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Introit - We will walk with God
Gathering words
Only many hands will move the rock- a Sudanese proverb.
Come friends let us worship together
Only many hands will move the rock.
Come friends let us work together
Only many hands will move the rock.
Come friends let us walk together
Only many hands will move the rock.
Come for Christ calls us
Only many hands will move the rock.
Our world is weighed down with oppression
our sisters and brothers bear a heavy yoke
the way is blocked to fullness of life.
Come for Christ calls
Only many hands will move the rock
Hymn 192 All my hope on God is founded
Meine Hoffnung stehet feste
! "ll my hope on God is founded#
all my trust he will renew
safe through change and chance he guides me#
only good and only true.
God unknown#
he alone
calls my heart to be his own.
$ %uman pride and earthly glory#
sword and crown betray God&s trust
though with care and toil we build them#
tower and temple fall to dust.
'ut God(s power#
hour by hour#
is my temple and my tower.
) God(s great goodness lasts for ever#
deep his wisdom passing thought *
splendour# light# and life attend him#
beauty springing out of naught.
from his store
new-born worlds rise and adore.
, -ay by day the mighty Giver
showers gifts on us below
his desire our souls delight in#
pleasure leads us where we go.
See love stand
at his hand#
.oy awaits at his command /
0 Still from earth to God in heaven
sacrifice of praise be done#
high above all praises praising
for the gift of Christ his Son.
%ear Christ call
one and all *
those who follow shall not fall.
1obert 'ridges 2!3,,4!5)67(alt.)based on 8oachim 9eander 2!:064!:367
"ll age address
Hymn 39 He came down that we may ha!e lo!e
! %e came down that we may have love
%e came down that we may have love
%e came down that we may have love#
%allelu.ah forevermore.
<Cantor* Why did he come=> 2repeat verse7
$ %e came down that we may have peace
%e came down that we may have peace
%e came down that we may have peace#
%allelu.ah forevermore.
<Cantor* Why did he come=>
) %e came down that we may have .oy
%e came down that we may have .oy
%e came down that we may have .oy#
%allelu.ah forevermore.
8ohn ? 'ell
?esson *%e who has a little belila can .oin the feast
"cts $ ,$-,@

Ahus the word of the ?ord is among us
Moving us and challenging us
Showing us there is a way to peace
When we give our gifts and share our wealth
Hymn 191 "o not #e afraid
"o not #e afraid$ for % ha!e redeemed you.
% ha!e called you #y your name & you are mine.
! When you walk through the waters I(ll be with you#
you will never sink beneath the waves.
$ When the fire is burning all around you#
you will never be consumed by the flames.
) When the fear of loneliness is looming#
then remember I am at your side.
, When you dwell in the eBile of the stranger#
remember you are precious in my eyes.
0 Cou are mine# O my child I am your Dather#
and I love you with a perfect love.
Gerald Earkland 2#.

!50)7 from %saiah '3( 1) '
Aalk &Ahe ;romise of %ope&
Hymn 2*1 +ather ,ternal$ -uler of .reation ( stand whilst offering is uplifted)
! Dather +ternal# 1uler of Creation#
Spirit of ?ife# by whom all things are made#
through the thick darkness covering every nation#
light to our blindness# come now to our aid /
/our 0ingdom come$ 1 2ord$ your will #e done.
$ 1aces and peoples# still we stand divided#
and# sharing not our griefs# no .oy can share
by wars and tumults ?ove is mocked# derided#
his conFuering cross no kingdom wills to bear
) +nvious of heart# blind-eyed# with tongues confounded#
nation by nation still goes unforgiven
in wrath and fear# by .ealousies surrounded#
building proud towers which shall not reach to heaven.
, ?ust of possession causes desolations
meekness is honoured nowhere on the earth.
?ed by no star# the rulers of the nations
still fail to bring us to the blissful birth.
0 %ow shall we love you# holy# hidden 'eing#
if we love not the world which you have made =
Oh# give us purer love# for better seeing
your Word made flesh and in a manger laid.
?aurence %ousman 2!3:04!5057(alt.)
;rayers of intercession
?esson * If you can walk you can dance. If you can talk you can sing
8ohn !6 !-!6
Ahus the word of the ?ord is among us
moving us and challenging us
shepherding us into the way of peace
And opening a way into the fullness of life
Commissioning of collectors
Collectors stand
Many hands will move the rock
Use your feet this week to press again for a way to peace and plenty for the most
vulnerable in our world.
May their need encourage you, their wounds and vision inspire you
And Christ accompany you as we all bless you. Amen
%ymn !3$ 9ow thank we all our God
! 9ow thank we all our God#
with heart and hands and voices#
who wondrous things has done#
in whom his world re.oices
who from our mothers( arms
has blessed us on our way
with countless gifts of love#
and still is ours today.
$ Oh# may this bounteous God
through all our life be near us#
with ever-.oyful hearts
and blessGd peace to cheer us#
and keep us in his grace#
and guide us when perpleBed#
and free us from all ills
in this world and the neBt.
) "ll praise and thanks to God
who reigns in highest heaven H
the Dather and the Son
and Spirit H now be given *
the one# eternal God#
whom earth and heaven adore
for thus it was# is now#
and shall be evermore.
Eartin 1inkart 2!03:4!:,57 translated Catherine Winkworth 2!3$@4!3@37(alt.)
Christian "id Week ;rayer
'enediction "men 2sung7 CC? ?icence 9o :$03
Auesday !)
* Ahrift shop opens !6.66a.m. to !!.)6a.m.
* Coffee Eorning in ?hanbryde ;rimary School 5.)6-!!.)6 2see notice7
Ahursday !0
* Ahrift shop opens !.)6p.m. to ).66p.m.
Driday !:
* AODE 4 C%1ISAI"9 "I- - CODD++ "9- C%"A-'1I9G SOE+A%I9G I 'JC
SOE+A%I9G- St Eargaret&s %all# JrFuhart !6 - !!.)6 am K! entrance
9eBt Sunday !3
* Eorning Worship !!.66a.m.
"ndrew will be on "nnual leaveI Study leave until the !3th of Eay. -uring that period if you reFuire pastoral
help please contact 1ev -avid Whyte 6!),) 3@6::@.
Ahe flowers this week are from 1uth Leir.
Ahrift Shop - We are looking for wool# of any type# to be used for knitting hats and mitts to be put in the
Shoe 'oBes# which are sent away in October. If you have any# please leave it at the Ahrift Shop or at the
back of the Church. Ahank you. Eargaret Eorrison.
Auesday !)
- Coffee Eorning in ?hanbryde ;rimary School 5.)6-!!.)6 ;rimary !I$I) are helping with
planning and running this event and the Christian "id committee are grateful to them for their ideas and
help and to Ers 1oss for her permission to hold the event there. %elen Dordyce and some of the thrift shop
team will have toys and books for the school children to buy. If you would like to donate baking please
speak to Sheila Silvestri after the service. ;lease come along and support us.
AODE - D1I-"C !: E"C# C%1ISAI"9 "I- - CODD++ "9- C%"A#'1I9G SOE+A%I9G I 'JC
SOE+A%I9G-St Eargaret&s %all# JrFuhart# !6 - !!.)6 am K! entrance
" -"A+ DO1 COJ1 -I"1C
3A Great .hristian Aid 4a0e 1ff3 will #e held on 5unday 6une 7
%t will #e in church #efore and after the ser!ice. 5hould #e fun88
S"?J Eessy Church will celebrate it&s !st 'irthday neBt Sunday from ,-:pm in the community hall. Ahere
will be games# worship# crafts# singing and a ''M/ "ll are welcome# children must be accompanied by an
adult. If you can help with any of the items listed at the back of the church this would be greatly
appreciated. Eany thanks from the Eessy team/
Scottish Charity 9o. SC663306