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Clay County Music & Arts

2009 Festival Returns
May is an exciting time of the year to be in Clay County, AL. The temperature is
warm enough to enjoy the outdoors, but not so hot that it beckons for relief. As fami-
lies with Spring Fever are yearning to get outside and take full advantage, Clay
County’s third annual Music & Arts Festival is arriving on Saturday May 16 to meet
the need. Last year’s event was on the Ashland Square but this year it moves to
Lineville City Park, and will feature national country artist, Doug Stone. The event is
loaded with local talent as well, and will run continuously from 10:00am till dark.

The Music & Arts Festival is all about family

fun for all ages. Finding activities that are
rewarding for the whole family can be a
daunting task for parents, but this event is
definitely a winner. Since music has a way
The BankNote

of getting everyone into a festive mood,

2009 will feature a variety of music styles
including Country, Gospel, Light Jazz,
Southern Rock, and even a little Blue Grass

to get our toes tapping. Dancing is a wel-

comed response to the music so remember
to bring a comfortable pair of shoes to keep
you fresh throughout the day.

The amount of artists per capita in Clay

County is notably high, and their master-
pieces will be on display for the public. For
younger artists-in-the-making, there will also Last year’s performance by
be judging on the Art Contest submissions
from Clay County students last month. Argie Darnell
They were free to use any medium to con-
vey an artful message combining Clay Co,
Music, Arts, Fun, & Community.

Prizes will be awarded as:

1st prize: $50
2nd prize: $25
3rd prize: $10
Don’t forget to bring your lawn chairs!
Behind The Glass...
Modern life is built around quick convenience, and our Drive-Thru
tellers strive to help customers receive exactly that. Some of the
practices can be unclear so to keep your experience positive, we
have listed some guidelines to help clear the air:

Use any lane with a green light on. Fortunately, customers

don't have to start at the window and work their way over. If the green
light above the tube lanes is on, please go ahead and pull into them.

Rolled coins must go through the lobby. The reason for this
is that coin rolls tend to break open easily. If a coin wrapper breaks then
business slows to a halt until all the coins can be found and accounted for.

Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, and Cash Advances

must go through the lobby. These transactions require extra
documentation on special equipment, all located with our lobby tellers.

Pedestrian customers must use the lobby. Not only do driv-

ers deserve to conduct their business in private, but the safety of pedestri-
ans must also be protected from oncoming vehicles moving into lanes.

The Drive-Thru exists to expedite simple transactions for all the

drivers in the line. Consider the nature of your business before
pulling into a lane. If any of these conditions fits your situation,
your need will best be served through a teller in the lobby.

Communication Lines...
If ever the time comes that you know
you may have difficulty meeting your FSB Phone Numbers:
mortgage or other loan payments, you
should immediately contact your loan Lineville, AL
officer and let them know what the
circumstances are. These problems (256)396-2187
can often be dealt with constructively
if they are known well enough in ad- Ashland, AL
vance, depending on the situation.
The only way to ensure failure or to (256)354-2145
ruin your credit is to cut the lines of
communication completely. The Wedowee, AL
sooner your lenders know your situa-
tion, the sooner they can take steps to (256)357-0440
help you get back on the right track.

Page 2 TH E B A NK NO T E
Mumbo Jumbo...
FirstState Bank prides itself on breaking down the “mumbo jumbo” of banking
terminology in order to clear the air on how we are looking out for customer
security. In our last issue, The BankNote highlighted one of the whirlwind
topics currently being covered in the national news, showing how Annual Per-
centage Rates relate to your accounts here at FirstState. This issue will con-
tinue that discussion with the local topic of Student Accounts available at FSB.

Student Accounts...
A Student Account is a great way to Another option that families have
introduce young adults into the realm found appealing is to open a Savings
of personal money management. Account for their son or daughter
These accounts have no monthly early in life, and gradually add into it
service charge, and create a handy as time passes. An occasional de-
way for parents to quickly shift funds posit of $10 or $20 can add up to a
directly from their own accounts over tremendous advantage when young
to their son or daughter, who may be adults have left the house, and spare
hundreds of miles away working on the parents from finding extra sources
their degree. If family members each of income to assist them. For stu-
have their own FirstState account, dents who are working in a summer
then moving money between hands job, a Savings Account can become a
becomes quick and easy. Funds can An AFT (Automatic Fund Transfer) can great storehouse for funding the ex-
be transferred between FirstState simplify the process even more, by set- penses that will arise only a few
accounts in person, by telephone, or ting up a predetermined time for money months down the line while away at
even over the internet, which means to move into a Student Account. The school. Graduating seniors should
that Student Account holders aren’t legal age of adulthood in AL is 19, but know that although a minor cannot
left waiting for wire transfers or with a Student Account, High School open a Savings Account, they are
checks in the mail. Parents also ex- students are eligible to be primaries, pro- eligible for a Joint Account along with
perience a convenience as their vided a legal guardian signs with them. their legal guardian. Although their
schedules don't have to be redirected These accounts remain w/o service name may show first on the account,
to compensate for unexpected needs. charge throughout students’ enrollment. the legal adult serves as the primary.

Safe Deposit Box Rentals are due July 1st...

With Spring arriving a little later this
year, Summer is just around the cor-
ner, and that means Safe Deposit
Box Rentals will soon be due on
July 1, 2009. Reminders are sent out
in the mail beforehand to assist, but
we believe the easiest way to man-
age this deadline is to contact one of
our Customer Service Representa-
tives and set up an Auto Draft. As an
FSB customer, you may opt for an
automatic debit to be deducted from
your checking account every July to
cover your annual Safe Deposit Box
dues. Requesting an Auto Draft is a
handy way to manage your Safe De-
posit Box, so our advice is to set one
up now while it is fresh on your mind!

M A Y - J U N 20 0 9 Page 3
In The Spotlight...
One common denominator that new customers at FSB have ex-
perienced is the welcoming smile and helpful voice of Christy
McCullers. Christy graduated from Mellow Valley HS in Crag-
ford, AL, and then went on to Central Alabama Community Col-
lege in Alex City, AL. Christy states in her own words that she
walked into FSB in June of ’96 merely looking for a job, but in-
stead found a career. She was hired then as a Customer Ser-
vice Representative, focusing mostly on opening new accounts.
She goes on to say, “As I sat at my assigned location in the front
window of the lobby, I was privileged to meet many wonderful
people. These people became not only customers to me, but
also new friends. I was also fortunate enough to work with a
great group of individuals at FSB that became more of an ex-
tended family than co-workers.” Since that time, three descrip-
tions that have followed Christy are “approachable, knowledge-
able, and friendly”. Christy was eventually promoted to Adminis-
trative Assistant and went on to graduate from Samford Univer-
sity’s Community Banking School. In December of 2007, FSB
was proud to promote Christy to Assistant Vice President, and
she has become known as a local expert in New Accounts, par-
"Each day give something ticularly in the area of Time Deposits. Christy’s approach to busi-
ness comes from her own approach to people in general. As she
good to others " puts it, “It takes very little time or effort to give something good to
others each day, even if it is nothing more than a smile or a kind
...words to live by from Christy McCullers word. I feel that if I can leave a positive impression of our bank
with our customers, then I have done my job.”

Community Life...
The 2009 Turkey season has passed but that doesn’t
mean that Alabama’s fascination with these birds has
passed along with it. Wild Turkeys have long been a
subject of local interest not only to hunters, but to admir-
ers as well, who thoroughly understand Benjamin Frank-
lin’s recommendation to declare it our national bird. As
Spring continues into the month of May, gobblers can

still be seen strut-

ting their feathers
in full celebration
of mating season.
As the prey of
many predators,
turkeys’ drive for
aids them in avoid-
ing capture and
maintaining a
presence in AL.

If you have a digital picture of life in our community that you would like to share in a future issue of The BankNote, please email it to:
Vaughn.Samuels@FirstStateDirect.com. Submissions are not guaranteed to be published and stories may require editing.

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