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Nationalism problems in balcan

Topix of my diploma was religion in albania. I think confederation albanian kosovo macedonia
montenegro croatia slovenia rep musl of bosnia was posible. Zagreb and tirana like ankara istambol. But i
think with suport of moscow and vatikan one patriarchat and centar in skopje. One christian religion many
languages and may be a wife from croatia will force these confederation. fter thata benelux with serbia.
!e give ok for rep srpska "#$$$km" and get kosovo presevo %"$$$km"
How to choice nationalism problem in Serbia. Today 15% of Serbia ar minorities . Serbia
must choice nationalIzm problem. First novi pasar sjenic tutin presevoo to unit with osovo. That
means 15!!!m". #ut albaniansss to now ri$ht of srpsa to unit with Serbia. Second choice is
Serbia in %canton. &ojvodiona where secretar is 'un$arian chef to be Serbian. (entral Serbia.
Southern Serbia with central varja but secretar to be albanian. Fourth canton of Sandjac . )lso
Serbia to now ri$ht for invest albanian in proupje that live in turey as same )rabs of ne$ev in
Israel or *erman of sudet
New agreement in macedonia.I think agreement of ohrid must change. &irst new agreement for local
administration. 'ipkovo with kumanovo. (esnja with some teritoroies of manastur. )hashka with some
villages will be albanian. *econd in many muncipalities chef macedonian sekratar will be albanian. Third
macedonia will be in four cantons. *copje kumanovo with +$$thousand people where ,$thousand are
albanian secretar albanian . Tetovo gostivar debar +$$thousant where "$$thousant albanian or -$..
*ecretar macedonian. /ercova resnja struga dolneni cashka manastir prilep +$$thousant people
-$thousant are are albanian. *ecretar and albaniuan language. 0ow in scopje rom and serbian language
and in easter macedonia turkish language. That is macedonia like 1wiserland
Solution for national problems southerneastern in Balcan. person in Balcan think to change
borders to be united with brother in other state. But also has many choices. One form is Berlin east and
west when yu are together in architechture2 economy2 culture. lbanian people is spread in 3ontenegro2
3acedonia2 *erbia and /osovo. form to regulate lbanian 4uestion is confederation lbania 2 /osovo2
3acedonia and Beneluks with 5reece and 3ontenegro . &or lbanians of 6reshevo and lbanians of
7lcin to protect by Tirana like 5ermans of Belgium by 5ermany . language to be lbanian2 Italian
25erman 2 8nglish. lso 6odgorica with 7lcin and 6lava to be one canton in 3ontenegro where officially is
lbanian and 3ontenegrins language. lso chef to be 3ontenegrin but secretar to be lbanian.In this
canton lbanians are +$. In 3acedonia to be these cantons as below 9 %:ebar2 Tetovo2 5ostivar one
canton with chef lbanian and secretar 3acedonian. 3acedonian are +$.. lso lbanian and
3acedonian language . " *truga2 Bitola2 /ercovo one canton where chef to be 3acedonian and secretar
lbanian . In these canton are +$. albanians and official language to be lbanian and 3acedonian.. +
*copje with /umanovo to be one canton where +$. are lbanians . )hef to be macedonian and secretar
to be lbanian. Oficial language to be 3acedonian and lbanian language. The fourth canton to be
eastern 3acedonia where ,$. are 3acedonian and %$. Turkish That is form how to choice nationalism
problems in balcan
How to choice nationalism problem in Serbia. Today %#. of *erbia ar minorities . *erbia must choice
nationalI1m problem. &irst novi pasar sjenic tutin presevoo to unit with kosovo. That means %#$$$km".
But albaniansss to know right of srpska to unit with *erbia. *econd choice is *erbia in ;canton.
<ojvodiona where secretar is =ungarian chef to be *erbian. )entral *erbia. *outhern *erbia with central
varja but secretar to be albanian. &ourth canton of *andjack . lso *erbia to know right for invest albanian
in prokupje that live in turkey as same rabs of negev in Israel or 5erman of sudet
Montenegro .problem for minorities. 3ontenegro has -. albanIan %#. 3uslim. 3aybe we must
cantonise and 3ontenegro. That means podgorioca ul4in one canton where albanians are +$..
*ecretary of these canton to be from albanians. lso official language albanian and 3ontenegro.
)ooperation with scodra is possible like Berlin east and west. lso if scodra kukes debar to be one
regions these region with name gegnia would corporate with kosovooo debar and these region of
3ontenegro. bout 3uslim %#. are 3uslim. region with center bjelopolje will be possible
Peace in Balcan
Balican penisula is a region with heterogenity population. So here live muslim orthodox and
catholix by religion and slavian Albanian Bulgarian Greeks and Romanians by ethnicity.
During cold war were created Yugoslavian a state with two religion catholix orthodox and
Also roatian Serbian Slovenian and minorities like Albanians !ungarians.
"or expansion against Greece were created #acedonian nation and a$ter that republic o$
%ider o$ Yugoslavia &osi$ Brox 'ito $or expansion against Albania were tried $or kosovar
A$ter death o$ Yugoslavia we have again nationalism problems .
But now which will be solution $or nationalism problem.
State o$ Bosnia and !ercegovina is death . #ay be when were created ex Yugoslavia were
done a bad mistake .So croatian albanians bosniaks slovenians has the same origin but not
Serbia . Serbian nation were created a$ter ()*+. So may be now better idea $or nationalism
,uestion in Balcan will be as below
on$ederation Albania - roatia- Slovenia #ontenegro rep muslim o$ Bosnia #acedonia and
osovo with name %atinia
.hy latinia. Because all these people are oxidant and have same orig/in ilirians and vlachs $or
#acedonians -'ogether with these con$ederation will be 0osovo with some municipalities o$
Serbia 1ovi pasar S/enic 'utin and 2resevo with Bu/anovc. 3n these municipalities lived
Albanians and muslims. 4r osovo with (5oookm* and together with Serbia will be republic
Srpska around *5+++km*. So Serbia will reali6e its dream to be in Adriatic sea .
'hat will be better solution.
So cosova is like Serbians o$ vo/vodina . Serbians o$ vo/vodina has problems with Serbia.
Albanians o$ #acedonia are like Serbians o$ bosnia .
#ay be $uture 'ito to be an intellectual person and to be married with a croation intellectual
woman .
'hese will be better solution because two big nation o$ these con$ederation roatian and
A%BA13A1S has no con$lict with each other . Second Albanians and roatians has no borders
with each other .'hird i$ they don7t want to be with each other they can separated
About properties better solution will be like sudets and checs.
'hat will be better solution $or peace in Balcan .
Also in all territories when has minorities better solution will be Berlin east and west
So that will be $or moment solution $or Albanian ,uestion like 8lcin with Scadar- 2ogradec with
A$ter that a Benelux with Greece Serbia and %atinia will be possible
#A.%eonard ARA13Below is a plat$orm $or economy and diplomacy
Platform of solidarity
* Foreign policy
Confederation albania cosovo macedonia montenengro.
Where first confederation albanian cosovo the same budget for education
of these countries
And in 201 confederation Albanian cosovo !ontenegro macedonia
"etter for bussines# better for free movement of people. "etter for
Albanian $uestion
%hese confederation to be li&e s'iserland open for economy # to be
bloc& for police .
!ay be after that a confederation albania montengro # cosovo# macedonia #
bosnia 'ith name latinia and after that benelu( 'ith serbia and greece
li&e netherlands # lu(emburg and belgium
* Platform for education
A comitee from academy of science 'here these persons 'ith high $uality
to choice rector and director of education
%he same te(t for all Albanians
We thin& education to be profesionalised . Also for second profesions
subvecioned by state
Also an office for )ob in every center of prefecture 'here person 'ith
high $uality to choice specialist
* Platform for elections
1#*milion vote in ln Albania 1#milion vote outside
%hese 1#milion to vote outside and 2representative to be for emigrant in
+reece and 1 represantative to be for emigrant in ,taly. -o 'e eliminate
corruption in votes
And to be ne' registration 'here thin& 100deputies and Albania in north
and south to be in period of .og 'ith .one . Also Albania to separate in
/ .one. 0very .one 2odeputies
* Asisstance social
!inimum /01 for persons and for family 2 persons 2001 but state to pay
electricity and all ta(es but sure in control for e(ample 21 telephone
* Platoform for landfield
0very person that has home but its landfield it isn3t of this person
the state to get it and to bild apartament 'here some flats to be these
persons and 'ith money of these persons to pay o'ner
-o has free place for persons that 'ant to live in state. And so the
budget of the state is free
!A.4eonard CA5CA6,
FOR MORE 0666559172
3y idol was djindic. But now has blood between serbs and us. But now benelux with serbia. Its better for
serbia to let kosovo and some teritories and give ok for rep srpska. *o %>$$$km" and benelux with serbia
. *erbia will have "#$$$km". lso im with europe not with meta. Its father has been closed to enver
hoxhas wife .. 3onika its wife is from dibra. lso its father has been closed to father of wife of boy of
enver hoxha. I have no nothing with hoxhas family . But these person now is closed with piramid clan that
means mafia. Ok mafia. Its better for masonery of elbasan to go way salamandra
*istem of berlin or decentralisation will be choice for minorities rights. *o i think 1yrkolic of sandjack is
agent of serbs. =e want our help. Ok municipality of novi pasar coporotae with mitrovica . lso ul4in with
scodra .that is in albanian language but i think example. One architecture one economy one politic. Two
bordes Berlni.
Better idea is latinia because slovenuan croatian albanian bosnian ar ilirian second alphabet is latinian
third yu ar in german influenc albania rusian influence kosovo american proiject. 6lease think about it.
3ay be and croatian woman
/osovars with us are like serbs of vojvodina with serbia. lbanians of macedonia like serbians of bosnia
!e have no sindicate. 6arty controll every thing. 0ow is agreement against where teachers will pay with
force for sindicate. I create a sindicate where left and rights teachers student profesors has their opinions
but in sindicate we are one. nd we think to colaborate with any parties like laburist or sindicate in italy or
turkey with our conditions. But media is blocked. *indicate is destroyd. nd my carier because i study for
phd is blocked. lso as solidarity in poland we have project for peace. *o we think minorites like german
in belgium. nd project for latinia that is confederaion macedonia albania montenegro cosovo croatia and
bosnia. *o ex yugoslavia without serbia and slovenia but with albania. lso albanians that are go way to
have some rights like agreemen palestinians with israels2sudets in chekia. This project is against
movement black and right that want ethnic albania with war. These movement is of mister berisha. But i
think we must listened.
3ay be badenter is ok for minorites in serbia and balcan. But also a choice for peace in balcan is german
like belgium . *ure for minorities no more than +$$thousand people and in borders. *o between germany
and belgium has no borders. lso for them has the same rigts like germans in germany in field of
education culture. But same rights to have hungarian bulgarian rumanian croats albanians of serbia and
albanians and bosniacs of montengro.lso confederation albania macedonia montengro. *ome rights to
have greeks in albania and albanian christians in thesprotia. bout properties all albanians refugies from
all the time and macedonians of greece from civil war to have some rights like germans of sudets and
germans of poland or palestinians in Israel
In time of yugoslavia two people ar in principle croatians and serbs and religions catholics and orthodox.
3ay be now confederation cr mac al ko mo bosnia all states that arent in eu without serbia . In history our
traditions ar very well between us. 0ow will be two people albanians andr croatians. Our language to be
english. lso catholics and muslim to be in princip of these future states. !e dont hate each other. Best
regards. 3a. 'eonard carcani
8x urss was confederation. fter seperate of states that is reason that has no war. 8x yougoslavia was
federation. )onfederetion means borders of states but free movement. &ree market. lso that is good
choice for albanian 4uestion. Our platform is to edi rama and social party because we are social
movement. But we have no permision in media for discution and threatened by our state. If yu come in
albania we want to meet you
+ay be badenter is o for minorites in serbia and balcan. #ut also a choice for peace in balcan
is $erman lie bel$ium . Sure for minorities no more than ,!!thousand people and in borders.
So between $ermany and bel$ium has no borders. )lso for them has the same ri$ts lie
$ermans in $ermany in field of education culture. #ut same ri$hts to have hun$arian bul$arian
rumanian croats albanians of serbia and albanians and bosniacs of monten$ro.)lso
confederation albania macedonia monten$ro. Some ri$hts to have $rees in albania and
albanian christians in thesprotia. )bout properties all albanians refu$ies from all the time and
macedonians of $reece from civil war to have some ri$hts lie $ermans of sudets and $ermans
of poland or palestinians in israel
European integration of ucrahina.
In the time of urss ucrahina has ambasy. Its ambasador of this state that protect our country in
conference of peace on %,;-. In carakurt lived about #$$$albanians. Black eyes is a song of jevtucenko
for an albanian girl when he was soldier. 6roblem betwen ucrahina and russia is problem of culture. In
east lived orthodox uchrahinas that speak language near to russian. In west lived unites ucranhina. 8ast
depend from moscow west from watican. Its line of culture. :uring these years has been +parties
influenced by rusian by europe and nationalist. !hen prodi were asked if uchrahina will be in europe he
said. lso maroco want in europe but it is mediteraneo
Solution for crimea7craina is region between europe and rusia. In midle of %,#$ )rimea for best
friendsheep were given by president of ex urss to ucraina. Origin of president were uchrainian. t these
time these state has more autonomy to soviets. mbasador of these state to iunited nation has given
suport for us. fter urss were seperated has problems between these two states. !hen prodi wereasked
these state want to include in europe he said yes but moroco want but it is mediteraneo. t %,,#
chechenia were sacrificed for cosovo. 0ow putin want compromis. I think usa and rusia must do a new
jalta. That means "#$$$km" rep srpska "#$$$kosovo. /osovo sandjack and toplica. 3ay be ucrhaina
must do compromise. )roatia discused with serbia. That means oik rusia confederation ucrhaina and
crime but yu dont suport riusophone in other teritories . !hen serbs of craina wanted indipendence serbia
didnt suport.
Resyme for crimea )rimea is region in ukrahina. (usophones want indipendence by ukrahina. 6utin
want big compromise. It said same as cosovo. !hich are solutions. That is depended by ukrahina. &irst is
confederation crimea ukrahina. *econd same solution as djindic for cosovo. *econd president of ucrahina
to be from rusophones. Third solutioin by croatia. :iscuss with rusia and to clean other teritories by
rusians. &ourth compromises between europe and riusia or usa and rusia
End of rusian imperatory 7nited nation didnt except riusian force in crimea. lso putin want compromis.
Its first president of russia for compromiss. lso european union didnt want indipendence for crimea.
)hine can do the same. 7sa has told rusia other ethnic problems like tartairia. fter mark for ecomonys of
hoxhas sistem turkey and germany helped indipendence of tartaria. !hats wrong with rusia. It is the end
of imperatory. &rom %$years many chineses not legal has popilates siberia. t +$milion of east of siberia
?milion are mongols. t center #milion are turkeys and only in eiuroipe ?#. are rusians. Its the end of
rusia and invaded of siberia by china and turkey . 3ay be to se
Turkey Russia hina usa lo!e or hate each other. (ussia has "$. 3uslim of population. )enter sia
is problem for influence between turkey and (ussia . That means (ussia hate turkey. )hina has 3uslim
minority ;million but in big superfiocie. lso a problem for turkey and )hina is eastern sia. problem
between )hina and (ussia is siberia where +$. are )hinese. That means )hina and (ussia are not
alies. But turkey and )hina can do compromise. That means sinkiang is your influence but not center
a1ia. 8urope is better alie of )hina. They have no problem. nd turkey with europe can be alie. In other
part usa want a big turkey but not super power state like chalifat. If turkey and 8gypt would do
compromise a big Islam state when turkey and 8gypt Istanbul and kajro like Istanbul and nkara that will
be great . t these big state frica is in influence of 8gypt and sia in influence of turkey .... These biger
state can collaborate with europe and )hina but will be against usa that is with Israel
ompromise between force. I think if usa will be in merica will be ally with all countries. 3aybe to see
in frica. (ussia will have belariusia and crimea but europa can have ucrahina. But it is fault of ucrahina .
These big aleanc will be good. 3ay be after a benelux eu (ussia. (ussia to get kauka1 . Turkey can@t
have expansion in (ussia in tartaria. (iusia to let turkey and )hina in centar sia. )hina can@t dream
siberia. That means )hina (ussia together. Turkey to let sinkiang %million km" but )hina can@t have
centar sia. That is new jalta. But new problem to be frica
"srael and palestine . Israelians and palestians are two people that hate each other. 6alestinians are
philistinians. But in %,;- when israel became indipendent %;$$$ km" are israelians and %%$$$ are
palestinians. Aerusalem was neutral. But palestinians didnt axcept this. !hats wrong. bout
+$$$$$palestinians were go way from desert of negev. 8nd of compromise was by clinton in %,,#. "B+ of
jerusalem was israelitians and %B+ palestinians. lso jerusalem east to be capital of palestina. lso
palestinians has right of ownersheep in negev. rafat didnt axcept. I think these agreement will be ok and