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Raspberries news, articles and information:

Black raspberries prevent colorectal cancer

2/9/2012 - Black raspberries contain natural compounds that may
significantly reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, according to a study
conducted by researchers from Ohio State University and published in the
journal Cancer Prevention. Researchers genetically engineered mice to
develop either intestinal tumors...

Black raspberries and anthocyanins
demonstrate powerful cancer fighting power
4/14/2011 - Colon cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths. This
devastating disease is on the rise as our typical diet of processed foods
continues to kill. A diet void of essential nutrients is the driving force behind
this largely preventable disease. Researchers continue to uncover the
critical link...

Discover the cancer-fighting power of
2/10/2011 - A preliminary study out of Clemson University (CU) in South
Carolina has found that raspberries are a powerful weapon against cancer.
Researchers there say that, in tests, raspberry extracts successfully
destroyed about 90 percent of stomach, colon, and breast cancer cells.
Raspberries are rich in...

Black Raspberries Inhibit Progression of Oral
7/31/2010 - Black raspberries have taken center stage in the last decade
as a cure or deceleration of one of the deadliest and sixth most common
cancers - oral cancer. Research in the last seven years reveals the
remarkable effects of black raspberries. They surpass strawberries and
blueberries by possessing chemical...

Black Raspberries Kill Esophageal Cancer
1/22/2009 - The adult esophagus is only about 10 to 13 inches long and
three fourths of an inch across at its smallest point. However, this small
muscular tube is a critical part of the digestive system. When you eat, your
esophagus carries food and liquid from the mouth to the stomach. Cancer
of the esophagus,...

New Findings Show Astounding
Cancer Prevention Effects of Black
Raspberries, Blueberries, Olive
Leaves and Green Tea
9/26/2008 - Three studies presented at the American
Association for Cancer Research's Sixth Annual International
Conference on Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research in
Philadelphia have demonstrated the powerful cancer-fighting
benefits of dark berries, green tea and olive leaves, and
suggest that gels and beverages...

Natural medicine found in black
raspberries found to effectively kill
leukemia cells
11/26/2007 - A naturally occurring antioxidant found in fruits
and vegetables selectively kills leukemia cells without
harming healthy cells, according to a new study.
Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of
Medicine published their findings online in the Journal of
Biological Chemistry. The findings...

Black raspberries shown to be highly
effective in preventing cancer
5/11/2007 - A new study conducted by Ohio State University
researchers has documented the power of black raspberries
to prevent the development of tumors in the esophagus and
colon. The study's findings were presented at the March
2007 national meeting of the American Chemical Society.
Gary Stoner, Ph.D., a...

Raspberries A Better Source of Antioxidants
(press release)
8/14/2006 - Antioxidants are believed to have substantial health benefits
and raspberries in particular are a good source. In fact, raspberries may
have 10 times more antioxidants than tomatoes or broccoli. Further,
raspberries contain some specific antioxidants that are found almost
nowhere else. In a study...

Blueberries, cranberries, strawberries all
contain powerful phytochemicals that fight
cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol and
7/26/2004 - Here's more good news on how nature can help you prevent
and reverse chronic disease. Berries such as blueberries, cranberries,
strawberries and raspberries are rich in disease-fighting phytochemicals
that prevent and even reverse serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart
disease, stomach ulcers...