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Glossary of IHOP-KC Terms

24/7 - Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week; unceasing or continuous

Anna Anointing:[term] Referring to Anna who did not depart from the tempe, !ut
served "od with fastings and prayers night and day# $%uke &:'(-')*+ ,n appication, this
refers to the grace to spend ong hours in prayer with fasting and to sustain it for many
years+ Annas# are men or women, od and young, whose primary ministry is fasting and
prayer aimed at changing the spiritua atmosphere of a city or nation+ This is not their
ony ministry, as Anna did the work of an evangeist and was a prophetess; she is
recorded as the first evangeist in the -ew Testament as we
Anointing: A specia grace, !essing or e.treme unction from "od
Antiphonal inging: [term] Responsive aternation !etween singers; aso referred to
as ca and response
Apostoli!: [ad/ective] 0escri!ing the nature, teachings and activities modeed !y the
apostes in the -ew Testament
Apostoli! Inter!ession: ,ntercessory prayer to "od on !ehaf of others derived
from the apostes1 prayers written in the -ew Testament, which refect the desires of
"od1s heart for the peope+ 2ommon e.ampes of apostoic prayers are 3phesians 4:45-
46, 7hiippians4:6-4 and 8atthew (:6-4'+

A"a#en $o%e: [petition] A prayer asking to !e fied with "od1s ove $see 3phesians
':4(-46*; to cause ove or passion for "od to !e stirred up; to come aive to "od in the
deepest part of your ife $9ong &:5*
A"a#ene& Heart: [term] A state of iving and !eing in "od in such a way that your
spirit and emotions are aive and responsive to :im $9ong &:4;; ,saiah (4:4*
'elo%e&: [!i!ica term] 9een reguary in the 9ong of 9ongs and in the "ospe of <ohn,
this term initiay refers to how "od views human !eings; they are :is !eoved+
9econdariy, it refers to how human !eings grow to view "od; :e !ecomes their !eoved+
This emotiona e.change !etween "od and :is creation carries the most weight when it
is !irthed from the =rida 7aradigm
'ri&al Para&igm: [term] ,:>7 term used to descri!e a view of "od presented in the
scriptures, reveaing "od as passionate and emotiona, fied with gadness, affection and
!eauty+ ?hether <ew or "entie, the redeemed are descri!ed in the =i!e as the =ride of
2hrist, whie <esus is presented as a passionate =ridegroom who oves us and ays down
:is ife for us+ =y the @ather1s design and the 9on1s passionate work on the cross, the
:oy 9pirit is !ringing forth a remnant out of the human race to !e vountary overs of
"od+ These redeemed, the =ride of 2hrist, wi co-rue in intimate reationship forever
with <esus, the =ridegroom "od
'ri&egroom (asting: Another dimension of gory that <esus added to the doctrine of
fasting $8atthew 6:4A*+ ,n this way, fasting is not simpy a!staining; instead it !ecomes
the e.pression of onging and mourning for the presence of the =ridegroom, <esus 2hrist
'ri&egroom Go&: [term] This refers to <esus 2hrist when :e spoke of :imsef as the
=ridegroom $8ark &:46-&;*
'ri&egroom) King an& *+&ge: Three specific faces of "od that are !eing
emphasiBed currenty, and wi !e increasingy emphasiBed as time comes to an end
'+rning Heart: [term] A person who is fied with the ove and passion of "od $see
,saiah (C:4-&*; a heart in feowship with <esus in prayer $<ohn A:'A*
Capti%ate&/(as!inate&/,a%ishe& Heart: [itera phrase] ,n the conte.t of the
=rida 7aradigm, this refers to someone who is whoeheartedy in ove with "od+ ,n the
natura, this refers to a heart moved with deep emotion and ove due to the actions of their
over $9ong C:6*
-aniel Anointing: A specia grace to enter into e.tended periods of fasting and
prayer, specificay seeking reveation as to the meaning and impications of dreams,
visions or other divine communications regarding the 3nd Times $0anie 4-4&*
-a%i&.i!/ Anointing: "eneray refers to the com!ining of the kingy and priesty
anointing; a person after "od1s own heart $4 9amue 4':4C*
-e%otional: $see :arp and =ow 8ode* >ne of four prayer formats o!served at
,:>7-D2: a worship team provides an anointed atmosphere for peope to read and
meditate on 9cripture and isten to "od1s 9pirit $7sam &5:C, ) and 4C; ,saiah ';:4A*
-i%ine 0s!ort: [tite] >verarching phrase descri!ing some of the attri!utes of the :oy
9pirit as :e accompanies the redeemed through ife+ >ther common terms incude heper,
comforter and guide $<ohn 4C:4A-&5; <ohn 4(:A-4C*
0ternal Age: $aso see 3nd Times, 8iennia Dingdom and 9econd 2oming* The fina
timeframe spoken of in the =i!e; aso caed eternity+ The redeemed and the triune "od
are continuay in each other1s presence forever, whie those re/ecting <esus wi spend
their eternity in the %ake of @ire
(ire of Go&: two inter-reated terms: 4* "od1s ena!ing presence to foow the @irst
and 9econd 2ommandments &* "od1s presence sent as a /udge to !urn away everything
that hinders :is ove, thus ena!ing individuas to foow the @irst and 9econd
(irst Comman&ment: <esus said to him, EFou sha ove the %>R0 your "od with
a your heart, with a your sou, and with a your mind+1 This is the first and great
commandment+ And the second is ike it: EFou sha ove your neigh!or as yoursef+1 >n
these two commandments hang a the %aw and the 7rophets $8atthew &&:'5-C;*+# Aso
referred to as making "od your first ove $Reveation &:C*
(orer+nner: $see <ohn the =aptist* [!i!ica phrase] A person who goes ahead of the
%ord and prepares peope for :is coming $%uke 4:5(; ,saiah C;*
(orer+nner 1inistry: The purpose of this ministry is to announce the unprecedented
activities of the %ord that are /ust around the corner in order to make sense of what is
happening+ The forerunner ministry has three main activities at the end of the age:
restoring the @irst 2ommandment to first pace, reeasing miraces to !ring in the "reat
:arvest, and reeasing the tempora /udgments of "od+ <ohn the =aptist and the prophet
,saiah are two e.ampes of the forerunner ministry
(rien& of the 'ri&egroom: <esus 2hrist refers to :imsef as the =ridegroom+ <ohn
the =aptist refers to himsef as a friend of the =ridegroom who stands and hears the
=ridegrooms voice and is gad $<ohn ':&6; <ohn 4A:4C-4A*; this is the primary identity of
a forerunner
Go&-1an: [tite] Referring to <esus 2hrist and :is divine and human origin; :e is fuy
"od and fuy human
Go%ernmental Inter!ession: [term] ,ntercessory prayer to "od on !ehaf of a
peope !y a representative of the peope $0anie 6:C-&;; -ehemiah 4:'-44*
Harp an& 'o"l 1o&el: A term derived from Reveation A:), descri!ing the eders
!efore the throne with harps $representing worship with music* and a !ow of incense
$representing the prayers of "od1s peope*+ ,t is the !asic mode of ,:>7-D21s prayer
meetingsGcom!ining worship $ed !y worship teams* and prayer $!oth persona and
corporate*+ ,:>7-D2 utiiBes four :arp and =ow formats: ?orship with the ?ord,
0evotiona, ,ntercessory ?orship and 7rophetic ?orship
Inter!essory 2orship:$see :arp and =ow* >ne of four prayer formats o!served at
,:>7D2: a worship team provides an anointed atmosphere for peope to intercede
concerning various corporate prayer concerns
*ohn the 'aptist: [person; representation of the forerunner ministry] >ne who
announced the unprecedented activities of the %ord that were /ust around the corner+ <ohn
descri!es himsef as the friend of the =ridegroom, which is the fundamenta identity for a
forerunner $<ohn ':&6*+ <esus descri!ed <ohn as a !urning and shining amp# $<ohn A:'A*
*oseph Anointing: [term] Referring to those caed to prosper in the marketpace so
they may make provision to preserve ife# $"enesis CA:A* in the time when "od reeases
:is end-time /udgments on the 3arth+ These <osephs# wi have the anointing to reease
the prophetic, strategic thinking and mercy deeds to the nations, impacting eaders and
!uiding cities of ha!itation# $7sam 4;5; 3.odus 4:44*+ Ding 2yrus is another e.ampe
of this, !ut with the emphasis paced on !uiding the %ord1s house $the Tempe* !y
reeasing incredi!e weath into the Dingdom $,saiah CC:&C-&) and CA:4-4', and the many
references throughout the !ook of 0anie; & 2hronices '(:&&-&'; 3Bra 4 and &*
Kiss me "ith the #isses of yo+r 2or&: A itera prayer from 9ong of 9ongs 4:&
asking that, as peope read the ?ord, "od woud revea :is ove, affections and !eauty
so as to empower hoiness and ove for :im $9ong 4:&-C; <ohn 45:45; 3phesians 4:45*
The Kno"le&ge of Go&: [!i!ica phrase] A prayer asking "od to revea :imsef; it
originates from the apostoic prayer of 3phesians 4:4(-46; aso caed the reveation of
the knowedge of "od
$o%esi!#: [!i!ica phrase] >verwhemed !y ove for "od $9ong of 9ongs &:A and A:)*
$i#e a (ire an& $i#e a Hammer) 'rea# In: [!i!ica phrase] A prayer sung at
,:>7-D2 prayer sessions asking the %ord to !reak into our ives with :is ?ord
$<eremiah &':&6*
3$et4s lift o+r %oi!es5: [phrase] 0uring ,:>7-D2 prayer meetings, this is one way
the prayer eader encourages everyone to participate in the worship !y singing a
spontaneous song of ove to the %ord $3phesians A:46*
The $o%e ong of 6o+r Heart: [phrase] The specia song that no one ese !ut you
can sing to "od !ecause of your uniHueness in "od and your ove for :im $7sam
4'6:4'-4)*; it is accompanied !y !eing fied with the 9pirit $3phesians A:4)-46*
1ary of 'ethany: [person] A friend and foower of <esus 2hrist; 8ary was
representative of foowing the @irst 2ommandment; she ived a fasted ifestye of pure
and simpe devotion to <esus 2hrist; she sat at the feet of <esus $%uke 4;:')-C&*; <esus
spent :is fina days !efore :is crucifi.ion in =ethany with 8ary, 8artha and %aBarus,
whom :e had raised from the dead $<ohn 4&:4-'*
7ight an& -ay Prayer/Inter!ession: [!i!ica phrase] ,n ,saiah (&:(-5, ,saiah
prophesied that intercession woud continue twenty-four hours a day; this is part of "od1s
answer to 9atan who accuses the 2hurch night and day $Reveation 4&:4;*
One Thing 7e!essary: [!i!ica phrase] <esus1 vaidation of 8ary1s choice to sit at
:is feet and hear :is words; =ut one thing is needed, and 8ary has chosen that good
part, which wi not !e taken away from her $%uke 4;:C&*#
Open Hea%en: [term] A pronounced increase, in a particuar season, of the
supernatura invading the natura; e.ampes throughout 9cripture incude "enesis &):4&,
3.odus &C:6-44, 3Bekie 4-', <ohn 4:A4 and Reveation 4
Prophe!y: [noun] any "od-inspired testimony of <esus $Reveation 46:4;*, incuding
$!ut not e.cusive to* the written 9criptures; the key to understanding "od1s voice is to
know "od1s heart
Propheti! Anointing: [term] a supernatura ski or gift given to a person !y "od in
order to receive and understand divine information
Propheti! inging: [term] The spontaneous singing of phrases that deveop different
themes $ove, hoiness, /ustice, etc+* found in a passage of scripture+ This occurs during
a of the ,:>7-D2 prayer formats
Propheti! 2orship: $see :arp and =ow 8ode* [term] >ne of four prayer formats
o!served at ,:>7-D2: a worship team provides an anointed atmosphere for peope to
focus on worshipping "od+ 0uring worship, discerned themes that the :oy 9pirit is
emphasiBing $hoiness, heaing, deiverance, etc+* are e.pressed with opportunities for
ministry $<ohn ':4-); Iechariah C:(; <ames A:4'-4(*
e!on& Coming: $aso see Age to 2ome, 3nd Times, 3terna Age, and 8iennia
Dingdom* [!i!ica phrase] The itera, physica return of 2hrist to 3arth, specificay to
<erusaem to !egin :is 8iennia Reign
e!on& Comman&ment: [!i!ica term] <esus said to him, EFou sha ove the
%>R0 your "od with a your heart, with a your sou, and with a your mind+1 This is
the first and great commandment+ And the second is ike it: EFou sha ove your neigh!or
as yoursef+1 >n these two commandments hang a the %aw and the 7rophets $8atthew
ing to the $or&: [!i!ica phrase] >ne of the most reiterated commands in the =i!e
$3phesians A:46; 3.odus 4A:&4; & 9amue &&:A;; 4 2hronices 4(:6, &'; & 2hronices
&;:&4; 7sam 5:45; 7sam 6:&; 7sam 4):C6; 7sam ';:C; 7sam '':'; 7sam C5:(; 7sam
(5:C; 7sam )4:4; 7sam )6:4; 7sam 6A:4; 7sam 6):4, 4 2orinthians 4C:4A; 2oossians
pirit of '+rning: [,:>7-D2 phrase] This is a cyce of maintaining a passionate
desire for <esus so that you are in a pace of emotiona pain whenever :e is a!sent; hope
and e.cited e.pectancy !ecause of the knowedge that :e oves to come to the hungry
and thirsty heart; rea e.perientia encounters with :is !eauty and presence causing you
to have an even greater intense desire to !e cose to <esus $8atthew &&:'5; %uke &C:4'-
Ta8erna!le of -a%i&: 0avid esta!ished a worship ministry in which he set C,;;;
musicians and &)) prophetic singers !efore the Ark of the 2ovenant $4 2hronices 4A:4;
4(:4-(; &':A; &A:5; '5-C&*+ The restoration of the Ta!ernace of 0avid# refers to <esus
esta!ishing :is Throne in <erusaem at the 9econd 2oming and ruing the 3arth in
conte.t to prayer and worship $Amos 6:44-4A; ,saiah A(:5*
Theo!ra!y: a form of government !ased on "od1s direct guidance and :is righteous
9rgen!y of the Ho+r: [phrase] The understanding that time is short !efore <esus1
9econd 2oming; <esus1 return is inevita!e and wi happen very soon, therefore this time
in human history is ike no other+ 3ach person is !eing invited to, repent for the
Dingdom of "od is near# $8atthew ':& and C:45; 8ark 4:4A; %uke 4':4-A*
9n%eile&: [!i!ica term] Jnashamed, corporate and individua interaction !etween the
=ride and the =ridegroom "od $9ong of 9ongs 4:5; & 2orinthians ':4)*
2at!hman/"at!hmen: [!i!ica term] this refers to the reHuirement for us to watch
over the =ody of 2hrist whie having a discerning, !i!ica understanding of end-time
events+ >ur privieged caing is to intercede for "od1s peope and to co-partner with
"od1s unfoding pans in this fina hour of human history, hastening the day of <esus1
coming, our 9avior and =ridegroom $,saiah (&:(-5*
2at!h an& Pray: [!i!ica phrase] This is a reHuirement that we ive as wise sons and
daughters, understanding the times and seasons in we which we ive, interceding
accordingy that we might not misunderstand what :e is doing !ut remain focused on :is
wi and :is affections $Romans 4':44-4C; 2oossians C:&*+ The sons of ,ssachar $aso
caed the men of ,ssachar* are e.ampes of this $4 2hronices 4&:'&; 8atthew &(:C4;
8ark 4C:'); %uke &4:'(*
2orship "ith the 2or&: $see :arp and =ow 8ode* [term] >ne of four prayer
formats o!served at ,:>7-D2: a worship team provides an anointed atmosphere for
peope to meditate on the ?ord in a focused time of study; the worship team seects a
passage to sing through antiphonay as they e.pound on the themes within each verse,
thus worshipping with the ?ord#; the prayer room acts as a singing seminary# in this
:e!hariah ;: Referring to the e.change !etween <oshua the high priest and the Ange
of the %ord+ The remova of the fithy garments in e.change for a cean tur!an on his
head# refers to the renewa of the mind, a cean and pure thought ife, and hoiness !efore
the %ord