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In early 2010 YIFY started learning how to re-encode movies to take
minimal HDD space, while retaining a respectable level of quality. This
was achieved using the newly popular x264 encoding software for the
H.264/MPEG-4 codec, with the .mkv container, and later the .mp4
container, (to ensure maximum compatibility.) After uploading the
result to The Pirate Bay on a whim, (for the lulz,) he decided to
continue re-encoding and uploading on a regular basis, due to the
fairly astonishing levels of interest garnered.
Over the next year YIFY-Torrents steadily gained dedicated followers,
and in March of 2011, the official YIFY-Torrents Facebook page was
created, in order to better connect with the followers.
By August 2011 YIFY-Torrents had grown into a small internet phenomenon
of it's own, and reciprocally, the official YIFY-Torrents Website was
released. This was done in collaboration with an up and coming web
developer under the alias barrymcj.
Since then the YIFY-Torrents community has steadily continued to grow,
despite having to overcome several issues both legal and technical.
YIFY-Torrents looks to have a promising future, given the outstanding
support provided by it's committed followers.