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AUSL/NLU Lesson Plan Template

Name: Thien Van

Time: 1:00
2:04, and 2:06
Subject/Topic: 3
and 4
grade Speed
Date: 3/24/14

Objective (SWBAT): SWBAT demonstrate 3-6-3 to 6-6 using correct form through practice.
Assessment / Exit Ticket: Demonstrating a 3-6-3 stack and 6-6 stack while saying cues.
Vocabulary/Key Concepts/Word Wall: patterns, focus, ambidexterity, muscle memory
Materials / Technology: Tables, cup stacking cups, cones
Modifications / Accommodations: Number of students per group and solo cup stacking attempts.

Opening (3-5 minutes) Cup stacking week 2
Last week, we worked on part I called the 3-6-3 that uses the 3 stack and the 6 stack. Today we will work on part one and two
together. Part II is called a 6-6 made up of two 6 stacks. This part is just a little different because we have to transition from part I
to part II. The 6 stack is the most important stack because we use it multiple times throughout the cycle so it is necessary to work
on it as much as possible. What Im looking for today is for students to master the transitions from part I to part II, and finish with
the beginning of part III. The stacks are the easy part so make sure those are done right as we work on the transitions as well as a
lot of repetition to build our muscle memory.

Middle (IWY)
I Do Direct Instruction (5 minute limit)
We Do - Guided Practice
You Do Independent Application by students

Teacher will . . . Student will . . . CFU
I do (5 minute limit): Demonstration of different stacking patterns
Right now Im going to demonstrate the first cycle of 3-6-3 make sure to pay attention
to how I take it down and transition from 3-6-3 to 6-6. After that we will make sure to
finish the stack with all the cups in the middle. Once we do that, we will have
completed two cycles and be well on our way to finishing the whole thing. Once I give
you your cups, you may spread out anywhere on the stage, floor, or on the tables and
work with anyone you choose but you must stay focused and work on part I and II. If
you are not, then I will take your cups away and you will sit down. You may begin.
I do (board=paper): Sitting
in front of the whiteboard
with eyes on teacher.
Cold calling,
We do (guided practice): 3-6-3 and 6-6 practice
Guided 5 minute practice of up and down stacking 3-6-3 with transition to 6-6 and
finish with all cups in the middle.

We do (guided practice):
You do (@ Bats/Exit Ticket): Relays and Pyramid
Now I will place you into teams for cup stacking relays. The first person in line will
You do (@ Bats/Exit
Ticket):Play stacking relay
run to the cups, up stack the 3-6-3and 6-6 run back and tag the next person in line.
That person will run to the cups, down stack the 3-6-3 and 6-6 and run back and tag the
next person in line. You must wait until you get tagged to start running, no head starts
allowed. First team to get back after everyone has gone and sits down first wins. The
goal of this is to focus on your stacking when the pressure is on as well as being able to
do the stacks the correct way.

Next we will also play pyramid, there is a pyramid of cups lined up. The first person in
each line will step up to the 5 sets up cups. We will have rounds where each student
will demonstrate 3-6-3, 6-6 and finish. The last person will have to remain on that level
while the others move to the next round. After a whole set of rounds has gone, we will
have our winner and the next 5 will step up. If you get left behind as the others move
up, while they are racing you may race at the same time but it will not count because
you are not in the active round. When everyone has gone, we will grab each of the
winners and have a super round of winners.

And pyramid and

Teacher will end with a discussion about muscle memory and transitions.