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April 29

, 2014
For Immediate Release
Facebook Messages Land Rural eorgian !ree Farmer In "ail And Ma# $ost %im Millions
Lister %arrell, a maliciousl# prosecuted &armer, is no' &acing the prospect o& losing his &amil#
&arm o& thousands o& acres in southern eorgia( At the same time his #oung son has been taken b#
authorities and placed in the state)s &oster care s#stem(
A single &ather and li&elong rural eorgian tree &armer &rom *odge $ount#, eorgia, Lister
%arrell, has been maliciousl# +ailed on multiple trumped up charges that the local *istrict
Attorne# seems to ha,e an endless suppl# o&( *odge $ount#, eorgia, named b# eorge
Maga-ine and the Atlanta "ournal $onstitution as one o& the ten most corrupt counties in
America, continues in that proud distinction to make headlines #et again(
*odge $ount# *istrict Attorne#, !im .aughn( and /uperior $ourt "udge( Freddie Mullis(
re,oked Mr( %arrell)s bond on the prete0t o& simpl# using the internet(
.aughn and Mullis are 1uoted as sa#ing, 23e must teach him a lesson and keep him o&& Facebook
and the internet(4
It is the hope o& Mr( %arrell)s team that the release o& these &acts 'ill generate signi&icant
in,estigati,e attention( oing online should not be a crime and pri,ac# in matters that had nothing
to do 'ith the current case should ne,er ha,e been ,iolated( Mr( %arrell has been hounded b#
o&&icials and treated un&airl# b# the people in po'er 'ho are trusted 'ith upholding the la', not
bending it to their 'hims( $ourts do not 'ork that 'a# and as people o& America, 'e cannot let
someone get a'a# 'ith such a le,el o& blatant corruption(
5eople lose &aith in the +udicial s#stem because o& acts like this( "oin 'ith Mr( %arrell in making
sure e,er#one has a ,oice and that it cannot be silenced due to pettiness and greed( !he &acts
stand that this man 'as treated un&airl# and in this countr# that is not ho' things are done( It is
not right, it is not constitutional, and it 'ill not be allo'ed to continue at such a blatant le,el as it
alread# has been( !his is not some'here that people get to make up the rules as the# go and
decide ho' things should be run( !here are la's that must be &ollo'ed and people 'ill be held
accountable &or their actions to'ard Mr( %arrell(
For more in&ormation please contact6
!%7MA/ F( "ARRI8L
Attorne# &or *e&endant
Macon, eorgia
94:;<2=4>=1;1 !elephone
5lease see &ollo'ing &or supporting &acts(

I@ !%8 /A58RI7R $7AR! 7F *7*8 $7A@!B
/!A!8 7F 87RIA
/!A!8 7F 87RIA C
,( C
C $%AR86 ARA.A!8* /!ALEI@
LI/!8R 3( %ARR8LL C
5rior to March 1=, 2011, LI/!8R %ARR8LL, hereina&ter 2%ARR8LL4 'as ph#sicall#
attacked b# his e0>'i&e, 'ho on t'o occasions, broke into his home and attacked him 'ith a meat
hook and a butcher kni&e( 7n both occasions, %ARR8LL sought the assistance o& la'
en&orcement o&&icers, including the /heri&&, and district attorne#, !IM .AA%@, hereina&ter
2.AA%@4( !he /heri&& simpl# took no action, re&erring %ARR8LL to .AA%@( .AA%@
in&ormed %ARR8LL that this 'as a domestic matter and 'ould take no action(
Against this admittedl# sketch# backdrop>re&erred to herein simpl# because o& 'hat 'e
percei,e as enmit# on the part o& la' en&orcement o&&icials to'ard %ARR8LL>the problems
began on March 1=, 2011( 7n that date, %ARR8LL 'as charged 'ith ,iolating 7($((A(F44>:>
14(1 b# ha,ing the electricit# &rom an alleged tenant)s residence cut o&&( !hat code section makes
it 2unla'&ul &or an# landlord kno'ingl# and 'ill&ull# to suspend the &urnishing o& utilities to a
tenant until a&ter the &inal disposition o& an# dispossessor# proceeding4( It did not matter then,
nor did it matter 'hen %ARR8LL 'as tried b# the $ourt in "ul#, 201G, that there 'as no
landlord>tenant relationship and that there 'as no dispossessor# proceeding ( !he relation 'as
either that o& a licensee or emplo#er>emplo#ee( !he statute reall# ne,er applied( And, as
important, the statute pro,ides &or a ma0imum H=00(00 &ine( @o period o& incarceration ma# be
A&ter %ARR8LL 'as arrested
, he 'as made to post a cash bond in the amount o&
%ARR8LL e0perienced &inancial di&&iculties and 'as re1uired to &ile t'o 92< bankruptc#
petitions( In addition to these matters, he had to conduct da# to da# business acti,ities(
!here&ore, he 'anted to go ahead and dispose o& 'hat should ha,e been an e0traordinaril# minor
matter( %e asked .AA%@ on at least t'o 92< occasions to simpl# &or&eit the bond and allo'
him to go ahead and pa# the H=00(00 &ine( .AA%@ re&used, telling %ARR8LL 2#ou)re not
going to get o&& that easil#4(
At some point, to'ards the beginning o& 201G, there 'as a scheduling con&lict bet'een a
1 7ne 'onders 'h# he 'as arrested, and not merel# cited, since there could be no period
o& incarceration e,en upon con,iction(
2 !he math is eas#>this is t'ice the ma0imum &ine(
bankruptc# court hearing and the *odge $ount# /uperior $ourt calendar call( %ARR8LL did
not attend the *odge $ount# calendar call, belie,ing that it had been continued, based on the
ad,ice o& his then bankruptc# la'#er "ohn Le,is(
As a result o& %ARR8LL)s &ailure to attend calendar call, a bench 'arrant 'as issued &or
his arrest( !he case should ha,e been disposed o& then and there, 'ithout a bench 'arrant, b#
simpl# &or&eiting the bond and disposing o& the case( Instead, .AA%@ constructed a multi>state
manhunt &or %ARR8LL, enlisting the aid o& the Anited /tates Marshall)s 7&&ice
&or an o&&ense
not unlike littering(
"ust prior to his arrest, %ARR8LL learned o& the manhunt and attempted to ha,e the
bench 'arrant li&ted b# talking to the *odge $ount# /uperior $ourt $lerk, Rhett 3alker,
hereina&ter 23ALE8R4, and the assistant $lerk, !amm# raham, hereina&ter 2RA%AM4(
Mistakenl# belie,ing that the# could ha,e the bench 'arrant li&ted or disposed o&, he ,igorousl#
and, no doubt, angril#, urged them to do so( %e 'as neither courteous nor tact&ul(
%e &ollo'ed
up 'ith t'o 92< Facebook postings on April 29, 201G( In one he suggested that i& 3ALE8R did
not take care o& the matter, %ARR8LL 'ould see that he lost his +ob( In another, he threatened
to re,eal the details o& a matter in,ol,ing RA%AM, 'hich had occurred #ears be&ore, and 'hich
had the potential &or causing embarrassment( !'o da#s later, on Ma# 1, 201G, .AA%@ applied
&or, and got, &rom "udge Frederick %( Mullis, *odge $ount# /uperior $ourt +udge, an order &or a
2!rap and !race *e,ice4 and telephone records( %ARR8LL 'as arrested a &e' da#s later and
'as illegall# and unla'&ull# incarcerated until "une G, 201G, 'hen he 'as indicted on t'o counts
o& Intimidation o& a $ourt 7&&icer>3ALE8R and RA%AM> and one misdemeanor count o&
G3e do not kno' 'h# a serious and signi&icant department o& the Anited /tates
go,ernment 'ould get in,ol,ed in a matter such as this, but 'e hope to &ind out, possibl# under
the Freedom o& In&ormation Act(
4!his ma# be a crime in *odge $ount#, eorgia( 3e certainl# ha,e no hesitanc# in
urging that it led %ARR8LL to be charged 'ith crimes(
$ruelt# to Animals>charging that %ARR8LL killed a cat(

%ARR8LL &iled a Motion &or Iond on the ne' charges on "une 21, 201G, 'hich Motion
'as summaril# denied( %e &inall# &aced the original charge o& cutting o&& utilities in "ul#, 201G, at
'hich time he 'as &ound guilt#, again not'ithstanding the &act that there 'as no e,idence o& a
landlord>tenant relationship and no e,idence o& a pending dispossessor# proceeding( It 'as
ordered that his bond be &or&eited in the amount o& the ma0imum penalt# o& H=00(00(
7n August 2:, 201G, %ARR8LL &iled an 80traordinar# Motion &or Reconsideration o&
Iond( Finall#, after five (5) months of incarceration, on 7ctober :, 201G, he 'as granted bond
in the amount o& H24,000(00, 'hich Iond 7rder carried three 9G< sets o& conditions6 1< %e 'as
ordered not to ha,e an# contact 'ith the alleged ,ictims>a usual and reasonable conditionJ 2< %e
'as ordered not to ha,e an# contact or communication 'ith his daughters>strange because the#
'ere not in,ol,ed in this case at allJ and G< %e 'as ordered to ha,e no internet acti,it#
'hatsoe,er>a blanket condition 'hich totall# throttled %ARR8LL)s First Amendment rights(
7n "anuar# 1G, 2014, %ARR8LL 'as stopped b# *odge $ount# /heri&&)s *epartment
deputies, as 'ell as 8astman, eorgia 5olice *epartment o&&icers, on suspicion o& dri,ing under
the in&luence o& alcohol( 7ne o& %ARR8LL)s daughters, accompanied b# t'o 92< males, had
apparentl# been &ollo'ing him( /he reported that %ARR8LL)s ,ehicle had almost struck her
,ehicle( At least, that 'as the reason gi,en to %ARR8LL &or stopping him( %e 'as re1uested to
take the sobriet# test( %ARR8LL initiall# re&used to take the test, as b# this time he had a health#
respect &or 'hat *odge $ount# la' en&orcement personnel could do to him, 'hether he had done
an#thing 'rong or not( %o'e,er, a&ter he spoke 'ith a trusted *odge $ount# *eput#, he agreed
to take the test( !he test 'as administered and 'as negati,e( !hat is, it sho'ed a 0 le,el o&
blood alcohol content(
=3e do not kno' an#thing about this charge nor 'hat possible relationship it can ha,e to
the other counts(
7n "anuar# 24, 201G, .AA%@ &iled a Motion to Re,oke Iond, alleging, inter alia, and
principall# that %ARR8LL had ,iolated the terms o& his bond b# committing the o&&ense o&
Aggra,ated /talking 'ith regard to his daughter and b# making numerous internet postings(
%ARR8LL responded to the Motion, den#ing all allegations e0cept &or making the internet
postings( %ARR8LL asked that the Motion be denied and &urther asked that the Iond be
modi&ied to allo' him to use the internet &or business and &inancial purposes, all o& 'hich 'ere
necessar# &or him to conduct his business and deal 'ith the pressing bankruptc# matters(
At the hearing, it 'as pointed out to the $ourt, in &ull ,ie' and hearing o& .AA%@, that
case la' pro,ides that a single incident o& contacting his daughter>e,en i& true, 'hich 'as, o&
course, denied>'ould not support a charge o& Aggra,ated /talking( It 'as also presented that, at
the time o& the stop on "anuar# 1G, %ARR8LL)s blood alcohol content 'as 0( Iut that did not
pre,ent .AA%@ &rom later ha,ing %ARR8LL indicted &or Aggra,ated /talking and *AI( 7n
Februar# 1:, 2014, %ARR8LL 'as indicted &or Aggra,ated /talking and *AI, along 'ith three
9G< counts o& Aggra,ated Assault, Reckless *ri,ing and 7pen $ontainer( !he three 9G<
Aggra,ated Assault counts are based on the transparentl# ridiculous theor# that %ARR8LL
attempted>and &ailed>to strike the other ,ehicle 'ith his ,ehicle(
3hen %ARR8LL 'as initiall# arrested on the bench 'arrant, he 'as mo,ed to and &rom
at least t'o other +ails>other than *odge $ount#( 7ne o& them 'as the Ileckle# $ount# 9the
count# ad+acent to *odge< +ail( 3hile there, %ARR8LL &ell and seriousl# aggra,ated an e0isting
hip and back condition( From that time until he 'as released on bond, %ARR8LL attempted to
get treatment &or the condition, 'ith ,ar#ing degrees o& &ailure( %e 'as able to be seen b#
emergenc# room personnel on one occasion, but 'as not actuall# treated because a *eput# came
into the emergenc# room and thre' %ARR8LL on the &loor and drug him out to the s1uad car on
a blanket(
/ince his re>incarceration, %ARR8LL)s condition has 'orsened dramaticall# to the point
that he is almost non>ambulator#>all o& 'hich is a matter o& almost complete indi&&erence to the
*odge $ount# /heri&& as 'ell as medical personnel assigned to treat *odge $ount# inmates( !he
/heri&& has not been completel# indi&&erent because one action has been taken, not bene&icial to be
sure, b# remo,ing %ARR8LL &rom the general population and placing him in the 2hole4( Let us
be clear6 %ARR8LL 'as not placed in the hole because o& an in&raction, but because o& his
medical condition(
Respect&ull# submitted, this DDD da# o& DDDDDDDDDDDDD, 2014(
Attorne# &or *e&endant
/tate Iar @o( G;9K=0
57 Io0 214
Macon, eorgia G1202>0214
94:;<2=4>=1;1 !elephone
94:;<2=4>=K;= Fa0