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In the Introduction, page 30, beginning with, "in the pressure of modern urban life...

" I realize that

I feel an unraveling of sorts...a disconnectedness when I lack discipline and don't take the time I
need...there is a *falling apart* that takes place.
age 3!, which carries on from page 30 in regards to the simplicit" of monastic pra"er...it appears
that simple pra"ers # contemplation, or I should sa", can lead to contemplation. $he monks
contented themselves with struggle for purit" of heart% control of thoughts...keeping their minds
and hearts empt" of cares and concerns...to forget themselves...to focus on the love and service
of &od.
*'hat practical things can I do (although the root is deep and &od will need to step in) to empt"
m" mind and heart of too man" concerns* +ou mentioned beautifull" how I can approach &od in
regards to parenting. I will need to meditate on that fre,uentl". -ut let's face it...there is the
social media, etc. that is distracting me. .ot so much the blogging because I am at a point I onl"
read what I am led to read and onl" comment if inspired and onl" write if I am inspired and have
the time. /nce in a while I will spend too much time on blogs. $here's interest, which is
fun...m" boards are ver" inspired and I am still shocked I have almost a thousand followers% m"
most popular boards are a 0atholic one, an 1astern one, a 0armelite one, and one on
contemplative spaces. I have a few others but the" seem to get the most attention. I do have an
e"e for beaut" (winks) so it shows in m" attention to what goes on m" boards. +ou can see them
here% http%22www.pinterest.com2theresaocds2 $hen, lo and behold, I decide to start $witter which
is dangerous with a smart phone. I 3oined to follow the 4dvent veiling thing and met some of m"
blogging friends and now we can chat ,uite fre,uentl"...but sometimes ver" superficiall". I have a
couple of ver" contemplative tweeters who inspire me...but "es...it is a distraction. 'hen do I call
it ,uits* 'hat's ne5t to take m" attention awa" from &od...or from spending silent time from
6im* I 3ust started $witter and I am thinking of 3ust closing it for now because I think the 7ord is
asking me to give up something that is not necessar" in m" life. $here are other wa"s to keep in
touch with some of m" friends. I could knock down the list to a bare minimum of who to
follow...but will it still distract me* I believe it ma".
age 3!, "$his love e5pressed itself first of all in love for &od's 'ord...especiall" the salms...it
revealed the secret movements of the heart in its struggle against the forces of darkness."
*8hould I be meditating on specific psalms*
age 39 and 33 are ver" much connected in regards to the :esus ra"er. /n page 33, the words
*primitive* and *simple* stood out to me as well as the fact that the pra"er helps abandonment of
distracting thoughts and interior recollection...a pra"er stripped of *non;essentials.* .othing else
stood out to me on the bottom of page 33.
age 3<, "$he practice of keeping the .ame of :esus...", invoking the name of :esus is the secret
of *control of thoughts*. It assists in the practice of the presence of &od in all activities.
age 3=, "....this is an age, b" its ver" nature as a time of crisis...calls for the searching and
,uestioning which are the work of the monk in his meditation..." 'hen one leaves the world in
whatever situation or circumstance, meaning on a spiritual level not 3ust ph"sical, the" are trul"
confronted b" this terrible inner emptiness.
0ontinuing on page 3= at the bottom, >erton discusses the dimensions of pra"er in solitude as
ordinar" anguish, self;searching, nausea at one's vanit", falsit", and capacit" for betra"al. I have
e5perienced this without a doubt.
age 3?, I found this interesting and want to e5plore what it reall" means, "@read...a sense that
one has somehow been untrue...to one's inmost truth...It is a profound awareness that one is
capable of ultimate bad faith with himself and with others% that one is living a lie."
.othing specific in second paragraph on page 3A but at the bottom, "6e e5periences in himself
the emptiness...". In the modern man...one living ver" much in the
world...emptiness#boredom#spiritual disorientation. I can reall" relate to the feeling of being
disoriented. $he emptiness is disconcerting at times, then I find m"self in restlessness and
boredom...seeking satisfaction in worldl" occupations.
.ow, page 3B was what the 8pirit led me to read and meditate on last night. I spent almost m"
whole pra"er time on it after reading a bit of scripture. "$he option of absolute despair is turned
into perfect hope b" the pure and humble supplication of monastic pra"er."
*despair turned into perfect hope through pra"er% monastic, pure, humble
"$he monk faces the worst, and discovers in it the hope of the best."
"$his is the creative and healing work of the monk..."
*creative and healing work% silence, nakedness, emptiness, humilit"
*the silence of the pra"ing and meditating 0hurch#0hurch of the @esert