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A Brief

Q & A about the

T heurgy
Ordo Aurum Solis
What is the purpose of the Initatory Path?
We are both spiritual and physical beings. Our physical body has an
immortal soul that was embodied at birth. This is descended from the
divine planes. Upon death, the soul will leave the body and return for
a tme to the spiritual world. Initaton and the practce of theurgy help
us cross the threshold of death in full awareness in order to control
our post-mortem life. Without this control and training provided by
an authentc Initatory Order, the soul will be subject to diferent in-
fuences and reborn without any possibility of infuencing this choice.
Initaton in associaton with precise ritual training is fundamental, not
only for the improvement of the present life, but also for what will
follow afer death. This mater is of too great importance for anyone
to leave aside.
What is Theurgy?
Theurgy is a spiritual traditon based on the belief that specifc rituals
can be used to elevate the soul and ascend to the Divine, which is the
goal of our earthly life.
Are theurgic rituals diferent from magic?
Yes, magic is the use of powers and unknown abilites that everyone
has. We have many hidden abilites, also known as extra-sensory per-
cepton. These are, for example, scrying, telepathy, out-of-body expe-
rience, etc.
Magic makes use of these inner powers and develops them. They can
also be used as tools in theurgic practce.
Can I practce these rituals independently?
Yes, but only to a certain extent. Individual practce is fundamental
and essental. However, various elements can only be taught, shown,
or given directly by those who have received these keys. It is the same
for Initaton.
What is an Initatc Order?
An Initatc Order is a group of individuals perpetuatng a spiritual tra-
diton passed through rituals called Initatons.
The members of such an Order follow a theoretcal and practcal trai-
ning to enable them to progress on the spiritual path. These practces
are verifed and validated by the Initators having already crossed
these steps.
The Initatc Order of the Aurum Solis represents a traditon datng
back to pre-Christan tmes.
What is the diference between an Initatc Order and religion?
Religion and Initaton are two spiritual dimensions that are compa-
tble. Religion is a manifestaton of faith manifested by an atachment
to a set of beliefs. A religion usually involves the presence of an inter-
mediary or priest.
An Initatc Order is an individual process that requires no human in-
termediate. Everyone is invited to experience for his or herself the spi-
ritual and invisible planes. It is therefore possible to verify for ones self
the reality of what is said and to use the ritual tools that are provided.
What is an egregore?
The egregore is an invisible power that is created by a group working
ritually. The egregore of Aurum Solis is the result of the work done
since the highest antquity by the masters of this traditon. Power,
purity and integrity of this invisible presence is ensured by a chain
consistng of sacred objects, as well as the ongoing ritual work of each
companion. The link of each Initate to the egregore allows him to ex-
periment safely with the ritual techniques. It also allows them to use
this protecton in their secular and spiritual life.
Do you teach how to develop psychic powers?
Yes! It is important to understand that this development is not an end
in itself. In the same way that you can learn to swim, you can learn to
use these hidden powers. They will become tools that Aurum Solis will
teach you to use wisely.
Does Aurum Solis teach the traditonal occult sciences?
Yes; these occult sciences are the foundaton of any serious training.
Among the main subjects taught are Qabalah, astrology, Hermetcism,
the Tarot of the Immortal Divinites, visualizaton, meditaton, magne-
tsm, and sacred pronunciatons.
Does Aurum Solis accept men and women?
Egypt was the country that gave the most important status to women.
Today as in the past, the Aurum Solis makes no diference between
genders in validatng a new Initate.
What is the diference between the Ordo Aurum Solis and other
Initatc Orders?
The Ordo Aurum Solis is rooted on three essental aspects consttutng
an authentc Initatc Order: 1 - The direct link received by the Grand
Master which ensures the connectng link with gold chain. Only one
person can be chosen and consecrated by the previous Grand Master.
2 - The power to give and connect to the egregore of the Order; 3 - the
giving of sacred and consecrated items. We must add to this, a col-
lectve work of each companion, absolute integrity from each of the
ofcers and a full theurgic system in direct succession from its origin.
Is there a probatonary period before being initated?
Yes, there is a period called Pronaos which last approximately 9 mon-
ths. A set of rituals and individual practces are performed at home
which allow you to experience various aspects of the Traditon of the
Aurum Solis. At the end of this period you can ask to be Initated.
On which criteria are we accepted in this period of Pronaos?
The doors of Pronaos are open to anyone who truly wishes to under-
take this experience. However, Initaton is validated only afer this pe-
riod of Pronaos is completed successfully.
I am interested and I am eager to begin this training. How should
I proceed?
Just visit the website of the Aurum Solis (www.aurumsolis.info) and
register to the Pronaos. You can also write directly to the secretary of
the Aurum Solis (administratorgeneral@aurumsolis.info).