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Model TB
2-Wire Fixed-Range
Temperature Transmitter
Calibration Instructions
24 VDC
power supply
Figure 1

1. Connect the DC Voltage Supply and the DC Milliammeter as shown. The TB Transmit
ter has built-in polarity protection. While no damage will occur if polarity connections
are incorrect, the Transmitter will not operate. It is considered good engineering prac
tice to calibrate any transmitter at the actual loop power supply voltage.
2. Connect the Sensor Input Simulator. The connection is shown in Figure 1. Please
note that all RTD TB Transmitters require a three-wire RTD connection.
3. The TB Transmitter will have the fixed, factory calibration range printed on the label. Adjust the
Sensor Input Simulator to the Zero value. Adjust the Fine ZERO potentiometer to obtain a reading
of 4.0 mADC on the Milliammeter.
4. Adjust the Senor Input Simulator to the SPAN value. Use the Fine SPAN potentiometer to obtain a
reading of 20.0 mADC on the Milliammeter.
5. Repeat Step 3 and Step 4. Because the accuracy of any transmitter is determined by the exact lo
cation of the ZERO point, it is good engineering practice to always recheck the ZERO as the last
step in any calibration procedure.
6. Remove the Power Supply and the Sensor Input Simulator. Mark the label of the Transmitter with
the ZERO and SPAN calibration data and date. A permanent marker (fiber tip) is recommended.
The TB Transmitter is now ready to install.
1. DC Voltage Power Supply (any voltage10 - 36 VDC) and a DC Milliammeter
(0 - 20 mADC range, minimum).
2. Sensor Input Calibrator. For TB Transmitter units, a Pt100 RTD Simulator or a
precision Decade Box (0 - 200 Ohms) is required.
The Model TB is a 2-Wire Temperature Transmitter with a Fixed Temperature Range. Standard models are available for the
Pt100 RTD. Other sensor inputs are available on special order.
The Model TB has a Fixed Temperature Range that must be specified at the time of the order (a minimum span of 50C is re-
quired). The Transmitter is factory-calibrated for the specified temperature range at the time of manufacture and cannot be
changed. Precision 20-turn potentiometers are provided for Fine ZERO and Fine SPAN adjustments. The adjustment is lim-
ited to approximately +/-10% of the ZERO Temperature and +/-10% of the SPAN Temperature.
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