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Respecting the Metabolism

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Editorial NUTRITION : A Natural choice
Today's society places a great deal of emphasis on productivity, profitability and speed. In this context,
a healthy diet becomes an almost impossible task. Yet never before have we had such a variety of
fresh food available. This abundance of food and dietary information does not change the fact that
most people simply do not eat properly; they consume too much over-refined food, too fast. Refined
food is very insidious. For instance, white sugar (which is linked to diabetes and triglyceride levels in
the blood, among other things) is present in virtually all prepared foods. We have unfortunately
forgotten how to prepare food from scratch, using fresh, wholesome produce.

Do you know anyone who eats the 5 to 10 daily servings of fruits and vegetables recommended by
the Canadian Food Guide ?

All the experts agree that most chronic diseases are caused by poor diet
and poor lifestyle. Whether heart disease, arthritis, ADHD, type II diabetes,
hypertension, or even cancer, society's diseases are linked to inadequate diet.

Nutritherapy came into being in an attempt to respond to this

imbalance. Its goal is to provide the body with vital nutrients of
sufficient quality and quantity to counteract today's chronic
diseases and restore health. The nutritherapy objective, in
developing specific food supplements, is to provide everyone
with the means to enjoy life to the full.

Jean-Yves Dionne BSc Pharm.

Respecting the Metabolism
Health has always been a major concern for Man over the ages.
Each civilization and each era in history have developed a medical care system based on
their culture, knowledge and needs. The Western system developed a technical-based
approach to health. The West, confident in its knowledge of chemistry, has overlooked the
fact that the human body is governed by biochemical dictates. The difference between these
two concepts is the Greek word βιοσ or ‘bios’ meaning “life”.
This conventional approach to health has undoubtedly brought about significant results,
while, at the same time:
• Overlooking Man as a whole entity;
• Failing to integrate overall prevention;
• Disregarding Man’s metabolism;
• Ignoring cellular aging;
• Simply focusing on the symptoms prevalent in modern civilization's illnesses and
malaises while foregoing the causes.
Consequently, the conventional approach is now bearing the brunt of its limitations.
Epidemiological studies and research in nutrition conducted over the last 25 years have
shown that only naturally structured, highly metabolizable molecules, are able to deeply
affect the body and restore its basic biochemical balance.
Yves PONROY Laboratories has been treading this path for the last 25 years, in conjunction
with the largest public research organizations, as a means of developing a nutritherapy pro-
totype capable of acting as a health model for the third millennium.

Yves PONROY, founder of the Ponroy Health Group

Patents List of French and
Other Patents

Dietary compounds high in long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid (LC-PUFA) phospholipids,

vitamin E and magnesium for sleep disorders.

Use of LC-PUFA-rich phospholipids (to regulate melatonin synthesis), vitamins, minerals and
trace elements to improve sleep quality at night and alertness during the day, as well as
memory and learning ability.

Use of vegetable oil stearidonic acid to offset the effects of aging.

Use of LC-PUFA-rich phospholipids, antioxidants and fish oil in the composition of food
supplements or anti-aging medication.

Use of plasmalogens in neurodegenerative disease.

Use of phospholipids high in n-3 fatty acids in the diet of premature or low-weight infants.

Use of ovophospholipids in products for delicate or undernourished patients (premature

infants, the elderly, children with learning difficulties).

Phospholipid/fish oil combination to improve eyesight problems.

Ovophospholipids®, a world exclusive from Yves Ponroy Laboratories, are the product
of 25 years of research, conducted with major public research organizations. In 1999,
the European FDA recognized their viability with regard to the functionality of the
central nervous system.
Numerous international clinical studies have warranted the interest shown Ovophospholipids® in
improving cognitive disorders (learning abilities, memory of recent events, concentration),
behavioural disorders (agitation, nervousness, hyperactivity) and sleep disorders.
Ovophospholipids® have also displayed their effectiveness in fighting the aging of the brain
(age-related fatigue, loss of memory) and in regenerating the retina.
One feature of Ovophospholipids® is their similarity in structure and composition with the
cerebral phospholipids that make up our nerve cell membranes.
Ovophospholipids® have the ability to rejuvenate impaired phospholipid membranes over time and
restore basic membrane properties by protecting the cells and ensuring a fluid neuron exchange.
Therefore, Ovophospholipids® ensure the release of neuro-
transmitters (serotonin, melatonin, dopamine…) and help in the
flow of information to and from the brain.
Ovophospholipids® are revolutionary to alternative medicine as
they give way to very exciting perspectives in restoring major
brain and intellectual functions.

Flavien Gérard, Pharmacist-in-charge

The Marine Capsule : this logo guarantees a capsulation process with natural
sea-based components. Our new technique is an improvement and enhances the
bioavailability of active ingredients.
LERITONE Junior Memory
Developed in accordance with the latest discoveries in nutrition, LERITONE Junior contains valuable
nutrients for invigorating the body and enhancing intellectual capacities.
Exams or activities requiring intense intellectual activity are demanding on the body. One must main-
tain one’s mind and body in optimal shape.
• An innovation of Yves Ponroy Laboratories, Ovophospholipids® provide specific fatty acids
required for the proper performance of the body. Benefits are progressive with regard to
memory and concentration. Several patents and numerous studies substantiate the interest
generated by these substances.
• B group vitamins stimulate brain activity and allow the body to re-energize.
• Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects the cells and improves brain function.
Directions for Use
2 capsules daily at breakfast for 2 months.
To be renewed 2 or 3 times during the school year.
Can be taken for long periods of time.

• 57.5% better attention span in children
• Decrease in tiredness: 78% positive results

Anti-Stress - Energy
LERITONE Adult is a special, synergistically designed formula for coping with the stress
associated with an active lifestyle. Stress and the pace of modern living, easily lead people
to burn out. Our laboratories have developed this adult formula to help people relax and
remain fit, thereby enabling them to cope serenely with the demands of daily living.
• A patented innovation from Yves Ponroy Laboratories, Ovophospholipids® provide specific, directly
available fatty acids. These are 100% natural substances that help the body overcome exhaustion
and regain balance and vitality.
• Ashwaganda, cordyceps, American ginseng and suma (Brasilian ginseng) improve resistance to
stress, decrease fatigue and strengthen the immune system. The interest shown by several
scientific studies in this area has thereby been warranted.
• Velvet antler is a source of growth factors capable of stimulating cellular reconstruction and
reinforcing the immune system’s defence mechanisms.
Directions for Use
1 to 2 capsules daily at breakfast for 2 months.
Renewable if required. Can be taken for long periods of time.

• Improves mood disorders in 74% of all cases
• Decrease in tiredness: 76% positive results

LERITONE SE Intellectual Anti-Aging Stimulant
LERITONE SE provides essential nutrients for sustaining proper intellectual activity. The memory
depends on the proper performance of the brain and its neuron connections. However, poor eating
habits and aging disrupt this process, causing a decline in memory and alertness.
• Ovophospholipids®, an Yves Ponroy exclusive, are basically made up of lecithin (phosphatidyl
choline), a memory support agent. Ovophospholipids® constitute a natural food for the brain
and their benefits extend far beyond the brain. Moreover, they enhance concentration and
stimulate intellectual activity.
• Selenium is part of a potent antioxidant complex with vitamins E and C and beta-carotene and
polyphenols in grapes. Theses elements simultaneously protect brain structures.
• Fish meat oil, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and citrus flavonoids, promotes microcirculation in
the brain.
Directions for Use
2 capsules daily at breakfast for 2 months.
To be renewed if necessary. Can be taken for long periods of time.

• 72% effect on alertness
• 75% effect on memory of recent events
• 75% effect on fatigue

LERITONE Magnesium
LERITONE Magnesium is a nutritional supplement whose in-depth action enables a natural,
quality sleep-time. One out of every three people suffers from sleep disorders. Sleep
disorders appear in the form of insomnia, trouble falling to sleep, waking up frequently,
tiredness upon rising and lack of keenness during the day.
• An innovative product from Yves Ponroy Laboratories, Ovophospholipids® provide the specific fatty
acids involved in metabolizing melatonin (the “sleep” hormone). A patent has been issued to Yves
Ponroy Laboratories allowing Ovophospholipids® to be used for enhancing the quality of nighttime
sleep and daytime alertness.
• Magnesium exhibits relaxing properties on the nervous system and the muscles.
• Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects the cell membranes from the harmful
effects of free radicals.
Directions for Use
2 capsules daily at evening meal for a minimum of 2 months. Can be taken over long periods of time.
Excellent tolerability. No side effects and non addictive.

• Reduces sleep-induction by 46 minutes
• Increases sleep time by 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Effidigest is a natural alternative. It makes digestion easier and quickly eases stomach
discomfort after meals. Stress, fast eating habits or huge portions served at meals, slow
down and disrupt the digestive process, resulting in heaviness, acidity, bloating, and
drowsiness. Effidigest acts in less than 15 minutes.
• Specific digestive enzymes (papain and amylase) help break down food, especially proteins and
carbohydrates. Heavy foods are pre-digested and do not remain long in the stomach.
• Lactic yeast provides amino acids, vitamin C and B group vitamins. Lactic yeast affects bowel
transit time.
• Lactic fermentation agents are viable bacteria that support the function of natural intestinal flora
with regard to bowel transit time and the final digestive process.
Directions for Use
• Immediate action after meals: dilute one (1) envelope of powder in half a glass of water.
• Prolonged action: dilute one (1) envelope at the two (2) main meals of the day for a minimum of 15 days.

• 76% effect on the length of digestion
• 74% effect on bloating
• 78% effect on heaviness
• 72% effect on drowsiness after meals

Force G
Force G is a stimulant and a tonic combining the 3 most effective active ingredients into one
single ampoule: ginseng, ginger, and guarana. Restores tone, vigour, and vitality immediately
on the first day.
• Known for its exceptional invigorating and revitalizing powers, ginseng helps to increase physical
performance. In the Far East, it is claimed to restore youthfulness.
• Ginger is known in Africa for its invigorating qualities. Due to its strengthening and revitalizing
properties, ginger is indispensable in fighting fatigue and decline in health.
• Rich in caffeine, guarana stimulates the body and improves stamina. Due to its invigorating and
stimulating qualities, guarana is good for physical exertion.

Directions for Use

1 ampoule daily in the morning, diluted in half a glass of water or fruit juice.
For adults only. Do not exceed 1 ampoule a day. Not recommended for hypertension sufferers.

• Strengthens the body.

Active • Stimulates physical capacities.
effects • Enhances stamina.
• Supports vigour.

Male hair loss, whether hereditary or hormonal in origin, occurs in a particular area.
Beginning at the forehead or at the top of the head, it then leaves the area between these
two points bald. This phenomenon called male-pattern baldness can occur as early as age
20. It affects one out of two men by age 50. Nutricap Men is a natural solution for slowing
down hair loss and fostering hair growth.
• Phytosterols and the specific fatty acids contained in saw palmeto have a regulating
effect on dihydrotestosterone or DHT, the hormone causing male pattern baldness.
• Highly rich in essential fatty acids, walnut oil nourishes the scalp in depth and restores
strength, volume and shine.
• Trace elements (silica and zinc) in horsetail and specific yeasts combined with tocopherols
that fortify and strengthen hair and nails.

Photo © Digital Vision

• Sulphur amino acids in whey (cysteine and methionin) and in the B group vitamins are
essential in thickening hair.
Directions for Use
2 capsules daily with food for 2 months. To be renewed regularly.

• Stimulates hair metabolism.

Active • Decreases oiliness (seborrhoea) and dandruff.
effects • Fosters hair growth.

Nutricap lotion
Combined with Nutricap Men,
Nutricap Lotion stops hair loss
and stimulates hair growth.

Since nice hair and nails are a sign of health, Yves Ponroy Laboratories developed Nutricap
Capsules, a nutritional supplement that regenerates and strengthens hair and nails by
providing nourishment from within. Hair is affected by poor eating habits, stress, and
pollution. It becomes lifeless, without volume and brittle. Nutricap helps restore strength
and beauty to your hair.
• Highly rich in essential fatty acids, walnut oil deeply nurtures the scalp in depth and restores
strength, volume, and shine.
• Trace elements (silica and zinc) in horsetail and specific yeasts combine with tocopherols
that fortify and strengthen hair and nails.
• Sulphur amino acids found in whey (cysteine and methionin) and in the B group vitamins are
essential in thickening hair. They add resistance, volume and shine.
• B group vitamins take part in metabolizing the amino acids found in keratin. They maintain
balance in the scalp area.
• Tocopherols protect hair from the harmful effects of daily erosion.
Directions for Use
2 capsules per day taken with food for 2 months. To be renewed regularly, especially during seasonal changes.

• 91% less brittle • 71% more volume and more shine
• 76% less soft • 94% sturdier nails

Hair and nails
NUTRICAP shampoo
Developed for all types of hair, Nutricap Shampoo combines the nurturing features of
wheat germ oil with those of a very smooth cleansing base. Shiny and light, your hair is
fully revitalized.
Directions for Use
Especially suitable for damaged hair or dryness-prone hair.

Especially recommended for dull and dry hair or hair
without body, this nurturing balm made from shea
butter, strengthens hair fibres and decreases
brittleness. Bulkier, shinier and more flexible hair
makes combing easier.
Directions for Use
After each shampoo, apply a dab of balm on wet hair. Comb
and wait 2 to 3 minutes, then rinse generously.

Healthy Tan
A new generation of nutritional supplements, DERMA Sun is specially designed to prepare,
stimulate and prolong tanning. It naturally activates skin pigmentation, moisturizes it, and
restores flexibility and life while activating the tanning process.
• Essential fatty acids, vitamin B5 and sweet-orange flavonoids make up this cocktail designed to
ensure tissue wholeness. Hydrating agents keep the skin flexible and soft; the tanning effect is
maintained and the skin’s flexibility and elasticity are thereby strengthened.
• Copper and natural beta-carotene are the forerunners of melanin. These tan-activating pigments
exert a dual protective effect. They decrease the adverse impact of the sun’s rays and limit the
harmful effects of aging on the skin by removing UV-generated free radicals.
• Vitamins C and E, zinc and selenium are powerful antioxidant supplements
that reinforce the body’s fight against aging.
Directions for Use
2 capsules once a day taken with a meal, 15 days before, during, and after exposure to
Conducive to all skin types.
Using Derma Sun does not exclude the use of a suitable sunscreen.

• Prepares, activates and prolongs the tanning effect.

effects • Antioxidant action of Derma Sun’s active ingredients.

LIPOfluid is a 100% natural plant complex used to slim the waistline. Its formula is designed
to increase the metabolism and fight water retention as well as foster the elimination of fats
and toxins.
• Mate is a tonic, diuretic and detoxifying plant from South America. Its active ingredients, in
particular, caffeine, stimulate the breakdown of fats.
• Green tea stimulates the body and facilitates the use of stored fat. Being rich in flavonoids, it
activates the circulation and optimizes the elimination of toxins.
• Kinkeliba is a plant originating from the Indian Ocean. Its high polyphenol content (flavonoids,
tannins) help to fight water retention and drain out toxins.
Directions for Use
One ampoule diluted in a big bottle of water to be consumed throughout the day or one ampoule straight or diluted
in a glass of water upon awakening, if possible on an empty stomach.
LIPOfluid is particularly pleasant to take.
20-day therapy to be renewed regularly.

• Fosters the elimination of fat and toxins.

effects • Helps combat water retention.

Weight loss
Cellulight is a combination of detoxifying and tonic plant fructolysis, fortified with oat bran
extract and essential oils. Its original formula promotes the elimination of cellulite and excess
water while limiting the absorption of food fats.
Fructolysis is a unique extraction process that respects the wholeness of the active ingredients
found in plants and fruits.
• Meadowsweet and burdock are known for their depurative and diuretic properties and for
reducing fat infiltration. They help to fight local impaction and excess water.
• Dandelion and artichoke enhance kidney elimination and digestion and are instrumental in
breaking up fat.
• Oat bran helps to regulate transit and is an essential slimming factor. It is also helpful in
limiting dietary fat absorption.
• Rosehip (cynorrhodon) is a tonic rich in vitamin C, tannins and flavonoids, with stimulating
and antioxidant properties.
Directions for Use
1 ampoule daily for 10 days, preferably in the morning, diluted in a large glass of water.
Cellulight is especially pleasant to take.
For an optimal effect, it is advisable to drink 1.5 litres of water daily.

• Fosters the elimination of cellulite.

effects • Decreases tissue infiltration.

Detoxifier SR
Weight loss
Innovative in its field, Detoxifier SR is supported by specific pharmaceutical technologies,
namely its slow-release tablet. This provides the body with a continuous supply of active plant
ingredients throughout the day and, in turn, detoxifies the system thoroughly and promotes
the elimination of water and toxins.
• Olive leave extract contains glycolic acid whose diuretic properties enable the elimination of excess
water and toxins.
• Grape skins and seeds, due to their high levels of flavonoids, increase cellular interaction and
detoxify tissues. Its beneficial action on circulation helps fight against the dimpling of the skin.
• Vitamins B2 and B6 are both valuable in metabolizing lipids and
proteins. They are very closely involved in the slimming process.
Directions for Use
1 tablet in the morning and at noon with a large glass of water.
To enhance Detoxifier SR’s effectiveness,
it is recommended to drink 1.5 litres of water daily.

• Helps detoxify the body all day long.

effects • Combats dimpling of the skin.

Diet Optim
Weight loss
Diet Optim is a nutritional supplement whose exclusive formula affects the regulation of fat
in the body. At mealtimes, ingested sugars may be transformed into fat and stored if they
have not been burned up by sufficient physical activity.

Diet Optim acts synergistically in metabolizing glucose and in breaking up fat. The body draws
from its supply of fat in order to produce the energy required.

• Green coffee is rich in chlorogenic acids. These acids regulate circulating glucose levels and
reduce glucose production in the liver, thereby limiting the amount of fat being stored.
• Garcinia cambogia is a South Asian tree whose fruit bark is especially rich in hyrdoxycitric acid
or HCA. HCA is involved in metabolizing carbohydrates, thereby reducing the amount of sugar
being transformed into fat.

Directions for Use

As part of an adequate diet, take 2 tablets daily, 30 to 60 minutes before the main meals of the day. Therapy
lasts one month.

Active • Prevents storing fat and mobilizes the fat supply.


Calory limit
Weight loss
Fully complete, Calory limit is specially designed to make weight loss easier: 1) moderates
appetite, 2) reduces calorie intake by trapping fat and food-grade sugars, 3) prevents vitamin
deficiency and maintains bodily tone in spite of limited dietary intake.
• Prickly pear is a Central American cactus whose stems are rich in fibres. Prickly pear has a strong
capacity for absorbing water, thereby enabling it to turn to gel in the stomach.
The volume occupied by the gel helps to produce a feeling of fullness,
thereby limiting food intake. Prickly pear’s specific structure also causes it to
trap lipids and food-grade sugars. Once immobilized, these are no longer
absorbed and therefore naturally eliminated along with the fibres.
• Vitamins B2, B3 and B6 respectively are essential factors in metabolizing
lipids and proteins whereas vitamin B3 activates the breakdown of sugars
and the metabolizing of fat.
Directions for Use
3 tablets with a large glass of water, 1/2 hour before the noontime and evening meals or in
moments of excessive craving.

• Controls the appetite.

Active • Reduces calorie intake.
effects • Prevents vitamin deficiency.

MenoConfort is a hormone-free solution used to restore well being and vitality at the first
signs of menopause. Menopause is a natural phenomenon, which affects women around fifty
years of age, preceded by a more or less lengthy period of hormonal imbalance known as
MenoConfort has been shown to be effective in treating heat flashes, night sweats, heaviness
in the legs, fatigue and mood swings.
• Ovophospholipids® provide the fatty acids involved in sleep regulation. They are helpful in
dealing with edginess.
• Borage oil is rich in gamma-linolenic acid and helps to regulate the hormonal system.
• Fish oil is rich in Omega 3, vitamin E and citrus flavonoids and improves circulation.
• Beta-carotene, vitamin C and zinc are a global anti-aging complex.
• Iron, vitamins B9 and B12 are a great fatigue-fighting formula.
Directions for Use
2 to 3 capsules daily. To be taken for 3-month periods. To be renewed as often as necessary. Hormone-free,
MénoConfort can be used alone or combined with Phytoconfort or hormone therapy.

After 3 months of therapy:
• 55% decrease in hot flashes
• 53% decrease in night sweats

In menopause, a hormone imbalance occurs. Phytoconfort's ingredients act as natural
hormone substitutes and play a beneficial role with regards to the discomforts related
to estrogenic deficiency, namely bone brittleness, night sweats, hot flashes, cholesterol
levels, and dry skin.
• Numerous scientific studies have substantiated the estrogen activity of soy isoflavones. Vegetable
phytoestrogens bind with the body's hormone receptors. They have a regulating effect shown
by a decrease in hot flashes and vaginal dryness.
• The therapeutic qualities found in black cohosh for the relief of menopausal symptoms have been
studied extensively. Due to its normalizing action, it affects the release of hormones.
• Damiana is a medicinal plant known to enhance sex drive. Its tonic effect on the uterus reduces
pelvic floor prolapse (descent of the bladder) and the unpleasant feeling accompanying it.
Directions for Use
1 capsule daily for 2 months. For stronger relief, take 1 capsule twice daily.
Can be used alone or combined with Ménoconfort.

• Fosters hormonal balance.

Active • Plays a beneficial role in metabolizing the bones,
effects sex drive and cholesterol levels.

Prostate et HPB
PROSTABIOL is a natural solution designed to improve urinary comfort in men. Benign prostatic
hypertrophy or BPH (urinary disorders) is a frequent illness whose incidence rate increases with
age. BPH affects 50% to 75% of all men 50 years old and over and practically all men over 80
years old.
It has been scientifically proven that PROSTABIOL is effective in decreasing the number of night-
time urinations and the feeling of incomplete voiding, without any side effects on sexual activity.
• Squash seed oil and pollen are both sources of phytosterols that act as a prostate supplement:
they promote and regulate the urinary stream and have an anti-inflammatory effect.
• Zinc is an essential trace element that helps to metabolize testosterone (the “male hormone”).
• Vitamins C, E and selenium form a powerful antioxidant complex that combats aging.
Directions for Use
2 capsules daily at breakfast for 2 months. Renew if necessary.
Can be taken for prevention.
Improves urinary comfort: 77.5% positive results observed at night and 62.5% in the day.

Improvement of urinary comfort: 77.5% nighttime and
62.5% daytime positive results

ARTERODIET provides the natural nutrients necessary in preventing and controlling excess
cholesterol. Poor eating habits, fatty foods and an unhealthy lifestyle can disrupt the metab-
olizing of serum lipids and especially lead to high cholesterol and triglycerides levels, which
are cardiovascular risk factors.
• Deep seawater fish meat oil contains Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Extensive
research has shown their effectiveness in decreasing cholesterol and triglyceride levels
and in thinning the blood.
• Allicin or garlic, a sulphur compound, improves circulation by decreasing platelet clusters.
• Red wine polyphenols and vitamin E have a powerful anti-radical action that protects the
lipids in the bloodstream from oxidation and prevents deposits from forming in the vessel walls.
• E.P.A. (eicosapentaenoic acid) and flavonoids promote flexibility in the arteries.
Directions for Use
2 capsules daily prior to the main meal of the day for 2 months.
Advisable if taken with a low cholesterol diet. To be renewed regularly.

• 23% increase of good cholesterol
• Average decrease of total cholesterol at 0.20 g/L
after 2 months of therapy.

Eye fatigue
Eye fatigue, blurred vision, tingling feeling, watery eyes, headaches as well as glare when driving
at night, are all typical problems in today's modern world which constantly require the eyes'
attention. To enjoy eye comfort by day and by night, our laboratories developed Optibiol,
which acts from within the eye to regenerate the retinal membranes and ward off eye fatigue.
• An innovative product from Ponroy Laboratories with several patents, Retinophospholipids® provide
specific, directly available fatty acids. These sea-based substances play a role in regenerating the
retina’s cellular membranes.
• An antioxidant complex of vitamins E, C, zinc and chrome, which strengthens the eye's
natural defences.
• Lutein and xeaxanthin found in marigold extracts are phytoactive agents that strengthen the eye's
defence mechanisms against harmful sunlight and aging.
• Deep seawater fish meat oil, which is rich in E.P.A. (eicosapentaenoic acid) and D.H.A.
(docosahexaenoic acid), promote retinal circulation and act in
maintaining good visual acuity.
Directions for Use
2 capsules daily at breakfast for 2 months. To be renewed if necessary.

• Provides quick comfort

Active • Strengthens natural eye defences.
effects • Helps combat the aging of the eye.

Youth Complex
The SELENIUM complex + vitamins A, C, E and zinc stimulate the body and help preserve
its youthfulness. Due to its antioxidant and anti-radical formula, it revitalizes the cells and
effectively fights against the erosion of time. Aging is linked, among other things, to the action
of free radicals that eventually oxidize the cell structure in the skin as they proliferate with time,
pollution, and manufactured food products.
• The effectiveness of anti-aging agents is based on the harmonious blend of selenium,
vitamin E and glutathione. These three anti-aging agents act with the enzymes responsible
for cellular self-preservation.
• Grape seed extract acts deep within the tissues. Combined with provitamin A, vitamin C and zinc, it
reinforces and tones the protective shield of the skin and helps combat free radicals.
• Fish oil contributes to blood circulation, which carries anti-aging nutrients
to the cells.
Directions for Use
2 capsules daily at breakfast. Two-month therapy,
to be renewed 2 or 3 times during the year.

• Helps improve circulation.

Active • Reinforces the skin’s flexibility.
effects • Fights against free radicals.

The change of seasons and humidity are enough to make muscle movement painful.
FLEXIBIOL is a complete formula whose healing and preventive response is useful in
avoiding stiffness and restoring flexibility.
• Artroleine®, an innovation from Yves Ponroy Laboratories, helps decrease the sensation
of pain and stimulates collagen synthesis and cartilage cell growth factors.
• Meadowsweet and fish oil, rich in EPA, are know for their pain-killing and anti-inflammatory
• Extract of bamboo, rich in silicon, and zinc are essential minerals in bone tissue
• Selenium, copper and vitamins E and C form a powerful complex of natural
antioxidants that maintain the sturdiness and youthfulness
of bone tissues.
Directions for Use
2 capsules daily as part of a 2-month therapy to be taken prior to the
main meal of the day. To be renewed regularly during the year, espe-
cially at the change of seasons.

• Helps maintain bone structure.

Active • Stimulates collagen synthesis.
effects • Decreases the sensation of pain.

VeinoConfort Capsules and Gel foster better circulation in the legs. Standing is a challenge
as it must bear the body’s weight. The walls of the veins must ensure that blood is prop-
erly directed upwards in the body. Therefore, proper tonus is required in the veins. If cir-
culation is stagnant in the lower limbs, swelling might ensue and lead to tingling, swollen
feet and pain in the legs.
• VeinoConfort Gel provides immediate relief to tired legs and swollen feet, thereby conveying
a pleasant fresh feeling. This natural menthol- and camphor-based complex contains stimulating
qualities and acts as a tonic for the veins on account of its flavonoid content.
• The VeinoConfort Capsules operates from within on the vein tonus:
• Citrus flavonoids strengthen the resistance and sturdiness of the vessel walls.
• Essential fatty acids rejuvenate the cell membranes found in the vessel walls.
• The trace elements found in seaweed activate the metabolizing of the vessel wall cells.
• Vitamin C promotes the assimilation of trace elements
• Natural vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects the vessel walls.
Directions for Use
2 capsules daily as part of a 2-month therapy. To be renewed regularly.
Especially recommended for people who do a lot of standing and for menopausal women.

• Stimulates circulation in the veins.

effects • Provides relief to the legs.

POLLERGINE has been specially designed by our laboratories to decrease the reactions of
allergy-related inflammation and restore balance to the immune system. Adverse reactions
such as sneezing, tingling eyes or runny nose are all part of a complex phenomenon. When
confronted with allergens, mainly pollen, dust and mites, the immune system reacts and
releases histamines causing the nasal membranes to become inflamed and thereby produce
the discomforts associated with allergies.
• The phytosterols found in squash seed oil, zinc and selenium prepare the body for a suitable and
effective immune reaction.
• Flavones, Omega 3 fatty acids and manganese limit the inflammatory process that triggers nasal
drip, coughing and watering of the eyes.
• The therapeutic qualities of quail eggs for nasal allergies have been studied extensively. Quail eggs
also contain abundant protective mechanisms for the body.
Directions for Use
2 capsules daily in the morning once the flowers begin to bloom (March-April) and until the end
of summer (August-September).

Reduce the frequency and intensity

Active of allergy problems, especially with
effects regard to:
• chain sneezing
• runny nose
• watery eyes

Nasal health care
The NASAL SPRAY ensures safe and continuous care to the nasal passages, from children to
adults. Made of seawater, which contains an abundance of purifying trace elements, the NASAL
SPRAY helps in secreting mucous and clearing the nasal passages. The fact that the nose acts
as a filter to routine dust- and germ-filled air makes it widely open to infection.
• Seawater solution is rich in trace elements. Hypo-allergenic and isotonic in nature, it combats dryness
in the mucous membranes and clears the nasal passages. Micro-diffusion sprays ensure an even and
in-depth distribution of the seawater solution.
Directions for Use
2 sprays in each nostril, morning and night.
Especially recommended for nasal care in children, during the winter
months as well as on a year-round basis for people living in a dry
or polluted environment.

• Gently cleans naval cavities.

effects • Makes clearing the nose easier.

Vitamin C +
Vitamin C helps overcome fatigue. A powerful antioxidant, it strengthens the immune system, prevents
and combats all types of viral and bacterial infections.
• Vitamin C + Ginseng
Ginseng, rich in ginsenosides, acts as a general, long-term tonic on the body. It increases physical
and intellectual performance while stimulating the immune system. When associated with vitamin C,
it helps overcome general fatigue.
• Vitamin C + Guarana
Guarana contains large amounts of caffeine, which is powerful in stimulating the central
nervous system. The vitamin C + guarana combination have a rapid tonic effect, without
triggering over-stimulation or nervousness.
• Vitamin C + Kola
Kola, which is rich in xanthine (theobromine and caffein), stimulates the nervous system and muscles.
The tannin content enables the active ingredients to be time-released for long-term resistance,
enhanced by vitamin C.
• Vitamin C + Ginger
Ginger, rich in ginserols, is a hot and spicy-flavoured stimulant
plant for fatigue. Besides its strengthening and invigorating
properties, it is also known to have aphrodisiac qualities. It
works synergistically with vitamin C.
Directions for Use
1 chewable tablet daily, preferably in the morning or at noontime.
The flavour of vitamin C+ has been specially developed to suit all taste buds.

Vitamins & Minerals
Vitamine C 500 mg
• An essential element in toning the body, vitamin C (or ascorbic
acid) plays a basic role in numerous metabolic reactions. By
stimulating the body's energetic reactions, it strengthens
resistance to infections, makes physical exercise easier and helps
to fight the aging process.
Directions for Use
1 chewable or effervescent tablet, preferably in the morning or at noontime.
The natural orange aroma gives it a particularly pleasant flavour.

Magnesium + Vitamins B1, B2 and B6 effervescent tablets

• Magnesium is essential to proper cellular performance. It especially regulates nervous impulses and
neuromuscular function. Known for its stabilizing and balance-promoting action, it helps fight
physical, muscular and intellectual fatigue and stress.
• Group B vitamins complete the action of magnesium, especially vitamin B6 which is an essential
assimilating factor.
Directions for Use
1 tablet daily to be diluted in a glass of water.

• Restores a relaxed state of being.

Active • Helps overcome nervousness, cramps, and fatigue.

BiOrigine Offering Real Benefits

Combining quality and efficacy, bio tablets represent true progress in the field of phytotherapy. Always
intent on guaranteeing you the best possible results, Yves PONROY Laboratories make the following
commitment with respect to the quality of the BiOrigine line of products :

• Guarantee by the AB Logo (France) “AB” stands for “agriculture biologique”, and certifies
that our herbal remedies are truly organic in origin. Our herbs are grown and cared for
in soil containing organic fertilizer, plant extracts and minerals. No artificial weedkiller or
pesticides are used. Our products are also guaranteed to be free from ion radiation and
contain no preservatives. For your health’s sake, ask for organically cultivated herbal products.

• Exclusive herbal compounds developed by Yves PONROY Laboratories and scientifically

tested (but never on animals). Each compound provides a natural, effective
remedy, suitable for everyone.

• Organic tablets : for the first time in phytotherapy, we are offering organic herbal tablets.
The ingredients of this innovative presentation are 100% natural and provide an
optimal concentration of active ingredients for enhanced efficacy.

Directions for Use

2 tablets/day (for all BiOrigine products)

Detoxification – Elimination
• Green tea leaves are known to facilitate weight loss. Their stimulating and diuretic properties help to
eliminate water contained in fatty tissues, and also combat the low energy levels that generally
accompany weight loss diets. The phenolic compounds in green tea reduce the absorption of
carbohydrates and dietary fat, thereby decreasing calorie intake.
• Ash tree leaves also help to combat water retention and stimulate the body’s elimination processes.
Weight loss
• The guarana shrub is native to the Amazon Basin, and its seeds are commonly used by the
region’s Guarani Indians. The caffeine it contains activates the “burning” of fat, allowing the
body to shed excess fat faster.
• Apples have diuretic and depurative qualities that promote the elimination of water and toxins.
The stimulating properties of guarana and apple fibre also help combat the low energy levels
that generally accompany weight loss diets.

“Orange peel” skin

• Pineapple contains bromelaine, a proteolytic enzyme capable of breaking the collagen that traps
fat, giving the bump appearance characteristic of cellulite,
promoting their elimination and decreasing tissue infiltration.
• Grape skins and seeds, which are high in flavonoids,
anthocyans and tannins, also help reduce cellulite
accumulations and improve local blood flow. Grape
mucilage act as fibre in the digestive tract, restricting
the absorption of simple sugars and lipids.

Digestion – Elimination
• Black radish root is a rich source of sulphur compounds, such as raphonine. A very effective
depurative, black radish promotes the elimination of waste and toxins. An excellent promoter
of liver drainage, it improves bile secretion and flow. It also facilitates bowel movement. Black
radish is useful throughout the year, and especially so during festive seasons when overeating
can be a problem. It can also be part of a detoxifying regime prior to starting a diet.

Urinary system
• Heather flowers are rich in the flavonoids and tannins that help to relieve the pain associated
with inflammation of the bladder or prostate. Arbutin has diuretic properties, and helps to
increase urine flow and eliminate harmful germs.
• Dandelion root is a well-known diuretic. Its properties as a
depurative help cleanse toxins from the body.
Urinary discomfort is common, and the regular use of this
heather/dandelion combination helps ensure a healthy urinary

Healthy circulation
• Horse chestnut bark and fruit are rich in flavonoids and esculosides, which act on venous tone. Horse
chestnut improves blood flow in the legs, enhancing circulation comfort.
• The saponosides and rutoside in butcher’s broom also help to relieve heaviness in the legs, as well
as other symptoms associated with poor circulation.
• The allicin found in garlic bulbs is widely known for its role in improving circulation and lowering blood
pressure and “bad” cholesterol levels.
• Olive leaves, which are high in flavonoids and oleuropesides, have a similar beneficial action. This garlic/olive
leaf combination is therefore useful in promoting healthy arteries, particularly for people who are prone to
high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels.

“Heaviness” in the legs

• Red vine leaves contain anthocyans, flavonoids and tannins that have a beneficial action on blood
circulation. Red vine leaves help strengthen vein walls and reduce permeability. They facilitate
blood return, thus helping to soothe feelings of heaviness
in the legs, swollen ankles and tired feet.

Joint support
• Devil's claw root is high in glucoiridoids, which are known to be beneficial in cases of joint pain.
It improves joint mobility and flexibility, and also helps to eliminate uric acid.
• Meadowsweet flower heads are rich in salicylic acid and flavonoids. They help relieve the
stiffness, painful movement and discomfort of joints.

Bone support
• Horsetail is one of the best-known plants known for restoring mineral levels, and a very rich
source of silica and mineral salts. It helps fortify and solidify bones, and is therefore very
useful during growth and for age-related decalcification.
• Nettles are also an excellent source of nutrients: vitamins (particularly B), minerals (e.g. iron,
silica, magnesium), trace elements (e.g. copper, zinc), essential amino acids and proteins.
This horsetail/nettle combination helps to improve the condition
of skin, hair and nails and maintain healthy bones.

• The flavonoids and alkaloids in found in passionflowers have a calming effect in cases of
anxiety, stress and sleep disorders.
• The sedative effect of hawthorn is also well known. Its flowers are rich in flavonoids, such
as hyperoside and vitexin, which help normalize heart rhythm.
This passionflower/hawthorn combination helps decrease nervousness in adults and chil-
dren, and is useful for sleep disorders, anxiety and irritability.
• Valerian root contains an essential oil and valepotriates that have a known calming and
sedative action. It promotes relaxation and a return to natural sleep patterns, without
creating dependence or drowsiness.
• The essential oil (myrcene) and humulone found in hops have
calming properties that help combat nervousness and insomnia.
Hops are effective in cases of agitation, and can act as a mood
regulator. The valerian/hops combination is therefore useful in
inducing natural, restful sleep.

Herbal remedies always have something new to teach us in the health field.
Our Laboratories constantly seek to provide you with the best in phytotherapy.

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