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* Dormant

- condition of volcanoes that is not active

but can be active again

* Mercalli scale

– a scale for expressing strength of an

earthquake ranging from I to XII

* Seismographs

-an instrument that measures and

records details of earthquakes

* Lahars

-a destructive mudflow on the slopes of a


Pictures showing before and Text book
after the eruption
"Pinatubo, Mount." Answers.com. 2008. 3
Mar. 2008
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Utts, Thomas C. "EVAC TO SUBIC." Clark Air

Base Scrapbook. 2001. 3 Mar.
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before, during and after the diagram showing what was happening when Mt. Pinatubo
the eruption erupted

Before Mount Pinatubo erupted, the area
around it was rich in farmland. About 30 000
people were living in small villages and were
farming rich soils on the slopes of the
volcano. More than 250 000 people were
living in Angeles City 25 km to the east of Mt.
Pinatubo. Most Philippinos were not worried
about the volcano since it had been dormant*
  for more than 600 years. However on the
16th of July 1990 there was an earthquake of
about 8 on the Mercalli* scale. The following

year in the middle of March, villagers started

to feel weak earthquakes frequently. Clark Air
Base (refer to map) received warning from
the seismographs* and they evacuated
during after
about 14,000 people. On the 12th of June, the first eruption started. The last eruption happened on the 15th of
There was a deep rumbling boom. Dark June. They had caused incredible
clouds appeared and cold wind blew. The sun destruction. More than 1.2 million people
disappeared and ash began to fall from the were affected and killed over 700 and injured
sky. When the cloud went away, there was 184. 50,000 became homeless and 650,000
2cm of ash on the ground. The same thing workers were out of work. Houses were
occurred on 13th and 14th of June. Everyone buried in ash and many buildings had
was terrified. collapsed from the weight of the ash. Mud,
By Saturday 15 June, the ground was trees and vehicles blocked roads. About 4000
covered with 5 to 6cm of ash. Around 9 a.m., km2 of farmland were turned into wasteland
a huge rumble happened. At 9.30, over by lahars* . In Manila (refer to the map) the

125,000 km2 around the volcano was covered International Airport was closed for 4 days for
with cloud from the eruption and it was mid- the ash in the air interrupted air trafiv. Public
night dark. Unfortunately, a violent Typhoon, buildings were made into evacuation centers
Yunya, passed 75 km north of the volcano at to house refugees.
the same time and rain mixed with ash and 7 years after the eruption, the area started to
mud fell from the sky. Also rocks rained recover. Wild animals started returning to the
down. Water supplies and power lines were slopes of Mt. Pinatubo. Also in Angeles City,
damaged so water, electricity and telephones the tourism industry came to fashion.
mt. Pinatubo before the eruption all failed. Mt. Pinatubo released 20 million
tons of sulphur dioxide, a poisonous gas.
Soon the earthquakes began. They call that
day ‘Black Saturday’.