phase 2 2016 - Curb and Gutter - Street Surfacing - Street Lights - Sidewalks

Financing the Improvements

Project Description Sanitary Sewer Improvements * Water Main Improvements Storm Sewer, C&G Improvements Surfacing, Sidewalk & Lights

Cost Estimate $801,000.00 $735,000.00 $861,000.00 $903,000.00 $3,300,000.00

* Includes $800,000 in grants

Assessing for the Improvements

Distributed on an individual lot basis per front foot. Sanitary Sewer 3% for 20 years Water Main 3% for 20 years Storm Sewer and Curb and Gutter 3% for 20 years

Surfacing, Sidewalk & Lights 5.75% for 20 years

Comparison of Existing Rates

Prairie Meadows Sioux Falls

Sewer Water Total

$100.00 $41.25 $141.25

Sewer Water Total

$27.01 $27.81 $54.82

* 2014 Costs Based on 5,000 Gallons

Entitlements and Agreements
Petition Signatures 4 6 Weeks
Resolution to City Council Special Assessment Resolution to City Council - 2017 Tentative First Assessment Payment - 2018

Q &A

Contact Information
- Jeff Schmitt (605) 367-8888 jschmitt@siouxfalls.org - Chad Huwe (605) 367-8600 chuwe@siouxfalls.org