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Class : 4 Hang Tuah

Theme : World of stories
Topic : More stories (Hansel & Gretel)
Learning standard : 11!" 11#
$%&ecti'es : () the end of the lesson" pupils *ill %e a%le to:
i tal+ a%out the good and %ad characters in the
ii act out the characters in the stor)
Time : 1,4,-114, (., minutes)
Teaching aids : M/# pla)er" pictures and mas+s
CC0 1 00 : Multiple intelligences
3et 4nduction:
1 /upils listen to a song using M/# pla)er
! Teacher sho*s pictures of a %o)" a girl" an old *oman and a *olf
# Teacher relates the pictures to the song and stor) the) are going
1 Teacher introduces a stor) to the pupils
! The teacher sho*s the stor) using laptop (M3 /o*er /oint) and
LC5 pla)er
# /upils listen to the stories *hile loo+ing at the pictures sho*n in
the slides
4 Teacher discusses the stor) *ith pupils
1 Teacher di'ides pupils into ! groups and assigns each group *ith
a tas+
! Teacher distri%utes mas+s of a %o)" a girl" a *olf and an old
*oman to each group
# /upils get into their group and discuss their role in the group
4 /upils act out the stor) in front of the class
6 Teacher a*ards to+en to the %est group
1 3ing a song
Class : 4Merah
Time : 81,am-1,1,am ( ., minutes)
Theme: World of stories
Topic : The Greed) Cro*
Learning 3tandard : !!! (a)" !!4 (a) & (%)
$%&ecti'es : () the end of the lessons" pupils should %e
a%le to read and understand the stor) and find
the meaning of difficult *ords
Cross-curricular elements : 9no*ledge ac:uisition" multiple
intelligence (;isual spatial)
Teaching aids : /ictures ((irds)" Te<t%oo+
/re-reading 1 Teacher sho*s pictures ((irds)
! Tal+ a%out the pictures
While-reading 1 /upils read stor) - The greed) cro*
! =ind meanings of difficult *ords
# 2ns*er >Wh> :uestions
/ost-reading 1 4n group of 6" pupils discuss a%out the stor)
(Mr Cro*>s feelings a%out losing the piece of meat)
! /upils present their findings
7eflection :
Theme : World of stories
Topic : The Greed) Cro* (More stories)
Class : 4
Time : ?,,am-8,,am (., minutes)
Learning 3tandard : #!# (%)
$%&ecti'es : () the end of the lessons" pupils should %e
a%le to@
punctuate correctl) *ith e<clamation mar+s
Teaching 2ids : 6 3ets of stories
CC0 : Multiple 4ntelligence
/re-Writing 1 Teacher gi'es a small piece of paper and
as+s pupils to dra* a punctuation mar+
! Teacher then sho*s a picture of e<clamation
mar+ and as+s AWhen do )ou use itA
# Teacher e<plains a%out the usage of
e<clamation mar+
/re-While 1 Teacher di'ides pupils into groups
! Teacher recap the stor) of AThe Greed) Cro*A
from the pre'ious lesson
# 4n groups" pupils tr) to find the e<clamation
mar+s in the stor) /upils read out loud the stor)
and stress on the e<clamation mar+s
4 Teacher gi'es each group a stor) /upils need
to punctuate the stor) correctl) 5iscuss
ans*ers *ith teacher
6 0ach group re*rite the stor) in their e<ercise
%oo+s and then teacher as+s them to read out
the stor) *ith correct e<pression
7eflection: :

Theme : World of 3tories
Topic : More 3tories (The Greed) Cro*)
Learning 3tandards : 611(a)
$%&ecti'e : () the end of the lesson" pupils *ill %e a%le to use
nouns correctl) and appropriatel)
Time : .6,-B6, am
Teaching 2ids : /ictures" *or+sheets
Cce : Multiple 4ntelligences
2cti'ities :
7eflections :
1 Teacher sho*s pictures of nouns
1 Teacher e<plains that common nouns are *ords that name
people" animals" things" places and ideas
! Teacher gi'es a fe* e<amples
# Teacher reads a stor)
4 Teacher as+s :uestions a%out the stor)
0g What animals can )ou find in the stor)C
rat hawk eagle
What did the cro* see on the groundC
What did the ha*+ hold in its cla*sC
6 Teacher as+s pupils to identif) the nouns in the stor) gi'en
. Teacher distri%utes *or+sheets
B Teacher as+s pupils to fill in the %lan+s *ith the correct nouns
0g There are man) *hite DDDDDDD in s+)
The DDDDDDDDD is shining %rightl)
The DDDDDDDDD is hungr)
CLOSURE 1. Teacher as+s pupils to recap *hat are common nouns