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PRAYER By ~ Chaplin Randy Wakitsch

We offer ourselves this day, having received every good gift. May our offering of self be done with an awareness of all we have and even of that which is missing as well.

In awe of the beauty of all things, we gather around food, drink, humor, talent, dedication, perseverance, and generosity, hoping and trusting that our next steps today and tomorrow will bless those whom we love and serve.

In a spirit of joy, respect, and love, we offer this prayer. Amen

CRYSTAL LAKE, ILLINOIS PRAYER By ~ Chaplin Randy Wakitsch We offer ourselves this day, having received


In my three years as President I have met many wonderful people both, within the Centegra Health System organization and the general public. Our Board has continued to work hard to make the Auxiliary a special organization. I am very proud to be a part of such an amazing group.

Again this year, we sponsored several Book Fairs, Purse Fairs,

and a wonderful new Jewelry Fair. We did not realize as much from these fairs as we would have liked but, in this troubled economy, we are grateful for whatever money we raised. New this year was a Tea and Bunco Party held in September at the beautiful Gardens of Woodstock. All who attended said they plan to come back next year. Everyone had a wonderful time and more than 12 prizes were handed out in addition to

a 50/50 raffle which netted the Auxiliary $90.00.

We also

introduced Jewel Shop & Share coupons in August and were

quite disappointed by the monies raised from this endeavor.

The ever popular Mad Hatter’s Luncheon chaired this year by our Board member Nancy Storms and Ellen Ebann, earned a little over $109,000. Thanks Nancy and Ellen and your wonderful committee of 40 women for the fabulous job. This year approximately 540 lovely women attended the event and

had a great time. The Mad Hatter’s Luncheon will take place next year on May 5 th and we hope to see all of there!

Because of the success of the Mad Hatter’s Luncheon, as well as contributions from the Gift and Thrift shops, the Auxiliary was proud to present its check to Centegra Health System in the amount of $198,000 at the annual Corporate Dinner last month. This amount brought us to over ONE MILLION DOLLARS donated by the Auxiliary since 2003. We are very

proud of this.

We are working very hard to raise funds to

support the purchase of digital mammography equipment for Centegra Hospital – Woodstock.

The hospital Gift Shop, expertly managed by our own “Duffy” and Marian Anderson is doing well. The profits at this time are more than last year. Thanks to Jane Goebel, Dee Hartlieb and Duffy for buying so many new, unique and beautiful items for the shop. Thanks so much to all the volunteers who cheerfully greet all visitors to the shop.

The Centsations Thrift Shop again this year has consistently brought in between $3,000 and $4,000 each month, thanks to the hard work of Nancy Storms and a great group of volunteers. Nancy, as General Manager, brought in Sylvia Gaynan, Manager, who is transforming the shop into a wonderful place to visit. It is hard to say more than “thank you” to Nancy and Sylvia for all their hard work.

Special thanks go to Pat Sechan and her Healthcare

Scholarship committee: Hazel Kniebusch, Venus Nienow, Carolyn Schmidt, Bonnie Giles, and Sandi Yunker, and Nancy


Our 3 rd Annual Scholarship tea was held in August

with nine $1,000 scholarships and one $3,000 Audrey Ballard Nursing scholarship being awarded at this function. Thanks to the hard work and preparation of Pat Sechan and Nancy Silverman, our 3 rd Annual Scholarship Tea went off without a hitch.

Dee Hartlieb and Meaghan Haak did another great job this year with the Poison Prevention program which was held in March during Poison Prevention Week. This is a big task for Dee and Meaghan and we are grateful for their willingness to do the job. The program is very well received by McHenry County schools.

The Auxiliary is looking for more fundraising ideas for the coming year and will keep you advised through correspondence and e-mail.

We appreciate your support and we especially appreciate the support of Centegra Health System Administration. We are very pleased with the cooperation we consistently receive from members of hospital administration and staff.

We welcome our new Officers and Directors and thank them for volunteering their help to the Auxiliary. Also, welcome to our new Auxiliary members and thank you for becoming supportive members. Whether you are actively involved, attend our many fairs and the luncheon, or simply pay your dues, you are what have helped us grow to what we are today.

Sally Welter



President ~ Sally Welter

Vice President ~ Nancy Silverman

Treasurer ~ Marion Anderson

Recording Secretary ~ Sandi Yunker

Corresponding Secretary ~ Gloria Timmins


Ginny Deuerling

Terri Deuerling Therese Duffy Jane Goebel JoAnn Griffin Meaghan Haak Dee Hartlieb Pat Sechan Nancy Storms Esther Vadnais Laura Witlox


Laura Witlox ~ Vice President

Marion Anderson ~ Recording Secretary

Terri Deuerling ~ Treasurer


The Annual Meeting of the Auxiliary of Centegra Hospital- Woodstock was held on November 12, 2008, at Crystal Lake Country Club in Crystal Lake.

The meeting was called to order at 12:00 p.m.

President Sally Welter introduced the following guests:

Christian Newkirk, Chairman of the Centegra Board, Michael S. Eesley, CEO and President. Messrs. Newkirk and Eesley spoke to those present expressing appreciation for all they are doing for Centegra Health System.

Sally then introduced Angie McAuley, Senior Vice President – Women’s Services, who also spoke about the importance of the Auxiliary’s work.

The Auxiliary Board Members were then introduced.

The slate of new director candidates was then presented.

Laura Witlox – Publicity Anna Gawron – Thrift Shop Pat Sechan – Scholarship Committee Terri Deuerling – Ways and Means Committee

A motion was made to accept these new members and approved by all present.

Eileen Barnes, former co-chairperson of the Mad Hatter’s Luncheon, also spoke of the importance of the organization.

Sally entertained a motion to adjourn which was seconded. The meeting ended at 12:15 p.m.

Chaplain Randy Wakitsch led us in prayer.

After a delicious lunch, we were entertained by Ginny Deuerling, Anita Tebo and Sally Welter who performed “Name That Tune” with six contestants competing for 3 fabulous prizes. A great time was had by all.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandi Yunker

Recording Secretary


My job as corresponding secretary is to send out cards reminding our board members of our monthly meetings. I also send get well cards to auxiliary members who are ill and sympathy cards to those who have lost loved ones.

Thank you cards and flowers are sent to those who have given their time, gifts, and contributions to our various functions,

therefore making our auxiliary successful in benefiting Centegra Hospital~Woodstock and our community.

Submitted by,

Gloria Timmins

Corresponding Secretary



Centegra Centsations is a resale shop that is overseen by the Memorial Medical Center Auxiliary and is run by a great group of volunteers. We normally average $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 per month. We have furniture, kitchen items, clothing, paintings, holiday decorations, linens, and all types of small items. There is something here for everyone! It is located by Memorial Medical Center’s South Street Campus between the high school and hospital.

Our hours are Tuesday through Friday (10 am to 4 pm) and Saturday (10 am to 1 pm).

We are always open for donations and welcome anyone that would like to volunteer. If you have a few hours to spare, please come in and talk to us.

We also give back to the community buy giving PAD clients free clothing and other items when needed.

Submitted by,

Nancy Storms

Manager of Centsations


What a great year The Gift Shoppe has had! The Gift Shoppe is managed by Therese Duffy and co-managed by Marian Anderson. Jane Goebel and Dee Hartlieb are assistant buyers and are bringing in new, exciting, and very unique items.

For Christmas items, Dee and Jane shop for holiday gift ideas at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. For spring and summer items, Duffy and Jane will continue their shopping adventure there in January.

Come in and check out the amazing talking and singing animals, plush soft stuffed animals, beautiful Annaleece jewelry, books, vases, candy, toys, knickknacks, angels, flowers, and gorgeous Christmas gifts, plus so much more!

It is important to say that The Gift Shoppe cannot exist without the help of all the wonderful volunteers. A vary special “thank you” to every volunteer who has made this endeavor so very successful! We appreciate everything that you do!

Submitted by,

Therese Duffy

Gift Shoppe Manager

All proceeds go to the Auxiliary of Centegra Hospital~Woodstock


Nine $1,000.00 healthcare scholarships and one very unique $3,000.00 Nursing Scholarship were awarded this year.

The Scholarship Committee, under the direction of Pat Sechan, consists of the following: Nancy Silverman, Venus Nienow, Carolyn Schmidt, Bonnie Giles and Sandi Yunker. This year they poured over 45 applications to narrow it down to the ten who were chosen.

Our 3 rd annual scholarship tea was held at the Centegra Behavioral Health on South Street in early August. All but one of the recipients attended and were treated to some great messages from CEO and President Michael S. Eesley, and Angie McAuley, Senior Vice President – Women’s Services, as well as Carol Block, Coordinator of Performance Improvement/Patient Satisfaction. Each person receiving a scholarship certificate spoke of the ambitions and presented a great picture to all of us for the future of healthcare.

Also in attendance at the luncheon was Audrey Ballard’s niece who was thrilled with the fact that her aunt’s bequest went to such worthy and dedicated recipients. We are very grateful to the late Audrey Ballard who was an RN here at Memorial. Her bequest will be used for a special Nursing Scholarship for years and years to come.

Scholarship applications and regulations are located at the front lobbies of the Doty Campus and the South Street Campus. Scholarship winners must reside in McHenry County. Scholarship money is sent directly to the schools and is to be used for tuition, fees, or books.

Pat Sechan

Chairman – Scholarship Committee


The Poison Prevention Program of Centegra Memorial Auxiliary services 17 schools in McHenry County. Nurses from Memorial travel to each school and present a half hour program to the kindergarten children explaining the dangers around their homes that they are not to touch and need to warn their families about.

As Chairman of this program you are required to set up the schedules with each of the schools. The kindergarten teacher or nurse at the school is contacted in October to set the early March date for that school. In 2009 most of them were contacted by email. Most schools have kindergarten classes both morning and afternoon. There is a plan that is followed to group those schools near each other to condense the travel time and days the nurses need to do programs. The schedule is set up by January, finalized and given to the nurse in charge. Presently that nurse is Kathy Harrison and she gives it to her supervisor to schedule the time needed to execute the plan.

A list of schools and the number of booklets needed is to be given to the Poison Prevention co-chairman to send to the printer. Centegra has provided the handouts to the children through a program with the state. Approximately 2200 folders have been distributed each of the last few years.

Teachers are reminded in February that the folders will be distributed to the school office in the first week of March and are labeled with the person who is responsible for them. From this time the Nurses are in charge of executing it. Feedback is appreciated after the presentations are completed to improve the scheduling for the next year.

Centegra Memorial staff and the auxiliary have been very dedicated to getting this message out to the kindergarten age children and hope it can continue in the years to come.

Submitted by,

Dee Hartlieb

Chair Program


The treasurer is responsible for paying and keeping track of the finances for the auxiliary.

The purpose of the auxiliary is to raise money toward Women’s Health. To support that purpose $200,000 in 2008 and $198,000 in


Our major fund raiser is the Mad Hatter’s Luncheon. Other fund raisers are the jewelry, book, and purse fairs.

Each year the auxiliary awards the Audrey Ballard Nursing Scholarship, in the amount of $3,000.00, to a student in the nursing field.

Nine other scholarships, in the amount of $1,000.00 each, are given to students in the health care field.

For a more detailed treasurer’s report, please refer to the Auxiliary Financial Statement. A copy of this booklet is available in the Auxiliary office and also in the Gift Shop.

Submitted by,

Marion Anderson



Record of Donations to Centegra Foundation Since inception of Mad Hatter’s Luncheon

  • 2003 37,895.28


  • 2004 60,000.00

  • 2004 15,000.00

  • 2005 90,250.00

  • 2006 150,000.00

  • 2007 250,000.00

(140,000.00 Pen- Rad)

  • 2008 200,000.00

  • 2009 198,000.00






The Auxiliary sponsored several fundraising events in 2009. Ginny Deuerling and Esther Vadnais did a great job setting up the following:

April 29 May 28-29 May 29 June 4-5 August 31, Sept. 1-2 September 4-5 September 12 October 6-7 November 16-17-18

Purse Fair – Doty Book Fair – Doty Book Fair – South Street Jewelry Fair – Doty Jewel Shop & Share Book Fair – Doty Book Fair – South Street Purse Fair – Doty Jewel Shop & Share

November 18 December 4-5 December 14-15-16 December 19

Jewelry Fair – Doty Book Fair – Doty Jewel Shop & Share Book Fair – South Street

Vendors are booked a year in advance and one of the jobs of the Ways and Means Chairperson is to send reminders to the members of each event as well as distributing and printing posters and flyers. We help with set-up and clean-up for certain of the fundraisers and serve on committees where help is needed.

We record results of sales and report on total sales and commissions at the monthly Board meeting.

The Auxiliary’s main fundraiser, the Mad Hatter’s Luncheon, held in Spring each year earns the most money for the Auxiliary which enables us to make a sizeable donation to Centegra Health System. We are most appreciative of the many, many hours of hard work put in by the committee beginning in October each year.

Submitted by,

Ginny Deuerling Esther Vadnais Terri Deuerling

Ways and Means


During 2009, we lost our dear Kay Button and Cinda Nordin, two loyal Auxiliary members. We appreciate all the help given by Kay and Cinda over the years and are grateful for their constant support. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of Kay and Cinda. The Auxiliary thanks them for all their years of service.

Dear Friends, The Auxiliary would like to thank you for coming out and sharing this afternoon with us. We hope you had an enjoyable time and please keep in mind we are all here doing good for others, if your time permits, we always need more help to be able to accomplish our goals!

Thank you, The Auxiliary of Centegra Hospital~Woodstock

Dear Friends, The Auxiliary would like to thank you for coming out and sharing this afternoon

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