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Lindsey Lorefice

Dr. Darrin Thornton

Music 395B
May 2, 2014

Teaching my peers during the middle school band unit taught me about my
skills as a music educator. I further developed my teaching strengths while improving
upon my weaknesses. I noticed progress in my teaching goals during this unit. I learned new
things about teaching in the middle school band setting.
Concerning strengths, my extensive experience in performing in band ensembles
benefitted my teaching. I realized I modeled my teaching after Professor Glocke. I
encouraged my peers to sing particular pitches to help them play the pitches in tune on
their instruments. I held each note in a certain measure to help the students tune the
pitches. These techniques came from observing Professor Glocke in Symphonic Band. My
assessment activity proved a strength in my teaching since it creatively got the students to
assess each other. I asked the students to partner up and play a measure for each other and
then provide feedback. The partner idea related to the title of the piece, Contredanse,
referring to partner dances. My experience and creativity shone as my strengths during this
My experience in the band environment led me to believe my approach to peer
teaching may have been too advanced. I assumed my peers could play longer phrases than
they were capable of performing. I think I should spend more time on particular topics in
my lesson plans in the future to ensure the students fully understand the information I have
presented them. I hope to improve my ability to ground myself while teaching. I noticed I
shift my weight frequently without a purpose. I believe centering my body will look more
I noticed improvement in my teaching goals. Earlier in the semester, I hoped to
develop my disciplining skills. I developed my disciplining abilities concerning giving my
peers negative feedback during this unit. I believe I found the right balance of providing
them with criticism while incorporating humor into my feedback. My listening skills were
strongly developed due to teaching about improving intonation. A high amount of
concentration was needed to tune the ensemble efficiently.
Mr. Gossett introduced me to new ways of thinking about teaching middle school
band. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching a lesson through miming techniques. Removing verbal
commands increased the students listening skills. It made me think about each individual
step within the learning process more. I had to be clearer with my gestures since my speech
was removed. This activity enhanced my conducting skills. I am thankful that Mr. Gossett
brought my attention to this innovative teaching technique. This unit also taught me the
importance of letting the students noodle around on their instruments to help them learn
fingerings and particular passages. I believe even taking 20 seconds out of rehearsal for the
students to review the markings on the sheet music benefits the band as a whole greatly. I
look forward to using the concepts I learned in this unit in the future.